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Hawaiian Critter of the Day #15

I found another one!

These cute little critters are zebra doves. Like other ‘Critters of the Day’, they’re not native to Hawaii. They were introduced from Asia around 1922.

Random side note: I’m beginning to understand Hawaii’s current borderline fanatic monitoring of imported animals. So many of the things I’ve taken pictures of have turned out to be invasive species that were brought by people who knew better than nature.

For those who have figured out that where these little guys are, yes, they love their goodies from people. Hawaii doesn’t have any seagulls, and I don’t recall seeing any pigeons either, so these guys have moved in and grab crumbs of food anywhere people drop them, lol

In this case, it was at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co at the Ala Muana Mall.

You haven’t lived till you’ve had Mahi Mahi in the Islands. It’s stale as hell by the time it reaches the mainland. That’s another story though.

The doves are underneath a high chair at the table next to the one we were seated at. Most of the dining area is outdoors, so they just wait till somebody drops something and in they swoop. They’ll fly away quick enough if you shoo at them. As it happened, the munchkin in the high chair was fascinated by the birdies at his feet, so he kept throwing french fries down. At the height of this, I counted 11 doves under and around the base of the chair, LOL

And this little gal (I’m presuming it’s female due to the more muted colors) is a spotted dove. They’re rarer, but still around. You can tell the difference because the body doesn’t have the alternating dark and light markings and the neck is white with black spots. 🙂

Oh and the female thing is just nature. Female birds tend to have more muted coloring to blend in better while male birds have brighter colors to stand out and attract mates.