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And Along Came COVID

Fair warning; I am pulling absolutely NO punches this time. If you think you’ve seen me rude and pissed off before, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

For two years, we’ve managed to successfully dodge COVID-19 here. While I was initially a little skeptical of the whole epidemic, it didn’t take long for me to moderate my stance. We’ve taken it seriously and treated it as dangerous without going off the deep end into total panic mongering.

We’ve watched the pandemic drag on for two years also, simply because braindead jackasses refuse to take it seriously. Evidence be damned, even the most basic level of concern for their communities be damned. They’re FREE and they have a RIGHT… to kill other people!

Why am I so bent out of shape at this point? If you didn’t guess, it’s because we came down with COVID about the time of my last post. Doubtless caught from some self-absorbed twit who couldn’t give a damned about spreading it to other people. We’ve both been sick as dogs here for 2 weeks now, and the COVID had screwed up my other half’s blood sugar so badly that it was in single digits and I came VERY VERY close to planning a funeral.

Why? All because there are shitheads out there who are smarter than science and can’t be bothered in the slightest to think about the good of anyone beyond themselves.

I’ll give the anti-vax crowd A LITTLE slack here. The vaccines have never gone through proper, non-emergency standards for testing, etc… and we were leery about getting vaccinated ourselves. We did it though because we are high risk. My only caveat there would be if you don’t want to get vaccinated, keep your contact with the public to a minimum, and self isolate and get tested if you display symptoms.

No, the people I reserve the vast majority of my rage for are ones like Refarmer here on WordPress

The same Refarmer who I’d supported almost since her blog started, and donated a large amount of money to save her badly injured cat. The same Refarmer who also dropped following my blog when I put in a post that nobody was trying to enslave anyone by asking them to wear a mask.

If it was only one illiterate hillbilly on WordPress demanding to put others at risk because a mask makes them “uncomfortable” (try nearly dying and see how fucking uncomfortable THAT is), it wouldn’t be that big a deal. As the above picture shows, there are idiots like that everywhere.

My own godmother went out on a shopping spree while sick with COVID. No mask either. My in-laws are deniers. They don’t understand why we won’t go to church with them either when literally every other week there’s a COVID outbreak there. Hell, we may have even contracted the virus through them.

No doubt some idiot is going to suggest we got COVID *BECAUSE* of the vaccine. The same vaccine we got 2 years ago and never gave us a lick of trouble until it somehow flared up now? We never got any of the booster shots. The kind of mentally ill thinking that goes into something like that is beyond belief. That’s the lengths these human pond scum will go to in order to justify killing others though.

They’re not the only ones that deserve to be ripped to shreds though. The talking heads and politicos on BOTH sides that have been trying to exploit the whole situation should literally be flogged. They’ve ALL played so fast and loose with the truth for personal gain that the average schmuck has no fucking clue what to exactly believe. THAT, in turn, has helped fuel the conspiracy nuts and keep the pandemic alive longer than it should have lasted.

The bottom line though is that freedom is ALWAYS balanced with responsibility, and it’s people with absolutely ZERO sense of responsibility to their fellow human beings that are keeping this damned thing going. I’m fed up with it enough at this point that if I had MY way, anyone infecting somebody else with COVID would be charged with felony assault. The infected person dies, it becomes a murder charge.

Keeping a Low Profile

That’s what I’ve been doing, and for largely good reason; I have been in the absolute blackest of moods the last few weeks. Instead of subjecting readers to it, I’ve laid low, tried to catch up on emails and finish getting settled in. The Drama yet persists though…

Filthy Moving Company Scum:

Here lies the source of most of my anger. Our movers have hijacked our furniture and all our belongings. They picked up on the 17th and 18th of last month, and 18 days later we still have NO idea where our stuff is OR if we will EVER get it back.

Keep in mind that U.S. Dept of Transportation regulations limit commercial trucks to 500 miles or 10 hours of driving per day. That means the trip SHOULD have taken 5 days and they should have been here the 23rd of April. Their only excuses are the contract wasn’t guaranteed and they don’t care that we’re sitting in an empty apartment.

What I feel like doing about it now:

NEVER, EVER use Colonial Van Lines for moving. Hijacking our property is just the start of their wrongs. They also illegally subcontracted out the move to Best Price Moving and Storage (a violation of D.O.T. regulations not to disclose ahead of time). I had about 6 other complaints I filed against them as well when I went to the FMCSA website. FMCSA = Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a division of the D.O.T. By the gods, this country loves its alphabet soup bureaucracies. They (the FMCSA) handle all Federal level complaints against moving companies and long haul truckers.

Both COLONIAL VAN LINES and BEST PRICE MOVING MOVING AND STORAGE have done nothing but make excuses and finger point at each other. As far as I am concerned they’re both guilty of conspiracy to commit theft by false pretenses under California Penal Code 532 PC.

I hope they sue me for making that declaration too. I’ll use the discovery process to expose and document every person they’ve ever screwed over.

Am I mad? You bet! You try sitting around an absolutely empty apartment for a week and a half. No furniture, no bed, no TV, no desktop computer, no books… At least we took the laptops with us and FINALLY have internet.

Yeah, there’s going to be HELL to pay when I’m through. The D.O.T. was only the beginning. We’ve filed police reports and an insurance claim also, which means both companies will be explaining to Insurance Megacorporation attorneys where our shit is and why they’re not mitigating the insurance company’s losses. Then there’s various other state and local regulatory agencies and the possibility of Federal theft charges since this all theoretically crosses state lines. Let’s not forget civil lawsuits too.

A redhead with a temper is redundant, LOL. Likewise I don’t know if my Scots, Irish, or German ancestry contributes the most to my temper. I joke it’s only the Welsh 1/4 of my ancestry that keeps me sane.

Whatever. They’re going to wish they never screwed with us. >_<