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Bill Cosby’s Conviction Overturned!

Yes, that’s right, about 2 hours ago (as of the time I post this), the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court overturned Bill Cosby’s sexual assault conviction:

Bill Cosby’s sex assault conviction overturned by court (msn.com)

(AP Photo/Matt Slocum, File)

The short version here is that the court ruled that the prosecutor was legally bound by the agreement the former prosecutor had made not to prosecute Cosby. Per the MSN story:

The court said that overturning the conviction, and barring any further prosecution, “is the only remedy that comports with society’s reasonable expectations of its elected prosecutors and our criminal justice system.”

The court was apparently also bothered by the nature of the testimony by other victims:

The trial judge allowed five other accusers to testify at the trial about their experiences with Cosby in the 1980s to establish what prosecutors said was a pattern of behavior on his part.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court justices voiced concern not just about sex assault cases, but what they saw as the judiciary’s increasing tendency to allow testimony that crosses the line into character attacks. The law allows the testimony only in limited cases, including to show a crime pattern so specific it serves to identify the perpetrator.

MY View / Commentary:

Fair warning: I’m going to largely be playing devil’s advocate here. I don’t believe in Cosby anymore (he admitted he did it, plain and simple), BUT I also still see the problems with the way he was convicted, and the implications for the justice system as a whole.

When the accusations surrounding Cosby first surfaced, I admit that I didn’t believe them. I grew up with Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids on Saturday morning cartoons, and the morals that the show always taught, then “The Cosby Show” later. Cosby was “America’s Dad”, and presented an image of a wholesome ‘Middle America’ Black family and father on the show.

Long story short, doubt grew as time went on, and when he admitted during his trial that he did it all, but didn’t see it as rape, that was the final nail in the coffin for me. To top that, when offered parole, he refused it because a rehab program for sex offenders was a condition of that parole. So there’s no denying he’s not only guilty as hell, but unrepentant as well.

The court decision today raises alot of questions again that have been brought up by Black Lives Matters and other criminal justice reform movements though.

If a prosecutor makes an agreement, and the other party lives up to it, shouldn’t the prosecutor be obliged to also? Let’s take another, easier example here; somebody turns state’s evidence on their criminal organization, gives the District Attorney everything they need to get several convictions and shut the group down, but then turns around and says “Yes, we made an agreement and you lived up to your end, but your involvement was just too serious, I’m prosecuting anyway”.

The question of the other victims’ testimony is something that has to be considered here also. There was, to the best of my knowledge, no evidence or collaborating witnesses to support their accounts. Did their testimony serve to show a pattern so specific it served to identify Cosby? A little debatable as what he did was a sadly all too common date rape tactic. I’d have to say Yes in this specific case however. My concern here however, as it was with the court, is the potential and real abuse of this sort of testimony to gain convictions, particularly where evidence is otherwise flimsy.

Finally, for me, there’s the issue of Cosby’s trial being driven by media and social media outcry. The prosecutor that did finally charge Cosby wasn’t going to do so at first, citing the difficulty of getting a conviction due to lack of physical evidence, etc… as well as Cosby’s age (which should NOT be a mitigating factor in any prosecution). The social justice outcry forced the trial though.

BUT… He was guilty, so it was the right thing to do!!!

That’s pretty much saying the ends justify the means, and rationalizing witch hunts by saying if they’re accused, they’re guilty. The criminal justice system is supposed to operate on the exact opposite premise; innocent until PROVEN guilty. I can recall more than one famous media lynch mob in my time also. The McMartin Preschool pedophilia accusations, and the Richard Jewel Olympic Park Bombing (prevention) during the 1994 Atlanta Olympic Games for starters.

Both of those cases very clearly illustrate the need to avoid rushes to judgment and allow the system to do it’s job free of undue pressure or influence.

We could also get into the issue of prosecutors inflating charges and then pushing for plea bargains so they can pad their conviction record, or using a case to advance a political career, but that’s another story, even if somewhat related.

Is There A Real Answer Here?

Aside from the media (and by extension now, social media) learning self control, I don’t know if there is an easy answer.

Cosby is, by his own admission, guilty as hell, and unrepentant as hell also. He deserves punishment. In this specific case, the question is, “Is nearly three years of an 83 year old man’s life, the complete destruction of his reputation and career enough?”. Given the lives he damaged, I’d say no.

Perhaps without a rush to get a conviction at any cost, there could have been a later conviction of Cosby that actually stuck. How do we punish him and others though when the legal system is frequently guided by public opinion and political grandstanding vs facts, the law and what’s morally right?

I Got Stabbed on St Patrick’s Day!

with a vaccination needle. Nothing like a dramatic headline to get attention though. 😀 It works for the media. 😛

Being married to a diabetic with a heart murmur pushes both of us a little further up the priority list for getting the vaccine, it seems. We were told a few weeks ago that our group was now open for getting the vaccine, and we managed to snag an opening yesterday.

For the record, I’m still a bit wary about the vaccine and if it may have some long term side effects, etc… Given the high risk in the household though, I figure it’s best to play it safe and hope for the best as opposed to waiting and watching a while longer.

Thus far I have not spouted goblin ears, nor started ranting that Biden is too conservative, so it SEEMS some of the fears regarding it are unfounded, LOL

In fact, the only issues from the vaccine thus far were a bit of soreness at the injection site, and some fatigue. I’m not even sure how much of the fatigue was from the vaccine either given that I only got about 5 hours sleep the night before. I used to thrive on that level, now I’m old and get cranky without 7 or 8. 😀

We got the version from my least favorite scumbag megacorporation also:

That means, among other things, we’ll have to go back for a second shot. April 7th is the soonest we can do so, and that will probably require another appointment. I suppose the bright side is that we’re not getting as heavy a dose as the single dose versions, which theoretically means less chances of some of the body aches and other symptoms after getting the shot.

Interesting note also… We got vaccine cards showing we were vaccinated along with the vaccine manufacturer and lot number, AND expiration date. MUCH was made of how short a shelf life this vaccine has, and how the previous administration bungled so much around it (which is partially true). The lot we were given though doesn’t expire for over 3 months:

If you listened to the news, you’d easily get the impression this stuff has a shelf life of days, if not hours. There you see it though; Expires June 30, 2021.

Need I even get back on my “media bias and hysteria for ratings” soapbox? Didn’t think so. 🙂

ANYWAY… The whole vaccine site was weird. They needed an area that could serve as a LONG LONG drive through basically. They chose a hiking trail park in the hills at the edge of town:

There yah go; rednecks don’t take COVID serious. Just ask the news.

The whole park was a long narrow hairpin going back miles in one direction and then swinging back around and heading right back to the entrance. We drove so far down the road I was starting to joke they wanted a spot to hide the bodies more easily.

About 1/3 of the way back, we hit the big drive through tent and got our shots. The 20 minutes we were supposed to wait afterwards was taken up just getting to the last checkpoint before the exit. We had a 1pm appointment and got out of the park at 2:40pm.

Oh and did I mention the off and on monsoon level rain all day?

We’re going on 14 hours now and so far no real symptoms or side effects at all beyond mild annoyance at the thought of enduring that line again. So much for the doomsayers. Of course, if I start to turn into a chicken or a goat, I’ll be sure to let folks know. 😛

As you saw, the line to get a shot was crazy long also, and apparently stays that way. I see more folks than I’d like without masks, BUT people are taking it seriously. Even the “poor dumb people” down in the South.

Moving Update and Other Stuff

Today was actually a reasonably productive day. Also why I’ve been slow to get back to WP despite a fair number of comments on yesterday’s post. More there in a bit.

Today largely consisted of getting the F-150 emissions (smog) tested, and registered, and then a trip to Nashville to go to the bank and get funds for the deposits, etc… for the new rental we will be moving into SOON.

In a bit of irony, the first place we tried to rent FINALLY got back to us 4 or 5 days late and said we were approved to rent it also. Almost a shame since that place has alot of charm, but it’s smaller, fairly poorly laid out (the door to the back porch is in the second bedroom?!?), and the property management company just plain made a bad impression on us by taking 5 times longer than promised and not even contacting us; just emailing the lease to sign digitally.

Sorry Charlie.

The Truck:

The truck passed it’s smog test fine. Not surprising since we went over everything thoroughly and repaired a few things that we found. I’d go into details, but I’d lose most of you, or bore you with detailed descriptions of the systems.

Net result though; 4 parts per million of Hydrocarbons, and ZERO Carbon Monoxide… in a 26 year old truck.

Tell me again how gasoline engines are dirty…

For those who get lost on the parts per million thing… that’s 4 particles of hydrocarbons for every million particles of air coming out the tailpipe. In people terms… New York City has 8.33 million people. The HC coming out of the tailpipe would amount to 33 people in that population of 8.3 million.

And since Tennessee has a good 100 different license plate designs to chose from, I picked the Gadsden Flag one as my own little protest to what’s going on in the country:

Funny (sad)… I considered putting that same plate on Ginger (the ’67 Mustang), but I decided it felt a little confrontational at the time, and opted for the Bald Eagle conservation plate. NOW, I see it as my way of saying I’ve had enough without going out and picking a fight. Which brings up to a brief comment on yesterday’s post

Yesterday’s Post:

That post was the culmination of over a decade of frustration over being called every name under the sun by the far left; racist, sexist, homophobic, yadda yadda… all because while I essentially supported many of their social ideas, BUT I didn’t take it as far as they wanted, and I didn’t want them taking what little I had that I’d worked my rear off for, so they could give it to somebody else.

The voting irregularities scare me also, because it means we’re heading towards being Russia, where choice is a complete illusion.

Trump himself… I know I sounded like I was defending him, BUT I can’t stand the guy on a personal level. Even when I’ve agreed with his idea in principle, his obnoxious way of handling issues played right into his opponents hands and alienated allies.

Take the “NATO members need to start paying their fair and agreed upon share of NATO’s operating cost” as an example. It’s only 2% of their GDP after all, and on the surface that sounds reasonable.

A) I don’t recall hearing him acknowledge that some other NATO countries DO pay their share, and more. The UK and Germany in particular IIRC, and

B) There are a million more statesman-like ways to ASK the other members to sit down and work out something instead of going into the situation throwing a fit and threatening to take our toys and go home.

Playing the heavy may work when you’re kicking old ladies out of their homes to build a golf course (something Trump literally has done in the past), but is not how you handle relationships with long term allies.

So, while I think Trump was better than Biden, and I do NOT like the funny business in the election… Personally, I was pulling for Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio in the 2016 primaries. I’d have been happy to see Trump drop out and let Pence run this time also.

NOW… I just have to sit back and wait to see if my fears are justified regarding the Far Left doubly down on their hate speech and persecution. I’d be VERY happy to be proven wrong here. Long winded explanation, I know, BUT I do NOT want people thinking I’m a mindless Trump-bot. I’m just tired of being blamed for all the world’s woes.

Another Conspiracy Theory:

It was tossed around by people more readily accepting of conspiracy theories than I am, that the COVID-19 epidemic would magically go away as soon as Biden won the election. Tin-Foil hat stuff, right? *I* said that was taking things too far.

BUT… Here’s Andrew Cuomo all but saying the Coronavirus will end in two months when Biden takes office:


That’s a top Democrat on a liberal site saying that, not some Fox talking head misquoting somebody.

And with THAT, I truly am done with politics here. It’s just getting too Alice in Wonderland and as predicted, I lost multiple followers yesterday.

W.H.O. Now Says Asymptomatic Transmission is “Very Rare”

Gee, tell me something I didn’t already know, LOL. Yep, since I’m test driving doing social issues again, I’m doing another “Tuesday Trash”, but trying to keep the tone calmer than a few previous posts.

SO here’s the story:

I really want to be ultra-nice here, but at the same time, I was so completely and utterly disgusted by some bloggers who cursed out anyone outdoors, accused them of attempted murder, etc… Shame on those folks, though I doubt they’ll ever admit they were acting like hysterical school girls.

As I said a hundred times, take the disease seriously but do NOT sink to blind panic and hysteria.

As Laura V pointed out, the timing of the release is pretty convenient too. Cover for the protest crowds and it supports contact tracing as well.

Keep calm, practice your social distancing, and especially if you’re going out to protest, wear a mask. Social distancing goes out the window in those large gatherings.

BitChute; An Alternative to YouTube

This one will be a quickie. As anyone who’s paying attention knows, censorship has gone off the deep end lately. The government and big tech are vanishing anything that disagrees with their official narrative. YouTube and it’s Google masters are leading the way there, even more so than social media.


BitChute is fast becoming the popular alternative to YouTube. The mainstream media hates it of course:

BitChute is a video hosting service founded in 2017. It was created to allow video uploaders to avoid content rules enforced on other platforms, such as YouTube. The platform accommodates far-right individuals and conspiracy theorists; with the Southern Poverty Law Center saying the site hosts “hate-fueled material”. Wikipedia

To be fair, I did see conspiracy theory videos there. Nothing from nazis and similar types during my brief visit though. What I also saw were former YouTubers who were screwed out of payments during the policy change a year or two back, and more moderate videos questioning things like why even talking about food shortages and the mass killing of livestock that can’t make it to market is now being banned.

BitChute Food Shortage Rant Video

As with ANY information source, go in with a skeptical, discerning mind. They’re worth a look though.

Analyzing A News Story for Bias:

Time for another Solutions Saturday. If we’re ever going to get to a point where we act like a civilized society again, we HAVE to start approaching the media (and public officials) with a discerning eye. With that in mind, I want to dissect a recent NBC Article about conspiracy theorists and the coronavirus.

First, I’d like to take a moment to quickly clarify a couple of my last posts. I am NOT among those who believe that the coronavirus is fake. I’ve said all along I believe it’s real. I do have SOME question as to how dangerous it truly is. At this point I also strongly disagree with some of the draconian, fascist measures being taken by SOME government officials in the name of protecting people. I think at this point we CAN begin to carefully open things back up in responsible ways. I also disdain the censorship and ridicule being spread by the media and government.

With that said, let’s get to the article from NBC. First, a link to the story.

‘What are we doing this for?’: Doctors are fed up with conspiracies ravaging ERs – NBC May 6th, 2020

The Headline:

We’re led into the story with a sensationalist, yellow journalism style headline. We’re led to believe that conspiracy theorists are somehow disrupting or clogging Emergency Rooms at hospitals. The trouble is, if you read the story, there’s absolutely NOTHING about that happening. The headline is a complete LIE.

If you read the story carefully, what you’ll find is that the first portion of it actually details the stories of a couple of doctors trying to reason with conspiracy theorists on social media, presumably on their off time. If they’re social network debating at work, as paragraph four suggests, you have wonder why they are doing so instead of helping patients.

The Lead In Picture:

Here’s another game of deception. If you don’t look closely at the small print description beneath the photo (in the story), you would assume that the protest being pictured is in front of a HOSPITAL. That’s what the headline said, right? Well, the picture is actually taken in front of the Connecticut governor’s house.

The paragraphs that follow are designed to subtly give the reader the impression that it IS in front of a hopsital though. Not only that, but the sign in the picture saying “Fake Crisis” is also used by the story to tie anyone disagreeing with lockdowns to conspiracy theories.

How do I reach that conclusion? First hand experience with the media during the Atlanta Olympic Games. Note the sign says. “Fake CRISIS”, NOT fake disease. That person may very well feel that the disease is real, but not quite as dangerous as it’s made out to be. I can certainly argue that point statistically myself. They likely also simply want to return to work. At NO point does the story interview this person to find out what they believe or want. We’re simply left with the implied assertion that they’re a rabid conspiracy nut.

Note the flag on the car participating in the drive-by portion of the protest too. This was included in the shot to connect patriotism to deranged thinking also.


We read how painful this social media interaction is for these doctors. At NO point does anybody bring up the the nearly thirty year old maxim for avoiding this kind of crap. “DON’T FEED THE TROLLS”! If you don’t want the drama, walk away! Nobody is forcing these poor abused doctors to get into pissing contests with these trolls.

THEN we suddenly make the leap to other doctors sharing “similar” experiences of treating patients with COVID-19. The story cites ONE specific case of an idiot ending up in the ER after drinking bleach. The article doesn’t even specifically say it was in an effort to prevent or treat COVID-19, nor does it quote the patient as saying that was the reason, just that he did it.

The story THEN points out that this happened just DAYS after President Trump suggested injecting disinfectants to kill the disease. The story completely fails to mention that Trump was being sarcastic and trolling the media.

THAT said, I will admit that was another classic Trump foot in mouth moment. He should have realized that:

1) the media would run with it regardless.

2) There’s always some idiot that will do any stupid thing a politician suggests. Remember the guy who was arrested for shooting a shotgun into the air after Vice President Biden suggested that was all that was needed to chase off burglars?

We have to get our Trump bashing in the story somehow though, right? Speaking of which, the second picture is a perfect example of stereotyping Trump and anyone who supports him. As with the first picture, there was no attempt at objective journalism and asking the man pictured what his exact beliefs were, nor did they really show anyone else at the Reopen Oregon Rally.

The picture was about taking Trump supporters and people who want to return to work,and connecting them to conspiracy theories and deranged thinking. The media used to do the same thing with the TEA party also. Taxed Enough Already is what it stood for. All most members wanted was better accounting of government spending and reduction of waste.

Getting back to the story, the next paragraph goes:

“Folks delaying seeking care or, taking the most extreme case, somebody drinking bleach as a result of structural factors just underlines the fact that we have not protected the public from disinformation,” Maru said.

Yet there’s no specific cases mentioned, even in the case of the bleach drinker, where this DID happen. At best, it’s elementary school level sloppy writing. At worst, it’s complete BS. No doubt there are cases where this has happened, but the story doesn’t even come close to providing proof that it’s serious to the point of breaking ERs.

They don’t even let the doctor define “structural factors”. Note any time you see vague euphemisms like this, it’s because the speaker or author is trying to dance around exact wording to make a case that couldn’t otherwise be made. The NBC reporter DOES go on to define “structural factors” on their own as Social Media and YouTube.

The Remainder of the Story:

What follows is several more paragraphs highlighting some of the most outrageous conspiracy theories out there, rationalizing why people need to censored for the public good. We get precious little facts, just innuendo that anything disagreeing with the official line is bad. That includes emotional manipulation like this:

“It scares me more than anything that there are people who are basically controlled — and in the same way they feel they’re fighting against that control,” he said. “They go to YouTube, where they’re really being controlled, and they don’t realize it. That’s what’s scary.”

What you get from the remainder is a ton of rationalization for MORE censorship when social media and YouTube are already banning anything that even remotely disagrees with the WHO and it’s Chinese masters. The twitter video I had posted in a previous post that showed the WHO official hanging up on a reporter after being told that Taiwan was not China being a perfect example. It’s GONE now.

How was THAT any threat to anyone’s health at all? All it did was call attention to a corrupt bureaucrat whose loyalty laid more with China than his agency’s stated goals.

The Bill Gates conspiracy theory never explains why Gates & friends would patent an earlier version of the Coronavirus either. No, I don’t believe it was to make COVID-19. However, patenting a disease is sick first of all. Secondly, it blocks anybody else from researching it or engineering a cure or vaccine based on the disease’s genetic structure.

That’s a far cry from trying to kill off people with a new virus, but it is filthy greed and capitalism at it’s absolute worst.

Likewise, the Wuhan lab thing is quickly discounted as a wild hoax. Understandable right? China hasn’t lied to us about anything COVID-19, such as it not being able to affect anyone under 20, right? The lab may not be a weapons lab, but it’s a lab. If it doesn’t exist, as NBC claims, how do we explain these stories:




Those from The Washington Post, CNN and the Daily Beast. None of whom are friendly to Trump. The lab story is all a hoax though.

Ironically, the story ends with one of the doctors swearing off social media, after two separate yet completely unsubstantiated claims of organized harassment of doctors. What it does mention is that the doctor was greeted by New York City’s nightly banging of pots and pans and other noise making as a salute to health care workers as the interview was wrapping up. Some attack on doctors, huh?

What’s Missing:

What wasn’t said in the story? Aside from any real evidence for the claim in the headline…

  1. That we have civil liberties in this country that are supposed to protect freedom of speech
  2. That there are already multiple variations on fraud laws for people touting fake cures for anything.
  3. That there’s any difference between people wanting to return to work and conspiracy theorists.
  4. That just because the WHO and China calls something a lie does NOT mean it’s so.
  5. That dissent and peaceful disagreement are SUPPOSED to be the hallmarks of a free society and healthy democracy
  6. That conspiracy theories arise because people instinctively know when they’re being bullshitted by their so-called leaders.
  7. Any sort of objective look at such a dissenting opinion.
  8. Some small percentage of idiots will believe anything no matter how much you try to convince them otherwise or limit their access to information. Limiting that access only proves them right in their minds.

In short, it’s largely just an effort to discredit the alternative media, and tie conservatives to whackadoo ideas. Journalism is supposed to be reporting facts documented with supporting evidence, NOT emotion based manipulation.


So there you have it. Some of the manipulation is pretty subtle, like the messages NBC was trying to send with the two pictures included in the story. Some of it was as subtle as a freight train, like the story’s efforts to tie Trump to the conspiracy theorists.

Regardless there was nothing truly supporting the claim made in the headline. Just enough implied superficial connections to get somebody skimming the article to go blindly along with it.

If you really want to break free, you have to read in depth and analyze what’s both implied and outright said. Skimming is shutting down your brain and letting somebody else do the thinking for you. You’ll always be led around by the nose that way.

And Now Some Good News!

The last couple of posts have been me venting. I think it’s time to get back to posting some good news. Here are links to stories if you need something uplifting to read:


The company also said it will execute a so-called ‘Stop-Sale’ order on all N-95 face masks, and will redirect shipments to be donated to hospitals, healthcare providers and first responders around the country.


General Motors is working with the UAW to call in at least two dozen paid volunteers from its hourly workforce to make millions of face masks at its once-shuttered Warren Transmission plant.


Coach Keanon Lowe is set to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor nearly a year after his heroic efforts to stop a distraught student from using a shotgun at an Oregon high school, announced the group that grants the award.


Minnesota pillow manufacturer MyPillow announced Tuesday it would make face masks to help hospitals combat the growing coronavirus pandemic.


The number of new coronavirus deaths in Italy dropped for the second straight day after a record high on Friday. Current Italy Stats Here.


This story focuses on San Diego (one of the most expensive gas markets in the US), but the same is true almost everywhere. Contrary to some reports, this is NOT Coronavirus hysteria either. It’s a price war between Russia and the Saudis flooding the market with cheap oil.


They’re not the only company either if you do a little searching online


The coronavirus pandemic is uniting people in ways that one New York first-responder told Fox he hasn’t seen since the September 11 attacks.


In a show of support for emergency responders, people in cities across the country are stepping outside to join in applause, or even howl together. The noise-making follows similar community action abroad. 

People and Businesses are rising up all over to meet this virus head on. We will beat this. We will take some lumps along the way, but we WILL come out OK.

Remember that stress and a positive attitude both have a real physical effect on your body and immune system. Keeping positive helps keep you healthy.

Supergirl Skirtless

Rebloging this after reading a similar post about feminism in general on Lady of Reason’s site. It got me thinking and I looked this one back up from when I originally posted it.

Silk Chatters

Never let it be said I can’t write a headline that gets attention, LOL.

This one isn’t another piece of erotica though, it’s brief commentary on the CW Network show and Neofeminism.  For those who haven’t heard, the CW, at the urging of the show’s producer (Sarah Schechter) and star (Melissa Benoist), are eliminating the skirt from Supergirl’s outfit and switching her to pants.


I have to admit, looking at it just on it’s face, it’s not a bad costume. For me, it’s the “why” that is disturbing…

In an interview I read online, they both see this as such a bold and empowering move and are very proud of doing it. This kind of situation is where I get in trouble with the extreme end of the “feminist” movement. I see the story, and all I can think is “How did we get to a point in feminism…

View original post 245 more words

The Apparent Pending Death of an Electronics Legend

The name Fry’s Electronics may not mean much to most readers. To I.T. professionals and dedicated amateurs, particularly in and around Silicon Valley, Fry’s is… or was an absolute legend.

I first discovered Fry’s back in the late 1980s. Did I mention I’ve played with computers since the PC-AT days? LOL They carried EVERYTHING computer and electronics related. Picture a Radio Shack the size of a Costco that carried every possible computer part and software you could think of. They had diodes and capacitors, even blank copper sheets and the chemicals to make your own circuit boards from scratch.

That was the old days before everything was mass produced in China and disposable. Back then, they had all the parts for PCs also; monitors, cases, power supplies, floppy drives, etc… Apple was only two isles also.

Well, one thing never changed, LOL. As things became more disposable, the store evolved to carry TVs, radios, DVD players, console video game systems, CDs & DVDs, car audio, major and small appliances, home security systems, etc…

For almost a year now, the stores have been shrinking inventory

The stores have been a ghost town. Almost no shoppers or employees.

Fry’s swears they’re not closing, except for their Palo Alto store. They say it lost it’s lease. The last cover story I heard is that they’re in the process of changing out inventory & suppliers. While I have seen a few new things trickle in, really cheap no-name brands also, the overall inventory continues to shrink.

Logically, it seems like if they were just changing suppliers, it’d be easy enough to use a liquidator to deal with any existing inventory that couldn’t be returned to the original manufacturer.

What really IS going on?? I have NO idea. It has to be costing a fortune to keep these warehouse sized stores open and have them bring in no money. The Fry family that owns the chain is very private and won’t say what’s going on.

If I were to speculate, I’d say there’s some sort of family drama going on here, and they’re taking the entire chain down with their feud.

It’s a bummer for those of us who like to be hands-on shoppers, AND don’t want UPS or FedEx recreating the opening scene of Ace Ventura with our packages from New Egg or Amazon (as they frequently do).

Here We Go Again…

Remember how I said in my Days Like This blog post that police response was a joke in my city?  Damned if they aren’t trying to prove me right this evening.

Sometime a little before 3am, we had a van load of cheese whiz sucking Arkansas trailer trash (I saw the license plate on the Chrysler) park across the street and start to set up their own little homeless camp.  I noticed them when I peek out the window and see a big guy in a white hoodie finish looking in my neighbor’s car on the street and then head back to the van.  Apparently this goon would have happily broke into any of the cars on the street given the chance.

I go outside, saying behind the gate and yell that I’ve called the police (always my first step so I can try to get people to leave without pulling a unit away from other calls).  They just hole up in their van and go to sleep like they’re untouchable.

The police actually were called AN HOUR AND A HALF AGO and still no response at all.  Per city code, the parks close at sundown.  So does that opposite side of the street for parking.  There’s signs posted.  They’re camping on the street, also illegal.

All piddly stuff if you’re a bleeding heart, I get that.  I caught this guy trying (half heartedly) to break into cars though, and over two hours later, the perp is STILL AT THE SCENE OF THE CRIME WITH NO POLICE RESPONSE IN SIGHT.

007 - Copy

So, just how is a average law abiding citizen supposed to feel safe with police response times and attitudes like this?