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Blogging Blues

A bit of a personal diatribe here (I wouldn’t call it a rant)… I’m not so sure I’m looking for feedback as just need to think “out loud”.

Yesterday, one of the bloggers I follow announced he was taking a break from his blog because it was interfering with his (other) writing, getting anything published, and a few other areas also.

It struck a chord with me, because I’ve been wondering for a while if this blog was worth the time and effort.

I originally started this blog to promote my writing, and just for general writing practice. It has definitely served it’s purpose in terms of writing practice, but if anything, it’s kept me from focusing on my would be professional writing. I outright yanked all the sexy content from this blog and moved it to another one so as not to offend folks who were interested in my other topics.

I had to mostly drop politics and social issues as well. People don’t want discussion, only their opinions validated. I could just imagine the conniption fits if I posted all the evidence that much of global warming is NOT man made. It wouldn’t matter how many disclaimers I put out about mankind needing to clean up and protect the environment anyway (which I sincerely and strongly believe).

More to the point, I’m still getting tons of “likes” from hit and run bloggers who never read anything and only selfishly want follows and likes of their own. I even outright called one girl on it today via comments. She either thought (incorrectly) she was cute, or was too obtuse to get the sarcasm. She just joked back about being a reading Wonder Woman.

Yeah… right. *rolleyes*

So, if this is taking away from my writing, AND it’s not creating potential buyers for any books I do get published… What the hell AM I doing here??