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Social Commentary: Let’s Define Some Terms

As I mentioned in my last post, I dropped the ball on defining some of the terms in me What the Elites Fear post. I don’t blame Jyvur Entropy (free blog plug removed for trolling) there. Terms like “Elites” are kicked around by everyone from hard core marxists to conspiracy theorists to libertarians. Everyone has a different definition also; dictionary be damned.

For my new readers, I’m a moderate who leans conservative. What that means in plain English, is that I see the flaws in the extremes of both sides of the political debate. I believe strongly in honesty also. If I see a good idea come from anybody, doesn’t matter if it’s Trump or Pelosi, I’ll give them credit while still holding them accountable for their bad ideas.

Being a free thinker, I’m an acquired taste. People that dogmatically follow any given ideology have a hard time following me and sometimes say I sound like two different people. Such is life.

All of that MAY be somewhat irrelevant anyway. I’m not sure I’m going to continue with social issue posts. I’ve found them a big distraction from my creative writing, and a mood killer as well.

Regardless of if I continue, I do need to go back and define a few terms for readers.

Let’s start with the dreaded “elites”.

For starters, as I was using it yesterday (and in other posts), I was referring to the super rich who have more money than God, and a god complex about what they think that entitles them to do. George Soros is a great example. So are Mark Zuckerburg and a handful of other tech billionaires. Just examples though, NOT the entire list. These people use their money to screw with people’s lives and freedoms, try to indoctrinate others to their ideologies, and generally don’t care who they run over to increase their wealth and power.

There are others as well… Top level executives that sit on the boards of interlocking corporate directorships and are nameless to the vast majority of people. Interlocking corporate directorships are when board members of one company sit on the board of one or more other companies as well.

One great example of how this can create a conflict of interest is when Brand X does something horrible, and Media Company A white washes the whole situation because Mister Smith is on the boards of both corporations. Or maybe “Retail Company A” won’t carry some new start-up’s product because Manufacturer X sees it as a threat to their market share and there are people who sit on both companies’ boards of directors. Note investopedia says interlocking directorships are a COMMON practice too.

Capitalism… PURE capitalism, is a wonderful thing. It’s created more millionaires and lifted more people out of poverty than any other economic system out there. How these people make their money is nothing close to Adam Smith’s idea of capitalism though.

OK, I got off track there BUT I think it’s worth leaving the two paragraphs intact to show you don’t have to be Mark Zuckerburg to screw with the populace. It also shows that one can be a good American and capitalist, and strongly disagree with the way mega-corporations do business.

Then we have the politicians.

Do I really need much explanation here? They’re ALL whores for sale to the highest bidder, even if they come in with genuine good intentions. That’s why I believe in term limits all the way down to city dogcatcher. Get people out before they become corrupted. They spend more time fund raising and campaigning than they do legislating. Ultimately it always becomes about the perks.

Great movie, BTW… If you’ve never seen it, I highly recommend it. The scene pretty much shows what independent thinkers already know; the issues are a smoke screen that enable politicians to keep the base fired up and at each others’ throats while they collect money and laugh behind our backs.

The Media…

This goes beyond trainwreck to “Death Star remnants crashing into Endor”.

First there’s the reality that many journalists are biased. Factor in the power and influence of their corporate overlords and those interlocking directorates, and you’ve got a real mess. My previous rants against the media have been because I can’t find a single story online, be it Fox, MSNBC or NPR without thinking “Where’s the supporting evidence?”, “That’s a blatant lie”, “That’s completely misrepresenting what was said”, or “You’re playing on emotion and not reporting facts”.

Combine that with networks carrying commentary shows disguised as news like Rachel Maddow or Hannity and the waters really get muddy. Call them on something and the reply is almost always the same too; you’re a racist or a marxist.

The Whole Illuminati / N.W.O. Conspiracy Theory

Sadly if you’re a free thinker, this is often the defense used by the corrupt and their (usually) well meaning supporters; you’re a conspiracy nut.

To a large degree, I think the whole Illuminati thing is nonsense. Note I said “to a large degree” however. Just because the vast majority of the stuff on the topic out there is completely insane doesn’t mean it’s all false. Look at the Georgia Guidestones:

courtesy of Wikipedia. Link above.

Somebody spent a TON of money to erect a monument that spells out the New World Order philosophy in plain English, and permanently buy the land owner’s silence on who it was. There’s remarks from Kissinger, Soros, and several other politicians and super rich spouting similar ideas too.

Many of the same ideas show up in the extreme views on climate change and other social issues as well, including a need to drastically reduce the Earth’s population (AKA Genocide).

So yes, there’s a LITTLE truth there. I don’t believe they’re this all power shadow syndicate running the world, but they wish they could be. The best way to hide what they’re doing is to bury it under a pile of seemingly related crap so deep that no sane person would give it any credit either.

What the Elites Fear…

I’m going to put a more positive spin on the Tuesday social commentary stuff this time.

On the heels of my “Be the Change” post, I want to talk about what the mega-rich, power elite political and business leaders (and their media puppets) are utterly terrified of… YOU! Not just you actually, but Us… seeing through how we’re being set against each other to the point of needless, senseless violence so that we don’t see how they’re robbing us, keeping us down and and outright working against us.

I’m going to use a couple of short clips from Rise of Skywalker to make the point, since something like this IS their worst nightmare:

Perhaps it’s more appropriate to say it’s HOPE that they’re afraid of. Because when hope rises at a dark moment like today, THIS is what happens:

Note the shock and contempt in the officer’s voice also when he says “It’s not a fleet sir, it’s just… people.”

For the record, I’m NOT talking about violence either. I’m talking about all of us standing up and saying “NO MORE” in one loud, unified voice.

No more corrupt government that thinks we exist to serve it instead of it serving us.

No more divide and conquer, spreading hate.

No more false solutions that only make matters worse.

No more politicians becoming filthy rich at taxpayer expense.

NO MORE putting giant financial institutions and mega-corporations ahead of people, the environment and smaller businesses.

No more pretending too big to fail doesn’t actually mean they MUST be dismantled.

The day we FINALLY stand united and say “ENOUGH!” is when the world changes.

Right now, it feels about like 25 seconds into that clip, where even Poe has given up hope. As that fleet’s arrival shows though, everything can change in an instant. We just have to want it bad enough.

The Elites Think You’re Idiots

Yes they do, because they’re NOW expecting you to believe that it’s RUSSIA behind all the protests and riots!

Susan Rice suggests Russians behind violent George Floyd demonstrations

That’s Obama administration Susan Rice too. Remember her boss told Mitt Romney that the 80s had called and wanted their foreign policy (ie Russia as a threat) back?

It’s NOT just Democrats though. Take a look at an excerpt from this CNN article:

What we do and don’t know about the extremists taking part in riots across the US

Rubio, who was appointed acting Intelligence Committee chairman earlier this month, tweeted Saturday he was seeing “VERY heavy social media activity on #protests & counter reactions from social media accounts linked to at least 3 foreign adversaries.”

Rubio may have been basing some of his information on analysis from Graphika, a company that helped the committee with its report on Russia’s social media influence during the 2016 elections. Graphika CEO John Kelly sent information to Senate Intelligence Committee leadership on Saturday, which was obtained by CNN.

“Yes, we are seeing very active engagement with the issue from clusters of social accounts in the social media influence networks of Russia, Iran, and China,” Kelly said. “Our team is actively monitoring the situation now, including growing activity around the ‘Boogaloo’ movement, which is pushing for a ‘Second American Civil War.'”

CNN has reached out to Graphika for comment about what is behind their analysis.

Everything is Russia nowadays, from both sides. No doubt Russia, China and Iran are trying to have SOME influence also.

Isn’t it about damned time the government was held accountable and cleaned up it’s act instead of continuing to turn the public against each other? What the hell ever happened to “The buck stops here?” and any form of accountability?

Actually the answer there is simple. The public cares more about holding onto it’s petty fears and hates based on lies and manipulation. American Idol and Survivor became more important than the power brokers ruining society.

COPS Started the Riots in Minneapolis??

There’s an UGLY story going around the internet that it was one or more members of the Minneapolis Police Department that started the riots there. One officer in particular has been singled out as a likely agent provocateur. Jacob Pederson has been accused by several people, including his ex-wife, of being the “umbrella man” responsible for torching an Autozone store in Minneapolis.

Here’s the or A tweet that shows the officer in question and the “umbrella man”

AND a link to the full video via Twitter

Here’s the texts from his ex-wife:

OK, so let’s be clear here… This is NOT absolute evidence. The “umbrella man” was wearing a mask. The cliche about we all have a double (or near double) is true also. It’s easy to fake something like texts also, and “I’m shaking” sounds fake. Exes NEVER have axes to grind either, LOL

Here’s what I notice between the video and the pictures though:

What’s visible of his face does look the same, including a more pronounced eye ridge on his left side.

The perp walks and carries himself like a cop. Watch his posture, and even how he swings the hammer to break the windows is how first responders are trained to break windows.

If whoever this was, wasn’t an agent provocateur, why didn’t he hang around, and why did he react so strongly to be being accused of being a cop?

My opinion:

break down, shake down… YOU’RE BUSTED

Some things make a little more sense also, like the CNN reporter being arrested. The cover up is THAT big.

While I’ve said repeatedly that I’m generally very pro-police and want to believe that most cops are good people, everything about this stinks.

This kind of thing happens more often than we’d like to admit also, such as this one case of police in Canada trying to incite a riot:

I’m leaving it to readers to form their own opinion here.

All of you should be asking why the media is NOT reporting on this. Why they’re actively trying to start a race war by blaming white supremacists (and white people in general) instead of investigating who the instigators actually are. This looting and burning and vandalism also fits the M.O. of Antifa.

Operation Mockingbird is looking very real and still very active at this point. Best wake up folks.

Another Coronavirus Scientist Killed

Over the weekend, Bing Lui, a Chinese born professor and a researcher at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, was found dead Saturday inside a home in Ross Township, north of Pittsburgh, the Allegheny County medical examiner said.

NBC Story Link

Quite frankly, parts of the official story already stink also. Bing Lui was killed by another Chinese scientist who then killed himself. Early reports say it was over a romantic rivalry of some sort. Why doesn’t that gel with me? It doesn’t fit the pattern.

People that kill over romantic rivalries USUALLY either believe that eliminating the rival will enable them to be with the object of their affection, OR everybody involved has to die to end the shooter’s suffering. Granted the key word there is USUALLY, but that is the general method to the madness. Something smells here.

I hope I’m also not the only one paying attention to how many of these researchers, scientists and whistleblowers are ending up dead or missing. I posted a few links in the recent Trouble with Government post. I’ll re-post them here:

Li Wenliang: Coronavirus kills Chinese whistleblower doctor – BBC

Li Wenliang was NOT the only whistleblower or top researcher to die of the virus either. Many of the links I was reading just a week or so ago have already disappeared. Either vanished completely or buried behind a sea of Trump bashing stories.

Censorship is a whole other issue, and worthy of a separate blog post. Suffice it to say for the moment that I’m completely disgusted with a Western society (ie the entire West) that would go blindly along with censoring anything that disagrees with China / WHO propaganda. Dissent is SUPPOSED to be the ultimate hallmark of a healthy democracy.

Even the video SHOWING the WHO official kissing China’s ass that I had linked is now gone.

I’ve tried to keep a logical middle ground here. I **WANT** to trust my government, and the lying media too.

There’s just too much going on for me NOT to notice though. Lies, half truths, censorship, surveillance and imprisonment. All while the economy is being destroyed, farmers are killing livestock in obscene numbers because they can’t get them to store, and the government prints money like mad, destroying the value of our currency, and thus our future.

What aren’t we being told? Why are so many of these people dying and disappearing, and not just in China? What the hell is going on? Are the NWO / Illuminatti conspiracy nuts actually right?