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I’m left one again shutting down my social and political commentary posts, for much the same reasons as before. Nobody wants to move past their petty biases, and they only want stuff that feeds their confirmation bias.

In the meantime, the political and economic powers that be are laughing their rears off because they’re leading everyone around by the nose and turning them against each other. Extremism and group think are the new normal, even among people who CLAIM to be individualists and free thinkers. I laugh at the wild, off the wall conspiracy theories like reptilian aliens and devil worshiping cults among the leadership. It’s never taken anywhere near that much for them to keep winning.

All it’s taken is divide and conquer.

Case and point; COVID-19. All I hear is “stupid sheep wearing masks” or “you’re all trying to kill us!”. I’ve had to drop a few followed blogs just because I got sick of the toxic bullshit on the subject. If I were the Illuminatti, however real they may be, this is a dream win-win scenario. Ignore the virus, people die and I get my thinned population and get tighter controls on the survivors to protect them.

Flip the coin, and everybody plays sheep, and I’ve programmed the population to be good little robots. Either way, I win. Nobody wants to look at all the facts and see that this virus IS dangerous, even sometimes to people without pre-existing conditions, BUT it’s nowhere near the black plague nor will it end humanity. All it takes is some common sense and a middle of the road approach to dealing with it. Nah, let’s just call the mask wearers or mask free people jackasses instead.

I’m BEYOND sick and tired of hearing how all of “THAT” group is evil also. Doesn’t matter if it’s blacks, whites, dems, pubs, Christians, Muslims, those EVIL (note dripping sarcasm here) Jews, men, women… whatever!

When I hear that kind of crap, all I hear is a robot programmed by the divide and conquer crowd to help keep people fighting while that same power elite tightens it’s hold and screws us all.

Think I’m making it up? Take a look at the level of contributions to both political parties, and how much Amazon’s market share (and stock price) have jumped since the the COVID outbreak and race riots have started.

Y’all want to kill each other while they laugh at you, knock yourselves out. I’m over it.

Galatians 4:16 – Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?

NO, I’m not entertaining comments either.

A Quick Impeachment Addenda…

I was TRYING (and failing, lol) to keep the post on impeachment from getting too long. I forgot to add my final point as a result:

If you wanted to keep milking the cash cow of contributions, and keep playing the divide and conquer game with the public, could you possibly ever come up with a better way than the current infantile behavior both sides are displaying?

“I’m not turning over the articles of impeachment until I’m happy with the planned trial.”

“You don’t control the Senate, quit over-stepping your bounds.”

It’s all just enough to keep the mindless followers out for blood. Both get to throw tantrums and claim the other is endangering democracy. They can potentially keep this up all the way past the 2020 election, God help us.

Ironically, they’re both right about being a threat to democracy.

As for the answer… Richard Pryor had it right:

A DIFFERENT View on the Impeachment Drama

I’ve been wanting to write this since before Christmas. Fair warning: If you’re a mindless idealogue of the far left or far right, you’re probably not going to like what I have to say. To be blunt, I’m going to call BS on everyone. IF you have the courage and attention span to read all the way through this however, you just might find yourself agreeing with me.

SO what am I basing all this on? What’s my basic premise? That both sides of the issue are giving the public just enough information, (almost always spun), to inflame their base. This will take a whiIe, but let’s look at individual pieces of this mess.

The Aid to Ukraine:

A few conservative sources claim that Congress put anti-corruption strings on the aid that Trump “slow walked”. I can’t find any primary sources to verify that, BUT if anybody’s tried to get a search result from Google (and most search engines use their software) that was NOT leaning strongly Left, you know how difficult this can be lately.

U.S. Government concerns about Ukainian government corruption go back to at least the Obama administration also. This is tied into the whole allegation that Joe Biden blackmailed the Ukrainian government also. Here’s a quote from Breitbart News:

George Kent, a deputy assistant secretary of state, testified Tuesday that he worried that Hunter Biden’s position at the firm Burisma Holdings would complicate efforts by U.S. diplomats to convey to Ukrainian officials the importance of avoiding conflicts of interest, said the people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of confidentiality rules surrounding the deposition.

Fox and other conservative sites / companies have pointed out this also. Hunter Biden’s Good Morning America interview was a PR disaster if people had actually been listening. He admitted he had NO experience in oil and natural gas, no knowledge of Ukraine, nor international trade. He admitted at one point in the interview that it was his connections to his father that likely got him the job on Burisma Holdings’ board of directors.

One other thing needs to be looked at in regards to Hunter Biden getting that job. The man was, perhaps still is, a repeat drug addict who has been out of rehab for cocaine. Now is a person with a serious drug addiction and absoultely NO qualifications somebody that any company is going to hire for ANY position, much less one helping run the multi-million dollar corporation?

Those of you who lean Left, bear with me, as I’m going to get to where the whole Right’s arguments here fall apart in a minute.

Investigating Political Rivals:

First though, let’s look at the whole question of Joe Biden’s involvement in all of this. The mainstream media is quick to just repeat Biden’s lie of “No” without any details. then again, by classical debate rules and logic, you can’t prove a negative and the burden of proof is on the positive. Well, here is Joe Biden speaking at the Coucil on Foreign Relations bragging about getting the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Burisma and his son fired:

Joe Biden CFR Talk About Ukraine (Real Clear Politics Article)

There’s a video there and you can find an hour long video on YouTube that covers his entire speech. For those who want the quick version though here’s the specific quote of Biden talking to the Ukrainian President:

I said, I’m telling you, you’re not getting the billion dollars. I said, you’re not getting the billion. I’m going to be leaving here in, I think it was about six hours. I looked at them and said: I’m leaving in six hours. If the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of a bitch. (Laughter.) He got fired. And they put in place someone who was solid at the time.

Now this is all wrapped up in terms of Ukrainian corruption if you look at the entire thing BUT, the head prosecutor he got fired WAS in fact investigating his son and Burisma.

What’s missing from BOTH sides however was “What level of corruption investigation was launched elsewhere in Ukraine?” If it was none, you can bet the Democrats would hold that up as further proof. If there was any substantial investigation elsewhere, the Republicans would be showing it to vindicate Trump. Or would they? More there in a minute. Suffice it to say they should be though.

None of this is REALLY about political corruption though. It was a show maneuver to make it look like Trump was being tough on democrat corruption. That’s why only a few “red meat” Republican sources are posting the info.

I could go on and on here disecting evidence. There’s lots of little things that people skip over, like how witnesses on both sides) are offering third hand acounts and opinions on what they thought what they heard meant. One former ambassador was being overly dramatic during the hearings over Trump criticizing her. Well gee, who’s the boss and who is the employee? Ambassadors do not set policy, they carry out whatever the President and Congress decides is policy.

The whole thing is a circus on both sides for anyone with any political knowledge. I’ve been leaning a bit too much to the Right, so let’s look at a farce of a complaint on the Right. Trump and his supporters have been bellowing that he hasn’t been given due process in the hearings in the House. That would be true IF that were the actual trial.

The House of Representatives portion of an Impeachment is akin to a Grand Jury hearing. It’s an investigation to see if there’s enough evidence to warrant a trial. Nobody confronts witnesses at that point, etc… The Senate portion of Impeachment is the trial. There, the President and his lawyers should have a Constitutional right to cross examine witnesses, present evidence, etc… What we’ve heard is a false flag / straw man argument designed to whip the Republican base into a fury over denial of rights.

I won’t even get into the second impeachment count, as it’s completely baseless. Executive Privledge is a long established right that every president since Truman has used to thumb their nose at Congress. We can certainly debate if the law is wrong, but it’s an absolute defense aginst this defying congress nonsense.

It’s ALL A Big Fat Bunch of BS:

Everywhere you look, both sides are presenting arguments with holes big enough to fly the Death Star through. You can argue that it’s because the other side is dancing around having no case and playing loose with the truth. If you’re a Republican, you can claim you can’t get a fair shake from the mainstream media also. I believe it goes deeper than that though.

Trump is deliberately presenting the worst, well most inflamatory, defense possible. He can’t seem to say anything on his twitter account that isn’t toxic. The man is obnoxious, but he’s not stupid. People don’t get to where he is in business and life without learning to play the system.

If *I* were in his shoes and wanted to defend myself, I’d have the Biden video on the home page of WhiteHouse.Gov. Same with the Ukrainian court records showing that their government was actively helping Hillary in the 2016 campaign. It doesn’t matter though because it’s all a game to both sides. Trump knows that with a Republican Senate there’s no chance of a conviction. So does Nancy Pelosi. Instead they’re both turning it into a fundraising extraviganza.

It’s ultimately about pushing the “Us vs Them” mindset in an era where the mainstream public has gotten increasingly sick of it. Weaponizing fear and loathing to such a degree that those prone to acting without thinking can’t help but be drawn into a conflict “to protect our way of life!”

As a result, both sides have shrunk the independent middle ground, AND raised MASSIVE, record amounts of campaign funds for their national committees.

Not only that, they’re all playing a game of “watch this hand here not the other one” in regards to other legislation. Trump recently signed another non-budget spending bill. 2015 was the last time the US had a REAL federal budget, and it was 6 years without one before that. Nobody pays attention to stop gap spending bills though, esp if there’s other drama elsewhere.

Trump LOUDLY criticized Obama for spendng away the nations future. Folks like Sean Hannity repeated the statistic that Obama had outspent the last 6 presidents before him COMBINED. It’s true too. But, TRUMP is outspending Obama, and giving the Democratic Congress everything on it’s wishlist. The U.S. national debt is scheduled to hit 1 TRILLION dollars in 2020. Three years earlier than the last Congressional Budget Office prediction.

If they’re all cooperating on robbing the treasury and the taxpayer blind, how at odds can Democrats and Republicans really be???

More importantly, can anybody say they’re getting ANYTHING at all from all this extra spending??? Nope. It’s just like here in California. All the money is going to personal perks, graft and buying influence.

So yes, it’s ALL a game to consolidate power and screw the American public. I’d guess what happened with Brexit in the UK was a similar distraction game too.

One of my longer pieces. If you made it through, I congratulate you even if you disagree with me. If you just hit like without reading or skimmed looking for something to troll over, shame on you. The only way to change the world is to start paying attention to what’s going on.

I’m going to leave comments closed on this one due to the trolls I’ll doubtless attract. Feel free to hit “Like” if I at least gave you something to think about however. 🙂 Likewise I’m going to remove the approval requirement I’ve had on reblogging my posts. Sometimes I don’t get back to WordPress for several hours.