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Hypothetical for Authors… and Readers

This one is a simple question that was inspired by the trend of authors letting characters take over their blog for a post, or just interviews with characters. Also inspired by the way many of us authors have felt urged to change a story based on what we feel a character wants.

So, authors or readers… Let’s say YOU were the character and found out that your reality was indeed part of a book or series. Which would be worse for you? Finding out that the author was essentially “god” and had control of your entire reality, OR that they were effectively a cosmic level peeping tom that watched your every moment and then reported it to everyone who wanted to “watch”?

On the surface, lack of free will would seem the absolute worst. Remember the movie “The Truman Show” though? Imagine being in the middle of that, knowing about it and not being able to do anything about it. Your good moments, your bad ones, maybe even graphic details of your sex life, all on display.

My Witchfire serial actually took this idea as a plot device; she’s in a reality that used to only be an erotica website to her and it was explained with the premise that imagination truly is partially a subconscious window into other worlds.

As a side note, thank you to the authors I’ve read who have done the takeover / interview idea before me. It inspired a pretty good Interview with Witchfire post. 🙂