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20 views, 11 likes and only one comment… If I were cynical, I’d interpret that as everybody wants the blog gone altogether, LOL.

Well, I spent half the night grinding away and created a “new” site:

the new Silk Cords Blog.

New meaning I exported everything here, whittled down the non-erotica content and then dressed up the site some. It still needs work, but it’s functional now. I also have a paid plan now, so yay for extra features.

Moving forward, all my “adult” content will be at that site. If you want to see that stuff, you’ll have to follow that blog.

Depending upon what my options are with secondary site creation (ie if I get the extra features access), I may whip up a more safe general chit chat blog as well. Hell, if Witchfire really gets going, I may even make a separate site for her stories and character profiles, etc…