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I Got Stabbed on St Patrick’s Day!

with a vaccination needle. Nothing like a dramatic headline to get attention though. 😀 It works for the media. 😛

Being married to a diabetic with a heart murmur pushes both of us a little further up the priority list for getting the vaccine, it seems. We were told a few weeks ago that our group was now open for getting the vaccine, and we managed to snag an opening yesterday.

For the record, I’m still a bit wary about the vaccine and if it may have some long term side effects, etc… Given the high risk in the household though, I figure it’s best to play it safe and hope for the best as opposed to waiting and watching a while longer.

Thus far I have not spouted goblin ears, nor started ranting that Biden is too conservative, so it SEEMS some of the fears regarding it are unfounded, LOL

In fact, the only issues from the vaccine thus far were a bit of soreness at the injection site, and some fatigue. I’m not even sure how much of the fatigue was from the vaccine either given that I only got about 5 hours sleep the night before. I used to thrive on that level, now I’m old and get cranky without 7 or 8. 😀

We got the version from my least favorite scumbag megacorporation also:

That means, among other things, we’ll have to go back for a second shot. April 7th is the soonest we can do so, and that will probably require another appointment. I suppose the bright side is that we’re not getting as heavy a dose as the single dose versions, which theoretically means less chances of some of the body aches and other symptoms after getting the shot.

Interesting note also… We got vaccine cards showing we were vaccinated along with the vaccine manufacturer and lot number, AND expiration date. MUCH was made of how short a shelf life this vaccine has, and how the previous administration bungled so much around it (which is partially true). The lot we were given though doesn’t expire for over 3 months:

If you listened to the news, you’d easily get the impression this stuff has a shelf life of days, if not hours. There you see it though; Expires June 30, 2021.

Need I even get back on my “media bias and hysteria for ratings” soapbox? Didn’t think so. 🙂

ANYWAY… The whole vaccine site was weird. They needed an area that could serve as a LONG LONG drive through basically. They chose a hiking trail park in the hills at the edge of town:

There yah go; rednecks don’t take COVID serious. Just ask the news.

The whole park was a long narrow hairpin going back miles in one direction and then swinging back around and heading right back to the entrance. We drove so far down the road I was starting to joke they wanted a spot to hide the bodies more easily.

About 1/3 of the way back, we hit the big drive through tent and got our shots. The 20 minutes we were supposed to wait afterwards was taken up just getting to the last checkpoint before the exit. We had a 1pm appointment and got out of the park at 2:40pm.

Oh and did I mention the off and on monsoon level rain all day?

We’re going on 14 hours now and so far no real symptoms or side effects at all beyond mild annoyance at the thought of enduring that line again. So much for the doomsayers. Of course, if I start to turn into a chicken or a goat, I’ll be sure to let folks know. 😛

As you saw, the line to get a shot was crazy long also, and apparently stays that way. I see more folks than I’d like without masks, BUT people are taking it seriously. Even the “poor dumb people” down in the South.

Another Lesson in Why I Hate the Media

Some of my longer term readers may remember my posts almost a year ago where I supplied stories from multiple news services about how the Wuhan Institute of Virology was reported to be an unsafe wreck, and almost certainly responsible for the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak. The main post with those links was about media bias in general, but here are the links to the actual Wuhan stories:




My point in the earlier post was that the media in general was more interested in discrediting the Trump Administration than reporting the truth. Wuhan was called a hoax, the lab was (not) imaginary, and we were told it was all racism and xenophobia.

Well, guess what? NOW, we have the media reporting the news of the 2018 reported unsafe conditions at the Wuhan labs as if it’s a brand new story. EVERYBODY on the Right and Left is jumping on it. Even Fox, who banged the drum pretty hard on the story while trying to defend Trump, is treating it like something new:



BTW, when every outlet from MSNBC to Fox is pushing the exact same angle, watch out! It means the entrenched swamp on both sides is all working together with the same goal. Conflict is coming.

This is NOT about Trump. The leadership (at the very least) of both sides should have known via national security briefings. Instead of doing anything before we had a global pandemic, they first chose to ignore it and then play political gamesmanship after all hell broke loose.

Was the media asking tough questions and getting to the bottom of anything? NO!

All the media did was help the bureaucracy point fingers at the other side and treat the public as idiots to be demagogued and lead around by the nose like idiots.

We the people need to start demanding better of our media; less bias and commentary, more hard facts and objective reporting. The media as it stands now is a biased, conflict driven joke. I pick usually on the “mainstream” media (as if Fox isn’t mainstream with it’s massive viewer base), but this time I’ll use an example from Fox.

THAT a headline to a story at their website.

Pig In A Blanket… REALLY. Is THAT “fair and balanced”? It’s nothing resembling proper journalism. It’s sensationalist, inflammatory red meat for the base, WWE level “color commentary“, and if Cuomo wasn’t such a creep, it’d be outright libel.

Is it REALLY so hard to just report the facts and allegations against him as they stand and give the public credit for the ability to draw it’s own conclusions on IF or how big a scumbag Cuomo is? Both sides do this all the time though, and Fox just spent FOUR YEARS bitching about how the rest of the media did to Trump EXACTLY what they’re doing here. Hypocrisy on all sides.

And the thing that irks me the most about the Wuhan story is that I successfully ignored the news for months only to see that damned story plastered EVERYWHERE.

I really hope people are getting fed enough enough to actually say “ENOUGH”.

The Insanity Continues

No, not the election, although the idiocy I’m seeing on both sides makes me wish I had my political blog up and running. I’ve got rants building up, LOL. NO, this time I’m revisiting our ultimate devourer of the universe; COVID-19

I’m seeing persecution and vilification of people not wearing masks, the media hyping “worst month ever” every month, and today I was in the shopping and saw the store was cleaned out of toilet paper AGAIN. MAYBE that has something to do with Biden’s 4 to 6 week lockdown talk, I don’t know. Either way it’s crazy.

You’ve been warned though; get a small stockpile yourself before it’s gone again.

“Worst month ever” I’ve seen every month for the last 4 months. You know what I’m NOT seeing though? The pictures of bodies piling up so high in New York City that they were being loaded on trucks using forklifts. That WAS happening back in March and April though. There was evidence of sick people back then. I’m not seeing even that in the last month or so. Yes, I’m saying I believe the media is lying, AND the CDC’s own stats would support that. April was still the worst month for deaths by far. I’m sure the disease is still out there doing it’s thing, just not quite at the level advertised.

That CDC web page says that in the U.S. there have been 225,683 deaths directly attributable to COVID. That’s one in every 1475 people roughly. A *typical* flu season kills around 50,000 people in the U.S. So yes, it’s roughly 5 times more dangerous than a garden variety flu. It’s also a little less contagious than measles per recent reports (which makes it pretty contagious).

We’re up to 1,309,703 deaths worldwide also, BUT the 1918 Spanish Flu killed 45 times that number of people. SO, as I keep saying; it’s dangerous and to be respected but it’s NOT the end of the universe.

Mask Derangement Syndrome: Before I get going here, let me state that I *do* believe they work and are a good preventative measure. This hysteria that anyone not wearing one is spreading COVID is insane though. First, there are legitimate medical reasons for not wearing them; primarily breathing issues.

I get touchy about masks around food myself. That’s an ideal situation for germs to travel. I don’t go out of my way to persecute people or assume they’re automatically infected though.

It also seems to be forgotten that COVID can spread via contact too. Door handles, toilet seats, table and chairs, etc… Using gloves or these silly hook tools that I see don’t do anything long term either since the germs will cover the gloves or tool and then jump to the person. They’re short term protection at best.

Those antibacterial wipes and sprays only create super germs also. “Kills 99.9% of germs” means that .1% becomes resistant and continues to multiply. So, not only are there no guarantees in life, sometimes the “cure” only adds to the problem.

Bottom line, if you want a fairy tale existence that guarantees you’re never going to run any risk of exposure, stay at home. Otherwise you’re going to have to accept the 1 in roughly 300 chance that you MIGHT come down with it, and mitigate the odds by wearing your own mask. There’s a 98 to 99 percent chance based on current and recovered cases, that if you get it, that it’s going to be relatively mild also.

Stay safe also, but in the name of humanity, the hysteria is worse than the actual virus.

Calling BS on “Draconian Business Closure Edicts”

This will end up being a prelude to a post I had already planned on doing about finally getting out on the town on Tuesday night; coming soon (like later tonight).

However, I once again saw a story, (this time a blog post), exploiting the whole situation with COVID-19. While I frequently call BS on the Far Left, (because they have a much wider voice / reach), I’ll certainly pick on the Right also when they’re wrong. Such is the case here. The blog post talked about how Nashville had monkeyed with COVID statistics and used that as an excuse to implement “Dracnoian Business Closure Edicts”.

The trouble here is that I just was there two days ago. We went to go grab a pizza on Broadway; Nashville’s version of Music Row, and then try a milkshake place that was shown on the Food Network’s ‘Best Thing I Ever Ate’.

local rule; as long as you’re at your table, you don’t need a mask.

Truth? Everything was open. Every joint on the strip had live music, social distancing was actually at a bare minimum, and I saw next to nothing closed. The Ryman Auditorium was open, etc… The only thing I really saw closed at all was the civic center. We parked near there since it was the one parking spot we knew, and walked a good mile or so. We passed the hockey arena and the Country Music Hall of Fame along the way too.

Everyone in LA is an Actor, and everyone in Nashville is a singer, lol

In fact, I was actually a little annoyed at the number of people walking around without masks at all. Police were out also but not enforcing the masks in public rule.

For those who haven’t read my previous posts, I’m very middle of the road on COVID-19. It CAN be quite dangerous but often isn’t, and it’s spread about twice as much as a bad flu season. I advocate using a mask in public, a little common sense, and NOT listening to the hysteria on BOTH sides of the issue. It is NOT the end of civilization, nor is it a completely fake story drummed up to scare people. It sickens me also that people on both sides of this mess are trying to exploit it for personal and political gain.

And both sides wonder why the public doesn’t trust anything they say on the issue, or anything else.

They want MY trust, they’re going to have to earn it via accurately informing, NOT manipulation and fear mongering.

W.H.O. Now Says Asymptomatic Transmission is “Very Rare”

Gee, tell me something I didn’t already know, LOL. Yep, since I’m test driving doing social issues again, I’m doing another “Tuesday Trash”, but trying to keep the tone calmer than a few previous posts.

SO here’s the story:

I really want to be ultra-nice here, but at the same time, I was so completely and utterly disgusted by some bloggers who cursed out anyone outdoors, accused them of attempted murder, etc… Shame on those folks, though I doubt they’ll ever admit they were acting like hysterical school girls.

As I said a hundred times, take the disease seriously but do NOT sink to blind panic and hysteria.

As Laura V pointed out, the timing of the release is pretty convenient too. Cover for the protest crowds and it supports contact tracing as well.

Keep calm, practice your social distancing, and especially if you’re going out to protest, wear a mask. Social distancing goes out the window in those large gatherings.

China Lied, People Died…

Back to the Coronavirus war… My recent “Analyzing a News Story for Bias” post had links to multiple stories about the existence of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and it’s probable role in the COVID-19 outbreak.

Funny… If the lab doesn’t exist and is fake news, why does it have a website and how come you can look up it’s location in Wuhan on Google Maps?

I’m going to keep this one short because I’ve found a 13 minute video that pretty well documents the whole situation.

Take a look if you’re not afraid to have your beliefs challenged.

WOW, OK, so WordPress is apparently getting into the Fascist silencing game. Fine… I’ll hide the link by embedding it.

Ready for Your NEXT Pandemic Scare?

Yes, it’s already here. I saw it on local TV, and had to google it. The disease is called “Pediatric Multi Symptom Inflammatory Syndrome” or “Pediatric Multi Symptom Inflammatory Disease”

This one causes severe respiratory system inflammation, and has put a handful of kids in various cities across the country into their local hospitals. It’s definitely serious, but I can already tell by media coverage that they’re just looking for angles to exploit this thing. I’ve even seen several attempts to tie it to COVID-19. That despite reputable reporting saying that it more resembles Kawasaki Disease.

New York has the worst outbreak with 64 cases thus far across the entire state. There’s apparently 5 or so in Tennessee also. I don’t know about other states.

The yellow journalism here is the absolute worst. Only a few sources are even responsibly reporting that any link to COVID-19 is only **SUSPECTED** at this point.

Tie it to COVID-19 though, and NOT ONLY can we destroy freedom for the greater social good, we can do it FOR THE CHILDREN!!! The favorite manipulative rallying cry of proponents of massive government and massive taxes.

Keep an eye out for this one. It’s coming to a media outlet near you. Be wary of the disease, but be even more wary of a manipulative scheming government and media.

Mis-Reporting Runs Amok Regarding the South

I’ve been disgusted by the news lately. Not only in how it’s blindly towing the big government fascism line regarding the coronavirus, but also how it’s targeted the South in particular. We’ve been the first to start to open back up and the bias in utterly astounding. Everything from the Texas salon owner to Georgia’s re-opening.


I’ve been seeing various “media” outlets hurl every insult our way imaginable. Everything from scathing commentary to rigged news stories about how Georgia is suffering MASSIVE coronavirus case rebound. It’s all been characterized as a a selfish money grab that’s costing lives.

Lies from people with guaranteed incomes who only care about creating a police state.

The truth: Openings have been fairly gradual, based on people and businesses displaying common sense with social distancing. Some stores and restaurants are still only open to curbside pickup. Some places are still closed, period. Where places have opened, social distancing guidelines are being followed closely. Here’s an example:

Blaze Pizza here in town. Note most folks are still taking out. That table with the painter’s tape X across it though… off limits. Tables were selectively closed so that the dining room occupancy was limited and everyone sat at .least six feet apart from other groups.

COMMON DAMNED SENSE, and without a government mandate. Imagine that!

Maybe “dumb rednecks” are a good bit smarter than the people involved in protests and other large gatherings in New York City, hmm?

I don’t even know who to believe on death totals anymore. Some places are saying 67,000 US deaths, some are saying 70,000 and I’ve seen totals as high as 77,000. What I can say is I haven’t seen any reports on the news of people being to hospitals in record numbers as we re-open. Nope, all is quiet on the Southern front.

The varying death totals are another example of manipulation however. How can we trust any news / government source if they’re going to arbitrarily put out random numbers or pad them with deaths that may have nothing to do with COVID-19?

Yeah, I know… Trust the WHO, right?

That’s the same organization that tells us the virus was nothing in China and is already gone there, BUT is still out of control here and the biggest threat ever to humanity. Never mind their own stats say there are other things that kill vastly more people:

I’ve put that graph up before. 9 million deaths a year from heart disease. Nearly 6 million from stroke. Nearly 3 million from COPD, etc… all the way down to Tuberculosis rounding out the top 10 with 1.6 million deaths per year.

Any way you slice it, the densely populated Northeastern states still have it worse than the South.

Texas Salon Owners Getting Jailed:

Dallas hair salon owner Shelley Luther has been the one getting most of the attention here. The way the mainstream media has portrayed her, you’d think her name was actually Lex Luthor.

Almost half a dozen other salon owners have been dealing with unjust imprisonment also however. Governor Greg Abbott finally had to amend his lockdown order and release the jailed women however. Not before the Lieutenant Governor paid Shelley Luther’s fines and got her released, the Texas attorney general called the governor out of control and said the jailings were political stunts, AND the Texas Supreme Court ruled the governor’s order unconstitutional.

Greg Abbott is NO Texan. REAL Texans value both freedom and personal responsibility.

The accounts I heard from more conservative sources say these women each had only 1 to 4 people in their salon at a time (depending upon the salon owner), and were wearing masks. Contrary to the governor’s fascistic statements, all they wanted was to be able to put food on the table for their children.

Read Shelley Luther’s interview with Fox for yourself and decide


Personally, I hope Abbott is impeached and removed from office.

Another Coronavirus Scientist Killed

Over the weekend, Bing Lui, a Chinese born professor and a researcher at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, was found dead Saturday inside a home in Ross Township, north of Pittsburgh, the Allegheny County medical examiner said.

NBC Story Link

Quite frankly, parts of the official story already stink also. Bing Lui was killed by another Chinese scientist who then killed himself. Early reports say it was over a romantic rivalry of some sort. Why doesn’t that gel with me? It doesn’t fit the pattern.

People that kill over romantic rivalries USUALLY either believe that eliminating the rival will enable them to be with the object of their affection, OR everybody involved has to die to end the shooter’s suffering. Granted the key word there is USUALLY, but that is the general method to the madness. Something smells here.

I hope I’m also not the only one paying attention to how many of these researchers, scientists and whistleblowers are ending up dead or missing. I posted a few links in the recent Trouble with Government post. I’ll re-post them here:

Li Wenliang: Coronavirus kills Chinese whistleblower doctor – BBC

Li Wenliang was NOT the only whistleblower or top researcher to die of the virus either. Many of the links I was reading just a week or so ago have already disappeared. Either vanished completely or buried behind a sea of Trump bashing stories.

Censorship is a whole other issue, and worthy of a separate blog post. Suffice it to say for the moment that I’m completely disgusted with a Western society (ie the entire West) that would go blindly along with censoring anything that disagrees with China / WHO propaganda. Dissent is SUPPOSED to be the ultimate hallmark of a healthy democracy.

Even the video SHOWING the WHO official kissing China’s ass that I had linked is now gone.

I’ve tried to keep a logical middle ground here. I **WANT** to trust my government, and the lying media too.

There’s just too much going on for me NOT to notice though. Lies, half truths, censorship, surveillance and imprisonment. All while the economy is being destroyed, farmers are killing livestock in obscene numbers because they can’t get them to store, and the government prints money like mad, destroying the value of our currency, and thus our future.

What aren’t we being told? Why are so many of these people dying and disappearing, and not just in China? What the hell is going on? Are the NWO / Illuminatti conspiracy nuts actually right?

CNN Finally Admits the Truth (for Once)

CNN released an article admitting that the Coronavirus has been circulating globally since late last year


This must have absolutely killed them to admit, as they’ve been one of the biggest cheerleaders for the official China / WHO propaganda line.

People were saying months ago that people in California had been exposed last November and that MAYBE California’s death totals were so low due to herd immunity. CNN, MSNBC and various control freak politicians all repeatedly labeled those people as insane conspiracy theorists though.

The article, interestingly enough, talks about how the virus spread like wildfire, racing across the globe because it’s so contagious. Then they backpedal, trying to cover their past mis-reporting, and say that it’s only effected 10% of the population, etc…


This whole story should raise some pretty serious questions in the minds of readers.

For starters, how are we supposed to trust a media that defends a foreign government’s official story at the expense of public safety and the nation it’s reporting to?

How much IS herd immunity a factor in the current spread of this disease?

Clearly the disease can’t have infected every human on the planet, so it’s silly to say it’s THE factor. With the virus roaming the planet for months before quarantines went into effect, we have to admit that herd immunity IS a factor to SOME degree though. Widespread testing is going to be the only way to get answers there.

How much have the sometimes draconian lockdowns actually helped?

Going back to California again, officials there like to point to the lockdowns there as the reason the state’s totals are so low. A) the virus had an apparent 3 month head start on the lockdowns. B) the California restrictions were pretty damned loose anyway. Almost everything has been considered essential, even dry cleaners. You can go out, walk, run, etc… as long as you stuck to small groups. Two being preferred. Concerts, sporting events and other large crowd things were closed. Strip clubs and massage parlors were among the few other things to be declared non-essential.

So again, just how big an impact did said California lockdown have? Some, but probably not as much as power mad politicians would like to admit.

What Else is the Media Lying About in the Name of Globalism and Bashing Trump?

Well, we certainly know they’re bending the truth about the anti-malaria drugs that have shown signs of fighting COVID-19. There were several stories about doctors saying it worked. At first, all CNN could do was say Trump must have investments in it if it’s being promoted. As more locations start using it, “Studies” are starting to turn up saying those meds are worthless. Big pharma needs to provide us with a NEW option that it can patent and profit off of after all.

Again, if the virus was spreading globally, months earlier than initially reported, then China’s whole time table and totals are COMPLETELY in question as well. So, in turn, is the WHO’s backing of those claims all this time.


First, it’s pretty clear the media is guided by social agendas not the truth. That’s bad enough when it comes to general reporting and politics. In the case of this disease, it’s playing games with peoples’ lives. It’s not just physical health that’s impacted either. It’s mental and financial well-being as well.

We need TRUTH! Facts, not BS and games.

The only thing we know for sure helps slow this virus down is social distancing. The worst outbreaks have almost always been in areas with the highest population density. New York City being a textbook example. A huge percentage of US cases come just from that city. 25,000 people per square mile in the least populated areas of NYC, and roughly 65,000 per square mile in Manhattan.

Masks help too, if they’re used properly. Gloves… They only protect the wearer and not the people they’re interacting with. Gloves MAY keep a cashier, etc… from washing hands for extended periods of time.

Government: You definitely have to question it’s actions and motivations. Especially when you have politicians like New Jersey’s governor saying Civil Rights are “above his pay grade”. That statement is as telling as it is juvenile.

By the way, it’s ALSO very telling regarding media corruption and Google’s complicity in covering up for the Far Left when they don’t even include a link to this YouTube video in their search results but have EIGHT links to the Governor’s office website in the first page along with the original FOX web page.