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Omelets For People Without Talent

After a few heavy posts, I decided to do something lighter and do a food post. In the US, “breakfast bowls” have become popular at the grocery store. Eggs with cheese, potato and some sort of meat (usually mystery meat, lol) all in a bowl that can be microwaved and ready to eat in a minute or two.

I came up with the idea before those ever hit the market, and yes as my headline indicates, the idea was born out of my inability to fold an egg and make a proper omelet, LOL.

Not exactly sexy or refined, but it’s a relatively easy breakfast or (more often here) breakfast for dinner. Eggs, cheese (typically Cheddar – and not Re-Farmer’s cat of that name 😀 ), sausage and hash browns

There’s a couple of tricks to get this to turn out correctly.

First I add a bit of milk to the eggs and then thoroughly mix them in a food processor. Great flavor and fluffiness that way. 🙂

Next is combining things. I start the eggs then add in the shredded cheese. After the eggs are mostly solid, I add in the sausage. That way any remaining grease doesn’t ruin the eggs. As a note here, I cook the sausage and then let it drain on a paper towel covered plate to reduce the greasiness. The hash browns go in right as the eggs are finishing. That keeps the eggs from making the hash browns soggy.

One of these days, I’ll buy a couple cartons of eggs and learn to make proper omelets and crepes. In the mean time, here you have a hearty and rustic meal all in one. 🙂 I actually call them ‘scrambles’ not omelets also, hehe.

ADDENDA: I forgot. I also cut the tater tots in half before adding to the eggs so that they’re more “bite sized” with egg and sausage also on the fork. If you’re dainty, you may even want to quarter them after cooking.