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Food Handling You MAY Have Never Thought About

Yesterday was my normal food related posting day, but the move has me busy. So we have a belated Meals Monday on the subject of food handling.

Just a short tip this time. I last got reminded of this at the State Fair last summer. The current virus reminded me this could be a valuable topic here. I’ll assume my readers are smart enough to understand cross contamination and know to wash a knife or cutting board before reusing it for a different food item. Yes, wash your hands constantly also. 🙂

This tip is less thought about, and that’s to wash cans and bottles before you use them. Not just drinks, but canned vegetables and such also. Remember, these cans and bottles sit around dirty warehouses and shipping trucks, then on store shelves where they’re handled by who knows how many people before you buy them.

If you just take a can opener to that can of veggies or chili, who knows what you’re letting come into contact with your food.

Here, its easy to remember. Stuff feels grungy just coming off the store shelf half the time. At any rate, with the virus now making it’s rounds, AND the conflicting reports about how long it can live on various surfaces, this tip is all the more important.

Bonus Tip:

ALWAYS check expiration dates. I’ve pulled dry goods off the shelf here and found 2 year old expiration dates in a couple of cases. This was at the “premium” grocery stores too.

Bonus Tip #2:

Check your take out food before leaving the restaurant also, otherwise you can end up with a salad like THIS when you get home:

It smelled even worse than it looks