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7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Red Pandas

It’s Friday Fun Day here at Silk Chatters, and I think we desperately need a break, however brief from all the gloom and doom of COVID-19 coverage.

With that in mind, I’m bringing you a short recap from Scientific American on “Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Red Pandas”.

This is just the highlights, with a link to the full story afterwards. You can catch all the fun info that goes along with these tidbits there. 🙂

1. Red Pandas Aren’t Pandas. Well, their name says otherwise, BUT they’re not that closely related to giant pandas as it turns out. They were tested on Jerry Springer & giant panda is NOT the father. 😀

2. They are “Herbivorous Carnivoran”: That’s academic speak for they mostly eat plants but occasionally sneak in some meat to their diet.

3. They Have a Sweet Tooth: Not TOO unusual in the animal kingdom BUT believe it or not, they actually seem to prefer sugar substitutes.

4: Their Coloration Actually IS Good for Camouflage: The fir trees in many of their native habitats are covered with a similarly colored moss.

5: They’re in Competition for Habitat in Nepal with Local Cheese Farms

6. Red Pandas Tweet: Actually, to be accurate, the sound they make is known as “twittering.” There’s a link to the actual sound in the Scientific American article

7: It Was Almost Named the Wah: The naturalist that first presented them to the scientific community in London wanted to name them the Wah based on the sound they make.

And a Bonus Fun Fact From Yours Truly:

8: They Are NOT Communist: Yes, despite their name, they have not now or ever been a member of the communist party. In fact, they’re pretty apolitical. 😀 😀 😀

Here’s a link to the original story (via Pocket):

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Red Pandas