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Destructive Little Peckerhead

A play on words as well as a legitimate statement of annoyance. The target of my wrath?

A woodpecker (maybe more than one). Not just ANY woodpecker though. On NO, we had to attract something special:

A Yellow Bellied Sapsucker. They apparently hang out in this neck of the woods during the winter.

Late yesterday morning, I take a peek out the front door and I see THIS:

For half a second, I thought the tree had been hit by lightning during the storm the night before (although there was no thunder or lightning). Closer inspection turned up these:

A little research ruled out termites and led me to our culprit above. These filthy little beasts drill holes in trees to drink their sap. And this poor tree was just covered with holes! All that black gunk in the picture above was tree sap, running five feet down the trunk.

We were on the way out the door to go to Home Depot and get some pruning sealant spray when it came back too. At that point, I introduced it to Red Ryder.

Red Ryder is my preferred discipline tool for these situations. It stings, but doesn’t have enough power to hurt even a bird that size unless you shot it point blank.

A pop in the arse sent our destructive woodpecker friend on her way. Afterwards, we got a can of Spectracide pruning seal. It took nearly the entire can to seal all the holes too. Given that the seal smells like and has the consistency of road tar, I doubt the bird will be attacking those areas again. 😝

*sigh* I like nature. I’ve been told I have some fae blood in me (hasn’t everyone who is Scottish or Irish? LOL), so it comes natural… pun intended. That’s a nearly 100 year old tree that stupid bird was destroying though. One that also sits far too close to the house and our cars for my comfort.

Between that, squirrels tearing up our lawn and garden back in Sacramento and crows attacking our house and cars regularly…

well, let’s just say I’m liking nature a bit less nowadays. 😕

Hawaiian Critter of the Day #15

I found another one!

These cute little critters are zebra doves. Like other ‘Critters of the Day’, they’re not native to Hawaii. They were introduced from Asia around 1922.

Random side note: I’m beginning to understand Hawaii’s current borderline fanatic monitoring of imported animals. So many of the things I’ve taken pictures of have turned out to be invasive species that were brought by people who knew better than nature.

For those who have figured out that where these little guys are, yes, they love their goodies from people. Hawaii doesn’t have any seagulls, and I don’t recall seeing any pigeons either, so these guys have moved in and grab crumbs of food anywhere people drop them, lol

In this case, it was at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co at the Ala Muana Mall.

You haven’t lived till you’ve had Mahi Mahi in the Islands. It’s stale as hell by the time it reaches the mainland. That’s another story though.

The doves are underneath a high chair at the table next to the one we were seated at. Most of the dining area is outdoors, so they just wait till somebody drops something and in they swoop. They’ll fly away quick enough if you shoo at them. As it happened, the munchkin in the high chair was fascinated by the birdies at his feet, so he kept throwing french fries down. At the height of this, I counted 11 doves under and around the base of the chair, LOL

And this little gal (I’m presuming it’s female due to the more muted colors) is a spotted dove. They’re rarer, but still around. You can tell the difference because the body doesn’t have the alternating dark and light markings and the neck is white with black spots. 🙂

Oh and the female thing is just nature. Female birds tend to have more muted coloring to blend in better while male birds have brighter colors to stand out and attract mates.

Hawaiian Critter of the Day #13

Yes, lucky number 13… LOL. I thought about doing a few more pics from around the Sea Life park, but the things I saw there just infuriate me, and I don’t want to poison the theme here.

With that in mind, here’s a few more fish from the submarine trip:

Those are Sergeant Fish by the way. Named for their stripes. O_O

Hawaiian Critter of the Day #12

Yes, it’s time (finally) for another one. 😀

I’m running out of critters too, at least ID’ed ones. It’s a shame that a few critters I saw, I wasn’t able to grab pictures of. Right in downtown Hilo for example, we saw a wild pig and a mongoose.

Anyhoo, for today, I have a BIG Hawaiian reef fish:

OK, slight fake out there. THAT is the submarine that we went on to see the fish. 😀

The pics from inside the sub suffer from the lighting at 100 feet underwater. HOWEVER, that said, I was amazed at how much light did reach that deep in the waters off Hawaii.

This is one of the variety of Jackfish that live in the waters around Hawaii. I’m not sure of the specific breed. Again, lighting issues due to depth, so he’s not as clear as I’d like or he looked live. Silver coloring though and just under 2 feet long. That’s a bit under 6 tenths of a meter if your country hasn’t been to the Moon, LOL 😀

This guy I have yet to be able to ID via Google. I’ve seen a few similar fish but they have yellow bellies as well as fins. I’d guess he was about 9 inches long.

That’s all I’ve got today. I have to space out what critters I have left.

Hawaiian Critter of the Day 11

THIS… Is the wild gaseous macadamia mascot.  It’s only native to a small portion of the Big Island, near Hilo.


OK, I know.  Dirty trick and that’s cheating, hehehe.

How about a pic of this cute little guy also seen gallivanting about at the Mauna Loa farm and factory?


NO idea what species of bird it and it’s couple of friends were, but it’s a cutie. 🙂

Hawaiian Critter(s) of the Day 10

Time to get back to something cleaner and more wholesome in the blog posts.

Since we’re now into double digits in the posting chain, we have a two for one critter of the day. 😀   These macaws were both at the Waikiki Sheraton, just like the last post’s koi fish.  In fact they were in trees right o the edge of the koi pond.

The irony here is that macaws are not Hawaiian.  They’re actually native to the rain forests of South America.  I found out that a surprisingly large amount of flora and fauna in Hawaii have been brought in from elsewhere in the world though.



The red one is a scarlet macaw and the blue one is a hyacinth macaw.  I used to think that it would be neat to have one as a pet when I was younger.  You can hear them blocks away when they really screech though AND a macaw’s beak is strong enough to bite a wooden broom handle clean in half.  That lets them crack open food like brazil nuts.

A Little Reminder…

Yes, I could have finished the headline, but it sparks curiosity as it stands now. 🙂

We had a car issue earlier this evening and had to go get another battery, not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.  The reminder came when I went back outside a half hour later to get my phone from the car we drove to the store…  the one the city says is abandoned and they’re threatening to tow.  *headdesk*

This was just a few minutes ago, and it’s 73 degrees outside with just a hint of a cool breeze blowing at almost 10pm.   That’s 22.77 degrees Celsius for you folks outside the U.S. 😀

I walk out there and there’s a small group of people playing with light up gliders, tossing them into the air and letting them come back down.  Cool little toys if you’ve never seen them.  It hit me at that moment…  THAT is why we’ve been fighting this battle for 6+ years.  Even more so than being safe in our own home, it’s so kids can feel safe playing in the park an hour after sundown.  There aren’t too many parks left in the city where that is possible either.

Suddenly the price paid didn’t seem quite so bad after all…  🙂

Nothing like a little reminder from above about what you’re struggling for.


Beyond that… the last post’s comments section got a bit political.  I’m going to refrain from future political posts here and put the brakes on future political comments also.  This is supposed to be a writing blog, and I’d prefer everybody gets to know each other as people as opposed to real or imagined political affiliation.  Besides, I personally can get along with almost anybody so long as you’re polite.

Hawaiian Critter of the Day 8

Nope…  Still not running out of critters YET, lol.  Today I give you an whole herd of sea turtles, or Honu as they’re called in Hawaiian.  🙂


Sadly, this is also a good example of what I meant about Sea Life Park being a complete disaster.  The concrete pool is dirty, (that’s NOT sand on the bottom),  only a foot deep and WAY over-crowded.   They were also feeding the turtles iceberg lettuce.

This place really needs to be shut down.