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How To Get Me to IGNORE Your Blog:

I’ve complained about this in the past a few times, but as I continue to gain followers, it’s becoming a bigger and bigger problem. It just happened again a few minutes ago.

That problem is disingenuous… fakefollowers who jump on the blog, hit like on 10 to 15 articles in under a minute in the hopes that I’ll follow their blog. They clearly can’t read that fast and don’t care one bit what I’ve had to say. They’re just using others to give their blog the illusion of popularity.

pic from http://www.comedyireland.ie

Social media and it’s fake friends mentality. Barf! I don’t operate that way. Love me or hate me, I’m authentic. If I follow your blog, it’s because it’s insightful in some way and has something to offer me. I reply to all comments here, and will comment in the blogs of others who seem likewise genuine, esp if they actually read my posts too. Fakes though… I deal with enough users in the real world.

As I’ve said when this has come up before, nobody’s obligated to read anything. If you do, fabulous. If you don’t, that’s OK. Even if you at least skim an article because you’re behind on blogging, etc… before hitting the like, I get that too.

Just don’t be a user and try to manipulate me so you can get likes on your own blog. It won’t work and I’d rather have 50 real followers than 1000 who never read a word I write.

That’s the lesson here also; the best way to get followers is to write compelling content.