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I’m left one again shutting down my social and political commentary posts, for much the same reasons as before. Nobody wants to move past their petty biases, and they only want stuff that feeds their confirmation bias.

In the meantime, the political and economic powers that be are laughing their rears off because they’re leading everyone around by the nose and turning them against each other. Extremism and group think are the new normal, even among people who CLAIM to be individualists and free thinkers. I laugh at the wild, off the wall conspiracy theories like reptilian aliens and devil worshiping cults among the leadership. It’s never taken anywhere near that much for them to keep winning.

All it’s taken is divide and conquer.

Case and point; COVID-19. All I hear is “stupid sheep wearing masks” or “you’re all trying to kill us!”. I’ve had to drop a few followed blogs just because I got sick of the toxic bullshit on the subject. If I were the Illuminatti, however real they may be, this is a dream win-win scenario. Ignore the virus, people die and I get my thinned population and get tighter controls on the survivors to protect them.

Flip the coin, and everybody plays sheep, and I’ve programmed the population to be good little robots. Either way, I win. Nobody wants to look at all the facts and see that this virus IS dangerous, even sometimes to people without pre-existing conditions, BUT it’s nowhere near the black plague nor will it end humanity. All it takes is some common sense and a middle of the road approach to dealing with it. Nah, let’s just call the mask wearers or mask free people jackasses instead.

I’m BEYOND sick and tired of hearing how all of “THAT” group is evil also. Doesn’t matter if it’s blacks, whites, dems, pubs, Christians, Muslims, those EVIL (note dripping sarcasm here) Jews, men, women… whatever!

When I hear that kind of crap, all I hear is a robot programmed by the divide and conquer crowd to help keep people fighting while that same power elite tightens it’s hold and screws us all.

Think I’m making it up? Take a look at the level of contributions to both political parties, and how much Amazon’s market share (and stock price) have jumped since the the COVID outbreak and race riots have started.

Y’all want to kill each other while they laugh at you, knock yourselves out. I’m over it.

Galatians 4:16 – Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?

NO, I’m not entertaining comments either.

Lost Two More…

I lost two more followers today. I knew that was a risk when I started talking politics. Things like my Rush Limbaugh post are bound to offend the easily butt sore. That doesn’t change the fact that there are people out there wishing death on him. It also doesn’t change the fact doing so is fundamentally EVIL. It doesn’t matter if you’re wishing death on Trump, Obama, Reagan, Carter, Limbaugh or Chris Mathews.

As Democrats used to say; “Hate is not a family value”.

I get that some of you come here for the writing talk, or my cooking. You don’t care about politics or social commentary. I get that. Sometimes the blogisphere is as much an escape from reality as a book is.

Skip those posts then. I’m fine with that. I promise.

Dropping a blog that you thought enough of to follow initially because you disagree with a post and can’t discuss it… THAT, right or wrong, gives the impression that your opinion isn’t grounded in any kind of objective thinking and you’re afraid to have your ideas challenged.

Me personally, and this blog… I’m open to rational discussion. I will only shut ANY opinion down if it’s spewing hate. Likewise, if you try to deliberately misquote me to pull some sort of gotcha, I won’t have it. Even then, at first, I’ll just assume you misread.

One of the drops I know was because I dared to question their view of Brexit in their blog. I did it in a fairly polite way though. Even admitted I didn’t have as much insight on it as I’d like. Instead of opening dialog and educating me on what he perceived the drawbacks were, he shut the door and hid. We both might have learned something.

I’m always open to learning more also. I view it as self-improvement and growth. I’ve learned to see both sides of several issues along the way also. Case & point; my dad was a cop. I was taught that cops are these wonderful protectors always concerned with doing right and protecting the innocent. I’ve listened to people that have issues with law enforcement though. I’ve seen video of a guy here in Sacramento thrown to the ground and manhandled for what really did essentially amount to walking while black. I called out the cops here on it also. Long story short, I can see times where the complainers are right, and times when the cops are also. Sometimes maybe both sides could have done things better.

Take the same approach to life and you might be amazed how much you grow and learn. 😉

In the mean time, I’m going to continue doing social commentary and spiritual posts along with writing, cooking and personal posts. That social commentary will include calling BS on both extremes too.


I’ve written alot about the hate I see online and elsewhere.  I make no secret that the hate I see that disturbs me most is that coming from various social justice proponents.  The WHY of that is that I feel it ultimately hurts the cause by turning off those in the middle and creating a backlash.

History is full of political examples of that type.  The pendulum swings too far in one direction, creating a tyranny, then people rise up in backlash and create another tyranny of an opposite nature.  The Romans and the Vandals, the French Monarchy and Napoleon, The Czars of Russia and the Communists, etc…

It’s true with social issues also.  Those convinced against their will are of the same opinion still, and angrier about it.  Let me get to the photographic proof here.  I’m seeing more and more of this kind of shirt around:


“Nope; Don’t Care”

That’s the attitude (or worse) that I’m worried about all the hate creating.  How far back the other way will the bad folks try to push everything if that becomes the response to everything?   We NEED to return to talking to each other, using logic, and tempering it with heart.

A Vader Update

I talked to the friend that first linked me to the Vader fan film that I shared a few blog posts ago.  I was curious to find out if there were any other chapters released yet, and what news he’d heard in that regard (he has a remarkable knack for finding such things out).

At this point, there won’t be any future chapters.  Disney went after the producer with everything they had and even took the first chapter away from him.  LucasArts (presumably Lucas himself) apparently still has some pull though, and get the first chapter returned to the producer.  Not before Disney’s legal bullying wiped out the producer financially though.  They’re also blocking all attempts to crowdfund future chapters of the story.

I hear stories like this all the time.  I’ve watched them gobble up more and more of the entertainment world too the last decade or so.  Walt Disney would doubtless spin in his grave if he saw how his company is being run nowadays.


Why am I up at 2:45am?!?  I should finally go to bed, but I’ve had ALOT on my mind lately.  Most of more properly belongs in the spiritual blog also.

That’s actually part of what THIS post is about though.  My posts here have been more personal blog and self growth than writing blog lately.  Granted, I’ve been able to tie it into writing to a degree…  I can’t help but wonder though if maybe THAT is where my true passion lays.  It’s probably just all the crazy recent events, and my trying to put them in perspective that have me writing that way.

Be that as it may, I’m going to be trying yet again to get my proper writing going again, both erotica and mainstream fiction.  I’m also going to try to keep this blog more focused on writing related topics.

Some of the rambling has been helpful though.  Random side rant; I REALLY use the word “though” too much, LOL.  Anyway, a few of the posts and some recent events have made me realize just what a trigger that people trying to deny others their voice is for me.  I’ve been dealing with it my entire life with my family, and most of my jobs.  It’s still happening to this day with my mom.  My brother craps all over me, and I’m supposed to just forget it.

Anyway, I realized that’s an influencer for me with things like political and social issue connected hate.  The level it’s hitting out there is insane.  So many examples, but there’s been enough bitching in recent blog posts.   I just want to grab people, and shake them until they get through their heads they’re making the problems worse by responding with hate and refusal to listen.

So yeah…  Personal challenge while I regroup here, LOL

Not Backing Down

I”m just about properly caught up on all those 114 email notifications and all the ones that followed after it over the last 11 hours.

One thing I did discover is that the closed-mindedness of Twitter tried to follow me here.  One person I *thought* was a friend went on a tirade about evil conservative (they HAD to be conservative) women criticizing a celebrity for having been a stripper. Overall, I agreed with her post.  I mainly thought she went over the top with the venomous way she handled it.

I *tried* to point out that she missed an opportunity to try to reason with these women.  That rather then trying to oppress women and derail female empowerment, they feel (right or wrong) that stripping and sex work perpetuates the stereotype of women as nothing but sex objects.  If she tried to communicate with these folks she might find they shared concerns and could find a middle ground they could both live with.

Her response: Delete my comment, and remove me from her follows / followed by lists.  Very mature.

First, if you’re going to post something, you should be enough of an adult to be prepared for polite disagreement.  If you’re not, turn off your comments.  You have EVERY right to expect that disagreement to remain polite and open to your counterpoints.  I’m tired of the hate I see everywhere though.  I challenged her thinking because I thought she was capable of rising above that venom.  Sometimes, being the light means means you have to politely stand firm against the darkness too.

The Joys of Being an Empath

Before I start, we need to establish definitions.  Empathy is the ability to understand the emotions of others.  That means you’re still alive inside and can understand that a situation would make a person sad, angry, etc…  You’re aware that there are reasons for a person’s mood or actions and care about it.  Being an empath, on the other hand, means that you can literally pick up and FEEL the emotions of other people.

Spiritual gifts are something I rarely discuss.  When I do, it’s only in the most general of terms.  Why?  Society has been rejecting them since time immemorial.  If you DO talk about them, you’re crazy, or some sort of devil worshiper.  I had my own father try to have me committed when I was about 20 when he found a letter to a friend discussing empathy and that I was seeing alot of odd shadows out of the corner of my eye at the time.

So what’s driving me to open up today after such experiences?  First, I’ve been really trying to get back in touch with my spiritual side after shutting it down for years.  There’s also a slowly growing acceptance of the idea of empathic ability anymore.  This article in The Atlantic for example:


It explores the researched idea that some people seem to project emotions.  There are also writers like Dr Judith Orloff, a UCLA Psychiatrist that has been writing on Empathy for decades.  Other writers are following suite.

The other half of it is that Twitter is driving me crazy with it’s steady stream of toxic bullshit.  Yes, I’m in a mood tonight.  Yes, when somebody puts something as strong as blind hate into something on the internet, that hate becomes tangible to somebody like me.  It creeps into our system and poisons our own mood.  Imagine literally absorbing and feeling the hate of every single “the other side needs to go die in a fire” tweet you see.  It’s a miserable experience.  It makes you feel like THIS:

So when I say in my “Be the Light” post that people addicted to outrage are making the world a darker place, I’m speaking as a person who is very familiar with emotional energy and energetic vibration.  Hate, no matter how righteous you THINK it is, lowers the vibration of the spiritual energy in the people and areas exposed to it.

How strong an empath am I personally?  When I lived in Georgia, I had a friend that lived in Perth Australia.  I could tell when she was having a bad day  or was sick and knew before I even hopped online to talk to her.  Literally half a world away.

I’m personally beginning to think Twitter is a lost cause also.  It’s a cesspool of negative emotional energy.  For emapths, everything in life comes down to “Am I getting more positive energy out of this than negative BS?”  It’s a survival technique since we can only filter or shield out so much.

Maybe I’ll go into this further in a separate blog if there’s any interest.  Tonight I just needed to rant.