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It’s Rained So Much….

Anybody remember ‘The Match Game’?

Well, in that spirit:

It’s rained Soooo much here that ___________.

The squirrels and jays are building an Ark

People are commuting to work in boats

The state song has been changed:

Back When TV Was Funny:

This one just for fun. A couple of clips of the old SitCom “Night Court”. Note that the male defendant in this scene is Brent Spiner; AKA Commander Data of Star Trek Fame.

This was one of my favorite shows back in the day. They just don’t make them like this anymore. In honor of Brent Spiner’s appearance in the clip above, I dug up the one where the show made fun of Trekkies also:

Ever Wonder What Alderaan Looked Like?

Friday Fun Day here at the blog, so time for something on the lighter side. If you’re like many Star Wars fans, you’ve probably found yourself wondering at least once what Alderaan looked like before the Death Star blew it up. We all know it looked something like this afterwards, lol:

Asteroid field with space fog background – yes, dark humor. 😛

Well, I was always curious what it had been like anyway; this peaceful utopia with no weapons (per Leia).

The only real look that I know of comes via the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic. Yes, it’s a video game, but Disney has adapted elements from different games as part of canon already, including The Old Republic. The Chiss Ascendancy being one example.

Bottom line, this may or may not be canon. My best educated guess is yes, because Disney’s overall pattern with deciding what’s canon seems to be “does it fit and would we have to pay royalties to anybody outside of our existing sphere”. Alderaan’s description fits and is from Bioware / Electronic Arts, which is inside of it’s existing realm of control.

My opinion of Disney overall has been covered in previous posts

So, What Has Been Disclosed About Alderaan?

I remember ages ago that Alderaan, at the time of the movies, had been described as a planet of artisans and tradespeople. Largely rural as well, if I recall correctly. Alderaan 3000 years before the battle of Yavin (when the game is set) was the same geographically, but different socially. It’s a mountainous planet with a very similar look to the European Alps. It has quite few rugged peaks with alpine meadows, lakes and rivers between them:

The architecture doesn’t blend with nature in the classic definition, but it’s artistic with a feel of sharing nature as opposed to dominating it, at least to me. Below is one of many mountain passes on Alderaan’s playable map area:

Alderaan, both in game lore and during the time of the movies, is ruled by a royal family with other noble houses playing advisors and lobbyists to the royals. The high ranking noble houses have lesser “vassal” noble houses that follow them, and then there’s the public. It’s fairly feudal in nature without the “serfs bound to the land” aspect.

The ruling family / house can change with the death of the king or queen, since apparently the nobles have to approve the new ruler. If there’s a disagreement, then you can end up with a civil war, which was the case in the game. House Panteer was the ruling family right up to the time of the game, and MUCH later, House Organa had the throne during A New Hope.

The high ranking noble houses are described as some of the most wealthy in the entire galaxy, and I think the House Organa palace reflects that pretty well:

The actual Alderaan royal castle makes that look like a shanty town plywood shack too.

Ergo, I think one might conclude that Grand Moff Tarken had a secondary objective in blowing up Alderaan; ending it’s economic power and influence within the Empire.

Alderaan was far from peaceful 3000 years before the movie. I already mentioned a civil war. All of Alderaan’s noble houses prided themselves on and bragged about the quality of their knights and officers, as well as their battle droids. One noble house; House Rist, even worked strictly as a guild of assassins and information brokers for the other noble houses, with no loyalty to any of them. Sounds akin to the Iga and Koga ninja of feudal Japan.

Obviously, if Leia was being honest when talking to Tarkin, Alderaan had grown a fair amount in the 3000 years leading up to the movies. The noble houses were clearly still there and holding power however.

You Stuck Up, Half-Witted, Scruffy Looking Nerf Herder!

Just about everybody remembers THIS scene from Empire Strikes Back:

Well… one of the highlights of my original time playing this game was finally seeing a Nerf! YES, they’re real, and they’re raised as farm animals and exist in the wild on Alderaan:

I thought it was a nice touch, adding them into the game, and showed the developers were true fans, LOL. Yes, that’s my pureblood Sith Adoxia that I got the screenshot with as well.

National Tequila Day!

Yes, it really is National Tequila Day. Every day is national something day anymore, lol.

Since it’s Friday Fun Day here at the blog, I figured I’d post some appropriate songs. First is the all time classic:


And that’s just the better known songs out there, LOL. Bottom line, Americans love their Tequila.

Irony with this list though: I don’t drink.

Double Rainbows!!

Time for another Friday Fun Day post. 🙂 This one inspired by Eugenia’s similar post a few weeks back. I got lucky and was riding shotgun in the Subaru when we got our own double rainbows about a month ago now…

The second one wasn’t too bright unfortunately, but it’s there. 🙂

And the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow was Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar. 😁😁😁

Best burgers I’ve had hands down.

Friday Fun Day: More Music

Just some fun and uplifting stuff to get the weekend off to a good start. 🙂

I dunno about uplifting, but that one is just fun, especially in context of the movie. 😀

And a little reminder that people can do great things if we all set aside our petty biases:

And if all of that was uplifting but too serious:

Crisis On The Home Front!

I had hoped to keep “Friday Fun Day” light after multiple rants about the abuses I’m seeing. I’m NEVER that lucky though. Turns out we’re in serious danger at our apartment. See for yourself:

I know about these things! I’ve seen documentaries!!!



Actually, we went to the store tonight and I’m pretty sure I found the reason for their vicious nature…

They make them into bread out here!!!

You’d have an attitude also. I mean look what Hansel and Gretel did to that witch when she tried the same thing. O_O O_O

More Memes! Why? Because!

There’s still an hour and 45 minutes here until Saturday, so technically it’s still Friday Fun Day here at the blog.

The good news out there is that virus totals appear to have crested and are slowing down or decreasing. If the trend continues, we’ll be out of the woods soon. 🙂

Since moving is keeping me busy, I’m going to post a few memes for your amusement. First, in keeping with the coronavirus theme:

That’s what they all say. LOL. Not that kitties are ever up to mischief…

Then again, are kitties any worse than superheroes and insurance company advertising mascots?

BTW… Has anybody else noticed that spellcheckers often STILL don’t recognize “coronavirus”? O_o

7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Red Pandas

It’s Friday Fun Day here at Silk Chatters, and I think we desperately need a break, however brief from all the gloom and doom of COVID-19 coverage.

With that in mind, I’m bringing you a short recap from Scientific American on “Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Red Pandas”.

This is just the highlights, with a link to the full story afterwards. You can catch all the fun info that goes along with these tidbits there. 🙂

1. Red Pandas Aren’t Pandas. Well, their name says otherwise, BUT they’re not that closely related to giant pandas as it turns out. They were tested on Jerry Springer & giant panda is NOT the father. 😀

2. They are “Herbivorous Carnivoran”: That’s academic speak for they mostly eat plants but occasionally sneak in some meat to their diet.

3. They Have a Sweet Tooth: Not TOO unusual in the animal kingdom BUT believe it or not, they actually seem to prefer sugar substitutes.

4: Their Coloration Actually IS Good for Camouflage: The fir trees in many of their native habitats are covered with a similarly colored moss.

5: They’re in Competition for Habitat in Nepal with Local Cheese Farms

6. Red Pandas Tweet: Actually, to be accurate, the sound they make is known as “twittering.” There’s a link to the actual sound in the Scientific American article

7: It Was Almost Named the Wah: The naturalist that first presented them to the scientific community in London wanted to name them the Wah based on the sound they make.

And a Bonus Fun Fact From Yours Truly:

8: They Are NOT Communist: Yes, despite their name, they have not now or ever been a member of the communist party. In fact, they’re pretty apolitical. 😀 😀 😀

Here’s a link to the original story (via Pocket):

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Red Pandas