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It’s In The Cards?

Picture borrowed from Flickr – https://www.flickr.com/photos/rosaumbra/3567680676

This one is a repost from my adult blog, originally done yesterday. It’s going to get a bit new-agey, but just hang in there. I promise it’ll be interesting regardless. First, let’s start with a little honesty, both with myself and you all:

Yes, life has been a seemingly never ending series of small train wrecks the last few years (and before that, lol), BUT, even as frustrating as multiple moves, dogs barking and stampeding, etc… have been… The real reason I’ve done so little (creative) writing is self-doubt.

In terms of the adult blog and writing erotica / romance, well… Anything sexual is both complicated and draining for an Empath also.

Only Arrowverse fans will get it, but… LOLOL

Even just creative writing about it tends to pull on or out a great deal of emotional energy. That MAY be something for another post however. It would take time to discuss properly.

LONG story short, I’ve spent a great deal of time the last few weeks reflecting on whether or not writing, erotica in particular, was something that I was truly ready to pursue… or if maybe I should focus on more mundane pursuits. Not coming to any real conclusions on my own, I turned to the tarot card reading software I have to see if I could get a little insight.

As a Side Note, I know what a few of you MAY be thinking; “Get a reading from a piece of software?!?” Well, I actually DO have a real deck, but I’m still learning to read it. More importantly, whether you’re using physical cards or software, it’s just your subconscious mind / higher self trying to communicate with you. With the software, you pick the cards, the software places them, and tell you their base meaning, and how being inverted and or it’s position with other cards effects it’s meaning. Once the cards are all read, the software leaves you to interpret how it all comes together to answer your question. Again, because it’s all really about getting an answer from your subconscious, it’s been surprisingly accurate for me every time I’ve used it.

With that clarification, I’m going to post the “reading” I did on becoming an author. Coincidentally, what you see below is exactly what the program spit out in terms of describing each card.

Cards from the Celtic Dragon Tarot deck; the style of deck I own.

Summary (Career Reading)

QUESTION: How Successful Will I Be as a Writer?

First card: The first card describes the past. It can also signify past factors such as study or work experience.

(1) YOU GOT: The World.
This card is about joy of the senses, the cosmic origin of life, love and happiness. This card is well-dignified (100%), this means that its neighbor cards strengthen it. Meanings: Well-dignified it signifies success, a favorable issue to the circumstances. Sometimes change of place.

Second card: The second card describes the present situation. It’s the current state of the subject’s career.

(2) YOU GOT: Five of Staves.
This card is about persuasion, hot speech, demonstration of love or desire and egotism. Meanings: Power, and pleasure in exercising it; adventure, speculation, and uncertainty; strong attachments. This card is well-dignified (100%), this means: Boldness, command, generosity.

Third card: The third card describes the positives, the ‘pros’.

(3) YOU GOT: Knight of Swords.
This card is about a military man, painful memories, distress in the family and war. Meanings: A youngish man, with some talent for governing, rather materialistic, though with some artistic appreciation, active, clever, fond of travel, dexterous, and skillful in management. This card is well-dignified (100%), this means: Favorable to the enterprises of the Querent.

Fourth card: The fourth card describes the negatives, the ‘cons’.

(4) YOU GOT: Seven of Cups.
This card is about thoughts, ideas, intelligence, plans and imagination. This card is well-dignified (100%), this means that its neighbor cards strengthen it. Meanings: Possible victory, but the person to whom the card applies may be too indolent to take advantage of his opportunities for commanding circumstance; success may be gained, but not followed up; necessity for choosing the highest possible objectives.

Fifth card: The fifth card describes the influence of colleagues, management and others with whom the subject has professional dealings.

(5) YOU GOT: The Lovers.
This card is about sensuality and human love. This card is well-dignified (100%), this means that its neighbor cards strengthen it. Meanings: Attraction, beauty, love, sympathy. Balance of forces, and reciprocal activity. Particularly, agreement in things of the mind, symbolized by the six-pointed star, or hexagram. It is a card of harmony between the inner and outer life.

Sixth card: The sixth card describes the best path to take in order to further the subject’s best interest in the matter.

(6) YOU GOT: Nine of Swords.
This card is about dogmatism, ritual, ecclesiastic spirit and hard judgment. This card is well-dignified (100%), this means that its neighbor cards strengthen it. Meanings: Faithfulness, obedience, unselfishness, patience; fortunate news about legal affairs or partnerships, especially if the outcome has been delayed or in doubt; aid or gain through relatives, short journeys, or writings, but not until the Querent has passed through a period of more or less uncertainty and worry; ultimate good fortune resulting from a series of events which present unfavorable appearances at first.

Seventh card: The seventh card describes the outcome. It indicates the final result if the path shown is followed.

(7) YOU GOT: Two of Swords.
This card is about magnetic attraction, intimacy, affection and sensuality.
This card is well-dignified (100%), this means that its neighbor cards strengthen it. Meanings: Contradictory characters in the same nature: strength through suffering; pleasure after pain. Delay in the realization of objectives. It intimates a period of uncertainty, in which the Querent, through he has a sense of adequate power, does not know just what to do with it. Justice, unselfishness, and the restoration of peace.

MY (Short) Take On It:

The first card; The World meant that my past work, while needing improvement, is better than I’ve given myself credit for, and is an indication that I have ability. The second card; 5 of Staves, is along the same lines. It means I’ve got the ability and need to put it to use. The third card; Knight of Swords, means I have the organizational skills to handle the choice. The fourth card; Seven of Cups, means I’ll have to be dedicated to the work and improving my craft if I want to succeed. The fifth card; The Lovers, I’m *guessing* means I’ll have some support in the effort. As for the sixth card; The 9 of Swords, it means the best path is hard work, serious effort at growth, and releasing the self doubt. The seventh card; the 2 of Swords (interesting that so many of the minor arcana cards were Swords… means it’ll be a struggle at first, but if I keep at it, I’ll be successful.

All in all, I’d say it was a very positive reading.

Erotica and Witchfire Specifically (Link is NSFW):

A few hints in the above reading indicated that erotica was indeed in the cards for me, (pun always intended, lol). None the less, I did separate readings on both of those with similar results. The main difference being that the readings indicated that they would both be tools to help me find increased peace with that part of my nature. They’d both be growth tools in their own unique ways. How long they’d remain a part of my life however, was hard to say.

Wrapping it Up:

I’ve overcome a great deal the last few months. I even got my neck and back returned to a (somewhat) functional state and am continuing to work hard there. I can and will make this work too. It’s long past time I let go of the self doubts.

I have alot of half finished stories and posted story ideas to work on too. 😀

Brief Spinal Decompression Update

It’s been a while since I updated here. So, let’s talk progress.

Long story short, it’s slow progress forward, and I’m continuing to improve.

The only real stumbling block at this point is sinus problems keep me tossing and turning all night, which puts my neck in bad positions and I wake up hurting. The pain when this happened used to be much worse, and last longer. I’m worried if I don’t find a fix there that it will undo all my treatment though.

At this point, I’m on treatment #14 with 10 more to go…


Quick update before bed here…

After having law enforcement from local PD to the FBI breathing down their necks the last day or two, the movers have FINALLY decided to turn over our belongings… ONE DAY short of a month later.

We’re going to be spending a good portion of tomorrow and the weekend unpacking and inventorying everything (for police and insurance). The local police department has already agreed to have an officer on standby here, AND arrest the movers on the spot if anything major is missing.

Sometimes I have to let my inner redneck out. My sister loves wrestling even more than me. Hmmm… Wonder if those local cops will let me borrow their PR24 to give out a little wood shampoo… >)

I *really* hope something major and obvious IS missing at this point also. Just not my great grandmother’s diamonds. Letting these scumbags off without jail time seems like a crime in and of itself.

Well, God willing, I’ll be up and running full force by some time Saturday. If not, I suppose I’ll be reporting to my readers what all was stolen and broken.

Be back soon. 😀

May the 4th Be With You!

Still 20 minutes to get this in, LOL.

Happy Force Day to all. 😀

I celebrated by buying this:


I’ll have more pics when it arrives in a few weeks. 😀

In the mean time, I leave you with this:

AND, as an added BONUS!!!

410 + 721

No, not an addition problem. When are my headlines ever that straight forward? LOL.

410 + 721 is actually my current WordPress situation. I hit and surpassed the 400 follower mark (yay!!). With no notification from WP either. >(

I’m also sitting on a backlog of 721 unread wordpress related emails in my inbox. All it took was a few days “off” to try to work on the house to get to that point also. I’m still not sure how much of that I’m going to try to catch up on and how much will just have to sadly go by the wayside.

Networking is an important part of blogging and I try to return the support I’m given. I’m only human though. That despite my best efforts, LOL.

On the bright side, we have one lowball offer on the house. IF we can negotiate them up, we might be done with that phase of the insanity. Ironically, with the virus hysteria destroying the economy, we’re now wondering if a mostly blind move across country is such a great idea at this moment. There’s a stable employment situation here after all.

Well, we will negotiate, wait, watch and:

Yep, more comic book geekery. Sometimes there’s strong, simple truths in fantastic stories though.

This message brought to you courtesy of the Blue Lantern Corps, reminding all of the importance of Hope. 😀 😛

Oh and yes, for those wondering; Barry Allen was a Blue Lantern during the Darkest Night.

OH, and I didn’t forget my revised blog format either. The chaos has simply thrown a wrench into that briefly. We’ll get back to it soon. For the moment though, the world MIGHT be able to do without Tuesday Trash. 🙂


Yes, I’m still alive, and here. I know what you’re all thinking:


It’s either laugh or scream, and I’ve gotten surprisingly zen the last week or so. Yet with all the chaos here, I’m almost afraid to say that for fear fate will drop a few more bombs on us.

We’re getting into the final stretch on getting ready to list the house. It feels like chaos as I try to get every last detail finished up.

In the mean time, the Subaru got rear ended on the freeway downtown. My other half was driving and some twit girl talking on a cell phone wasn’t paying attention, with the inevitable result. I wasn’t in the car. Not like it was commute hour downtown and the traffic was heavy, people were driving stupid, cutting each other off, etc… and it was the LAST place she should have been on a phone.

Almost makes my remarks about high tech cars last post seem prophetic. I’ve said for decades though that I’m Cassandra reincarnated, LOL.

All things considered, it could have been worse. Since the Subaru was moving and the brakes weren’t locked up, a good portion of the force of the impact got turned into a push instead of physical damage. Between that and the fact that Subarus are built so well, it APPEARS that all that was damaged was the rear bumper cover and a bumper light. The body shop will let us know if there’s any hidden damage (suspension, undercarriage, etc)…

The whole front end of the Honda Civic that the twit was driving was crushed like a beer can. She was largely unhurt though.

My other half has a sore back and neck, and has gone to acupuncture treatments a couple of times. At my insistence, MRIs are being taken tomorrow also to make sure there’s nothing long term. A similar situation is how I ended up in the condition I am.

Oh and just to let you all know how sleazy mega-corporations are… The twit’s insurance company, Geico, called less that 12 hours after the crash pushing for release documents to be signed. We barely had time for a trip to the ER for a preliminary exam (which was pretty half-assed in my opinion). No time to get the car looked at, etc…

So yeah, apparently the only thing sleazier than ambulance chasing lawyers are the insurance companies that they sue.

In the mean time, we’ve delayed listing the house by a week and life goes on.

It’s Dead, Jim…

My poor desktop PC asploded yesterday, That accounts for my not being around much the 48 hours. Anyhoo, I was getting ready to transfer some files to a thumb drive and then to my laptop. There was a crack of electricity, the interior of the case lit up bright as day for a moment, and then it croaked.

No restarting, not even via using a jumper on the connector pins for the power switch. Swapping out the power supply for the one in my other half’s PC, got the PC starting up again. It sputtered and coughed (figuratively) and when it FINALLY finished loading up, the Operating System drive had a mile long list of file system errors.

Well, LONG detailed diagnostic story aside, I salvaged what I could from old system, and we went out and bought a new rig. An MSI Aegis RS. I’m running with an i7 9700 CPU and a Nvidia 2060 video card.

The system came with 16 gigs of DDR4 RAM, but the RAM from the old system was salvageable. I put it in the new system and now have 32 gigs total of RAM.

Thanksgiving Insanity & iPhone Madness

Along with all the other things keeping me busy, Thanksgiving next Thursday has been added to the list of stressors. I’ve been doing the cooking for Thanksgiving for almost a decade now. It’s a ton of work, but I enjoy the end result. I’m the best cook in the family at this point also, so it might as well be me doing the cooking, lol.

This year, since we’re trying to pack and get moved, I had talked with my mom about having Thanksgiving up at her place, and split the cooking duties. No problem there.

She did discount any need to make a backup plan however. This is also the same woman who used to jump all over me for not thinking things through when I made a mistake. Now, we’re looking at a likelihood of snowfall up at her place. The road to her place is pretty steep, making it a bit difficult even for an all wheel drive vehicle. So we don’t know if people will be able to get up there, and she’s refusing to come down. The closest we’ve got to an alternate plan is postponing. That’s all good and well, but I have a 22 pound turkey sitting in my freezer that I have to defrost, brine and slow cook on the smoker. That all takes time and planning. I can’t just do it Thursday morning in 5 minutes in the microwave.

Speaking of the 22 pound turkey… I was told there would be 12 people total. NOW I find out half of them haven’t even confirmed coming. *headdesk* Leftovers galore anyone? Good thing I make an amazing turkey soup… So yeah, the lack of communication and planning is getting on my nerves to say the least.

Not like it’s our last Thanksgiving ever in this garbage fire of a state and people would want to make sure it comes together or anything…

The iPhone… I’m really learning to hate Apple. Almost as much as I hate Samsung and their spyware loaded products. I’ve had quite a few posts I wanted to make, half of them cooking ones, BUT the iPhone is corrupting all my pictures AND won’t download them properly either. I may have to start replying on the Nikon 35mm for post pics. >_<

This on top of a series of other bugs such as the phone trying to dial out on it’s own at random. THAT turns out to be a problem that’s common enough to readily show up in google searches. IF I can actually find one, I’m going back to a dumb phone after the contract is up on this blasted phone.

Just Floored…

Yes, another pun title. 😛

The garage was our next project around the house. Aside from needing straightening up, the house is 40 years old. That meant the sheet rock walls and the concrete garage floor were looking pretty grungy. Nothing a little paint, and a floor epoxy coating kit couldn’t cure.

Amazing what $200 at Home Depot will do for an old garage.

Blog and Life Updates.

I have to be brief here as my next appointment with the voodoo doctor is in just over an hour.

So far so good on the acupuncture’s one treatment holding.

No sign of the attacker from the other night coming back a third time. I can sense he’s out there though, so we’re keeping our eyes open.

BBQ pics DID finally download from the phone. A pox on Apple for a thousand generations. I’ll get to posting all of that later today.

Writing itself has been real slow the last few days. My mojo definitely got messed with.

Keeping up with email notifications for the blog and all followed blogs is a pain also:

Yes, that’s accurate, and the email account shown there is used ONLY for this blog.

Five Geek points if you get the reference on the above picture also.

The other (kinky) blog is set up, I just need to do some writing. As for moving the chit chat blog (ie this blog) also… WordPress doesn’t share any of the perks on a paid site with a secondary attached site, so there’s no reason for me to move things at all. So, what this site has morphed into is staying right here.