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Yet Another Personal Update:

As recently promised, it’ll be relatively drama free however.

Mainly I just wanted to let folks know that we’re pushing HARD to be out of this apartment in the next week and be settled in our new place by Thanksgiving. Will we make it? Hard to say. Technically we have until the 6th of next month, but we want our peace, quiet and sanity back.

Bottom line though, I’m busy as heck, and I’m likely to stay that way for another week or two. I’m doing my best to at least keep up with my followed blogs, but even so, I’m 60 emails behind right now. I really am anxious to get the blogs fully rebooted again too.

Then there’s the new and semi-new followers also. I haven’t forgotten any of you, and you’re all appreciated. I intend to give your blogs closer looks as time allows.

We actually signed the lease on our new place on Wednesday, otherwise I’d have done a Veteran’s Day post or re-blogged my one from last year. The trip was quite an adventure in itself too.

We got caught in heavy rain, and the Subaru hydroplaned and then fishtailed, and I mean royally! We literally got half way to sideways 8 different times before I got it back under control. It swerved one way then the other and seemed to fight me every step of the attempted recovery. STILL, without the all wheel drive and traction control system, we probably would have rolled over. At least there would have been airbags also in that case. Not so much so with the F-150 (only front air bags) or the Mustang (nothing).

So yeah, we got a good scare, and happily there were no cars around us to put in danger, BUT it worked out fine.

Another thing that worked out fine:

Baby Yoda!

I canz has Baby Yoda Tervis Tumbler. 😀 *happy dance* I’m even vaguely less upset about the election now, LOL. As for the rest of you, never fear. Disney is hard at work motivating it’s exploited third world child labor force to make sure you can have goodies also:

Yeah, I know… killjoy, LOL. Not like I haven’t said the Mouse is Sith though.

Time for Some Changes

A mixed personal and blog update here.

Real Life:

has kept me fairly busy the last couple of weeks. We’ve got a new place in a different town lined up and NOW I have to contend with packing everything within a month to get us out of here. No problem. It only took us 15 months to pack for the move out here. *headdesk* So yeah, I’m expecting to not have much free time to blog as I’d like. I’m going to try my best though. I’m really fed up with drama messing with my work here.

The Blog:

I recently wrote about my frustrations in the NSFW Blog, as part of discussing my writers block. It’s similar to the grumbling I’ve done here in the past. After a week or so of pondering the big picture, I’ve decided I need to make some changes:

FIRST; I’m going to start a separate blog for political and social issues. I’m tired of readers dropping here over political stuff, and I want to be able to be a little more open with my feelings and opinions also.

Personally, I’d prefer to just stay in my own little corner of the world and ignore the rest of it, BUT this election has shown me that (Un)real life is just going to keep forcing it’s way in. I have NO illusions that I’m going to make a difference, BUT at least when this life is over I’ll be able to say I made the effort instead of deciding it was too awkward or inconvenient to stand up for what’s right.

Next; I’m going to start writing in my spiritual blog again also, in the hopes it will keep me grounded and remind me of lessons already learned. Being an Empath (or HSP if you’re a complete skeptic in anything beyond the material world) is a PITA when you forget said lessons.

Followers and Following: This has been my massive frustration lately. That’s because I’m putting HUGE amounts of time into networking with other bloggers and it’s NOT paying off the way it (theoretically) should. I’m literally spending a couple hours a day following blogs and responding to notification emails about others’ posts. Here’s just under a month’s email totals for me:

This was Oct 28th, and I’m already back up to over 2000 after the Deleted Items were cleared on the 29th.

That is with me being less active lately also. I had it go as high as over 7000 once or twice before. It would all be awesome if it was somewhat balanced, but 85% of it is notifications about others’ posts or a like to my reply. Another 10% is “hit and run” likes from people I know never read anything I wrote.

So, I’m going to be slowly and deliberately separating the wheat from the chaff; eliminating followed blogs that have never visited here after initial contact, don’t respond to my comments, never like or comment here, etc… The goal being to focus time on the people and blogs who ARE genuine. I want to spend more time commenting on their stuff and exchanging ideas. The heck with the users.

I’m also really hoping that trimming the fat will also fix the (lack of) notifications problem I have with a few followed accounts that I really like. We shall see.

Working towards a niche: This is one of those things I’ve had to be honest about being a shortcoming in my blogging. I’ve been all over the place with topics and information. Gaming, politics, cooking, etc… Cristian Mihai is right; people like consistency. They don’t want to go to a cooking blog and read about auto repair (to pull two examples out of the air).

To be real, I don’t know if I’ll ever fully get this down to a single specific topic. More likely it’ll end up a broad generalized topic that encompasses some of my more frequently blogged about topics, and lumped together under something like “Modern Living”.

I do know politics is gone. Social issues I may touch on lightly. I’m going to cut WAY back on personal posts also. There’s an adage that nobody wants to hear (or read) your drama day after day. I’ve seen a few people build quite a following that way however. Granted most of them were cute girls that complained about their sex life while flashing cleavage in pics… That’s another rant though.

The bottom line is we’ve all done it. It’s perfectly understandable in small doses also, but too many personal rants start to become psychic vampirism level pleas for attention. I don’t want to be *that* person. It’s also better to do something about problems than complain about them.

As a final note, I’m also going to do my best to work towards getting a daily topics schedule restored for the blog, so people know my food posts are on Monday (as an example from my former schedule).

Personal Update and Random Thoughts

Fair warning; post will be very train of thought & possibly quite random. 🙂

First, I know the few people who really read here have been wondering about the whole situation with the house sale and moving. Things were a bit up in the air, so I didn’t want to say anything the last few days.

The house got an offer and we are in escrow at this point. Not quite as much as we would have liked but the COVID virus is dragging house prices down already. Not just here, but in other areas that we’ve looked at.

COVID is the wildcard in all of this. There are addendas being attached to sales in several states that allow buyers to back out AND keep their deposit for anything COVID related. So, things could fall apart still.

Otherwise we have about 25 days left to finish getting packed and get ready to hit the road. Yeah, NO pressure there. It only took 10 months of fights to get us to this point. *headdesk*

Personally, I’m looking forward to getting the hell out of Calunicornia and it’s fairy tale utopian ideas. Calunicornia coined as a phrase by the morning radio guys here, LOL

By the way, Armstrong and Getty are about as unbiased as I’ve found in their reporting. Given our location, they end up calling BS on the far Left more than on the Right, but they don’t play favorites by any means.

So where was I? Oh yes, getting the hell out of Dodge. Me, I’ll be leaving peel out marks all the way to the state line, LOL. My new spouse will have some adjusting to do though. We both loved visiting the South a couple years back. A few things were a bit of culture shock for a certain someone though.

For example… British soccer fans have nothing on sports fans in the South. Nothing can prepare you for 100,000 fans at the stadium all singing “Rocky Top” at the top of their lungs. The closest you could probably get would be a Queen concert back in the day at Wembley.

They’re spelling out “Vols” in their formation BTW. Short for Volunteers.

Sports, especially (American) football is a religion in the South. I’m used to it, having lived there for 13 years. Even the team and band’s trip into the stadium is a spectacle

If y’all didn’t guess, orange and white are the school colors at the University of Tennessee, LOL. Ginger would fit in well there:

For those wondering about the choice of school colors there, Tennessee was first settled (Native Americans aside) by Scots & Irish immigrants after we were not welcome along the Eastern coast.

Aye, I’m part Irish also. 🙂

That help wanted sign about says it all. It also shows how far this country has come in terms of equality. Are we perfect? Nope. Got a ways to go there. We’re better than alot of places though.

So where exactly we’re going and all is still classified. Gotta protect my privacy, but it does look like we’re finally out of here. I will say it won’t be Knoxville though. Despite my amusement with the University of Tennessee and it’s fan base, Knoxville is only spot with truly bad roads in the Eastern 3/4 of Tennessee. At least that we found anyway.

What shall come is anybody’s guess. That computer program that faked Tarot card readings was no freaking joke when it said ages ago that this whole move thing was going to be a wild ride, ROFL.

Beyond that, there’s my growing (returning) frustration with the blog here. I put in a real effort to try to help my readers see a balanced middle view to things. This whole coronavirus thing seems to have helped highlight that people don’t care about middle ground or the truth though. They only want their drama and narrow opinions. It feels like everyone wants to either scream we’re all going to die OR jump on the conspiracy theory bandwagon. Sometimes both, depending upon the conspiracy theory.

Take Occam’s Razor to many of these theories though…

It would have been a better sign / meme if the idiot could spell Occam.

If the so called Illuminatti or global elites were so well organized that they could get numerous governments, including ones like China that are all but hostile to the West, AND thousands of rich business owners all in on a conspiracy to wipe out people with a bioweapon (COVID-19), and not ONE single person involved ratted it out, we’re ALL completely screwed and would likely already be exterminated. By far less subtle means at that.

Anyway, I’m really feeling like I’m spinning my wheels here. Few likes, and I *know* half of them are from people who never even read my posts. I’ve got some thinking to do. Particularly when the blog isn’t highlighting my attempts at being an author, it’s taking away from them.

Actually getting people to think rationally…. Well…

Except this virus shows that could apply to much of the world’s population anymore.

Just Floored…

Yes, another pun title. 😛

The garage was our next project around the house. Aside from needing straightening up, the house is 40 years old. That meant the sheet rock walls and the concrete garage floor were looking pretty grungy. Nothing a little paint, and a floor epoxy coating kit couldn’t cure.

Amazing what $200 at Home Depot will do for an old garage.