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How to Fix Social Media

A review of Parler on Renard’s website got me thinking about the mess that is social media

Image via SocialMediaExplorer.com

The bias, cliques and general toxic nature of it all has made me walk away from it entirely years ago. I’m still not sure a blog counts as social media, but this is it for me. 🙂

The reality though is that all social media platforms are EASY to fix. Easy in the sense that the solution is straight forward, but it does require work. What’s the answer? Simple:

Ages ago, back when the closest thing to social media was .vbb (virtual bulletin board – similar in form to reddit, although a little more primitive) discussion sites, I helped moderate one of the biggest ones out there. The code of conduct there was pretty straight forward. The biggest rule that we used to define Trolling and abusive behavior was:

You can debate the idea, but DO NOT attack the person making the post.

Examples (of somewhat obvious concepts):

Debate the Idea: “Tax cuts for the rich doesn’t result in them creating more jobs via reinvestment, they just horde wealth.” Controversial enough to be an example here.

Attack the Post Maker: “What kind of idiot believes that tax cuts actually help the economy?”

Do I even have to point out how one keeps the debate more focused and civil, while the other degenerates it into ad hominid personal attacks and childish name calling?

Why isn’t it done? Simple. None of the owners of these sites want to pay for moderators, and bots aren’t sophisticated enough to differentiate yet. They also avoid dealing with tantrums claiming bias if a human moderator shuts down a troll and their followers.

Yes, there’s political and (mostly) economic bias guiding these decisions also. They don’t want to take what will inevitably be a very large hit to their user bases via this rule. Personal experience has taught me that this is fairly short term though. People LOVE having the spotlight. Take it away from them, and they’ll rant and pout, but then come back and play within the rules MOST of the time because they want their stage and audience back.

The habitual rule breakers and one who will try to skirt the rules constantly… They’ll always be there, and will act even worse without that kind of rule in place.

Of course, there’s the other issue that has to be dealt with, and that takes a cultural shift: Back then, the common sense belief was that free speech and the ability to freely debate ideas was paramount.

Nowadays everybody wants to live in an echo chamber:

The biggest step to straightening out the internet and social media specifically is that the other side has a right to speak.

I’ll be blunt, if you have to resort to silencing dissenting voices via name calling, applying labels, trolling, attempting to get people banned or blocked, etc… In short, if your ideas can’t stand the light of open honest discussion, chances are you don’t understand them yourself.

Change that and implement the above rule along with a few other common sense ones (ie no advocating violence), and social media would change fairly quickly.

The Insanity Continues

No, not the election, although the idiocy I’m seeing on both sides makes me wish I had my political blog up and running. I’ve got rants building up, LOL. NO, this time I’m revisiting our ultimate devourer of the universe; COVID-19

I’m seeing persecution and vilification of people not wearing masks, the media hyping “worst month ever” every month, and today I was in the shopping and saw the store was cleaned out of toilet paper AGAIN. MAYBE that has something to do with Biden’s 4 to 6 week lockdown talk, I don’t know. Either way it’s crazy.

You’ve been warned though; get a small stockpile yourself before it’s gone again.

“Worst month ever” I’ve seen every month for the last 4 months. You know what I’m NOT seeing though? The pictures of bodies piling up so high in New York City that they were being loaded on trucks using forklifts. That WAS happening back in March and April though. There was evidence of sick people back then. I’m not seeing even that in the last month or so. Yes, I’m saying I believe the media is lying, AND the CDC’s own stats would support that. April was still the worst month for deaths by far. I’m sure the disease is still out there doing it’s thing, just not quite at the level advertised.

That CDC web page says that in the U.S. there have been 225,683 deaths directly attributable to COVID. That’s one in every 1475 people roughly. A *typical* flu season kills around 50,000 people in the U.S. So yes, it’s roughly 5 times more dangerous than a garden variety flu. It’s also a little less contagious than measles per recent reports (which makes it pretty contagious).

We’re up to 1,309,703 deaths worldwide also, BUT the 1918 Spanish Flu killed 45 times that number of people. SO, as I keep saying; it’s dangerous and to be respected but it’s NOT the end of the universe.

Mask Derangement Syndrome: Before I get going here, let me state that I *do* believe they work and are a good preventative measure. This hysteria that anyone not wearing one is spreading COVID is insane though. First, there are legitimate medical reasons for not wearing them; primarily breathing issues.

I get touchy about masks around food myself. That’s an ideal situation for germs to travel. I don’t go out of my way to persecute people or assume they’re automatically infected though.

It also seems to be forgotten that COVID can spread via contact too. Door handles, toilet seats, table and chairs, etc… Using gloves or these silly hook tools that I see don’t do anything long term either since the germs will cover the gloves or tool and then jump to the person. They’re short term protection at best.

Those antibacterial wipes and sprays only create super germs also. “Kills 99.9% of germs” means that .1% becomes resistant and continues to multiply. So, not only are there no guarantees in life, sometimes the “cure” only adds to the problem.

Bottom line, if you want a fairy tale existence that guarantees you’re never going to run any risk of exposure, stay at home. Otherwise you’re going to have to accept the 1 in roughly 300 chance that you MIGHT come down with it, and mitigate the odds by wearing your own mask. There’s a 98 to 99 percent chance based on current and recovered cases, that if you get it, that it’s going to be relatively mild also.

Stay safe also, but in the name of humanity, the hysteria is worse than the actual virus.

A Second Round of Coronas

Things have started to calm down with the house now that we’re actually listed and showing again. The big exception being when we have open houses. I came back to start playing catch up on replying to posts by others. Unfortunately, much of what I found was COVID-19 hysteria. I just cannot get wrapped up in that. SOMEBODY has to be the adult in the room.

Let’s go over some facts again:

There have been 6000 deaths worldwide thus far. With a current world population of 7,800,000,000 that means that COVID-19 has killed 1 out of every 1,300,000 people

In all my research, I can only find ONE child, somewhere in age between 10 and 19 in China who died from it. NO information on any secondary health issues that the kid in question may have had. I haven’t read of anyone under 20 dying yet in Western countries.

China had roughly 45,000 people being treated. They have a population of 1,500,000,000. That means that only 1 in 33,333 people were bad enough to see a doctor at all.

As I posted earlier, and Statnews.com has also said, the overall death rates are LOW, unless you have major secondary health issues:

“Co-morbidities also raise the risk of dying from Covid-19. China CDC’s analysis of 44,672 patients found that the fatality rate in patients who reported no other health conditions was 0.9%. It was 10.5% for those with cardiovascular disease, 7.3% for those with diabetes, 6.3% for people with chronic respiratory diseases such as COPD, 6.0% for people with hypertension, and 5.6% for those with cancer.”

Those figures are straight, across the board percentages also and do NOT take into account the age factor. Under 30 year old fatalities and serious hospitalizations are so rare as to almost be non-existent. You have to get to over 80 with those above secondary issues to reach a 14.8% chance of serious medical issues or death.

I can rattle off statistics all day. Some people are addicted to drama though. That more than anything is what makes me fear for the future of the world. Everything has to be all or nothing for too many people. Nobody even wants to understand complex middle ground realities. These people and those leading them around by the nose will be the ruin of civilization.

For those who want to read more from the StatNews.com source I cited; here’s the link below. They’re a very balanced, rational source of information on just about anything medical. They will NOT tell you to go lick shopping carts; it’s all fake, NOR will they tell you we’re all going to die.

StatNews.com Article on Who Is Getting Sick from COVID-19

COVID-19 *IS* something we should be reasonably cautious about also. I said that in my Y2K repeat post. Avoid large gatherings, get good nutrition, wash your hands, etc… USE COMMON SENSE and limit your activities in a rational way. There’s zero need to barricade yourself in a bunker or plan funerals for all your family and friends though.

It’s Y2K All Over Again!!!

Yes, I’m talking about the complete insanity surrounding the outbreak of the Corona Virus. You can’t find toilet paper, bleach or paper towels within 20 miles here. Bottled water, frozen and canned food is starting to be in short supply also. Parents in Tennessee are hosing their kids down with disinfectant!!! Well, it IS Tennessee…

Can we just STOP and get a grip on reality?!? I know that’s hard when the media is playing up the hysteria for the sake of ratings, but…


Children 18 and under are all but immune to the virus. They’ll show minimal symptoms if any at all.

You’re in almost as good a shape if you’re 30 or under. All I’ve heard and read says at worst you’ll feel like you’ve got a mild to moderate cold or flu.

IN FACT; you have to be OVER 80 WITH SECONDARY HEALTH ISSUES before you get to a 15% chance of severe complications or death. In Wuhan Province where the virus started, 50% of the population over 80 years old still smokes.

Bottom line; this too shall pass. It will pass before we know it also. It was 44 days from outbreak to life back to normal in China. *IF* China’s government is to be believed, there were under 1000 deaths too. Considering the extreme population size of China, that’s not too bad.

Right now, in the U.S. we have 2200 cases with 48 deaths. The news is being pretty tight lipped about the demographics of those deaths thus far also. It’s a 2% rate however. Serious, but not “we’re all going to die!!!”.

Look, practice good hygiene. Reduce your public activities as well WITHIN REASON. Supplement with some Vitamin C and similar immune boosting vitamin and minerals too. This whole hording and heading for the hills mentality is the exact same mentality that we saw prior to Y2K. People were selling all they owned to move to bunkers in the woods and horde food, water and guns. In the end, the effect was almost non-existent too.

It also reminds me of AIDS hysteria in the 1980s. For a couple of years, some people were terrified to get within a mile of a LGBTQ person.

It was the media largely driving those hysterias, and it’s the media, along with opportunistic politicians driving the hysteria now. The Corona Beer sales story was a perfect example. Corona Beer’s CEO came out a week later and said their quarterly reports showed they were having one of their best years ever.

How many news outlets did you even hear make any sort of retraction or correction there? Nope, just off to the next exploitable angle on the hysteria.

Then there are the opportunistic politicians trying to exploit the situation for their own ends. Bernie Sanders said the death rate would top war casualties from World War 2.


He’s not a doctor, has no crystal ball and is guilty of trying to create a national panic.

OK that’s enough politics. Look, this IS more serious than a common flu. It’s NOT the bubonic plague though. It’s not likely to even come close to rivaling the Spanish Flu of 1918. Should we be reasonably cautious? ABSOLUTELY. Do what I advised above, keep calm and carry on. In a month and a half, this will gone and forgotten.