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China Lied, People Died…

Back to the Coronavirus war… My recent “Analyzing a News Story for Bias” post had links to multiple stories about the existence of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and it’s probable role in the COVID-19 outbreak.

Funny… If the lab doesn’t exist and is fake news, why does it have a website and how come you can look up it’s location in Wuhan on Google Maps?

I’m going to keep this one short because I’ve found a 13 minute video that pretty well documents the whole situation.

Take a look if you’re not afraid to have your beliefs challenged.

WOW, OK, so WordPress is apparently getting into the Fascist silencing game. Fine… I’ll hide the link by embedding it.

COVID-19’s Biggest Kill?

Some of the things I’m reading out there are getting outright scary. I keep a balanced approach here regarding the pandemic. Treating it as a joke gets my scorn, but so does treating it as the end of the world.

Sadly, it seems many people are buying into scare tactics that are COMPLETELY unjustified. Because of that, the coronavirus’s biggest casualty may end up being personal liberty.

I’ve seen a father get arrested for playing catch with his daughter in an empty park. I’ve heard of another old couple being chased out a park for sitting quietly together. I read several blogs where people say anybody outdoors for something “non-essential” should be arrested. Ironically some of them consider running and walking the dog to be “essential”.

People are calling 911 over people coughing. Government agencies here and abroad are setting up tip lines to report neighbors… Yeah, I’m starting to be able to imagine what it must have been like to live under Hitler’s brown shirts or the East German Stasi.

What all of these good little spies are missing is that this virus still hasn’t come close to a bad year of flu deaths, much less the top ten killers worldwide:

TB kills 1.5 million people a year. Diabetes nearly 2 million. Are we going to declare war on cupcakes and call the police on anybody eating cake? Car crashes are another 1.5 million plus per year. Ban anything with wheels?

Where does it end??? Seriously, where?

The trouble with this current pandemic is that it’s an unknown. Is it that weak, OR did the shelter in place stop it? We CAN’T say for sure how much either possibility was a factor. Anybody who tells you otherwise is a liar. Only extensive testing to determine how far and wide this virus spread will give us a real picture.

Treating it as a joke is a bad idea. Italy tried that at first. Throwing away all our civil liberties and turning into a police state though… Even more of a bad idea. The reality is this virus barely impacts the vast majority of a given population.

Let’s look again at Italy. It keeps getting held up as the worst case scenario. As of Saturday the 11th (when I’m actually writing this – early) – there have been 18,849 deaths RELATED TO the Coronavirus. That’s in a country with a total population of 60,300,000 people roughly. That’s a total of .003 percent of the population of Italy.

Hell, there’s 2,879,728 people in Rome alone. The death total for all of Italy isn’t even enough to erase 1% of that single city’s population (6 tenths of 1 percent actually).

Furthermore, out of the entire number of cases in Italy, you have 147,577 cases total (2 tenths of one percent of the population), and of those cases 94,776 are considered MILD, with another 30,455 recovered. Only 3,497 open cases are considered serious or critical in Italy.

Then you look at some place like Northern Ireland where they’ve had 92 deaths out of 1,891,100 people… You’re talking 5 thousandths of 1 percent (.0005%) of the total population.

CLEARLY, the differences in numbers between Italy and Northern Ireland shows that sheltering in place is making SOME difference. Is .003% vs .0005% worth destroying all our civil liberties over though?

Beware the power you give politicians. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Even if they set aside their police state powers, rest assured they’ll both keep the ability to access them again, AND do so at the first flimsy excuse.

Do I want people to die? Absolutely not. I’m a realist though. What I *am* saying is that we need to get past the fairy tale delusion that everything bad that can ever happen to a person, including death is absolutely preventable. It never has been, and it never will be. Creating dictators and becoming brown shirts will NOT provide you with security, only chains.

Did you also hear that there’s a theory being investigated at Stanford University that California actually has such low death rates because COVID-19 got here earlier than believed (during flu season) and we all developed a herd immunity to it?

Coronavirus: The California Herd

What Am I Advocating?

The same simple, common sense middle of the road approach I have been since the beginning. Self Isolate as much as practical, wear a mask if available, etc… But let go of this blind panic and need for the government to protect you at all costs!!!

California, believe it or not, has pretty loose shelter in place laws. Darn near everything is considered “essential”, even nail salons and dry cleaners! With the exception of a handful of municipalities though, we’ve been trusted to use good judgment and act like adults. Many businesses have closed down temporarily, all the others are running shortened hours, 1 in and 1 out entry policies with social distancing at registers and the line to enter, etc… The bigger and more essential stores are also running special seniors only shopping hours to help protect them.

People are allowed to go out running or walk around the park etc… as long as they stay in groups of 2 or 3 only.

You know what? It’s worked too, even with the extreme number of nanny state nutcases we have here.

Last Note:

Keep in mind those fatality numbers are any death where the person also had COVD-19. Occasionally it does kill (formerly) healthy people. Much of the time, they were already somehow sick anyway. Total cases is a true mystery also. I’ve heard speculation that as much as 75% of the population may have contracted it and never even known. If (And that’s a big if) 3 out of every 4 people really have had this thing by now, how silly does a police state look?


Today is SUPPOSED to be Friday Fun Day here at the blog. Things have been crazy though. Trying combat the fear mongering and BS out there is exhausting. Not really good for my hypertension when I see all the manipulative wording. “Coronavirus Related Causes” being a MASSIVE one in reporting on deaths. Most of the time, these poor people were in BAD shape to begin with. The virus just hastened their demise. That doesn’t sell papers or get TV ratings though.

Nobody is telling us truths. We’re getting “could possibly”, “is likely to”, etc… on top of tricky word games like the above. The media and the government need to quit playing games and start giving us accurate, complete disclosure. How else are we supposed to know what to do?

Then there’s the political manipulation and division too. Bloomberg published an article recently about how the South was the epicenter of the outbreak and was so backwards that it was completely unprepared to handle it.

I think they’d better check the NYC death totals. This is a pandemic, not a opportunity to take cheap shots at groups you’re bigoted against, Mr Bloomberg and CO. Division and hate have NO place in the current situation. Doubly so when you’re giving people bad info on the pandemic.

On a personal level, we’re behind on getting packed for our move. We’re also wondering if it’s even going to be possible at this point with travel restrictions in place in some places. You can’t even get good information on how they work due to all the hysteria in reporting. Either way, we have some real catch up work to do and my time here may be limited in the immediate future.

In the mean time, I’ll leave you with a partially Fun Friday:

Those from ICanzHasCheeseburger. Always a good place for an animal related giggle. 🙂

*THIS* Is Why You Should Avoid Conspiracy Theories

An almost unbelievable story came out of Los Angeles the last couple of days. I say ALMOST unbelievable because I’ve seen so much utter stupidity and wretched human behavior lately that precious little surprises me anymore.

So what happened? A train engineer who spent all his time reading conspiracy theories went off the deep end, almost literally. He derailed his train in an effort to RAM the US Navy Hospital Ship ‘Mercy’. Yes, you read that correctly. This whackadoo wanted to damage or sink the hospital ship in the harbor to help with the Coronavirus outbreak.

According to the local ABC affiliate down in LA (link to their story to follow), “Federal prosecutors allege train engineer Eduardo Moreno, 44, of San Pedro intended to hit the ship, saying he thought it was “suspicious” and did not believe “the ship is what they say it’s for.'”

Yeah… Never mind that the US Navy has had hospital ships since World War 1… *headdesk*

Also quoted from ABC News: He allegedly made statements to a CHP officer that included “You only get this chance once. The whole world is watching. I had to. People don’t know what’s going on here. Now they will.”

Side Note: CHP is the California Highway Patrol. State Police in other words.

Do people REALLY know anything new other than this guy is a complete nutjob? Or that he did God knows how much damage to the railroad tracks, docks and the actual train and it’s cargo?

This jackwagon never bothered to think that those rail lines might be… ARE.… needed to move medical supplies from the port and save lives.



The trouble here is that if you read or hear enough of ANYTHING, it eventually starts to sound logical. That’s how conspiracy theories gain traction. It’s also how Nazi ideals took hold in enough of pre-WW2 Germany to scare the rest of the population into silence.

ANY idea can be eventually brainwashed into people, especially if it’s sold creatively. Any good hypnotist can tell you this. The human mind is pliable to a scary degree. Even murder can be sold IF you convince the person that the intended victim is not what they seem and a threat.

That last statement is why I rally so much against the toxic language of modern politics.

It’s also why I preach to read everything with a skeptical and questioning mind. Take nothing at face value. My high school history teacher gave me some of the best related advice I’ve ever heard here:

“Always assume what you read or hear is a lie and then ask yourself why the author / speaker is lying. Then you’ll get close to figuring out the motivation behind the words.”

Conspiracy theories are often put out there by people angry over their life and looking to blame some vast hidden cause for it instead of trying to correct their life. It absolves them of any responsibility to act or change.

That’s not to say the rich and political class don’t try to stack the deck more and more in their favor. They certainly do. Exploiting a situation is a good deal different from manipulating everything that happens in the world though. The former is correctable, the latter isn’t. Chasing whackadoo theories is a great distraction from actually focusing on correcting those former situations though.

Question what you read and hear, and avoid a steady diet of one type of information, it’s as bad for the mind as eating only one type of food is for the body.

I Want People Caned and Flogged!

Yes, I’m serious, and no this isn’t some bondage post, LOL. It’s Tuesday Trash and I need to vent a little instead of continuing to play cheerleader. There’s numerous stories out there of people rising to the occasion with this virus. There’s also alot of selfishness and stupidity on a level that really makes me wonder if the new world order folks aren’t right about needing to thin the population. I won’t go THAT far, but some people really do need public beatings. Who?


Right at the top of my list. I’m VERY pro-capitalism. When it’s guided by a moral compass and common sense, it’s done more to lift people out of poverty than any other economic system out there. PREDATORY capitalism like buying a store full of toilet paper or hand sanitizer so you can scalp it at three times the price or more to people suffering through a pandemic…

These people need to be tied to a post and be caned in public, then put in stocks while the crowd is allowed to throw garbage at them.

I’d put commodities traders in this group also, since this is essentially how they make money all the time. THAT is another post for Solutions Saturday on fixing capitalism though.


A prime example of why the gene pool could do with some thinning. I’ve heard multiple stories here the last few weeks. The first I believe was a couple of teens in Virginia coughing on a grocery store’s produce and uploading the video of it to social media. One more recent example is a Pennsylvania woman who similarly forced a grocery store to throw out $35,000 in produce after coughing all over it as a prank.

At last report, she was being charged with making terroristic threats and other offenses. That’s the least of what should happen to her. She’s depriving people of food in a time of shortages. Since she’s spreading fear and contributing to destabilizing the community, I’d have outright charged her with domestic terrorism.


I’m throwing in politicians, pundants, special interest groups and the media here. Every time I turn around I see somebody spreading lies, misinformation, twisted statistics in an effort to gain personal power. After the 9/11 attacks, the country set aside political differences and came together to deal with the situation. Any disagreements (at least initially) were stated as “I think this is a better option” instead of “The administration is completely incompetent and has blood on it’s hands”.

Bernie Sanders is now out of the race, but his statements about COIVD-19 will kill more than World War One were completely unsubstantiated by any sort of facts, irresponsible and made solely for the purpose of gaining ground on opponents in the primary and general elections.

I’ve said before I do NOT like defending Trump. I hate his personality. Still when I see the news hammering that he’s done nothing to resolve this crisis, I want to scream.

Everybody is REALLY quick to forget that he ordered travel restrictions to and from China back on January 31st. TWO MONTHS AGO. Back then, the Trump Derangement Syndrome media called him racist, xenophobic, hateful, and accused him of trying to destroy the economy via the ban’s supposed effect on imports.

He did the same with Europe and was met with similar cries of racism and xenophobia. He’s been hammered for things that the government has very limited control over such as the production of masks and ventilators. This is (used to be) a free country where private business controls it’s own means of production. Businesses are stepping up and starting to make supplies in record numbers too. Sometimes for free!

Getting back on point though, if you listen to the news, there’s NOTHING Trump or other foreign leaders can do right at all. Most of this criticism is coming from people who are politically opposed to these leaders and would do ANYTHING to bring them down. They care nothing about the damage they’re doing to their countries, only gaining power.


A special sub-category of the last group. I’m talking about people and agencies that have tried to cover up their own incompetence or cash in on this to grow their own influence. I’m developing a special hate for Anthony Fauci at this point. The man is shamelessly making the rounds on any media outlet that will have him spreading all manner of fear. Everything from this potentially being as bad as the 1918 Spanish Flu to it being a seasonal thing that the world will have to adjust to occurring every year.

Even a basic understanding of diseases shows that last one is complete BS and fear-mongering. The reason that the Spanish Flu and 2010 Swine Flu don’t make the news anymore is that viruses tend to devolve over time. The worst strains of a virus kill off their hosts and thus die out, and the remainder of a virus may survive, but people develop antibodies to it.

On the flip side, there’s the CDC feeding the White House bad information at first, and the WHO helping China cover up the true extent of it’s epidemic, thus slowing response to the disease. These agencies are tasked with fighting epidemics, not helping spread them!!!

Similarly there’s the US Surgeon General going on TV a while back and telling people not to wear masks, they don’t help. That was apparently to cover up the administration knowing there was a shortage of masks and wanting to save them for health care workers. The only real question here was who above and below him was responsible for the idea to promote this misinformation? Probably some of his underlings and peers in the President’s Cabinet. I won’t rule out Trump himself. When the man screws up, I’m more than happy to say so.

Tucker Carlson had it right here: At this point, the government, all of it, has a credibility problem. People know when they’re being lied to. They also see the widely varying predictions and advice. If the government wants it’s response taken seriously, it has to shoot straight with the public.


He had it right. “Trust is critical”. BTW, the actual commentary starts at the 1:54 mark on that video. Before that is a recap of the measures being taken in New York City.

OK, end of rant.

Let the beatings begin.

Focus on the Positive and What You CAN Do

My first actual “Solutions Saturday” post since reorganizing the blog a few weeks back. I’ve seen several really good blog posts recently with advice on what to do while stuck at home, and keeping a positive mindset.

Sheltering in place has admittedly been less of an issue for me than many people out there. I have a bad back and neck, and while our income allows us to live in modest comfort, it doesn’t allow for many splurges. That means I’ve spent quite a bit of time at home the last handful of years. I’ve adapted.

After reading over those blog posts, I think I can better put into words what’s helped me survive.


Your mindset is going to be the biggest factor in how you deal with sheltering in place. You can look at it as prison, OR an adventure, vacation and / or chance to do new things. The one thing nobody can take away from you without your consent is how you choose to react to things.

Focus on the positive. You hear it from self-improvement gurus all the time, and for good reason.


Keeping things in perspective helps. Remember that while this outbreak is serious, it’s not as bad as the news is making it out. In just a matter of a few weeks, we should be seeing it dying out also.


As an example, I could have focused all this time on not eating out as much as we’d like. Instead, I took the opportunity to become an even better cook. My food blog posts are now one of the most popular parts of my blog. I can out-do most of the local restaurants also, and for less money. Think of the fun of being able to wow friends and family with your cooking. Work? Yes, but anything worth having requires it.

Getting away from my own situation, there are other alternatives. Much like finding writing inspiration, it just requires opening your eyes to the possibilities.

Read a book, or watch that movie that you never got to see in theaters

Spend more quality time with your kids. It’ll help all of you feel better about this mess. They WILL remember it down the road also.

Take up a new hobby like cooking or photography

Pick up a new skill also. There are several free online classes to learn how to code for example. Who knows? It could even lead to a career change or new opportunities

If you have a patio or back yard, spend some time there so you’re getting some sunshine. Work in your garden if you have one.

Take care of any DIY projects you’ve got around the house. Doing something productive IS important psychologically and will give you an emotional boost.

Much like the last option, there’s cleaning also. It’s not fun work BUT you have to admit, it feels good to be in a clean house.

Yes, it’s OK to take some down time to self care or recharge the batteries also, just don’t wallow in it. 🙂


This is one I’ve been pushing in my blog for a long time now. I’m talking about what and where you take in relating to news of the world. The media is all gloom, doom and hysteria. It sells papers as the old cliche goes.

Unlike some people, I don’t advocate a complete shutting down here. I believe that just leads to an uninformed public. Consider the source though, and their motives. Not just the media itself but the people they interview.

Likewise, actively seek out the GOOD stories out there. All around us there are tales of selfless health care workers and first responders, people rising up to help strangers, city wide events to applaud health care workers and show the strength of the human spirit. outpourings of donations to charities, etc…

I freely admit that last one is something I need to do more of. I get so caught up in fighting the BS out there that I sometimes forget to look for the good as well. There IS plenty of it to see if we just look. 🙂


There you have it. Those are just a few ideas also. Use your creativity to find others. Look for ways to entertain and improve yourself, find things to do with your kids like building a fort out of blankets and couch cushions (credit to Sarah Krewis for that specific idea). Focus on what you have and put the rest out of your mind.

Remember, this too shall pass. Sooner than you think also.

Beware Media Hysteria & Manipulation

It’s Tuesday! Time to take out the trash again. LOL

The coronavirus mess has done a lot to highlight media sensationalism and manipulation IF you’re paying attention and looking for facts. I’ve gone over the statistics in recent blog posts. This virus should be taken seriously. Sheltering in place and social distancing is a good idea. Is it the end of the world though? No.

If you paid attention to most media outlets, either we’re all going to die and it’s going to be worse than the Spanish Flu of 1918, OR we should all go out and lick shopping carts because it’s a hoax.

Ironic that the last proponent of “it’s all a fraud” that I heard was Rand Paul. He was on the radio a little under a week ago howling that it was all just an attack on civil liberties. No word on if he’s changed his tune since coming down with the virus. O_o

On the hysteria side, the best example I’ve seen was media sources quoting Emily Landon, MD, Executive Director Infection Prevention and Control, University of Chicago Medical Center in saying this was the Spanish Flu of 1918 all over again.

She (and the media quoting her) completely neglect to mention that the Spanish Flu killed somewhere between 17 and 50 million people. Some say as many as 100 million. She also fails to mention that the Spanish Flu was much more dangerous to younger people with stronger immune systems than COVID-19 is. There were also other secondary factors like areas still physically recovering from World War 1 getting hit extra hard.

As of today, we have 18,605 total deaths worldwide, 2091 just today. That’s enough to merit taking this seriously. It’s a FAR cry from 50 million people in a year though.

Here’s the thing with the shelter in place and other measures we’re all being advised to follow: If they work properly, it’s going to look like they were never needed, or at least were a big overreaction.

Stay calm, realize this will pass, and take anything the media EVER tells you with a grain of salt. Be skeptical. The media thrives on creating fear and anger.

So, let’s look at some of their more common tricks:

“Expert” Opinions:

The two examples above illustrate that the media will ALWAYS be able to find an “expert” to back up whatever opinion they have. Rand Paul and Emily Langston are both doctors, but have COMPLETELY opposite views on this mess. Why? Personal motivations.

Rand Paul was raised by his father to be a huge civil liberties guy. Normally we could use more of them too. Sometimes, common sense has to balance civil liberties with social good.

Emily Langston runs the Infectious Disease Center at the University of Chicago. A) the more noise she makes about this, the more money her center will get from the government and private donors. B) Given her role, she probably sees every new outbreak in terms of an absolute worst case scenario.

“Experts” almost always run off of motivated self interest before anything else. Another example from this pandemic is that it’s being reported that the CDC was actually downplaying how dangerous this outbreak was at the beginning. They supposedly got blindsided by it and didn’t want to look ignorant. I’ve only heard a few unconfirmed reports here, but if true it explains where the White House and others were getting bad info from.

Just hit a search engine if you want to see how many times the CDC has dropped the ball before. Anybody recall they were all for e-cigarettes as a healthy alternative to smoking when that first started?

Partial Truths:

Keep in mind that no matter how bad any media outlet spins a story, there’s always going to be just enough truth to avoid having to admit they bald faced lied. What do I mean?

OK, let’s say there’s a news story about some EVIL person swooping into the local store and buying up their entire inventory of toilet paper. The story takes on a whole different light if that “entire inventory” was the last package they had, doesn’t it? Technically they reported accurately BUT would they have given a true picture in that scenario? I’ve seen the media go this far in other cases to create ratings. I always ask what I’m NOT being told anymore.

Half Quotes:

Another favorite tactic of the media. Politicians on both sides either benefit or suffer from the tactic’s use. It all depends on who is doing the reporting on whom. Reagan used to get misquoted by the media all the time regarding his proposed shutting down the Department of Education. They’d report that he wanted children to suffer. They ignored that what he actually proposed was sending the funding directly to the states instead, believing people closer to the issues knew better how to spend the money than bureaucrats in Washington DC.

Leaving Out Key Facts:

There’s no test kits and medical supplies!!! How often have you heard THAT exaggeration in the news? Well, they’re ALL manufactured in CHINA, right down to every antibiotic that’s sold in the US. Anybody see a problem here? Anybody hear that fact reported, or is it all blaming the government and evil corporations?

Manipulative and Misleading Language:

I’ll finish this up with this one last major tactic. The media, politicians, corporations and PR firms, and some of the more manipulative individuals out there all pull this trick. Manipulative language is everywhere

One story on MSN’s home page talked about how the number of deaths from COVID-19 *SOARED* in the US. It sounds so dramatic doesn’t it? Virus spreading everywhere, no one is safe! If you look at the numbers though, we’re at 600 deaths nationwide. In a population of 330 million, that’s a pretty damned small number.

Again, let’s follow the advice out there and keep that number small. Be kind to your fellow bloggers and human beings too. Even when you know the facts, this is still a kind of scary situation.


Be skeptical of anything the media tells you. Displaying personal bias and social engineering are seen as good things in the media today. Strong negative emotions = strong ratings also. No single source is going to get it all correct. It’s not enough to go to a source with a similar outlook also. If you like CNN, you’re only going to get the same info at MSNBC. You have to go to TownHall.com or Fox. The same is true of you flip the coin. Fox and talk radio slant the truth also. I catch them regularly. You have to look at and fact check both sides to find the more complete truth in the middle.

And for the love of humanity, DO NOT get your news from late night comedians or social media! Talk about fountains of misinformation and hysteria…

COVID-19: Is There More Going On Than Meets the Eye?

Welcome to Wildcard Wednesday. At least today I can justify a virus related post fitting within the structure of the blog.

In response to my last post, The Hinoeuma posted a couple of links to some interesting stories related to the hysteria and government action around the coronavirus. Factual, statistics based level headed reporting in the case of the first link too. The second didn’t have as many supporting facts and figures, but was logical and persuasive.

The more I read, the more I wonder what’s going on here.

Italy has 1016 deaths from COVID-19 thus far. It’s held up as the worst case scenario and proof of the end of the world by a few. The interesting thing is that Italy also has 16,000 deaths annually from the normal flu. Spread over a 7 month flu season, that’s 2000 deaths a month. Twice the rate of COVID-19.

Most other countries are lagging well behind that scenario. The US has only 100 deaths currently.

By comparison, in 2010 the H1N1 strain of Swine Flu swept across the U.S. (and many other parts of the world as I recall). 59 million Americans contracted Swine Flu, 265,000 were hospitalized, and 12,000 died from the 2009/2010 outbreak. That per US Centers for Disease Control stats on Wikipedia.

That makes for a .02% death rate from Swine Flu. You MAY say there’s the answer; a lower mortality rate. The truth is we have NO idea how many people have COVID-19 and will never even see a doctor because their symptoms are so minor. The current 9/10ths of 1 percent death rate for COVID-19 only reflects KNOWN cases. Its one of those situations where statistics can be VERY misleading.

While I do recall the press making some noise about the H1N1 epidemic, most of the coverage was about it’s spread in Asia. Same with SARS and the Bird Flu during their time.

100 dead vs 12,000 dead though… Which one sounds like it requires an extreme response? If you want to add in an even more drastic number the CDC said 80,000 people in the United States died from the garden variety flu last year.

Keep in mind that the 2018 stats were lower than last year. Looks like the Flu just may be a whole lot more dangerous after all, huh?

Likewise, the World Health Organization reports that 1.5 million people died from tuberculosis in 2018. Where’s the hysteria over that?

I understand we’re dealing with an unknown here, and unknowns are always scary. COVID-19 seems to spread very quickly also. The amount of sheer panic seems completely overkill when looking at the bigger picture though.

DISCLAIMER: As I’ve said in previous posts, I still advocate common sense steps to keep safe from this outbreak. Good hygiene, reasonable levels of social distancing, proper rest, nutrition and supplementation, etc… COVID-19 should be taken seriously.

That said, there’s a level of reaction that’s difficult to explain with this scenario. I’m going to try to look at a few possible explanations.


Anyone who thinks they aren’t biased just isn’t paying attention. Various outlets have their own political biases (left or right) and they ALL have a bias towards conflict, division and panic to promote ratings and profit. In short, they know you’re not going to watch a story that’s presented calmly and rationally. There MUST be human suffering, and the grander the scale, the better.

In short, my opinion is that the media is mostly whipping up fear for the sake of ratings.


Democrats, especially the Presidential candidates have been trying to capitalize on the outbreak since the get go. To be fair, I have little doubt Republicans would be doing the exact same thing if the situation were reversed. Both parties trash talk the economy when the other is in office. Politicians are power hungry and opportunistic. Period. Personal power gain certainly is ONE factor here.

We have other things going on though… Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health, testified that the coronavirus death rate is 10 times worse than the seasonal flu. Given that 10,000 Americans die per month from the flu, that would require the coronavirus to have already killed 100,000 Americans. Clearly he’s lying.

Likely motive here? 1) it gets him attention and in front of the cameras. That leads to 2) Government bureaucrats measure their power by how big their department budget is. Creating a panic helps him grow his budget and power as a bureaucrat by leaps and bounds.

There’s also the power grab in the form of increased laws and regulations. Congress is voting on hastily put together laws, and have no idea what’s in them. Much like the Patriot Act and all it’s attached laws, this has the potential to be a major blow to freedom and civil rights.


It’s also possible that he and other bureaucrats are getting some sort of covert kickbacks from various industries. Think that’s not likely? Big Business is benefiting from the hysteria. The US Federal Reserve pumped 6 TRILLION ( $6,000,000,000,000 ) dollars into Wall Street in the last six weeks. 215 Billion Dollars a day. A good portion of that was in the form of secured loans, not outright give-aways. Still, the bailout for the great recession was only 1.5 trillion dollars. Are things REALLY four times worse now than they were when the housing bubble burst?

Does anybody remember what the banks did and didn’t do with those bailouts last time? They were SUPPOSED to start loaning to consumers to jump start the economy. Instead they sat on it and used it to buy up their competition. Smaller banks are almost non-existent now.

Big Business will find a way to profit from this, even if it’s only waiting out the collapse of their smaller competition and gaining more of a monopoly in their niche. Giant loans and give aways from the government only make that easier for them.

All total, the big bailout passed over the last weekend is supposed to be 5 TRILLION dollars. 1.5 Trillion of that going to banks, wall street and big business, on top of what they’ve already gotten.

Five Trillion dollars is more than the ENTIRE record breaking 2020 proposed US Budget also. That same budget leaves almost 1 Trillion dollars of it unfunded also. 1 Trillion dollars in deficit for just one year’s budget. NOW we’re supposed to wave a magic wand and find another 5 trillion more to add to that?

Regardless of how bad the virus may or may not be, people are clearly taking major advantage of the fear. Corporations are getting obscene amounts of money, and I have little doubt that politicians are getting something in return.

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel

More properly stated “…you couldn’t get away with before”.

Simply put crises like this and 9/11 are treated as opportunities to exploit by both politicians and big business. I didn’t even mention Big Pharma. They have a history of trying to turn out unsafe products and now they’re on the verge of getting all FDA standards thrown out the window for the sake of some sort of treatment.


The public needs what it’s NOT getting; full disclosure about how fast this virus truly spreads, and how dangerous it can truly be. What we’re getting from the media and ALL our public officials is inconsistent and increasingly self-serving.

We clearly need to keep a better eye on both groups also, given how morally bankrupt and self-serving they’ve become.

In the meantime, take care of yourselves and practice all the common sense safety you’ve heard here and elsewhere.

The two articles that I mentioned are here:



For the record, I find Ron Paul to be a bit… extreme in the pursuit of Libertarian ideals. He speaks truth to power but sometimes seems to forget that we as individuals also have some responsibility to the society around us. He IS also a doctor though and makes some good, if strongly stated, points regarding the coronavirus.

A Second Round of Coronas

Things have started to calm down with the house now that we’re actually listed and showing again. The big exception being when we have open houses. I came back to start playing catch up on replying to posts by others. Unfortunately, much of what I found was COVID-19 hysteria. I just cannot get wrapped up in that. SOMEBODY has to be the adult in the room.

Let’s go over some facts again:

There have been 6000 deaths worldwide thus far. With a current world population of 7,800,000,000 that means that COVID-19 has killed 1 out of every 1,300,000 people

In all my research, I can only find ONE child, somewhere in age between 10 and 19 in China who died from it. NO information on any secondary health issues that the kid in question may have had. I haven’t read of anyone under 20 dying yet in Western countries.

China had roughly 45,000 people being treated. They have a population of 1,500,000,000. That means that only 1 in 33,333 people were bad enough to see a doctor at all.

As I posted earlier, and Statnews.com has also said, the overall death rates are LOW, unless you have major secondary health issues:

“Co-morbidities also raise the risk of dying from Covid-19. China CDC’s analysis of 44,672 patients found that the fatality rate in patients who reported no other health conditions was 0.9%. It was 10.5% for those with cardiovascular disease, 7.3% for those with diabetes, 6.3% for people with chronic respiratory diseases such as COPD, 6.0% for people with hypertension, and 5.6% for those with cancer.”

Those figures are straight, across the board percentages also and do NOT take into account the age factor. Under 30 year old fatalities and serious hospitalizations are so rare as to almost be non-existent. You have to get to over 80 with those above secondary issues to reach a 14.8% chance of serious medical issues or death.

I can rattle off statistics all day. Some people are addicted to drama though. That more than anything is what makes me fear for the future of the world. Everything has to be all or nothing for too many people. Nobody even wants to understand complex middle ground realities. These people and those leading them around by the nose will be the ruin of civilization.

For those who want to read more from the StatNews.com source I cited; here’s the link below. They’re a very balanced, rational source of information on just about anything medical. They will NOT tell you to go lick shopping carts; it’s all fake, NOR will they tell you we’re all going to die.

StatNews.com Article on Who Is Getting Sick from COVID-19

COVID-19 *IS* something we should be reasonably cautious about also. I said that in my Y2K repeat post. Avoid large gatherings, get good nutrition, wash your hands, etc… USE COMMON SENSE and limit your activities in a rational way. There’s zero need to barricade yourself in a bunker or plan funerals for all your family and friends though.