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Star Wars: How Did Grievous End Up Wheezing In Ep. 3?

One of the most annoying parts of Episode 3 for me (listening to him wheeze), and it was never explained in the movies. That got me to thinking that some folks out there might not know the whole story there…

The answer lays in the the original (2005) Clone Wars mini-series on the Cartoon Network, and how it tied directly to Episode 3.

The 25 episode series covered highlights of the time between Episode 2: Attack of the Clones and Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith. During that series, Grievous is shown to be nearly unstoppable as he takes out Jedi in various outposts around the galaxy…

Then came Episode 25.

Episode 25 led right up to the events of Revenge of the Sith. The series literally ended with Palpatine’s staged abduction and the escape to the separatist fleet above Coruscant. Grievous was in command of the “kidnap” team and took out a few Jedi along the way. Then… at the escape shuttle… he met Mace Windu.

BAD things, man… BAD things:

ONE “hit”… Just one. 🤣😁🤣😂😁😄 😎

Which just goes to prove; there’s two people in the universe you don’t screw with: Mace Windu and the Batman.

This from a 1987 issue of Justice League comics. Blue Beetle busting a gut over it totally makes the scene. 😀

And THAT is the story of how Grievous joined Weezer and ran from Coruscant like a screaming little school girl.

That story has been “retconned” since then thanks to comic book authors at Disney’s Marvel branch wanting to put their spin on things AND Lucas deciding he could make more money with a second edition of the Clone Wars. Still, nothing else really explains the wheezing and clutching his chest in Revenge of the Sith.

Trivia Bonus:

Diehard fans know this, but Samuel L Jackson’s lightsaber had “BMF” engraved on it.

A little Pulp Fiction added to the Republic. 😉

Trivia: Bimbo Bakeries

In my recent post on the EVIL of Carbohydrates, a sharp reader noticed that one of the packages had a “Made by Bimbo Bakeries” in the small print next to the nutrition label:

While amusing, there is an actual story there, and it’s similar to the utter failure of Chevrolet’s “Nova” to gain any traction (pun always intended) in Latin American markets. In short, it’s a language barrier issue.

This one is a little more obscure to trace though, because “Bimbo” isn’t originally a Latin Spanish (or even Castilian Spanish) word. Apparently it traces it’s origins to Hungarian immigrants to South America shortly before World War Two. The word means “Flowerbud” in Hungarian, and apparently there used to be a very famous bakery in Hungary named “Bimbo”

Grupo Bimbo is the Mexican parent company of the U.S. based Bimbo Bakeries. If you check labels, they currently own quite a few U.S. brands also, primarily via buy out. Thomas’s ‘English’ Muffins, Oroweat, Sara Lee, Entenmann’s, Boboli, and Hostess to name a few. Although I think they MAY have sold off SOME of Hostess.

Bimbo bought out Hostess after the company went bankrupt after not being able to meet union demands. I saw this play out first hand since there was a Hostess / Wonder Bread plant in Sacramento. Now it’s reopened as a non-union shop. I’d say there’s a lesson there in continued self-improvement instead of expecting an entry level job to support a family. I don’t do social commentary anymore though. 😉

Anyway, that’s the little bit of trivia surrounding the Bimbo name. Oddly enough, the Mexican parent company is sticking with the overall name and has since 1998 when the U.S. Branch was founded. Since the U.S. has a large Latin population AND the company is still using specific US Brand names, I’m sure they’ll do fine. It’s a little different than selling a car in Mexico whose name translates to “No (won’t) Go”, LOL.