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Something Else Good Came of It

Not only did I get rid of a good bit of stress finally allowing myself to play some video games after a few months, I also created a character in the game that turned out so good I’m really wanting to use her in stories somewhere somehow.


I’m even tempted to use her in my Witchfire stories.  Witchfire is part Fae after all, LOL


I think she deserves something a bit nobler though.

She’s Baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Yes, I *FINALLY* got more of Witchfire’s story written.  Like last week, it’s a little less than I wanted, but I have a deadline to meet with DBC, and I’m also out of gas physically and creatively.

This week we did get a little smut as Ms. Americana gets in a catfight with her doppelganger from Sully’s (Comixfana’s) Earth.  Special guest appearance by Deanna Troi’s character Nancy Peye as we advance the plot and try to coordinate stories a little more.

Witchfire, Pt 10 – Training Day 2

One From the Spiritual Blog

I squeezed in another page on the spiritual blog today, as so many people seem to be struggling with letting go of drama, or having self-doubt hold them back.  I needed to remind myself about the exercise described in this post also.

So what does this exercise do and who does it benefit?  It’s for people who feel really beat down by an issue.  If you’re the type who watches these Navy SEAL-esque “Just Do It” videos that so many gurus seem to be putting out, and only get annoyed by them and feel you can’t do it, this might be for you.  The trouble with those rah-rah videos and blog posts is that they don’t take into account that you have to see the possibility of success for them to be motivated.

If you’ve been so beat down for years by a problem that you can’t see that possibility…  That defeat is actually ingrained in your system, this can help.  The only other option I’ve seen work is when a person hits rock bottom and gets sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Really though, who wants to go THAT route?

The principle behind the exercise is that issues so big have a dual nature.  There’s the energy or emotional component and the mental processes (memories and thought patterns) as well.  The mental processes are what most self improvement and psychology focus on.  What they miss is that the spiritual and emotional energy can and do act as an anchor to keep those memories and beliefs stuck in your head.

Cut out the energetic component and the thought patterns lose their reinforcement.  THEN, you actually CAN just do it.

Here’s the exercise:

Advanced Clearing Exercise

Upcoming Stuff

Those of you following the blog got the email about my last post with details of my planned first serious novel.  If you’re wondering where it went, my “Cassandra Sense” was SCREAMING “take it down”.

My intuition is VERY good at sensing bad events, and it rarely screams that loud, so I took it down to prevent possible plot theft.  Suffice it to say I have a story about a young woman who finds out her mother is an Olympian and gets caught in the middle of an ancient prophecy and a plot by Hades to overthrow Zeus.

Other non-erotica fiction I have in mind is:

A story focused on the end of Lemuria

A story set in Ancient Egypt centered around a royal couple’s life.  This is set in the far ancient past, before Egypt was even to the point of the Old Kingdom and it was united into upper and lower kingdoms.  Lots of Paranormal stuff, and the main villain group will be rogue elements of the Temple of Thoth.  I could probably break this into a trilogy if I tried…

An “autobiography” of Cassandra from Greek mythology.

The story of a French noble family’s master at arms who gets exiled after a favored daughter is killed as a result of her own recklessness.  He goes on to find shelter with the Knights Templar, helping a handful of them escape with the Holy Grail from the infamous Friday the 13th massacre

My First VSS – Juggernaut vs Power Girl

Juggernaut stomped down the street, splintering the asphalt with each step of his massive feet.  The giant sack of money from the bank robbery clenched in his fist.  NYPD cars and officers were batted aside like children’s dolls as he plodded along.  One brave, or perhaps foolhardy officer stood his ground in the middle of the street, emptying his service weapon at Juggernaut.  The bullets only ricocheted off of the massive supervillain.

Juggernaut snarled and grabbed the officer by the shirt.  “What are yah, stupid or something?” he growled.  “Maybe I need ta make an example out of you fer the rest of these clowns!”  So saying, he flung the officer with all his might, sending him flying off into the distance.

A moment later, the officer returned, carried in the arms of Power Girl.  Supergirl’s buxom adult version from Earth 2 put the officer down, then turned and scowled at Juggernaut.

“That’s about enough out of you.” Power Girl snarled defiantly.

Juggernaut laughed mockingly.  “Don’t you know who I am?” he challenged.  “I’m the Juggernaut, bitch!!”  Juggernaut charged at Power Girl in a full on run, his fist cocked back to strike.

Power Girl smirked as he charged.  “Hi, Juggernaut Bitch.” She replied as she punched him in the face.

The force of the blow knocked him backwards through 15 buildings before his unconscious form came to a stop on a pier along the East River.  Power Girl tossed the bag of stolen money she’d snatched away from Juggernaut as she hit him, to a nearby SWAT officer.  “He went that way,” she said, pointing before flying off still smirking.


That one done in honor of Superhero Saturday on Twitter.  It’s a scene I’ve been wanting to use ever since I saw X-Men 3, LOL.

First Real Spiritual Blog Post

I did my first real post in my spirituality blog a few minutes ago.

I wanted to jump into talking about empathic ability and similar topics, but first I felt it was important to establish my overall view on psychic phenomenon and spiritual events.  Because of that, my first post was on the importance of keeping one’s belief in the paranormal grounded in reality.

Keeping Spiritually Grounded

I’m NOT going to hype this second blog here very often.  I know people have different interests when coming to an erotica reading blog.  I’m hoping there’s enough cross interest to generate a little buzz for the blog though.

Second Site Going Up

Well, technically it IS up.


That’s going to be my home for discussing all things spiritual.  I’m avoiding that topic here to keep each blog more relevant to it’s specific audience.  Right now there’s just a welcome / statement of intent post up.  That will quickly change however.

My Mind Was Blown Last Night

This one is going to be an odd mix of writing, movie review and spirituality, so be warned if it seems random, LOL.

Last night we finally went to see Aquaman.  Great movie.  The only recent DC movie that’s as good is Wonder Woman.  There MAY be hope for DC movies after all.  As a side note, I’m amazed that movies can turn second rate heroes like Ant-Man, Aquaman and the Falcon into real, butt kicking heroes with star power while they continue to largely languish as second stringers in the comic books.  I don’t get the creativity gap.

Minor spoiler: The general plot of the movie focuses around Aquaman’s quest for the trident of the first king of Atlantis.  It’s a vastly powerful weapon and is needed to prevent a war with the surface world.  That’s as close to a spoiler as I’ll get.

What blew me away is the origin story for the trident and the story behind it being missing.  It was 80% similar to past life memories I’d had years ago of living during the end of Lemuria.  The similarities really rattled me.  I tweeted about it once I got home also, and doubtless weirded out my pack or twitter followers, LOL.

Because of that, I wanted to explain a little.  Past lives, like most things that fall into spirituality, are things that can’t be proven.  I’ve also seen people become utterly unhinged studying the paranormal.  More oft than not actually, it seems.  ERGO, I never take anything at face value.

Past lives are a great example there.  The easiest explanation is that it’s your subconscious trying to tell you something important and other ways of getting your attention have utterly failed.  Standard psychology answer there.

Another common potential explanation among new agers is you’re picking up leftover psychic energy from that event and “seeing” things through a participant’s eyes.  There are several other theories I’ve heard.  The bottom line for me though is to stay grounded in reality.

I think it helps me that I have no spiritual “sight”.  I just get weird premonitions and, in the case of past lives, things come back to me like a forgotten present life memory that’s triggered by something.  They feel very real, but again with no real world proof or connection.

I asked my subconscious / higher self about the whole Lemuria thing and the answer I got was “write, and the answers will come”.  If nothing else, at this point I know I have to start that spiritual blog now.  It’s needed to help me finally come to terms with this weird, uncannily accurate intuition I have and the ability to pick up and be influenced by others’ emotions.

As for Lemuria…  I still have NO real idea if this is some strange parable that my subconscious or the universe / God is trying to get through to me, something that I possibly did experience, or what.  After that movie though, I’m more than intrigued and ready to try to find out more.

For what it’s worth, after I get that blog set up, I’ll only post this kind of thing there.  I realize much of the spiritual community isn’t interested in erotica, and that erotica fans aren’t  always interested in conspiracy theories and such.

Witchfire Pt 9 Sneak Peek

After being distracted with drama and trying to reorganize the story, I’m back writing away at my Witchfire erotica.  After my realizations, I’m trying to up the excitement a bit more in terms of the main plot.  One of the things I’m going to do is expose the readers more to the villains behind the scenes.

With that in mind, here’s a sneak peek at a bit of Witchfire Part 9:


Meanwhile, at the mysterious villain organization’s headquarters.

“You heard me correctly, Senator,” the leader said, staring at the row of monitors before him.  “The Aberration went through the She-Legion like a knife through butter, but the witch somehow took him out single-handedly.”

“How the fuck did that happen?!?” one of the shadowy figures on the monitors demanded.

“Somehow she knew his weakness, and exploited it fully,” the leader replied.

“God damned it Cromwell,” a female voice with a slight Latina accent snapped.  “You assured us you have Delta City under control.”  “If the public finds out what the Institute is up to in Delta City, it will be all our asses in a sling, starting with yours.”

“There’s no need to be dramatic, Senator,” Cromwell replied.  “The Aberration test proved that the She-Legion is still useless and clueless, even with the witch’s intervention.”  “We also learned she’s a threat we need to take more seriously but she should be easy to continue to keep isolated.”

“Can you guarantee that the Aberration won’t be traced back to the Institute in any way?” another male voice demanded.

“Absolutely, Mister Secretary,” Cromwell replied confidently.  “If anybody has the skills to properly analyze his DNA, all they will see is Professor Pervo’s handiwork in genetic engineering.”

“I still don’t like it,” another male voice.  “Axis Industries should be taking the lead on Project Dominance.”

“Kiss my ass, Yuri,” Cromwell growled.  “Your second rate pharma company doesn’t have half the experience with technology or genetics as Cromwell Industries.”

“That’s enough!” the General barked.  “We’ve had this discussion before.”  “Things will remain as this council set them up until such time as the entire council decides otherwise.”  “Need I remind you what happened to General Wade when he refused to play ball?!?”

“Point made, General,” Cromwell said with a nod.  Yuri grumbled something resembling an agreement from the monitor he was on.

“Good,” The Secretary said.  “Double down on project security, and work on getting a new Aberration field ready.”  “It was the closest thing we had to a viable weapon.”

“Both are already in progress as we speak,” Cromwell replied.

“What about Bridge?” The General demanded.  “His sexual perversions are becoming a potential security risk.”

“He’s a pawn with little knowledge of our operations,” Cromwell replied bluntly.  “His electronics and telecommunications technology have been helpful, as have his financial contributions.”  “If he becomes a liability, he’ll develop health problems… fatal ones.”

(For more on Mr. Bridge, see Deanna Troi’s stories at DangerBabeCentral.com)

“With that settled, I think we can declare this meeting of the Council over,”  The Senator said.  “I have a National Security Oversight Committee meeting to attend in a half hour.”

With that, the other four members of the Institute’s governing council signed off, their monitors going dark.  Cromwell rubbed his goateed chin then straightened his suit coat, then turned to exit the control center.

“Best be careful, Max,” a woman’s voice said from near the doorway of the control center. “I think you’re starting to make the Council nervous.”  “Not healthy.”

Cromwell turned around, and flashed an arrogant smirk.  “You let me worry about the rest of the Council, Charity.”  “None of them have my intellect or vision.”

“Just don’t let those wax wings of pride carry you too close to the sun, Icarus,” Charity replied.  The leggy woman wore a professional looking knee length black dress and had her light brown hair in a low ponytail.

“Oh ye of little faith,” Cromwell replied with a chuckle so devoid of joy it could chill to the bone.  “And from my own troubleshooter no less.”


And that’s all you get for now…