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World’s First Working Proto-Lightsaber

Yes, officially. Per the Guinness Book of World Records no less:

Hacksmith is the same group that invented the other lightsabers I posted about ages ago. This has a fully retractable “blade” though.

OK, it’s really an insanely hot oxy-propane cutting torch with a LONG flame. Still… They’re getting closer.

I figure we could all use a little fun and geeky coolness right about now also. 🙂

It got them to 10 million YouTube subscribers also, and earned them the coveted Diamond Play Button award from Google / YouTube… Which they promptly cut in half. O_O

How to Build a Working Lightsaber… Sort Of…

I find all kinds of weird stuff on the internet and YouTube. Its part of why I hate the direction YouTube is going. No politics for this post though…

One of the craziest YouTube channels I’ve seen is called HackSmith. It’s a handful of science geeks with a love of sci-fi who devote their channel to figuring out how to build real world versions of things like Iron Man’s armor and a lightsaber.

Obviously, they’re not going to get things just like the movies, but it really is amazing what they can come up with.

Take a look at their construction of a 3000 degree Kylo Ren proto-saber.

So does that look like a hot time or what? LOL