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Fake News?

I saw a picture 5 days ago online that was part of a story how the sexist Ukranian army was making female soldiers march in high heels. MUCH outcry over it also, with the world denouncing the barbaric practices.

This story came from the Washington Examiner and was (theoretically) vetted by MSN News before they also posted the story. The Examiner even claims that the photo in question was released by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

BUT, are we REALLY seeing what we are told we’re seeing? These are cadets practicing for a parade supposedly. HOWEVER… The picture immediately raised several questions for me.

First, why are they all wearing numbers like they’re entering a marathon? Hardly military.

There are also several other inconsistencies with their “uniforms”:

  1. Their stockings are all different. No Uniformity.
  2. Their T Shirts are different colors and worn differently also, with sleeves folded or rolled at the wearer’s whim.
  3. There’s no rank or any other military insignia anywhere on the uniforms
  4. Their pants are too tight, with many of the girls looking like they’re wearing stretch pants almost. Military combat uniforms are loose to allow freedom of movement.
  5. Hats are pulled down with their bills creased to varying degrees as well.

There’s a variance in posture, head position and hair styles that don’t speak to being real military cadets as well.

For comparison, I did A LITTLE scouting around the internet and quickly found several pictures to fact check. Something it SEEMS that the Examiner and MSN should have done:

image via Reddit

These are actual Ukrainian soldiers (as opposed to alleged cadets). Note that everything I pointed out as wrong in the above picture is different here.

image from UniformGirls.blogspot.com

Above is a picture of women wearing a Ukrainian army dress uniform.

image via warnewsupdates.blogspot.com

And for comparison, there’s the men’s uniforms above and the women’s’ full combat uniforms below:


I’d bet that first picture that the Examiner ran with was a fake created by Russia, and wasn’t even fact checked. Russia has wanted The Ukraine back under it’s thumb for a long time, and propaganda is a favorite tactic. If they can make Ukraine’s government look evil, less people will complain when Russia rolls in to take the rest of the country after already seizing part of it’s coastal area for naval bases.

That said, I do indeed smell a rat here, AND wonder where the fact checking and named sources are. I also wonder how we’re supposed to trust the media when things like this are regularly turning up as “factual” news.

Another Lesson in Why I Hate the Media

Some of my longer term readers may remember my posts almost a year ago where I supplied stories from multiple news services about how the Wuhan Institute of Virology was reported to be an unsafe wreck, and almost certainly responsible for the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak. The main post with those links was about media bias in general, but here are the links to the actual Wuhan stories:




My point in the earlier post was that the media in general was more interested in discrediting the Trump Administration than reporting the truth. Wuhan was called a hoax, the lab was (not) imaginary, and we were told it was all racism and xenophobia.

Well, guess what? NOW, we have the media reporting the news of the 2018 reported unsafe conditions at the Wuhan labs as if it’s a brand new story. EVERYBODY on the Right and Left is jumping on it. Even Fox, who banged the drum pretty hard on the story while trying to defend Trump, is treating it like something new:



BTW, when every outlet from MSNBC to Fox is pushing the exact same angle, watch out! It means the entrenched swamp on both sides is all working together with the same goal. Conflict is coming.

This is NOT about Trump. The leadership (at the very least) of both sides should have known via national security briefings. Instead of doing anything before we had a global pandemic, they first chose to ignore it and then play political gamesmanship after all hell broke loose.

Was the media asking tough questions and getting to the bottom of anything? NO!

All the media did was help the bureaucracy point fingers at the other side and treat the public as idiots to be demagogued and lead around by the nose like idiots.

We the people need to start demanding better of our media; less bias and commentary, more hard facts and objective reporting. The media as it stands now is a biased, conflict driven joke. I pick usually on the “mainstream” media (as if Fox isn’t mainstream with it’s massive viewer base), but this time I’ll use an example from Fox.

THAT a headline to a story at their website.

Pig In A Blanket… REALLY. Is THAT “fair and balanced”? It’s nothing resembling proper journalism. It’s sensationalist, inflammatory red meat for the base, WWE level “color commentary“, and if Cuomo wasn’t such a creep, it’d be outright libel.

Is it REALLY so hard to just report the facts and allegations against him as they stand and give the public credit for the ability to draw it’s own conclusions on IF or how big a scumbag Cuomo is? Both sides do this all the time though, and Fox just spent FOUR YEARS bitching about how the rest of the media did to Trump EXACTLY what they’re doing here. Hypocrisy on all sides.

And the thing that irks me the most about the Wuhan story is that I successfully ignored the news for months only to see that damned story plastered EVERYWHERE.

I really hope people are getting fed enough enough to actually say “ENOUGH”.

Let’s Talk About the Electoral College

Image courtesy of NationalAffairs.com

As I predicted months ago in another blog, and a few days ago here; the Electoral College is coming under fire as part of the US election process again. The press isn’t even waiting until after the election.

THAT tells me they’re very scared about the results and know the polls are not reflecting real numbers. We’re not here to spin numbers however.

I’m not sure which is more disheartening; the fact that the media is trying to destroy a cornerstone of equal democratic representation in this country OR that people are too damned ignorant and lazy to learn how it works.

This was BASIC junior high / middle school learning back when I went to school.

LONG story short, when the founders were drawing up the constitution, they were originally going to go with a straight election vote. None of the smaller original states would go along with that however, because it meant that New York and Massachusetts would have complete say over who gets elected President. The other smaller states would have NO say, and the President would have NO reason to listen to their concerns at all.

The Electoral College was created as a compromise that ensured the popular vote still held strong, almost total sway, BUT at the same time, the smaller population states had to be taken into account if one wanted to be elected.

Despite what the talking heads trying to destroy our Republic are saying also, the College has only tallied up different than the popular vote on FIVE occasions in the over 200 years of this country’s existence.

In modern times, even with the college, we still hear the entire central 3/4 of the country referred to as “fly over country”, as in “screw them, they don’t have enough votes to matter, I’m not campaigning there”.

WITHOUT the Electoral College, the election would be decided by California, New York, Florida and 3 or 4 other states. Look at the map in the top picture. The number of electors a state gets is based on population, and is the same number that they get for Representatives in the House of Representatives side of Congress. California alone can already override the votes of the entire western 1/3 of the country. Does San Francisco understand what Montana’s needs and goals are? Do they have any reason to even care?

Do NOT believe the lies and propaganda, people. The Electoral College serves a vital role in protecting the representation of the minority against the tyranny of the majority.

If you want a more detailed read on the subject, I recommend the NationalAffairs.com article that I borrowed the picture from.

Social Commentary: Let’s Define Some Terms

As I mentioned in my last post, I dropped the ball on defining some of the terms in me What the Elites Fear post. I don’t blame Jyvur Entropy (free blog plug removed for trolling) there. Terms like “Elites” are kicked around by everyone from hard core marxists to conspiracy theorists to libertarians. Everyone has a different definition also; dictionary be damned.

For my new readers, I’m a moderate who leans conservative. What that means in plain English, is that I see the flaws in the extremes of both sides of the political debate. I believe strongly in honesty also. If I see a good idea come from anybody, doesn’t matter if it’s Trump or Pelosi, I’ll give them credit while still holding them accountable for their bad ideas.

Being a free thinker, I’m an acquired taste. People that dogmatically follow any given ideology have a hard time following me and sometimes say I sound like two different people. Such is life.

All of that MAY be somewhat irrelevant anyway. I’m not sure I’m going to continue with social issue posts. I’ve found them a big distraction from my creative writing, and a mood killer as well.

Regardless of if I continue, I do need to go back and define a few terms for readers.

Let’s start with the dreaded “elites”.

For starters, as I was using it yesterday (and in other posts), I was referring to the super rich who have more money than God, and a god complex about what they think that entitles them to do. George Soros is a great example. So are Mark Zuckerburg and a handful of other tech billionaires. Just examples though, NOT the entire list. These people use their money to screw with people’s lives and freedoms, try to indoctrinate others to their ideologies, and generally don’t care who they run over to increase their wealth and power.

There are others as well… Top level executives that sit on the boards of interlocking corporate directorships and are nameless to the vast majority of people. Interlocking corporate directorships are when board members of one company sit on the board of one or more other companies as well.

One great example of how this can create a conflict of interest is when Brand X does something horrible, and Media Company A white washes the whole situation because Mister Smith is on the boards of both corporations. Or maybe “Retail Company A” won’t carry some new start-up’s product because Manufacturer X sees it as a threat to their market share and there are people who sit on both companies’ boards of directors. Note investopedia says interlocking directorships are a COMMON practice too.

Capitalism… PURE capitalism, is a wonderful thing. It’s created more millionaires and lifted more people out of poverty than any other economic system out there. How these people make their money is nothing close to Adam Smith’s idea of capitalism though.

OK, I got off track there BUT I think it’s worth leaving the two paragraphs intact to show you don’t have to be Mark Zuckerburg to screw with the populace. It also shows that one can be a good American and capitalist, and strongly disagree with the way mega-corporations do business.

Then we have the politicians.

Do I really need much explanation here? They’re ALL whores for sale to the highest bidder, even if they come in with genuine good intentions. That’s why I believe in term limits all the way down to city dogcatcher. Get people out before they become corrupted. They spend more time fund raising and campaigning than they do legislating. Ultimately it always becomes about the perks.

Great movie, BTW… If you’ve never seen it, I highly recommend it. The scene pretty much shows what independent thinkers already know; the issues are a smoke screen that enable politicians to keep the base fired up and at each others’ throats while they collect money and laugh behind our backs.

The Media…

This goes beyond trainwreck to “Death Star remnants crashing into Endor”.

First there’s the reality that many journalists are biased. Factor in the power and influence of their corporate overlords and those interlocking directorates, and you’ve got a real mess. My previous rants against the media have been because I can’t find a single story online, be it Fox, MSNBC or NPR without thinking “Where’s the supporting evidence?”, “That’s a blatant lie”, “That’s completely misrepresenting what was said”, or “You’re playing on emotion and not reporting facts”.

Combine that with networks carrying commentary shows disguised as news like Rachel Maddow or Hannity and the waters really get muddy. Call them on something and the reply is almost always the same too; you’re a racist or a marxist.

The Whole Illuminati / N.W.O. Conspiracy Theory

Sadly if you’re a free thinker, this is often the defense used by the corrupt and their (usually) well meaning supporters; you’re a conspiracy nut.

To a large degree, I think the whole Illuminati thing is nonsense. Note I said “to a large degree” however. Just because the vast majority of the stuff on the topic out there is completely insane doesn’t mean it’s all false. Look at the Georgia Guidestones:

courtesy of Wikipedia. Link above.

Somebody spent a TON of money to erect a monument that spells out the New World Order philosophy in plain English, and permanently buy the land owner’s silence on who it was. There’s remarks from Kissinger, Soros, and several other politicians and super rich spouting similar ideas too.

Many of the same ideas show up in the extreme views on climate change and other social issues as well, including a need to drastically reduce the Earth’s population (AKA Genocide).

So yes, there’s a LITTLE truth there. I don’t believe they’re this all power shadow syndicate running the world, but they wish they could be. The best way to hide what they’re doing is to bury it under a pile of seemingly related crap so deep that no sane person would give it any credit either.

The Elites Think You’re Idiots

Yes they do, because they’re NOW expecting you to believe that it’s RUSSIA behind all the protests and riots!

Susan Rice suggests Russians behind violent George Floyd demonstrations

That’s Obama administration Susan Rice too. Remember her boss told Mitt Romney that the 80s had called and wanted their foreign policy (ie Russia as a threat) back?

It’s NOT just Democrats though. Take a look at an excerpt from this CNN article:

What we do and don’t know about the extremists taking part in riots across the US

Rubio, who was appointed acting Intelligence Committee chairman earlier this month, tweeted Saturday he was seeing “VERY heavy social media activity on #protests & counter reactions from social media accounts linked to at least 3 foreign adversaries.”

Rubio may have been basing some of his information on analysis from Graphika, a company that helped the committee with its report on Russia’s social media influence during the 2016 elections. Graphika CEO John Kelly sent information to Senate Intelligence Committee leadership on Saturday, which was obtained by CNN.

“Yes, we are seeing very active engagement with the issue from clusters of social accounts in the social media influence networks of Russia, Iran, and China,” Kelly said. “Our team is actively monitoring the situation now, including growing activity around the ‘Boogaloo’ movement, which is pushing for a ‘Second American Civil War.'”

CNN has reached out to Graphika for comment about what is behind their analysis.

Everything is Russia nowadays, from both sides. No doubt Russia, China and Iran are trying to have SOME influence also.

Isn’t it about damned time the government was held accountable and cleaned up it’s act instead of continuing to turn the public against each other? What the hell ever happened to “The buck stops here?” and any form of accountability?

Actually the answer there is simple. The public cares more about holding onto it’s petty fears and hates based on lies and manipulation. American Idol and Survivor became more important than the power brokers ruining society.

COPS Started the Riots in Minneapolis??

There’s an UGLY story going around the internet that it was one or more members of the Minneapolis Police Department that started the riots there. One officer in particular has been singled out as a likely agent provocateur. Jacob Pederson has been accused by several people, including his ex-wife, of being the “umbrella man” responsible for torching an Autozone store in Minneapolis.

Here’s the or A tweet that shows the officer in question and the “umbrella man”

AND a link to the full video via Twitter

Here’s the texts from his ex-wife:

OK, so let’s be clear here… This is NOT absolute evidence. The “umbrella man” was wearing a mask. The cliche about we all have a double (or near double) is true also. It’s easy to fake something like texts also, and “I’m shaking” sounds fake. Exes NEVER have axes to grind either, LOL

Here’s what I notice between the video and the pictures though:

What’s visible of his face does look the same, including a more pronounced eye ridge on his left side.

The perp walks and carries himself like a cop. Watch his posture, and even how he swings the hammer to break the windows is how first responders are trained to break windows.

If whoever this was, wasn’t an agent provocateur, why didn’t he hang around, and why did he react so strongly to be being accused of being a cop?

My opinion:

break down, shake down… YOU’RE BUSTED

Some things make a little more sense also, like the CNN reporter being arrested. The cover up is THAT big.

While I’ve said repeatedly that I’m generally very pro-police and want to believe that most cops are good people, everything about this stinks.

This kind of thing happens more often than we’d like to admit also, such as this one case of police in Canada trying to incite a riot:

I’m leaving it to readers to form their own opinion here.

All of you should be asking why the media is NOT reporting on this. Why they’re actively trying to start a race war by blaming white supremacists (and white people in general) instead of investigating who the instigators actually are. This looting and burning and vandalism also fits the M.O. of Antifa.

Operation Mockingbird is looking very real and still very active at this point. Best wake up folks.

My Disgust With the Media Continues to Skyrocket

Finally having more time to turn my attention back to current events, I’ve become more and more disgusted as I see a constant stream of lies and half truths from the media. Everything from stupid shit there’s no reason to even spin, to lies on major news events.

Let’s lead into this rant with something light: The Wall Street Journal ran a piece saying that truck drivers are feeling isolated with no places to stop to eat, use the restroom, shower, etc… There were some other issues raised that were likely very legitimate, such as falling prices paid by shippers, etc…

I just got done driving the length of California, through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Tennessee though. Damned near coast to coast. I stopped frequently also due to the RV’s carbon monoxide leak and horrific gas mileage. We stopped at truck stops almost exclusively due to better services too. EVERY truck stop had an open restaurant, restrooms and showers. We even used the showers at one facility in Arkansas. There’s NO grey area here. The story is BLATANTLY lying about this situation. The only question is WHY? Just for ratings? In hopes of drumming up more fear about COVID-19?

On a more serious note, I saw another WSJ story that implied Attorney General Barr was dropping the ball on the George Floyd case as he had previously done on the Rodney King case. The only trouble here is that it was the Feds (AKA Barr) that got civil rights convictions on those dirty cops after local prosecutors had failed to get criminal convictions for “assault under color of authority”. As it is, the local and federal investigations and prosecutions in the Floyd case have barely even begun. How about we give justice a chance to start to work before we make STUPID judgments?

I had been operating under the misguided assumption that the WSJ was one of the few remaining unbiased, reputable media sources out there.

Then you have the Minneapolis mayor blaming “white supremacists” for all the damage and looting during protests. Why the hell is not ONE media source calling bullshit on this guy and challenging his city’s unwillingness to follow through on reforms after similar past incidents? Why is nobody doing an in-depth report on Minneapolis using it’s police force largely as a revenue collection tool, and focusing those efforts on the city’s poor of all races?

More importantly why doesn’t the media care about their spreading lies like this contributing to the violence and destruction? The modern media reminds me of the sick kid in school that always used to run around spreading lies to provoke fights and feuds between other students.

Even on the local front, we have the “news media” more intent on stirring up drama to create news instead of reporting on it. Two different stories from two different sources on the EXACT SAME event:

The Murfreesboro Post reported that the protesters gathering at the city square for George Floyd were all “Southern nationalists and white supremacists”, and peaceful counter-protesters would be gathering elsewhere at a park.

U.S.A Today, hardly a right leaning paper by any means, reported that the downtown protest was going to peaceful and FOR George Floyd.

Same story, who’s telling the truth? Better yet, how are we supposed to trust ANY of them when they lie this much? By the way, want to know what the actual truth was here?

There’s your “white supremacist” protestor shaking hands with cops. Damned funny looking Klan robes…

For the record… I FULLY support peaceful protests, and they are certainly called for in this situation. I also fully support stomping a mud hole in ANY protester that turns violent. I don’t care if they’re a white racist trying to stir up trouble, or a just plain punk or any race. The rest of the crowd should turn on them, NOT follow them.

If silence is complicity in the case of the initial crime, it is with the mob following the trouble makers as well.

Luckily things stayed largely peaceful here.

People of all races praying for peace and justice. There’s the truth.

The closest thing we got to a “Klan rally” downtown was a couple of peaceful protestors that showed up in support of law enforcement in general and against looting:

Note EXACTLY what the sign says also.

  1. Rioting is NOT Protesting
  2. Crime is not Justice
  3. Not ALL Cops are Bad.

What the guy is protesting is half of downtown Nashville being burned and vandalized the night before, and Minneapolis practically in ruins. Do I think this is the time or spot to try to make those points? Not really. At the very least he should have had a sign directly and clearly advocating peaceful protest.

Nowhere does he say that George Floyd deserved what he got. I’d be all for a Pinata Party right there if he had. None the less the news had to put their biased spin on it. Here’s the blurb that accompanied that picture:

Hunter Culling of Murfreesboro holds up a sign in front of police officers during demonstrations in Murfreesboro Public Square in Murfreesboro, Tenn., on Sunday, May 31, 2020 in reaction to the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who died after being pinned down by a white Minneapolis police officer on Memorial Day. HELEN COMER / DNJ

In reaction to the death of George Floyd, NOT in reaction to the looting despite the sign saying so.

I’d ask if they were too ignorant to understand the difference, but they know. It’s a deliberate effort to divide people and create conflict. If the news truly cared about change and civil rights, they’d be promoting communication and unified peaceful effort.

After reporters had been stirring them up for hours, the crowd finally did start to get unruly near sundown too. Police ordered them to disperse and had to use tear gas to get some of them to do so. Afterwards a curfew was put into effect to prevent things from turning into what happened in Nashville.

I’m REALLY at the point of thinking we need some sort of regulation or oversight of the media. On the simplest level, such an idea SHOULD be utterly abhorrent. Yet reality is that civil liberties of all types are based on the concept that they will be used responsibly with regard to their impact on others. The oft cited “Freedom of Speech doesn’t give one the right to yell “FIRE” in a crowded theater” for example.

How we do that when we likely can’t trust any oversight group to be unbiased either, I have NO idea.

I used to think lawyers were the great evil in our society. Nowadays, I think it’s the press.

What Life is Like for Cops, From the Child of a Cop.

With everything in the news, I think it behooves me to write about being a cop, what they typically think, and are motivated by, etc…

First, I want to make it clear that I am NOT going to defend bad cops. There is ZERO excuse for what happened to George Floyd, as one example. It’s not always about racism however. Bad cops can be bad for more than one reason. Likewise, good cops can sometimes seem bad just by the nature of the job.

As a note about my qualifications to speak on the subject, my dad was a career cop… Long enough to collect TWO pensions. If I recall the count correctly, four of my martial arts instructors were cops as well. So were a handful of my fellow students. I talked to all of them regularly about what the job is like. I also spent the first half of the 90s as a private security guard, which involved fairly regular interaction with cops, and even breaking up a smash and grab robbery once.

So, I understand a good bit more than the average person on the street about what law enforcement goes through.

Side Note: I know I’ll get asked so… The smash and grab was a lucky escape for me, as it were. I was an unarmed officer but always carried a maglite. The facility I was guarding had a shop across the street for maintenance of it’s trucks. I drove over there to check it during my rounds and scared off three huge guys in a rental truck who had rammed through the chain link fence’s gate, and were breaking into the facility to steal all the tools and equipment they could. Between it being dark, my uniform looking similar to local cops AND my driving a black Ford, they assumed I was a cop, hopped in the truck and hauled tail out of there. It could have gone VERY different very easily.

What Motivates the Average Cop?

Just about everyone who becomes a police officer is motivated by the desire to help people and keep their community safe. Yes, sometimes racists, victims of PTSD and just plain people with anger issues get in, but this is NOT the majority of people in law enforcement. The vast majority are like Officer Greg Anderson, who was suspended for this video:

Where Things Sometimes Go Sideways:

First, there’s the painfully obvious need for better screening during the hiring process. This is complicated though for two reasons. First, some people are just VERY good at faking normal. Second, there’s a shortage of people willing to be police nowadays. Given all the crap the profession takes, I can’t blame folks for not wanting to sign on either.

The Realities of the Job are the next factor, and an even bigger one. Think about this: what other job are you going to be expected to become a human target and be required to actively and constantly put yourself between the worst of humanity and the general populace? Soldiers do, but do it with better armor, weapons and far less limiting rules of engagement.

Do you know two of the absolutely most dangerous situations for cops? Routine traffic stops and domestic violence calls. You never know if you’re going to get shot by some nutcase that you stopped just for a broken tail light or expired license “tag”. Likewise, domestic violence calls have a high probability of ending up with one or both parties involved trying to assault the responding officer(s). Often it’s even the victim who suddenly doesn’t want the aggressor hauled off to jail.

My point being that the job itself has a way of turning good people into cynics who suspect the worst of everyone. It almost requires it of them in order to stay safe. Every call, officers are dealing with people at their absolute worst, be it self-entitled ‘victims’ demanding justice all the way to hardcore gang bangers.

35 or 40 years ago, THIS would have gotten a person the wood shampoo and a trip to jail. NOW cops are supposed to just stand there and take it. If anybody did that to a normal person, it would result in a throwdown. Cops are expected to have NO personal space though even though the person in their face could quickly pull a knife, gun or punch, and is far more likely to do so against a cop than another civilian.

Should people be able to protest the police? ABSOLUTELY! There’s a right way and a wrong way to do it however. Burning, looting and scenes like the above just convince some folks that the cops were right and need to be heavy handed though. What’s required is alot more of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s example and a hell of alot less of the “Karen” antics in the picture above.

Unrealistic Expectations of Officers is another big problem. I blame Hollywood for this. Years of martial arts movies and action movies along with pop psychology have convinced the average idiot that any police officer should be able to fight like Captain America or Bruce Lee, and yet never hurt anyone. It’s gotten so bad that police are even criticized for using non-lethal options like tasers in cases of self defense.

The pop psychology aspect comes in with the expectation that police should be able to talk EVERY suspect into a completely peaceful resolution and everybody walks away happy. That works fine for shows like “The Rookie“. I genuinely like that show and we all wish interactions with law enforcement could go the way they usually do on the show. Reality is, people drunk out of their mind, stoned, or just plain mentally ill do NOT always make the most rational decisions. Sometimes these people are spoiling for a fight and are NOT going to give a cop time to do an in-depth psycho-analysis.

The ones stoned or drunk beyond all reason can be remarkably resistant to pain as well. A fellow student in my original karate school was mugged delivering pizzas. He kicked his attacker 3 times square in the groin with steel toe boots and hit him several times in the temple also. The counter attack would have crippled a sober person, probably permanently. Because the attacker was stoned out of his mind, he shrugged off all of it though. It was a one time thing for that fellow student, but something cops encounter on a fairly regular basis.

Tying it All Together:

What I’m driving at is that there are reasons besides racism that cops get heavy handed or cop an attitude. Stress, anger over others being endangered, and anger and fear over themselves being put in danger are often major factors. “Respect my authority” is often more about the officer feeling safely in control of a situation (and thus more confident they won’t be hurt) than it is as seen on South Park:

So, What About Racism Then?

Yes, it exists, both in law enforcement and in the rest of the world. I did a post ages ago about a clear cut case of it in Sacramento when I lived there. A black man was thrown down to the ground and arrested for jaywalking on a totally dead residential street.

It’s one thing to get stopped for jaywalking across a major road, and even then that just merits a “Hey, stay safe and don’t do that again, OK?” This guy was stopped on a residential street with NO traffic. Even the facts that he argued with the cops and threw down his jacket don’t excuse it because there was NO reason to stop him in the first place. Nobody could even say he looked like a suspect for anything.

My point with this article though is to point out that it’s NOT always racism and that every white cop is NOT out to kill every black person they see. It’s usually more about the dangers of the job, fear and adrenaline. This is why black men are just as likely die at the hands of black cops as white ones.

Also, If it was ALL about black folks there wouldn’t be over 22 seasons of COPS filled with cheese whiz sucking white trailer trash getting manhandled, the dog released on them, and cuffed and stuffed also.

One of my previous blog articles also mentioned how *I* was ALMOST drawn on by a nervous cop during a traffic stop when I too hastily reached for my glove compartment to try to find my proof of insurance. I’m as white bread as a cracker can be too, LOL.

Does It Excuse Any Of It?

In a word, NO. It doesn’t matter if it was racism, PTSD, a god complex, fear and adrenaline, or a desire to “teach this perp a lesson” that got George Floyd killed.

While we DO have to realize that cops are human, there are professional standards that come with the job. Whatever MAY have happened that got George Floyd in that position on the ground (i.e. *IF* he had resisted arrest), once those officers had him under control, they had a moral and legal obligation to cuff him and put him in a vehicle.

When racism or other issues such as anger management or PTSD show up, they should be dealt with swiftly. Get the officer off the street. If they’re a bad cop, fire them. If they’re damaged and have PTSD or something similar going on, maybe they can serve at a desk job. When it results in something like the George Floyd incident, the cops should be buried under the jail. Period.

The Role of the Media

I’d be sorely remiss if I didn’t mention this factor. The media is FAMOUS here for stirring up drama to the point of riots. More than one case has blatantly had facts withheld by the media that would at least make a widely publicized incident look more grey, if not outright clear the cop involved.

Very few media outlets are questioning the narrative that Ahmaud Arbery was just out jogging and killed for no reason for example. They do NOT report that the man with the shotgun was a retired Deputy Sheriff who had arrested Arbery before, OR that there’s video of Arbery walking through a house he broke into. Likewise there’s no questioning why he would first keep running toward two armed men in the middle of the street, NOR why he attacked and tried to disarm the shotgun wielding former deputy. Or even that both shots went off as Arbery tried to wrestle the shotgun away.

Does that mean those men are innocent? NO. There’s still enough in the infamous video to merit an investigation. There’s an intangible feel to me also that they were looking for an excuse to punish Arbery. What I *am* saying is that there IS enough there though to establish some reasonable doubt.

The media wants race riots though. They equal ratings. People dying and losing their businesses in those riots? That’s just extra ratings.


Remember that ALL cops are human, and only a small percentage are bad. It’s a VERY dangerous job, and it’s only getting worse for them with people thinking it’s OK to verbally and physically abuse them on an ever growing basis.

A little courtesy and polite behavior can get anyone out of most encounters with the police completely safe and unharmed.

Let’s focus on getting the bad cops fired or prosecuted where appropriate, while still supporting the good ones.

Fact Checking in the Current Reality

Fact checking is getting increasingly difficult in today’s society. The ends justify any means seems to be the rallying cry of people connected with any and every cause out there. Politicians, media, special interest groups… They all play hard and loose with the truth. Even fact checking organizations like Snopes have been caught lying multiple times to suit various agendas.

So what’s the average person to do? Here are a few answers:


I’m talking… writing about maintaining an open mind and healthy skepticism of anything you hear. It doesn’t matter if you agree with it in principle or strongly oppose it.

Extreme? Every DAY we generate 2.5 Quintilian Bytes of new data. 90% of the information in the world has been generated in the last 2 years. That’s astounding if you stop and think about how much science and philosophy existed before that. Let’s break it down to the amount of data per minute:

graph courtesy of Domo.com

Are you getting the point? There’s a HUGE amount of new data being produced!

NOW, think about it logically and ask yourself; “How much of this is just complete, unsubstantiated crap put together by somebody with an axe to grind?” Is there REALLY that much new being discovered, or are people just rehashing the old AND in many cases, spinning it worse than a merry go round?

If science was advancing THAT fast, we’d have cured global warming and all disease, developed interstellar travel, teleportation and flying cars. We might have even found the mythical cure for stupidity, LOL.

So yes, the vast majority of what you see “new” any given day is going to be fluff or garbage. That is why you MUST question everything.

If There’s No Supporting Evidence, Treat it as Garbage:

Darn near every site from mainstream news to conspiracy sites like Prison Planet LOVE to make claims and “cite facts” with absolutely no physical evidence or credible first hand witnesses to back them up. The Kennedy assassination conspiracy is a great example here. Everybody knows this, everybody knows that… Where’s the proof to back up ANY of the 20 different theories out there? It’s all he said she said.

What IS Proof? Primary Sources:

Primary sources are something anyone who has gone to college has drilled into them. A primary source is a FIRST HAND witness’s or expert’s testimony, OR original documents relating to the specific issue. A history book about the Gettysburg Address is not a primary source (unless written by somebody who was there for it). A copy of the actual speech is.

In short, don’t believe some Coast to Coast AM guest saying Kennedy was killed over wanting to reveal UFOs unless he’s got government documents or Kennedy’s journals saying as much.

Bias and Half Truths:

The most common way to manipulate people is a half truth. All good lies are wrapped around a touch of the truth. It makes them more believable. Using a non-political example; “He ran the truck straight through that crowd without slowing down” sounds much different if “the brakes had failed” was a part of the hypothetical news story.

The news and other groups will play EXACTLY this kind of game with the truth though, just for the sake of ratings and sensationalism, or to push some agenda.

Bias is HUGE problem with half truths, even with primary sources. Facts are overlooked, ignored or outright hidden if it doesn’t suit an agenda. Health care is a great example. The US has the best health care in the world. True, but how good is it if you can’t afford it? Socialized medicine is the answer! Yeah if you want to wait five years and die before you get cancer treatment because you’re older and therefore less likely to benefit long term from treatment than a younger person.

Both sides play loose with the truth there and refuse to acknowledge the flaws of their own side.

The key here is to always ask “what is NOT being said?” and “what’s their agenda?”.


Here’s another important one. Most of the misinformation crowd does a BAD job checking facts on their own lies. Timelines being a prime example.

There’s an FDR quote from 1948 where he says some of his best friends are Communists. The only trouble there is that FDR died in 1945.

Likewise the infamous “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.” quote attributed to Rothschild didn’t surface until a century after his death. Doesn’t mean I trust him or any other big banker, BUT the quote is questionable.

Great way to manipulate people into N.W.O. conspiracies and antisemitism though.

Multiple Sources:

Sometimes, particularly with current events, it’s damned near impossible to get the whole truth from any source. What you have to do in those cases is research multiple sources with differing points of view. Doing so with an open mind can often help you piece the bigger picture together.

Worry About What’s Relevant:

This is a BIG key to keeping your sanity in the current information apocalypse. Conspiracy fans are BAD here also. They’ll go back hundreds of years looking for the vaguest hint of something to prove a connection in a web of conspiracy. A good recent example with a friend was investigating Walter Cronkite. She found out Cronkite was a big NWO guy.

That’s all good and well, but Cronkite is dead and buried, and nobody out there is regularly quoting him as some paragon of wisdom. With the POSSIBLE exception of journalism schools, the guy is irrelevant nowadays as THIS N.W.O. guy:

Focus instead on the current crop of mainstream journalists who never met a globalist big government idea that they didn’t like and would say ANYTHING to promote. Or if you want to worry about dead people, worry about somebody like John Lennon and his utopian socialist fairy tale ideals that are still being spouted by people.


My honest opinion is that the majority of stuff floating around the internet today was put there either by people too lazy to research and thus find the flaws in their stories, OR outright deliberately put there as misinformation to deliberately lead people astray. It’s infinitely harder to get to the truth of the Kennedy assassination if there are a dozen theories out there with “experts” all swearing this is the only possible explanation.

If you REALLY want the truth nowadays, you have to be willing to work for it. The situation is only going to get worse with the rise of deep fakes also. Soon we’ll have pics and videos everywhere of politicians doing the KFTC. Don’t believe it.

Research and verify! And that’s Tuesday Trash the way it is.

China Lied, People Died…

Back to the Coronavirus war… My recent “Analyzing a News Story for Bias” post had links to multiple stories about the existence of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and it’s probable role in the COVID-19 outbreak.

Funny… If the lab doesn’t exist and is fake news, why does it have a website and how come you can look up it’s location in Wuhan on Google Maps?

I’m going to keep this one short because I’ve found a 13 minute video that pretty well documents the whole situation.

Take a look if you’re not afraid to have your beliefs challenged.

WOW, OK, so WordPress is apparently getting into the Fascist silencing game. Fine… I’ll hide the link by embedding it.