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410 + 721

No, not an addition problem. When are my headlines ever that straight forward? LOL.

410 + 721 is actually my current WordPress situation. I hit and surpassed the 400 follower mark (yay!!). With no notification from WP either. >(

I’m also sitting on a backlog of 721 unread wordpress related emails in my inbox. All it took was a few days “off” to try to work on the house to get to that point also. I’m still not sure how much of that I’m going to try to catch up on and how much will just have to sadly go by the wayside.

Networking is an important part of blogging and I try to return the support I’m given. I’m only human though. That despite my best efforts, LOL.

On the bright side, we have one lowball offer on the house. IF we can negotiate them up, we might be done with that phase of the insanity. Ironically, with the virus hysteria destroying the economy, we’re now wondering if a mostly blind move across country is such a great idea at this moment. There’s a stable employment situation here after all.

Well, we will negotiate, wait, watch and:

Yep, more comic book geekery. Sometimes there’s strong, simple truths in fantastic stories though.

This message brought to you courtesy of the Blue Lantern Corps, reminding all of the importance of Hope. 😀 😛

Oh and yes, for those wondering; Barry Allen was a Blue Lantern during the Darkest Night.

OH, and I didn’t forget my revised blog format either. The chaos has simply thrown a wrench into that briefly. We’ll get back to it soon. For the moment though, the world MIGHT be able to do without Tuesday Trash. 🙂

Blog and Life Updates.

I have to be brief here as my next appointment with the voodoo doctor is in just over an hour.

So far so good on the acupuncture’s one treatment holding.

No sign of the attacker from the other night coming back a third time. I can sense he’s out there though, so we’re keeping our eyes open.

BBQ pics DID finally download from the phone. A pox on Apple for a thousand generations. I’ll get to posting all of that later today.

Writing itself has been real slow the last few days. My mojo definitely got messed with.

Keeping up with email notifications for the blog and all followed blogs is a pain also:

Yes, that’s accurate, and the email account shown there is used ONLY for this blog.

Five Geek points if you get the reference on the above picture also.

The other (kinky) blog is set up, I just need to do some writing. As for moving the chit chat blog (ie this blog) also… WordPress doesn’t share any of the perks on a paid site with a secondary attached site, so there’s no reason for me to move things at all. So, what this site has morphed into is staying right here.