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A Late Payoff

Just a quick post to pay off a “quiz” I put at the end of a recent post:

Nobody ID’ed it. Only one guess also. Shame on the rest of you, lol.


The above drawing is the Kenpo Karate ‘Universal Pattern‘.

It’s worn as a patch on Parker Kenpo students’ uniforms, and represents every possible motion one can take to attack or defend. The two dimensional diagram really doesn’t do it full justice, as it can be viewed and apply to movement as seen from above OR viewed vertically to represent vertical movements.

The above link shows some examples of how to apply various lines in the pattern, and what a truly 3 dimensional version of the pattern would look like.

As an added bonus, my favorite Kenpo self defense technique: Five Swords. Performed by one of the few instructors still teaching undiluted Parker Kenpo. I’ve had more than one character in past stories use this technique.

After Brisket Report!

I’m a bit late paying this one off, but I was exhausted after babysitting the brisket 16 hours and cleaning house, etc… Overall the brisket turned out pretty good, but was probably my least successful yet. It was still far better than anything I could buy at a restaurant here. It reached 210 internal temperature and was a little on the crumbly side. Flavor was there though and it was moist too.

Major smoke ring as you all can see, but I’m a perfectionist with my cooking. I’d give it an 8 out of 10.