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Debunking a Conspiracy… Maybe Two

Famous SNL skit turned into meme fodder on the internet

I’m back after sorting out several things that may or may not get blog posts of their own. Right now however, I want to revisit the idea of conspiracy theories. I lost at least one (apparently unhinged) reader when I refused to embrace the idea that the Nashville Christmas bombing was actually a government missile attack… or a government space based particle beam weapon if you’re REALLY REALLY out there.

Christmas morning picture of the bombing aftermath in Nashville

I had some FUN with that attack in the post linked to above, but it was only fun. These people seriously believe that the government used a cruise missile to damage an AT&T facility because said facility was supposedly investigating the voting machines and election fraud. This based on an out of focus picture from a different angle than the original pictures and video. Said picture supposedly shows a fragment of a vapor trail “from a missile”:

Yes, it apparently started out as it was “an NSA spy hub” that was hardened, but still somehow damaged by a missile that couldn’t even completely destroy the cars on the right hand side of the street (first pic). Yes, this is the start of applying Occam’s Razor to this idiocy.

So let’s go back to the blatantly obvious based on the two pictures above:

A) That blurry line could be almost anything. If it’s a vapor trail from a missile, where is the rest of the trail? Why did nobody report seeing a missile?

B) Even the most basic amateur forensics would show that’s NOT a missile hit. There’s no crater. The blast radius wasn’t even sufficient to completely destroy the cars on the left hand side of the street. The debris pattern doesn’t even indicate a center of the street hit like many whackadoos are insisting.

On top of all that, there’s just the reality of how the government works. Trump also for that matter. ANY investigation into electronic tampering with the voting machines would have been done publicly for the sake of transparency. Trump also would have been screaming from the rooftops that the proof was coming.

The government doesn’t need an AT&T switching center in Nashville to do such investigations either. The internet was started as a US Government construct named ARPANET. The government still has it’s hands all over the internet with back door access to backbone routing systems at the heart of the internet. Any person who has spent any real length of time in the IT field knows this. Things like Operation Able Danger barely scratched the surface of what the government could do if it wanted to.

Even setting aside the cloak and dagger stuff, the FBI Cyber Division is one of the best cyber forensics teams around. They would have likely been leading any investigation into tampering with the voting machines from their headquarters. Trump had already cleaned out anybody who had opposed him at the FBI also, so one can’t simply claim bias as an excuse here.

So, NO, there was NO INVESTIGATION and NO CRUISE MISSILE ATTACK to stop it and ‘save’ Trump’s presidency.

Let’s take Occam’s Razor a bit further however…

Why would the government spend $850,000 dollars (the cost of a tomahawk cruise missile) to launch a blatant and highly messy attack when so many easier options are available IF there was something going on that needed to be covered up?

For starters, they could just “spike” the target area with a virus or malware of some sort that would take out any software based evidence and potentially damage hardware as well. Any PEOPLE that present a danger can have Clinton administration style accidents & suicides (ie Vince Foster shooting himself in the head and THEN throwing his own body in a dumpster), OR simply discredited as conspiracy nuts and Alex Jones fans.

If I wanted to put together a far more plausible conspiracy theory around the bombing, it’d be something to this effect:

The RV carried a black ops team that went in and neutralized the troublesome area. They went in unseen via a trap door in the bottom of the RV and went into the sewers before breaching the AT&T building. The gunshots heard at 4:30 and 5:30 were the team taking out security or witnesses. After the job was done, they detonated the RV to cover their tracks, escaped via the sewers to an unmarked delivery van, and drove off. Other people in the NSA immediately put out the story of this rogue AT&T contractor obsessed with 5G and coronavirus, and the public has a cover story. The broadcasted warnings from the RV about a bomb were more about drawing attention away from the black ops team’s escape than actually keeping innocents safe.

The difference between THAT and the missile strike theory? TONS of money and much more surgical level control over the operation and it’s outcome. It’s still about as likely as my Die Hard theory in the post linked above though, LOL.

5G and COVID

While we’re at it, let’s BRIEFLY tackle this one also. Let’s start with 2 seconds of background.

The whole conspiracy took flight when a holistic medicine doctor named Thomas Cowen (a few unverified sources say he was barred from practicing “real” medicine), posted a YouTube video about how 5G and the “electrification” of the Earth’s atmosphere was causing coronavirus. All it took after that was a couple of celebritards tweeting about it and BANG; the theory went wildfire level viral.

The trouble here is that none of the above people have any sort of background in radiology. For the record, I don’t either. While I *do* believe that all the radiowaves put into the air may be having some sort of negative effects, I also know something else:

Radiation (and all types of electromagnetic energy are broadly classified as radiation) exposure doesn’t cause or mimic the symptoms of contagious diseases. The effects are completely different. On one extreme, you have cancer as an effect. THAT takes strong radiation. Much further down the line, we have the vertigo and impaired thinking / brain fog and moodiness caused by directed microwave attacks on US personnel at the Cuban embassy.

So, while I’d be more accepting of the modest possibility that 5G is responsible for all the mentally addled people on the far left and right who only want to fight with others and see threats everywhere, it’s NOT responsible for COVID-19. If anything is, it’s the Wuhan Institute of Virology (which another reader has argued doesn’t exist, because their media told them so, never mind the website and ability to find it on Google Maps).


My point with the last (Wuhan) remark and the Clinton one earlier is that there’s enough legitimately shady stuff going on in the world without having to invent wild, unsupportable shit to explain every little thing that goes bad. That’s actually my biggest gripe with conspiracy theorists and theories:

They draw attention away from legitimate wrong-doing and are used to discredit anyone who wants to hold government and big business responsible for those legitimate wrong acts.

The fact of the matter is the missile attack nuts and other fringe theories out there actually discredited any legitimate effort to look into voter fraud. And the voter fraud was definitely real. Trump didn’t gain a single vote after the polls closed and lost substantial leads in 8 states. I kept track of the numbers over that time, and what happened is a mathematical and statistical impossibility. It would mean every area left uncounted at midnight on election night voted 100% Democrat.

I don’t miss Trump one bit. He was a toxic, narcissistic bully. The areas remaining to be counted after election night all normally leaned Democrat also, so it’s possible Biden might have won regardless. I’m only concerned about making sure the process stays untainted.

OK, enough of that, I said I was done with politics. That above situation is a perfect example of how conspiracy nuts actually HURT the cause they’re trying to promote though. THAT is why I brought it up, and to point out that one can see something fishy without going to extremes to rationalize it.

Before anyone on the Left posts a comment about all the right wing idiots out there, keep in mind that the COVID thing is a universal idiocy not limited to the far right. Likewise there’s the conspiracies spun by leftists that all cops are out to murder black people and that the military is full of terrorists ready to repeat the storming of the capital and completely overthrow the government. Glass houses & stones and all that…

All y’all crazy people need to get your heads straight. And I’m done venting, LOL.

The Nashville Christmas Bombing

This is kind of old news in the 24 hour news cycle world, but some of you outside of the US may not have heard about it. Heck my friend in Hawaii hadn’t heard about it due to the volcanic eruption on the Big Island taking up all the news space there.

Long story short, on Christmas morning, an RV loaded with explosives went off in downtown Nashville. This was around 6am local time.

Right – Bombing RV as captured by security cameras in Nashville. Left = RV photographed in suspect’s driveway by google maps.

After about a week, the case was all but declared wrapped up. The suspect was named as Anthony Warner; a 63 year old subcontractor for AT&T who allegedly was a 5G conspiracy theorist and detonated the bomb to take out the AT&T network control center in Nashville.

Warner supposedly died in the blast, and was the only person to die. Prior to the bombing, Warner had given his car away. He told the recipient that he had cancer. He also gave away his house in the Nashville suburbs to a woman from California.

The bombing did indeed succeed in damaging the AT&T network, knocking out phone service for a large part of the Southeast. It took us two days to get phone service back at all.

ANYWAY… All wrapped up with a pretty little bow on it, right? Guy is mentally ill, MAYBE physically ill as well, blames AT&T for all his problems and blows up their network center, taking himself with it in the process.


The Die Hard Theory:

You knew it was coming… LOL

Seriously though, there are a few things that don’t add up with the bombing.

First, the RV that blew up at 6:30 AM arrived at it’s final resting place at 1:22am or thereabouts, per a timeline in The Tennessean newspaper. So it sat there for a little over 5 hours before detonating and taking Warner with it.


Seriously, why wait 5 hours if you’re determined to blow up AT&T and martyr yourself? The chance of being investigated by a random police patrol over that 5 hours and having the plan foiled seems risky at best.

There’s also the question of mysterious bursts of gunfire heard at 4:30am and then again at 5:30am. The police didn’t show up until the 5:30 incident and shortly thereafter the RV began broadcasting via loudspeakers that it was going to blow up.

The gunfire may not even be connected to the bombing. But if it was, why draw attention to yourself, especially two hours before you detonate?

The loudspeakers CAN just be written off as the guy had a bit of conscience and wanted to keep others from getting hurt while he lashed out at AT&T.

Why not just blow the thing up earlier though? I guarantee you there was NOBODY on those streets at 2am. Nashville isn’t like NYC. In my time around there, it was pretty dead by 10, and probably a ghost town by midnight. This was Christmas Eve / EARLY Christmas morning too. Not Friday night party time.

Another interesting note: The blast also knocked out first responder radio capability and all alarm / security systems in the area. AT&T’s network wasn’t fully shut down until noon however.

So yeah… WHAT IF this guy was pulling a Hans Gruber?

Han’s original plan was to make it look like he died in an explosion so nobody would come looking for him and all those bearer bonds. Warner giving away his house and car could have just been a move to sell his “death”.

What could he have been after? Who knows? Data from AT&T’s network maybe? Information is worth more than gold in today’s society after all. There are banks and jewelry stores in the area as well as other high end stores. There’s quite a few possibilities there.

Admittedly, that includes the possibility that it all really was as appeared. I do remember saying as soon as I heard about the blast and single body though that the police will quickly sweep it under the rug as the bomber died in his own blast.

Let’s face it also; it wouldn’t be the first time a real life crime was inspired by something in a movie either. A bombing in an upscale area of downtown that’s deserted on early Christmas… It’s almost too perfect to be a coincidence, LOL.

So did our bomber blow himself up, OR is he sitting somewhere having the last laugh as police and AT&T are too embarrassed to admit they were out-maneuvered?

I have NO clue.

This much I DO know however. AT&T has had JACK to say on the matter, AND should be ashamed of itself for an apparent total lack of a disaster recovery plan / capability for it’s network. 2 weeks later and my service is still sketchy and with no 5G available.


I’m left one again shutting down my social and political commentary posts, for much the same reasons as before. Nobody wants to move past their petty biases, and they only want stuff that feeds their confirmation bias.

In the meantime, the political and economic powers that be are laughing their rears off because they’re leading everyone around by the nose and turning them against each other. Extremism and group think are the new normal, even among people who CLAIM to be individualists and free thinkers. I laugh at the wild, off the wall conspiracy theories like reptilian aliens and devil worshiping cults among the leadership. It’s never taken anywhere near that much for them to keep winning.

All it’s taken is divide and conquer.

Case and point; COVID-19. All I hear is “stupid sheep wearing masks” or “you’re all trying to kill us!”. I’ve had to drop a few followed blogs just because I got sick of the toxic bullshit on the subject. If I were the Illuminatti, however real they may be, this is a dream win-win scenario. Ignore the virus, people die and I get my thinned population and get tighter controls on the survivors to protect them.

Flip the coin, and everybody plays sheep, and I’ve programmed the population to be good little robots. Either way, I win. Nobody wants to look at all the facts and see that this virus IS dangerous, even sometimes to people without pre-existing conditions, BUT it’s nowhere near the black plague nor will it end humanity. All it takes is some common sense and a middle of the road approach to dealing with it. Nah, let’s just call the mask wearers or mask free people jackasses instead.

I’m BEYOND sick and tired of hearing how all of “THAT” group is evil also. Doesn’t matter if it’s blacks, whites, dems, pubs, Christians, Muslims, those EVIL (note dripping sarcasm here) Jews, men, women… whatever!

When I hear that kind of crap, all I hear is a robot programmed by the divide and conquer crowd to help keep people fighting while that same power elite tightens it’s hold and screws us all.

Think I’m making it up? Take a look at the level of contributions to both political parties, and how much Amazon’s market share (and stock price) have jumped since the the COVID outbreak and race riots have started.

Y’all want to kill each other while they laugh at you, knock yourselves out. I’m over it.

Galatians 4:16 – Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?

NO, I’m not entertaining comments either.

COPS Started the Riots in Minneapolis??

There’s an UGLY story going around the internet that it was one or more members of the Minneapolis Police Department that started the riots there. One officer in particular has been singled out as a likely agent provocateur. Jacob Pederson has been accused by several people, including his ex-wife, of being the “umbrella man” responsible for torching an Autozone store in Minneapolis.

Here’s the or A tweet that shows the officer in question and the “umbrella man”

AND a link to the full video via Twitter

Here’s the texts from his ex-wife:

OK, so let’s be clear here… This is NOT absolute evidence. The “umbrella man” was wearing a mask. The cliche about we all have a double (or near double) is true also. It’s easy to fake something like texts also, and “I’m shaking” sounds fake. Exes NEVER have axes to grind either, LOL

Here’s what I notice between the video and the pictures though:

What’s visible of his face does look the same, including a more pronounced eye ridge on his left side.

The perp walks and carries himself like a cop. Watch his posture, and even how he swings the hammer to break the windows is how first responders are trained to break windows.

If whoever this was, wasn’t an agent provocateur, why didn’t he hang around, and why did he react so strongly to be being accused of being a cop?

My opinion:

break down, shake down… YOU’RE BUSTED

Some things make a little more sense also, like the CNN reporter being arrested. The cover up is THAT big.

While I’ve said repeatedly that I’m generally very pro-police and want to believe that most cops are good people, everything about this stinks.

This kind of thing happens more often than we’d like to admit also, such as this one case of police in Canada trying to incite a riot:

I’m leaving it to readers to form their own opinion here.

All of you should be asking why the media is NOT reporting on this. Why they’re actively trying to start a race war by blaming white supremacists (and white people in general) instead of investigating who the instigators actually are. This looting and burning and vandalism also fits the M.O. of Antifa.

Operation Mockingbird is looking very real and still very active at this point. Best wake up folks.

Fact Checking in the Current Reality

Fact checking is getting increasingly difficult in today’s society. The ends justify any means seems to be the rallying cry of people connected with any and every cause out there. Politicians, media, special interest groups… They all play hard and loose with the truth. Even fact checking organizations like Snopes have been caught lying multiple times to suit various agendas.

So what’s the average person to do? Here are a few answers:


I’m talking… writing about maintaining an open mind and healthy skepticism of anything you hear. It doesn’t matter if you agree with it in principle or strongly oppose it.

Extreme? Every DAY we generate 2.5 Quintilian Bytes of new data. 90% of the information in the world has been generated in the last 2 years. That’s astounding if you stop and think about how much science and philosophy existed before that. Let’s break it down to the amount of data per minute:

graph courtesy of Domo.com

Are you getting the point? There’s a HUGE amount of new data being produced!

NOW, think about it logically and ask yourself; “How much of this is just complete, unsubstantiated crap put together by somebody with an axe to grind?” Is there REALLY that much new being discovered, or are people just rehashing the old AND in many cases, spinning it worse than a merry go round?

If science was advancing THAT fast, we’d have cured global warming and all disease, developed interstellar travel, teleportation and flying cars. We might have even found the mythical cure for stupidity, LOL.

So yes, the vast majority of what you see “new” any given day is going to be fluff or garbage. That is why you MUST question everything.

If There’s No Supporting Evidence, Treat it as Garbage:

Darn near every site from mainstream news to conspiracy sites like Prison Planet LOVE to make claims and “cite facts” with absolutely no physical evidence or credible first hand witnesses to back them up. The Kennedy assassination conspiracy is a great example here. Everybody knows this, everybody knows that… Where’s the proof to back up ANY of the 20 different theories out there? It’s all he said she said.

What IS Proof? Primary Sources:

Primary sources are something anyone who has gone to college has drilled into them. A primary source is a FIRST HAND witness’s or expert’s testimony, OR original documents relating to the specific issue. A history book about the Gettysburg Address is not a primary source (unless written by somebody who was there for it). A copy of the actual speech is.

In short, don’t believe some Coast to Coast AM guest saying Kennedy was killed over wanting to reveal UFOs unless he’s got government documents or Kennedy’s journals saying as much.

Bias and Half Truths:

The most common way to manipulate people is a half truth. All good lies are wrapped around a touch of the truth. It makes them more believable. Using a non-political example; “He ran the truck straight through that crowd without slowing down” sounds much different if “the brakes had failed” was a part of the hypothetical news story.

The news and other groups will play EXACTLY this kind of game with the truth though, just for the sake of ratings and sensationalism, or to push some agenda.

Bias is HUGE problem with half truths, even with primary sources. Facts are overlooked, ignored or outright hidden if it doesn’t suit an agenda. Health care is a great example. The US has the best health care in the world. True, but how good is it if you can’t afford it? Socialized medicine is the answer! Yeah if you want to wait five years and die before you get cancer treatment because you’re older and therefore less likely to benefit long term from treatment than a younger person.

Both sides play loose with the truth there and refuse to acknowledge the flaws of their own side.

The key here is to always ask “what is NOT being said?” and “what’s their agenda?”.


Here’s another important one. Most of the misinformation crowd does a BAD job checking facts on their own lies. Timelines being a prime example.

There’s an FDR quote from 1948 where he says some of his best friends are Communists. The only trouble there is that FDR died in 1945.

Likewise the infamous “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.” quote attributed to Rothschild didn’t surface until a century after his death. Doesn’t mean I trust him or any other big banker, BUT the quote is questionable.

Great way to manipulate people into N.W.O. conspiracies and antisemitism though.

Multiple Sources:

Sometimes, particularly with current events, it’s damned near impossible to get the whole truth from any source. What you have to do in those cases is research multiple sources with differing points of view. Doing so with an open mind can often help you piece the bigger picture together.

Worry About What’s Relevant:

This is a BIG key to keeping your sanity in the current information apocalypse. Conspiracy fans are BAD here also. They’ll go back hundreds of years looking for the vaguest hint of something to prove a connection in a web of conspiracy. A good recent example with a friend was investigating Walter Cronkite. She found out Cronkite was a big NWO guy.

That’s all good and well, but Cronkite is dead and buried, and nobody out there is regularly quoting him as some paragon of wisdom. With the POSSIBLE exception of journalism schools, the guy is irrelevant nowadays as THIS N.W.O. guy:

Focus instead on the current crop of mainstream journalists who never met a globalist big government idea that they didn’t like and would say ANYTHING to promote. Or if you want to worry about dead people, worry about somebody like John Lennon and his utopian socialist fairy tale ideals that are still being spouted by people.


My honest opinion is that the majority of stuff floating around the internet today was put there either by people too lazy to research and thus find the flaws in their stories, OR outright deliberately put there as misinformation to deliberately lead people astray. It’s infinitely harder to get to the truth of the Kennedy assassination if there are a dozen theories out there with “experts” all swearing this is the only possible explanation.

If you REALLY want the truth nowadays, you have to be willing to work for it. The situation is only going to get worse with the rise of deep fakes also. Soon we’ll have pics and videos everywhere of politicians doing the KFTC. Don’t believe it.

Research and verify! And that’s Tuesday Trash the way it is.

BitChute; An Alternative to YouTube

This one will be a quickie. As anyone who’s paying attention knows, censorship has gone off the deep end lately. The government and big tech are vanishing anything that disagrees with their official narrative. YouTube and it’s Google masters are leading the way there, even more so than social media.


BitChute is fast becoming the popular alternative to YouTube. The mainstream media hates it of course:

BitChute is a video hosting service founded in 2017. It was created to allow video uploaders to avoid content rules enforced on other platforms, such as YouTube. The platform accommodates far-right individuals and conspiracy theorists; with the Southern Poverty Law Center saying the site hosts “hate-fueled material”. Wikipedia

To be fair, I did see conspiracy theory videos there. Nothing from nazis and similar types during my brief visit though. What I also saw were former YouTubers who were screwed out of payments during the policy change a year or two back, and more moderate videos questioning things like why even talking about food shortages and the mass killing of livestock that can’t make it to market is now being banned.

BitChute Food Shortage Rant Video

As with ANY information source, go in with a skeptical, discerning mind. They’re worth a look though.

Another Coronavirus Scientist Killed

Over the weekend, Bing Lui, a Chinese born professor and a researcher at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, was found dead Saturday inside a home in Ross Township, north of Pittsburgh, the Allegheny County medical examiner said.

NBC Story Link

Quite frankly, parts of the official story already stink also. Bing Lui was killed by another Chinese scientist who then killed himself. Early reports say it was over a romantic rivalry of some sort. Why doesn’t that gel with me? It doesn’t fit the pattern.

People that kill over romantic rivalries USUALLY either believe that eliminating the rival will enable them to be with the object of their affection, OR everybody involved has to die to end the shooter’s suffering. Granted the key word there is USUALLY, but that is the general method to the madness. Something smells here.

I hope I’m also not the only one paying attention to how many of these researchers, scientists and whistleblowers are ending up dead or missing. I posted a few links in the recent Trouble with Government post. I’ll re-post them here:

Li Wenliang: Coronavirus kills Chinese whistleblower doctor – BBC

Li Wenliang was NOT the only whistleblower or top researcher to die of the virus either. Many of the links I was reading just a week or so ago have already disappeared. Either vanished completely or buried behind a sea of Trump bashing stories.

Censorship is a whole other issue, and worthy of a separate blog post. Suffice it to say for the moment that I’m completely disgusted with a Western society (ie the entire West) that would go blindly along with censoring anything that disagrees with China / WHO propaganda. Dissent is SUPPOSED to be the ultimate hallmark of a healthy democracy.

Even the video SHOWING the WHO official kissing China’s ass that I had linked is now gone.

I’ve tried to keep a logical middle ground here. I **WANT** to trust my government, and the lying media too.

There’s just too much going on for me NOT to notice though. Lies, half truths, censorship, surveillance and imprisonment. All while the economy is being destroyed, farmers are killing livestock in obscene numbers because they can’t get them to store, and the government prints money like mad, destroying the value of our currency, and thus our future.

What aren’t we being told? Why are so many of these people dying and disappearing, and not just in China? What the hell is going on? Are the NWO / Illuminatti conspiracy nuts actually right?

*THIS* Is Why You Should Avoid Conspiracy Theories

An almost unbelievable story came out of Los Angeles the last couple of days. I say ALMOST unbelievable because I’ve seen so much utter stupidity and wretched human behavior lately that precious little surprises me anymore.

So what happened? A train engineer who spent all his time reading conspiracy theories went off the deep end, almost literally. He derailed his train in an effort to RAM the US Navy Hospital Ship ‘Mercy’. Yes, you read that correctly. This whackadoo wanted to damage or sink the hospital ship in the harbor to help with the Coronavirus outbreak.

According to the local ABC affiliate down in LA (link to their story to follow), “Federal prosecutors allege train engineer Eduardo Moreno, 44, of San Pedro intended to hit the ship, saying he thought it was “suspicious” and did not believe “the ship is what they say it’s for.'”

Yeah… Never mind that the US Navy has had hospital ships since World War 1… *headdesk*

Also quoted from ABC News: He allegedly made statements to a CHP officer that included “You only get this chance once. The whole world is watching. I had to. People don’t know what’s going on here. Now they will.”

Side Note: CHP is the California Highway Patrol. State Police in other words.

Do people REALLY know anything new other than this guy is a complete nutjob? Or that he did God knows how much damage to the railroad tracks, docks and the actual train and it’s cargo?

This jackwagon never bothered to think that those rail lines might be… ARE.… needed to move medical supplies from the port and save lives.



The trouble here is that if you read or hear enough of ANYTHING, it eventually starts to sound logical. That’s how conspiracy theories gain traction. It’s also how Nazi ideals took hold in enough of pre-WW2 Germany to scare the rest of the population into silence.

ANY idea can be eventually brainwashed into people, especially if it’s sold creatively. Any good hypnotist can tell you this. The human mind is pliable to a scary degree. Even murder can be sold IF you convince the person that the intended victim is not what they seem and a threat.

That last statement is why I rally so much against the toxic language of modern politics.

It’s also why I preach to read everything with a skeptical and questioning mind. Take nothing at face value. My high school history teacher gave me some of the best related advice I’ve ever heard here:

“Always assume what you read or hear is a lie and then ask yourself why the author / speaker is lying. Then you’ll get close to figuring out the motivation behind the words.”

Conspiracy theories are often put out there by people angry over their life and looking to blame some vast hidden cause for it instead of trying to correct their life. It absolves them of any responsibility to act or change.

That’s not to say the rich and political class don’t try to stack the deck more and more in their favor. They certainly do. Exploiting a situation is a good deal different from manipulating everything that happens in the world though. The former is correctable, the latter isn’t. Chasing whackadoo theories is a great distraction from actually focusing on correcting those former situations though.

Question what you read and hear, and avoid a steady diet of one type of information, it’s as bad for the mind as eating only one type of food is for the body.

Personal Update and Random Thoughts

Fair warning; post will be very train of thought & possibly quite random. 🙂

First, I know the few people who really read here have been wondering about the whole situation with the house sale and moving. Things were a bit up in the air, so I didn’t want to say anything the last few days.

The house got an offer and we are in escrow at this point. Not quite as much as we would have liked but the COVID virus is dragging house prices down already. Not just here, but in other areas that we’ve looked at.

COVID is the wildcard in all of this. There are addendas being attached to sales in several states that allow buyers to back out AND keep their deposit for anything COVID related. So, things could fall apart still.

Otherwise we have about 25 days left to finish getting packed and get ready to hit the road. Yeah, NO pressure there. It only took 10 months of fights to get us to this point. *headdesk*

Personally, I’m looking forward to getting the hell out of Calunicornia and it’s fairy tale utopian ideas. Calunicornia coined as a phrase by the morning radio guys here, LOL

By the way, Armstrong and Getty are about as unbiased as I’ve found in their reporting. Given our location, they end up calling BS on the far Left more than on the Right, but they don’t play favorites by any means.

So where was I? Oh yes, getting the hell out of Dodge. Me, I’ll be leaving peel out marks all the way to the state line, LOL. My new spouse will have some adjusting to do though. We both loved visiting the South a couple years back. A few things were a bit of culture shock for a certain someone though.

For example… British soccer fans have nothing on sports fans in the South. Nothing can prepare you for 100,000 fans at the stadium all singing “Rocky Top” at the top of their lungs. The closest you could probably get would be a Queen concert back in the day at Wembley.

They’re spelling out “Vols” in their formation BTW. Short for Volunteers.

Sports, especially (American) football is a religion in the South. I’m used to it, having lived there for 13 years. Even the team and band’s trip into the stadium is a spectacle

If y’all didn’t guess, orange and white are the school colors at the University of Tennessee, LOL. Ginger would fit in well there:

For those wondering about the choice of school colors there, Tennessee was first settled (Native Americans aside) by Scots & Irish immigrants after we were not welcome along the Eastern coast.

Aye, I’m part Irish also. 🙂

That help wanted sign about says it all. It also shows how far this country has come in terms of equality. Are we perfect? Nope. Got a ways to go there. We’re better than alot of places though.

So where exactly we’re going and all is still classified. Gotta protect my privacy, but it does look like we’re finally out of here. I will say it won’t be Knoxville though. Despite my amusement with the University of Tennessee and it’s fan base, Knoxville is only spot with truly bad roads in the Eastern 3/4 of Tennessee. At least that we found anyway.

What shall come is anybody’s guess. That computer program that faked Tarot card readings was no freaking joke when it said ages ago that this whole move thing was going to be a wild ride, ROFL.

Beyond that, there’s my growing (returning) frustration with the blog here. I put in a real effort to try to help my readers see a balanced middle view to things. This whole coronavirus thing seems to have helped highlight that people don’t care about middle ground or the truth though. They only want their drama and narrow opinions. It feels like everyone wants to either scream we’re all going to die OR jump on the conspiracy theory bandwagon. Sometimes both, depending upon the conspiracy theory.

Take Occam’s Razor to many of these theories though…

It would have been a better sign / meme if the idiot could spell Occam.

If the so called Illuminatti or global elites were so well organized that they could get numerous governments, including ones like China that are all but hostile to the West, AND thousands of rich business owners all in on a conspiracy to wipe out people with a bioweapon (COVID-19), and not ONE single person involved ratted it out, we’re ALL completely screwed and would likely already be exterminated. By far less subtle means at that.

Anyway, I’m really feeling like I’m spinning my wheels here. Few likes, and I *know* half of them are from people who never even read my posts. I’ve got some thinking to do. Particularly when the blog isn’t highlighting my attempts at being an author, it’s taking away from them.

Actually getting people to think rationally…. Well…

Except this virus shows that could apply to much of the world’s population anymore.

A Case Study in The Abuse of Statistics

I was asked about the recent “record number or CEOs quitting” conspiracy theory, so I’m doing a post on it. Primarily because a little research shows how this is cherry picking data and a complete abuse of statistical data.

I hope all of you will pay close attention to this post. The analysis I give here can be used to punch through the complete BS that’s thrown around so much of the internet nowadays. As tough as I was on the media yesterday, they look like paragons of virtue and honesty compared to social media, Reddit and the fringe “media”.

OK so the latest conspiracy theory is that CEOs have stepped down in record numbers the last year, and the pace has been increasing since the start of the year. This is ABSOLUTE PROOF to the delusional that the CEOs were all part of a vast conspiracy of the evil rich to kill off the great unwashed.


The only figures I saw thrown around a few articles were the base numbers for last year and this year. We hit 1480 resignations last year, and had 219 just in January this year. Apparently no stats yet beyond January. Both are RECORD HIGHS!!!


Here’s the information that’s NOT being said. The case quickly falls apart if it was shared as part of the story:

As you can see from the tweet, the info wasn’t tracked at all till 2002. While the last couple of years DO show a spike, they’re not THAT far out of line with previous years. 2005 through 2007 in particular came fairly close.


The biggest abuse of statistics is that people will quote a statistic completely on it’s own; ‘in a vacuum”. That’s ALMOST never accurate, and is usually accompanied by the infamous “everybody knows” as a substitute for facts.

“Everybody knows” is actually just an effort to get people to avoid critical thinking, and an almost guaranteed sign that what you’re hearing or reading is complete bullshit.

For statistics to have any meaning, they have to be looked at in terms of what may be impacting the numbers. Let’s look at the possible influences that were NOT discussed relating to this issue in any article I saw:

1 Has the number of corporations grown in equal proportion? If the percentage has stayed the same even though the number has gone up, the only thing that’s changed is the number of players in the game (so to speak). IF there’s an even higher proportion of corporations, then the percentage of CEOs “quitting” would have actually gone down.

2 Have these CEOs truly “retired” or have they just jumped ship or shifted to an advisory role? Job hopping has become both trendy and big business (pardon the pun) for corporate executives, just like it has for professional athletes. Cash in a severance package, jump to another company for a better package and even higher pay. Rinse, wash repeat in a few years. It’s all about the game here for some executives.

Until you have meaningful statistics about who has both truly retired AND also run for the hills, there’s absolutely NO rational way to establish a link between CEOs resigning and some sort of global conspiracy regarding the pandemic.

3 What are the ages of the CEOs retiring? There’s likely a huge difference in motivation for a 70 year old CEO retiring and a 30 year old one doing so.

4 How many of those retirements were due to the company being eaten up by a larger one? It’s a legitimate factor in the numbers, especially with companies like Disney, Google and Amazon gobbling up more and more companies out there.

5 How many CEOs retired due to real health issues?

6 How many CEOs retired due to personal or corporate scandals?

7 How many had specific clauses in their contracts that made it a benefit for them to retire recently. 2020 is a nice round number to use as a deadline for receiving stock bonuses, etc…

8 How many simply had their contract expire this year?

Are you readers getting the idea here? 🙂 It’s only when you can show both a pattern of increase AND a proven pattern of causes after accounting for all potential influences that you’re close to the truth.

Let’s shoot down one specific example used as proof in the stories; Bill Gates. He’s got more money than God so he HAS to be part of some now proven conspiracy!!

Reality: The man is 64 years old. He’s been running Microsoft for almost 40 years. He stepped down as Chairman years ago already, signaling he was transitioning towards retirement. He’s also heavily involved with the charity he started and been saying for years he wants more free time with his family.

I’d say there’s also an unspoken likelihood that given his age, etc… he’s possibly feeling a little overwhelmed by all the latest advances in technology and realizes the company might be better off in younger, more innovative hands as well.

Vast evil conspiracy or just an aging man wanting to finally take it easier?


So, as you see, what we have here is a conspiracy that looks good at first glance, but quickly falls apart under any real analysis. The same is true of most conspiracies really. My opinion is that even in most legitimate cases, the “conspiracy” isn’t some cabal that sets in motion dastardly deeds. They simply make sure to exploit and capitalize on the situations once they occur. Remember my Rahm Emanuel quote a few days ago?

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel

Once again, “could not do before” really means couldn’t get away with before. He’s recently reprised that saying also as he makes the rounds on TV trying to exploit the coronavirus situation to make himself relevant again.

I could further point out that a good way to potentially hide a legitimate conspiracy is to bury information about it under layers of complete crap that’s supposedly connected to the conspiracy. …At least until the whole diversion tactic reaches a critical mass. I think we’re at that point too. People see conspiracy theories in their breakfast anymore.


So there you have it. As my college statistics teacher pointed out; “Numbers don’t lie; people do”. Sometimes it’s out of ignorance and lack of analytical skills. Sometimes their personal biases and need to blame others blinds them. Sometimes people just try to blatantly manipulate others with partial truths.

Knowledge and critical thinking skills are the only defense against it all. We live in a world of unprecedented access to information. Unfortunately the vast majority of it is tainted or outright false. Without a basic understanding of the kind of analysis I put forth here, you’re doomed to be led around by the nose by people manipulating you for their own gain.