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Where My Character’s “Gray” Jedi Ideals Came From

Here’s a flashback to an OLD Star Wars moment. Jolee Bindo talking to Revan about where the Jedi are incorrect regarding emotion:

I’ve ranted about the botched Jedi philosophy in the prequels a few times. It’s amazing that Bioware got it, but Lucas didn’t.

It’s one of the things, if not the main thing, that convinces me that Lucas never wrote the original trilogy. Yoda and Obi-Wan advised Luke to CONTROL his feelings, not completely tune them out. It’s just too big a switch in philosophies in the prequels

As a comment on this YouTube video also pointed out; the video shows perfectly why Anakin fell to the dark side; he was only told to turn his feelings off and sever all attachments, never to actually deal with them and keep them in perspective. Can you imagine how differently everything would have turned out if he had?

This whole scene always stuck with me in the back of my mind and shaped the development of my character Adoxia in SWTOR

Anyway, here you are: Jolee Bindo, the ex-jedi wiser than prequels Yoda.