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Personal Update: From All Sides They Came

So where to begin? Oh yeah:

It’s been almost a month since I posted anything here (or at the other self-hosted blog). I’ve intended to post several times, but as reported last post, work has been exhausting me. After that last post, I got curious about how much of the fatigue was real and how much was mental, so I wore a pedometer to work. What I found was that I alternated between a brisk walk and a light jog for 13,842 steps that day. Most websites say that converts to 6.5 miles or 10.46 Km. Never let anyone tell you an assembly line isn’t work.

Granted, that “light jog” of 6.5 miles isn’t much if you’re in great shape. I hadn’t been for a long time thanks to my spinal problems. The decompression therapy I did about 2 years ago really helped, but attempts at rehab after that resulted in me hurting myself a couple of times. Long story short, I started the job at far from ideal physical shape for the job.

I had a couple other strikes working against me also. First is I had BAD shoes pushed on me by the company store. They were not only really heavy, but hurting my feet badly also (serious neuropathy). Last week I went out and bought new shoes and I’m getting feeling back in my right foot. The left wasn’t as bad to start with.


My biggest issue turned out to be a more subtle one. I was coming home increasingly tired and in greater pain each morning (I’m now on graveyard shift). My sleep pattern was almost nonexistent as well. LONG story short, alot of research turned up that the problem was that I wasn’t getting enough calories and especially protein to keep up with my new activity level. This can create a condition that looks superficially similar to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that’s called Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports or RED-S.

As the name would imply, it’s a condition that’s most common in athletes, especially endurance athletes like triathlon competitors and marathon runners. It can occasionally impact people like me who are working at a physical job but not getting enough quality food to support the job’s demands also.

The frustrating part is that my body wasn’t telling me I was hungry. That MAY have been at least partially due to how much water I was drinking (80 to 100 ounces a shift) to stray hydrated though.

At any rate, I’ve modified my diet the last almost a week and have been doing alot better. Less body aches, better sleep, etc… so life is better in that regard. The biggest challenge moving forward is figuring out enough healthy food that I can bring to work to eat on breaks to keep in shape. It’s not like I need a ton of food, but junk food definitely will NOT fit the bill here.


Long time readers will recall our battles here over a house that we were defrauded on. The home inspector we hired apparently conspired with one or both of the realtors involved in the sale to completely mislead us on the condition of the house. THEN we got defrauded by a lawyer who took several thousand dollars from us and after 10 months hadn’t even filed motions for initial discovery in the case. That’s the first step in a civil lawsuit here in the US for those who didn’t know. Essentially, you present the other side with legal documents requiring them to officially identify themselves for the purposes of the trial, and to give the very basics of their side of the issue.

Well, after running out of money and figuring the case was dead months ago, the home inspector’s lawyer recently filed a motion to dismiss the case against them and included a falsified home inspection as a part of the motion.

In said report the inspectors claim they documented numerous deficiencies in the home, that it was unsafe, they strongly advised us not to buy it and we did anyway. Also, that it was our fault we were stuck with a structurally unsound, asbestos and radon contaminated house with numerous building code violations.

Do I even need to say THAT got my temper up? Guess they didn’t read the warning label:

I’m doing my best as a non-lawyer to answer the summary judgment request and request that the court charge the inspectors and their attorney(s) with Perjury and Fraud on the Court. I think I’ve also got the evidence now to go after the inspectors’ and realtors’ professional licenses by using the falsified evidence as proof of fraud on their parts, MAYBE even conspiracy to commit fraud.

Am I optimistic? Not really. More like neutral. The laws in Georgia are so crooked that I have doubts that even with all this evidence that I’ll be able to get ANY level of justice from the system. I’m going to at least try though. If I don’t, these people will take it as a free pass to lie and cheat everyone they come across.

And If That Wasn’t Enough Drama…

I find out my half-sister outside of Nashvillle possibly has advanced breast cancer, AND missed her appointment to get proper screening and verify what it is (and thus enable her doctors to work up a treatment plan). In a bit of irony, I was catching up on the last couple of episodes of Superman and Lois on the CW Network the night before I got her email. Lois was similarly skipping chemo treatments for her breast cancer. Unlike Lois in TV land though, missing the appointment cost my sister another month before she got a new appointment.

She misses the next one, it’s going to be boots to asses:

I’ve got enough drama to deal with without my sister being too afraid to get her butt into the doctor before it becomes something that medicine can no longer overcome despite all the advances the last decade. Selfish? Yes, somewhat. Just once, I’d like to make a personal post here and NOT have to detail about some aspect of my life being out of control. She has young kids she needs to think about as well.

Still Standing

Well, despite all of that, I *AM* still standing.

Getting stronger by the day as well.

Junk Science Strikes Again!

I’d wager I’m not the only one to notice and get annoyed by various “studies” about the hazards or benefits of something. In the food world the top shame there used to go to the never ending, always conflicting studies that say coffee or wine are either miracle elixirs or will kill you painfully.

WELL… They’ve been dethroned! And the new King of Shame is:

Yes, our lovely Atlanta GA based mega-corporation was the subject of a recent study that had the balls (pun always intended) to claim that:

Drinking Coca-Cola And Pepsi Can Cause Males To Have Bigger Testicles, More Testosterone: Study (msn.com)

This per the HIGHLY 🙄 reputable news website “Knewz”

I kid you not! April Fools Day is just over a month away anyway. Per the article, a new study conducted by the Northwest Minzu University in China suggests that drinking Coca-Cola and Pepsi can increase testosterone levels and provide benefits related to fertility and testicle size.

Well, so much for the idea that China’s scientific community was gaining on the West, huh? They’ve certainly learned how to take money to produce questionable studies like Western scientists though.

Need I even say that I’d be willing to bet money that the soft drink industry was behind this study?

This is so absurd that it is beyond description. I enjoy a glass of soft drink from time to time. HOWEVER, the only enlarging of ANYTHING that Coke and Pepsi will do is via inflammation due to the high sugar and caffeine content, caramel coloring and other additives.

Likewise any extra testosterone is likely to come from the mood swings caused by sugar spikes and crashes making the drinker bitter, tired and frustrated. Trying to claim any health or virility benefits from them is so disingenuous that the study scientists should be laughed out of their lab and put to work in a slave labor factory making the new iPhones.

Worse, it’s garbage like this that causes people to distrust scientists and other authority figures on ANY topic.

What… The… Hell…

I’m tempted to cite this as proof that SOMETHING about WordPress or (more likely) it’s community is VERY broken…

SO, what am I talking about? The fact that when I logged back into my “adult” blog, which I hadn’t done in over a year and a half, I consistently had HIGHER totals for views and likes than this blog, FOR THE PAST 15 MONTHS STRAIGHT.

THAT despite the fact my erotica blog has 54 followers and this one has 779 followers.

Anybody see some inconsistencies here?

Now it COULD be that I’m just that good a story teller, BUT somebody here recently told me I wasn’t a good enough writer to migrate to Medium.com. Regardless of that, I’d say it does prove what I’ve been saying for a long time now: The vast majority of WordPress members don’t give a damned about any content beyond their own. Similarly, Likes and Follows aren’t genuine, just something to trade to give the illusion of popularity. Complete social media mentality.

I can’t remember the last time I asked a question or provided a writing prompt here and got a single reply without bitching later.