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Personal: Decompressing

The last few days were a mess, because I was feeling like hell. Hence no posts.

It was the usual problems with my back and neck. We had new MRIs done and part of my neck is near stage 3 degeneration now. The new chiropractor I’m seeing wants to do spinal decompression treatment:

I did a test treatment yesterday to see how I’d respond, and it seems to have definitely helped. Given that my problems are all compressed and herniated discs, it seems like a good option also.

I have a few lingering doubts here though…

First is the price. All I’ve gotten thus far is “it depends upon the number and duration of the treatments”, and that it’s all expected up front… “to show that the patient is serious about getting better.” Yeah, well… that’s the same line some bad chiropractors use for their regular treatment programs. The proof is in the pudding. If it works, a customer will keep coming back.

The flip side here is that chirorpactic treatment stopped working beyond alleviating severe pain when something is badly out of whack. Acupuncture, based on the MRIs, is helping with pain, but not leading to any meaningful healing. That means the other alternative left is surgery. THAT causes more issues than it fixes and will likely be even more expensive. :\

Second is there’s nothing I’ve seen yet that shows this has long term results. Nuff said there.

Lastly, there’s the issue that I’ve already tried something similar as a home remedy. My Sacramento chiropractor had recommended a gadget called “Pronex” to help with spinal decompression

As it turns out, the angle your neck is at during the decompression makes a big difference. Based on the herniations in my neck, I need to have my head tilted forward some. The Pronex thing only allows for one position, and that actually ended up causing me alot more pain.

I guess I’m nervous about yet another expensive option that may fail or only offer short term relief. I’ve been struggling with this for years now and it’s really wearing me down.