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The Return of The Bat???

It was recently announced that Michael Keaton is in talks to reprise his role as Batman.

Keaton potentially would be revising his role as part of the DCEU “Flash” movie starring Ezra Miller. Fans have been going crazy speculating on what exactly the role would be, due to the premise of the movie being DC’s “Flashpoint” event that rebooted the DC Universe for it’s “New 52” line up. AFTER Flash straightened out his screw-up that is.

Flashpoint involved The Flash traveling back in time to try to save his mother, only to have it all go sideways and create a dark alternate reality. In that reality, Bruce Wayne was killed, not Thomas and Martha. Martha Wayne went crazy from the loss and became the Joker. Thomas Wayne followed nearly the exact same path as Bruce did, and became that world’s Batman. A much meaner Batman more akin to Marvel’s Punisher.

So, Keaton MIGHT fill that role as an older, grimmer Batman, OR he could take over the role for the main reality Batman. With the DCEU movie franchise in seemingly constant turmoil as producers, directors and actors go through a revolving door, anything is possible. Fans are speculating like crazy, right down to what the costume might look like. Some are even suggesting a version of the Terry McGinnis “Batman Beyond” future Batman costume:

image from GeeksOnCoffee.com

Personally, I’ve always loved the look of that Batman costume. I even duplicated for my Champions Online character Shadowhawk:

Her normal costume is more modern Batgirl themed, but I love this one.

This, by the way, is Thomas Wayne’s bat suit:

Yes, he carries guns and he uses them.

Again, which Batman we’ll see, and if Keaton gets the role at all are still up in the air. Nothing ever seems certain with DC’s movie production. Despite strong initial doubts in the 80s about Keaton as Batman, he did an excellent job as The Bat and Bruce Wayne. I hope this works out, even if it’s a one shot appearance for Keaton as Thomas Wayne.

It’s funny also, because over at ComicBookComplex, one of the blogs I follow, we were recently talking about how Keaton did a great job as Batman and it would be great if he could somehow come back. Trendsetters we are, I tell yah. LOL.

Rumor has it that much like the Comics, the Flash’s flashpoint themed movie will be used to reboot the movie universe. We shall see there also.

My biggest hope for the movie is that Ezra Miller’s Flash isn’t the bumbling buffoon he was in Justice League