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Just When I Thought it was Safe to Come Back…

Yep, I thought it was safe to come back. We just finished up prepping the house for sale. Took a few fights but we got there after a marathon last minute work session. In that regard, I feel like the weight of a literal galaxy has been lifted from my shoulders too. I think the THREE hours of sleep I finally got last night were better than any eight hours of “sleep” in the last 7 years.

I try to come back to WordPress to play catch up on the well over 200 notifications I have, and I stumble across a reblog dripping with venomous (and quite imaginary) moral superiority and utter contempt for people who have anything negative to say regarding the homeless, drug addicted or mentally ill.

Before I go any further, I should point out that *I* have extensive and very real experience here (unlike the person reblogged). I’ve also gone on record right here in this blog taking a very balanced view of the situation.

Round 1

Round 2

Yes, I had a little fun with the first post title, but it was inspired by just this kind of ignorant hate. What this child doesn’t realize, but the reblogger should have, is that attacking people for having a different view only tells them that you’re unreasonable, care nothing for their experiences and that they should cling to their view tighter and consider you hostile.

That REALLY makes the world a better place, doesn’t it?? Complain about hate, judgment and divisiveness and presume to fix them by adding to them.

It also leads to compassion burnout when the average person is told over and over again that they’re filth for not making themselves impoverished to deal with whatever cause.

I saw… or heard… this for the first time back in the early 1990s. I used to listen to the Neal Boortz radio show out of Atlanta GA. Neal made a ton of sense at times, and just seemed to be a complete ass at others. One of his most infamous rants back in the day was when he declared himself “Sick to damned death of the poor”.

LONG explanation for it short, the tirade that followed was all about people like this blogger passing judgment and hating on him for what he’d worked his ass off to earn. He even went on to say that he thought society should make sure they had some sort of roof over their head and not starve, but he was sick of being beat up over them.

I didn’t get it then. I still think his language was overly inflammatory also. I get it now though. Every time I turn around, I’m being accused of being a racist, a genocidal nut (because I own a gun), an intolerant hate monger, selfish and uncaring.

In the mean time, I’m dealing with my car being broken into and vandalized, attempted home robberies, destruction of our front lawn and sprinkler system, sabotaging the camera system we had to put in to slow all of the above down, AND several near assaults and one actual assault that I blogged about.

Funny thing too… I didn’t shoot the homeless guy that assaulted me. I didn’t even bring my gun outside because that’s illegal in California (home defense only). Hell I barely fought back physically and tried to escape instead. But *I* am the problem and a genocidal nut.

You wonder where the “kiss my ass” attitude comes from with people that are fed up? There’s your answer.

It’s the same reason Trump got elected too. The mainstream got tired of being villainized for playing by society’s rules and decided to fight venom with venom. Looks what it’s reduced the country to also. Politics is completely disgusting anymore, and the Democrats are every bit as much to blame as Trump.

These oh so enlightened people like to mock the Bible, but if there was ever a piece of wisdom they should live by it’s “Remove the beam from your own eye before criticizing someone else for the speck in their eye” Paraphrased, but point made.

You want to change the world? Start by changing yourself. Obama’s best line ever was “Be the change you want to see in others”. The only way to truly change anyone is to improve yourself, set aside your own biases and then try to understand where that other person is coming from. Then work with them for change that benefits everyone.

I’ve put forth solutions in my earlier linked blog posts. I’ve ALSO called for increased accountability regarding existing programs that deal with these issues. There’s waste and graft galore. I’ve said we should help people get on their feet. I’ve said people need to get treatment. I’ve also said we need to hold the remaining percentage of the homeless responsible for their actions and demand that they play by society’s rules.

So yes, I’ve talked the talk and walked the walk. Unlike many of the shrill voices, I have first hand knowledge too. I was even homeless twice, but never for long.

RANT: Anti-Semites, Bigots and Racists

Those reading my posts know I’ve made a resolution to be more positive in my writing moving forward. Some of my past posts got a little too negative due to being stuck in the dystopian nightmare that is California.

HOWEVER, a reply to one of my posts yesterday really got me irked. The responding person ignored most of what I said that didn’t support their own beliefs. I’m used to willful blind ignorance though. It thrives on Twitter. What I will NOT tolerate under ANY circumstances in my blog however was the anti-semetic tirade that followed that. Or bigots or racists of any type for that matter.

Let me be very clear regarding my views of the Middle East. I’ve met great people who were Arab / Muslim. My college Algebra, Physics and Statistics teacher was the nicest Iranian (he preferred Persian) man you’d ever meet. Incredibly brilliant too. I’ve met great Jewish and Isreali people as well. I will NEVER stereotype either group… ANY group as evil, genocidal, etc… Everybody deserves to be judged as an indivdual, and every group has good and bad in it.

Isreal has a right to exist peacefully, and so do all it’s Arab neighbors. While I may have issues with the Iranian government and it’s decades long sponsorship of terrorism, I know the Iranian people are intelligent, kind people who simply want to live their lives like the rest of us. Trying to paint me as a genocidal pro-Isreal racist sickens and offends me and really shows just how horrible a person that now ex-follower was. Hitler would be proud of her views.

I could spend some time here de-bunking some of the racism directed at both Jews and Arabs, but this would turn into a runaway post. The bigger point here is that I will not tolerate that kind of crap here. It WILL get you banned from my blog.

Same goes for ANY form of racism or bigotry. I do NOT want to hear that Black, Asian, Indian, Native American, White or any other people are all inherently evil, ignorant or out to screw over everyone else. I don’t care how you try to justify any such hatred either. It has NO place here. Hence there is an absolute ZERO TOLERANCE policy in place here. Any such reply will be deleted and you WILL be banned if you come in here spewing hate.

I could and should include political labels here also. I lean a bit conservative myself, primarily because I live in a state that’s completely screwed up due to EXTREME left wing policies. HOWEVER, I dislike extreme right wing policies too. They’d lead to a corporate run police state. Life is about balance. Left balances right and some liberal polices are needed to prevent people from falling through the cracks. There’s room for all but the most extreme views in my opinion, so long as they’re presented politely.

People are all individuals. They deserve to be viewed, treated and respected as such.

Enough Said!

Weaponizing Fear and Loathing

Riddle me this: What’s the fastest two ways to get people to abandon all reason and often their freedoms as well? Answer: create panic and stir hatred.

For those who didn’t guess, this is another post inspired by my frustration with seeing so many “End of the World” stories, posts and rants in the media and other blogs. My opening premise is absolutely true also. If you get people scared enough about something, they’ll do anything they’re told is a fix, and attack or shun anybody who disagrees. It’s how the Nazis took power in Germany, and it’s a tactic seen almost everywhere in politics and social issues nowadays.

I wish I had the energy to go on the major tirade this deserves. God knows I could spend all day verbally tearing up the extreme left, the extreme right, the environmental movement and other social justice causes. Maybe I will in future individual posts also.

The bad part is that most of the social causes I agree with in principle. It’s the extreme they’re taken to and the lies told to advance them that annoy me AND ultimately hurt their cause. The extreme elements of the environmental movement have been saying life is going to end in 10 years for 30 years. The updated science is always better though.

That kind of exaggeration only hurts a VERY important cause. There are several serious issues related to the environment that deserve attention. Lies only hurt the cause. They give nay sayers ammunition and they make some believers feel overwhelmed and like nothing they do could make a difference either.

I picked on the environmental movement here even though that wasn’t my original plan. There are plenty of other groups out there that deserve a kick in the rear also. I’d be here forever though. With that in mind, let me try to get to the bigger point here.

If your cause is using scare tactics and stirring up hate to get people to act, you should question the cause’s leadership and methods at the least. The cause has given up the moral high ground at that point. You should also thoroughly question the “facts” you’re being told at that point. At best they’re going to be half truths spun for a secondary purpose (like somebody’s personal power and wealth).

Beware of anybody who says they have all the answers and they’re the only ones who can fix all your problems. If they tell you that anyone who disagrees is the enemy also, RUN! In the old days, we called that a cult. Nowadays, sowing fear, anger and division is just business as usual.

It will only stop when the silent majority finds it’s voice and says ENOUGH.