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Frustrations have once again kept me from doing any posting here.

First, let me get my warning out of the way; RANT ahead!

At first, I thought it was annoyance over cutting ties with the person I used to collaborate with on my Witchfire stories. Well, sort of collaborate. We tried to create a shared world with some crossovers for our stories. That ended over their insistence upon demonizing anyone they disagreed with politically or socially, and me saying one time too often to look at other POVs and not stereotype entire groups just because a media talking head and their sheeple said so.

So many of the problems in society today are caused by people on BOTH sides of various issues having blinders on like that. Sadly most of them are otherwise decent people. They just can’t be bothered to work past their personal biases. Too easy to hate because somebody told them that their personal problems are the fault of that group over there. Old trick though; it’s worked for Hitler, groups like the Proud Boys, and the FAR Left as well. “Hate! Fear! Follow me blindly! I’ll lead you to salvation”.

95% of the time these would-be saviors are only exploiting people for their own selfish ends by playing off one group against another.

Need I say it AGAIN?!? Judge people as INDIVIDUALS instead of using group-think and blindly applying labels that promote conflict and division.


First, let me say I hate some of the new changes to WordPress. Even using a spacer insert is harder now since there’s no box, just a little circle now that you move up and down. The (picture) cropping and resize tool doesn’t work for me. They’ve even done away with the ability to select specific font size from a drop down. Now it has to be keyed in if you want to change it. Every “improvement” to the block editor seems to make it a bigger mess.

Some sort of background changes have me locked out of replying to or even liking half the blogs I follow AGAIN. This is the third or fourth time it’s happened since I started here. If I haven’t liked or commented in your blog in a while and I usually do, that’s very likely why. This change no doubt so WP can data mine blogs more easily.

Then we get back to PEOPLE as relates to blogging…

First, there’s my ongoing gripe over USERS masquerading as followers. If you’re doing THIS, you’re not reading and you don’t care about anything anyone else has to write about:

Doing that regularly just says you’re only using people to gain followers and pad your fragile ego. It’s happening increasingly from people who I’ve made effort to genuinely interact with on WP too, or at least used to. And I’m talking them doing 20+ likes in 1 or 2 minutes. I have a few pics of THAT also. I figured 8 likes was enough to make the point though.

If you don’t have time to read and have no desire to do so, just don’t reply instead of using people for your vanity. I’d rather have 5 followers like Refarmer, Joanne the Geek, Sheree, BigSkyBuckeye and a few others who will actually read, than have 10,000 fraud followers.

Then there’s another issue that’s been simmering for a long time also; appeasement and self censorship. I left and loudly denounced Twitter for similar experiences, but really WP isn’t all that different in a few regards. I speak out against some of the heavy handed aspects of the SJW movement (even though I support the overall movement / idea), then I’m evil. I have to push anything spiritual over to another blog because I might offend religious people. Can’t believe in chi and God after all *rolleyes*

Same idea with some of my adult writing. I sort of give that one a partial pass as I don’t want people to have to worry about anything vaguely NSFW here, and WP is absolutely one of the worst sites out there for providing any sort of age check tool for that kind of content. Even just an “Are you 18?” button pop-up would be nice!

Maybe NextDoor.com is a better overall comparison. Can’t write anything there other than garage sales and recipes without offending somebody. I’ve felt increasingly the same way here.

Write about self-defense or martial arts, you’re violent.

Talk about RESPONSIBLE gun ownership (and I have a very negative opinion of some gun owners), and you’re going to go out and do a mass shooting.

OK, enough said. The point is I’m sick to freaking death of judgy fucks presuming they know what others are thinking and feeling, AND that said judging fucks have the imagined godlike wisdom to tell others with absolute certainty how to live their lives or even what they should say. Yes, I’m sick of the “this means you’re a that and need to change NOW” crowd.

I’m NOT advocating people be allowed nor encouraged to run around acting like asses with no filter either. Can’t we find a happy medium though?

Truth; I’m frustrated at feeling like I can’t be me. I’m shutting away and compartmentalizing pieces of me to try to appease people who are never going to read my writing or buy any book I write anyway.

I’m not sure how quick I’m going to really get back to posting “full time” here again. I do know that when I start though, I’m going to be more ME. Politics I will still refuse to cover. The waters there are just too muddied, the real truth too hard to find and I think everyone is corrupt. Adult content is staying at SilksErotica.

Anything else is one the table though. I’ll do my best to discuss topics in an intelligent, calm manner. I’ll try to be positive and upbeat too. Trust me, I’m sick of bitchy posts here

Don’t like a particular subject in the future? I’ll make sure the headlines are clear so you can bypass it. That, and a return to days having regular topics, are as good as you’ll get.

How To Get Me to IGNORE Your Blog:

I’ve complained about this in the past a few times, but as I continue to gain followers, it’s becoming a bigger and bigger problem. It just happened again a few minutes ago.

That problem is disingenuous… fakefollowers who jump on the blog, hit like on 10 to 15 articles in under a minute in the hopes that I’ll follow their blog. They clearly can’t read that fast and don’t care one bit what I’ve had to say. They’re just using others to give their blog the illusion of popularity.

pic from http://www.comedyireland.ie

Social media and it’s fake friends mentality. Barf! I don’t operate that way. Love me or hate me, I’m authentic. If I follow your blog, it’s because it’s insightful in some way and has something to offer me. I reply to all comments here, and will comment in the blogs of others who seem likewise genuine, esp if they actually read my posts too. Fakes though… I deal with enough users in the real world.

As I’ve said when this has come up before, nobody’s obligated to read anything. If you do, fabulous. If you don’t, that’s OK. Even if you at least skim an article because you’re behind on blogging, etc… before hitting the like, I get that too.

Just don’t be a user and try to manipulate me so you can get likes on your own blog. It won’t work and I’d rather have 50 real followers than 1000 who never read a word I write.

That’s the lesson here also; the best way to get followers is to write compelling content.

Blogging Blues

A bit of a personal diatribe here (I wouldn’t call it a rant)… I’m not so sure I’m looking for feedback as just need to think “out loud”.

Yesterday, one of the bloggers I follow announced he was taking a break from his blog because it was interfering with his (other) writing, getting anything published, and a few other areas also.

It struck a chord with me, because I’ve been wondering for a while if this blog was worth the time and effort.

I originally started this blog to promote my writing, and just for general writing practice. It has definitely served it’s purpose in terms of writing practice, but if anything, it’s kept me from focusing on my would be professional writing. I outright yanked all the sexy content from this blog and moved it to another one so as not to offend folks who were interested in my other topics.

I had to mostly drop politics and social issues as well. People don’t want discussion, only their opinions validated. I could just imagine the conniption fits if I posted all the evidence that much of global warming is NOT man made. It wouldn’t matter how many disclaimers I put out about mankind needing to clean up and protect the environment anyway (which I sincerely and strongly believe).

More to the point, I’m still getting tons of “likes” from hit and run bloggers who never read anything and only selfishly want follows and likes of their own. I even outright called one girl on it today via comments. She either thought (incorrectly) she was cute, or was too obtuse to get the sarcasm. She just joked back about being a reading Wonder Woman.

Yeah… right. *rolleyes*

So, if this is taking away from my writing, AND it’s not creating potential buyers for any books I do get published… What the hell AM I doing here??