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Saturday Morning Fun – Round 3

I’m going to go a bit further back this time and introduce you youngsters to the one and only Jonny Quest:

Jonny Quest originally hit Saturday Morning TV back in 1964, and ran through 1965 as a new show. It continued long after in reruns however. It also had two reboots; 1986-1987’s The New Adventures of Jonny Quest:

This one only lasted a season and most fans agreed it was a pale imitation of the original, despite having newer sci-fi gadgets.

And there was also “The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest”, introduced in 1996. This version was (sort of) a sequel and featured a teenage Jonny Quest and Hadji along with Jessie Bannon; Race Bannon’s teenage daughter. This one was well received.

The earlier two series featured Jonny and Hadji tagging along with Dr Quest and Race Bannon as they investigated all manner of things. Dr Quest was one of those 1950s and 60s scientists who knew everything, and Race Bannon was the bodyguard for Dr Quest and Jonny. All that was explained (that I recall) of Hadji’s origin is that they found him on the streets of Calcutta.

During these investigations, the boys were always told to “wait at camp”, but never did and always stumbled upon some clue or the bad guys’ plot and/or location. That in turn helped the adults crack the case.

Being older in the third series, the teens were more apt to do their own thing and crack the case, only sometimes needing to be rescued by Race and Dr Quest. 🙂

This is the first few minutes of the very first episode ever, and gives an idea of the show’s flavor:

Note the show also had a successful parody on the Cartoon Network’s late night “Adult Swim” time block; The Venture Brothers:

The humor was fairly crude on the show, and the premise was that Dr Venture (Rusty) was a character like Jonny Quest with a famous scientist adventurer dad and had his whole childhood televised. Now he’s doing the dad thing with two clueless teenage boys and a semi-psychotic bodyguard name Brock Samson.

Saturday Morning Fun – Week 1

As recently promised, this is the start of my new weekly spot on the days of Saturday Morning Cartoons… although not all Saturday Morning shows were cartoons.

There are several more popular or well known cartoons, BUT I figured I’d start with something a little on the obscure side. Primarily because I stumbled back upon them recently and the theme song has been stuck in my head for weeks. I give you 1984’s two season wonder:


Yes, TVs really used to look like that.

Kidd Video was the adventures of a teen band trapped in cartoon land and trying to escape from (and thwart) the villainous “Master Blaster”. The show also featured the live version of the group going a music video that was (loosely) connected to the plot of the episode. As one video (which I’ll post below) said, it was MTV for kids.

A bit ahead of it’s time as well, since the meta level theme was musicians (the kids) trying to escape the control of the evil corporate music executive (Master Blaster). I’m half surprised nobody attempted a reboot when the war over Streaming and Digital rights heated up.

Fun show however, and unlike quite a few shows back then, it was NOT merchandise driven. For 80s bubblegum pop created for a cartoon show, the music wasn’t half bad either.

Note also the now all but forgotten Subaru Brat “truck” that Whiz is driving and how the other guy rides in the back… without dying! Different times indeed. 🙂

Here’s that video, telling a little more in-depth version of the show’s story:

YouTube has several videos of full episodes, as well as the group’s music videos that ran as part of the show.

Back to School:

Because it wouldn’t be Saturday Morning TV without Schoolhouse Rock…

The Superfriends Live On!

For those not blessed enough to know, the Superfriends was the DC Comics Saturday Morning Cartoons show from 1973 to 1985:

There are, as it turns out, quite a few of these remakes on YouTube. This one is even kind of close to the animated original:

So why the big deal? 12 years running was probably a record on Saturday morning cartoons. More than that, I had a really crappy childhood. Even my family was a bad influence. The fact that I turned out halfway decent with a sense of right and wrong, can largely be attributed to this show. 🙂

Granted, nowadays I like more sophisticated plots, but this still takes me back to a time when heroes were heroes and villains were not poor misunderstood victims whose violence and cruelty should be excused.

This gave me another idea for a fun topic on the blog. I already have Friday Night 80s started. I’m going to start posting some of the best of Saturday Morning Cartoons on Saturdays.