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Nope, not THAT 7 Eleven. 😀 I’m up to 711 followers. Not bad for a blog that’s often completely random and written by the world’s most frustrated aspiring author. 🙂

With that said, I wanted to add a “Welcome!” to the newer followers, and say that I appreciate you all.

I want to add a special Thank you to the rare few who truly read the posts, and even occasionally comment. 🙂 I know you may not always agree with me, but I hope I’ve kept you entertained and given you food for thought at least. 🙂

Time for Some Changes

A mixed personal and blog update here.

Real Life:

has kept me fairly busy the last couple of weeks. We’ve got a new place in a different town lined up and NOW I have to contend with packing everything within a month to get us out of here. No problem. It only took us 15 months to pack for the move out here. *headdesk* So yeah, I’m expecting to not have much free time to blog as I’d like. I’m going to try my best though. I’m really fed up with drama messing with my work here.

The Blog:

I recently wrote about my frustrations in the NSFW Blog, as part of discussing my writers block. It’s similar to the grumbling I’ve done here in the past. After a week or so of pondering the big picture, I’ve decided I need to make some changes:

FIRST; I’m going to start a separate blog for political and social issues. I’m tired of readers dropping here over political stuff, and I want to be able to be a little more open with my feelings and opinions also.

Personally, I’d prefer to just stay in my own little corner of the world and ignore the rest of it, BUT this election has shown me that (Un)real life is just going to keep forcing it’s way in. I have NO illusions that I’m going to make a difference, BUT at least when this life is over I’ll be able to say I made the effort instead of deciding it was too awkward or inconvenient to stand up for what’s right.

Next; I’m going to start writing in my spiritual blog again also, in the hopes it will keep me grounded and remind me of lessons already learned. Being an Empath (or HSP if you’re a complete skeptic in anything beyond the material world) is a PITA when you forget said lessons.

Followers and Following: This has been my massive frustration lately. That’s because I’m putting HUGE amounts of time into networking with other bloggers and it’s NOT paying off the way it (theoretically) should. I’m literally spending a couple hours a day following blogs and responding to notification emails about others’ posts. Here’s just under a month’s email totals for me:

This was Oct 28th, and I’m already back up to over 2000 after the Deleted Items were cleared on the 29th.

That is with me being less active lately also. I had it go as high as over 7000 once or twice before. It would all be awesome if it was somewhat balanced, but 85% of it is notifications about others’ posts or a like to my reply. Another 10% is “hit and run” likes from people I know never read anything I wrote.

So, I’m going to be slowly and deliberately separating the wheat from the chaff; eliminating followed blogs that have never visited here after initial contact, don’t respond to my comments, never like or comment here, etc… The goal being to focus time on the people and blogs who ARE genuine. I want to spend more time commenting on their stuff and exchanging ideas. The heck with the users.

I’m also really hoping that trimming the fat will also fix the (lack of) notifications problem I have with a few followed accounts that I really like. We shall see.

Working towards a niche: This is one of those things I’ve had to be honest about being a shortcoming in my blogging. I’ve been all over the place with topics and information. Gaming, politics, cooking, etc… Cristian Mihai is right; people like consistency. They don’t want to go to a cooking blog and read about auto repair (to pull two examples out of the air).

To be real, I don’t know if I’ll ever fully get this down to a single specific topic. More likely it’ll end up a broad generalized topic that encompasses some of my more frequently blogged about topics, and lumped together under something like “Modern Living”.

I do know politics is gone. Social issues I may touch on lightly. I’m going to cut WAY back on personal posts also. There’s an adage that nobody wants to hear (or read) your drama day after day. I’ve seen a few people build quite a following that way however. Granted most of them were cute girls that complained about their sex life while flashing cleavage in pics… That’s another rant though.

The bottom line is we’ve all done it. It’s perfectly understandable in small doses also, but too many personal rants start to become psychic vampirism level pleas for attention. I don’t want to be *that* person. It’s also better to do something about problems than complain about them.

As a final note, I’m also going to do my best to work towards getting a daily topics schedule restored for the blog, so people know my food posts are on Monday (as an example from my former schedule).

The Other Blog is Back Up

A brief post here to let folks know that the other blog where I post my erotica is back up and running. My domain name and subscription here had expired on it, and WP was holding the site hostage with no apparent way to just set it back to a name.wordpress.com name for it.

First, fair and stern warning: That blog is completely adult in nature.

It’s NSFW, period.

I haven’t done any writing there in a while but I’m working on changing that and getting my creative energy flowing again. There’s another Witchfire chapter partially done now, and I’d like to get back to some more normal stories also.

Link to the other NSFW Blog: SilkCords.blog

Getting it back to premium status may happen if I can get writing again and start earning a little income from it.

Blogging Blues

A bit of a personal diatribe here (I wouldn’t call it a rant)… I’m not so sure I’m looking for feedback as just need to think “out loud”.

Yesterday, one of the bloggers I follow announced he was taking a break from his blog because it was interfering with his (other) writing, getting anything published, and a few other areas also.

It struck a chord with me, because I’ve been wondering for a while if this blog was worth the time and effort.

I originally started this blog to promote my writing, and just for general writing practice. It has definitely served it’s purpose in terms of writing practice, but if anything, it’s kept me from focusing on my would be professional writing. I outright yanked all the sexy content from this blog and moved it to another one so as not to offend folks who were interested in my other topics.

I had to mostly drop politics and social issues as well. People don’t want discussion, only their opinions validated. I could just imagine the conniption fits if I posted all the evidence that much of global warming is NOT man made. It wouldn’t matter how many disclaimers I put out about mankind needing to clean up and protect the environment anyway (which I sincerely and strongly believe).

More to the point, I’m still getting tons of “likes” from hit and run bloggers who never read anything and only selfishly want follows and likes of their own. I even outright called one girl on it today via comments. She either thought (incorrectly) she was cute, or was too obtuse to get the sarcasm. She just joked back about being a reading Wonder Woman.

Yeah… right. *rolleyes*

So, if this is taking away from my writing, AND it’s not creating potential buyers for any books I do get published… What the hell AM I doing here??

The Threatened Blog Reorganization!

It has arrived!

Things seem to be on the right track around here, FINALLY. The house is neat and ready to list, it SEEMS we have the HOA under control, and we’re interviewing new realtors to re-list the house also. The ones we’ve had contact with already all seem to be very professional.

With all that in mind, I think it’s past due time to get this blog fully up and moving again. In keeping with an earlier post, I’m going to dedicate each day to a general topic. The preliminary plan is as follows:

Monday Meals (recipes and food pics)

Tuesday Trash (Politics, & News)

Wildcard Wednesday (Anything Goes)

Thursday Writing (clean stories or writing related topics)

Friday Fun Time (Games, TV Shows and Movies, etc… Light Topics)

Saturday Solutions – Ideas on How to Fix various messes

Sunday None Day – And on the seventh day, Silk followed God’s example and rested, LOL

So if you hate political discussion, you can avoid Tuesday posts.

Wednesdays will indeed be anything goes. I’ll try to avoid politics there however. Stuff more likely to be covered is martial arts, photography, communication and NLP, privacy issues, real estate, maybe some economic concepts explained, or any of the other days’ topics like fun stuff, food or TV. I’ll put specific topics in the headline.

Saturdays will take a look at various issues in the news and society in general, with a strong focus on solutions. There will probably be some political stuff in there, but there will also be issues like mega-corporations and other social and economic topics. Sometimes, I may just post positive messages and ideas that I think will make the world a better place. As with Wednesdays, topics will be clearly labeled.

All of this will start next week on Monday.

As an addenda, I may also do a “Stupid Story of the Day” each day aside from the regular topic. My goal there being to show examples of flawed logic and leading the public astray in internet stories.

Personal Update: Regrouping (again)

I’m finally catching my breath after the war to get the house ready and the couple of open houses we’ve had. I have a few minor concerns about our realtor, but overall we seem to be off to a strong start with getting the house sold.

I *do* know that I’m sleeping better and handling the decreased stress much better. That’s a huge improvement that I’ll take regardless of minor concerns.

Needless to say, I’ve been behind on the blog. I had to just delete almost 200 email notifications because there’s no way I’ll ever catch up on that much material. I feel bad about it as I value what those I follow have to say… err write about. 🙂 It’s just being realistic about my current schedule though.

While dealing with real life, I’ve done some reflecting on the blog here.

First, I still want to get organized to where I deal with specific subjects on specific days. I’ll probably take Sundays off and leave one day as a wildcard day as well. I haven’t had the time to figure out categories yet, but I still believe this will be better for my planning and my followers.

Possible (probable) categories include: Cooking, Writing, Politics & Social Issues, Photography & Martial Arts.

Second is something I talked about several months ago the last time I got fed up with some of the discourse here and elsewhere. I let myself get wrapped up in the drama again instead of sticking to what I planned back then; focusing on solutions.

The trouble with getting drawn into the current political debate as it’s framed by the elites, is that it’s all crap. Both sides are deeply flawed, and there’s NO way you’re going to convince the utterly mindless sycophants on either side that Trump or Obama are not the antichrist.

I more fully realized the folly of even trying when I saw an article online. It was all about how it’s impossible to change people’s minds when they’ve made an emotional decision. I actually wanted to do a separate blog post on it. I probably will still do so, once time allows.

150 Years Ago, a Philosopher Showed Why It’s Pointless to Start Arguments on the Internet

It’s pretty scary reading in a way. We’re becoming a society where truth and logic no longer matter, only blind emotion.

In terms of my own writing though, it convinced me that it’s better to focus on proposed solutions that (hopefully) benefit everyone instead of worrying about the puppets out there. If we get enough people willing to talk common sense, compassionate ideas, we may just eventually turn things around.

People that want to snipe, judge and spit in my eye for my saying that compassion has to be balanced with accountability and common sense (per my recent rant)… The hell with them. They’re wrong. They’re taking out their feelings of inadequacy on the world. Most importantly, they’re not worth the rise in blood pressure.

Announcement: Blog Changes

First, a quick announcement regarding the blog here: I’m going to take a cue from a few of the blogs I follow and devote each day to a general topic. I’m still pondering the specifics and logistics (ie what day gets what topic). For those who want to avoid politics and social issues though, they’ll each be confined to a specific day of the week. This will probably start next week.

I’m also going to start putting subjects in front of the title, like I did here. That way, readers will have an idea going in if it’s a subject they’re interested in.

I won’t lie. I have REAL mixed feelings here. On one hand, I respect that some people come to the Blogisphere to escape the real world. On the other hand, I feel like I’m being bullied into putting up trigger warnings to cater to children who think they have a right to never have their thinking challenged.

Lost Two More…

I lost two more followers today. I knew that was a risk when I started talking politics. Things like my Rush Limbaugh post are bound to offend the easily butt sore. That doesn’t change the fact that there are people out there wishing death on him. It also doesn’t change the fact doing so is fundamentally EVIL. It doesn’t matter if you’re wishing death on Trump, Obama, Reagan, Carter, Limbaugh or Chris Mathews.

As Democrats used to say; “Hate is not a family value”.

I get that some of you come here for the writing talk, or my cooking. You don’t care about politics or social commentary. I get that. Sometimes the blogisphere is as much an escape from reality as a book is.

Skip those posts then. I’m fine with that. I promise.

Dropping a blog that you thought enough of to follow initially because you disagree with a post and can’t discuss it… THAT, right or wrong, gives the impression that your opinion isn’t grounded in any kind of objective thinking and you’re afraid to have your ideas challenged.

Me personally, and this blog… I’m open to rational discussion. I will only shut ANY opinion down if it’s spewing hate. Likewise, if you try to deliberately misquote me to pull some sort of gotcha, I won’t have it. Even then, at first, I’ll just assume you misread.

One of the drops I know was because I dared to question their view of Brexit in their blog. I did it in a fairly polite way though. Even admitted I didn’t have as much insight on it as I’d like. Instead of opening dialog and educating me on what he perceived the drawbacks were, he shut the door and hid. We both might have learned something.

I’m always open to learning more also. I view it as self-improvement and growth. I’ve learned to see both sides of several issues along the way also. Case & point; my dad was a cop. I was taught that cops are these wonderful protectors always concerned with doing right and protecting the innocent. I’ve listened to people that have issues with law enforcement though. I’ve seen video of a guy here in Sacramento thrown to the ground and manhandled for what really did essentially amount to walking while black. I called out the cops here on it also. Long story short, I can see times where the complainers are right, and times when the cops are also. Sometimes maybe both sides could have done things better.

Take the same approach to life and you might be amazed how much you grow and learn. 😉

In the mean time, I’m going to continue doing social commentary and spiritual posts along with writing, cooking and personal posts. That social commentary will include calling BS on both extremes too.

My Blogging Pet Peeve

Time for a short rant. My biggest blogging pet peeve is people who just click “Like” without ever reading a post.

How can I tell? Most of the time, you can’t. HOWEVER… When somebody visits once or twice a week and hits the “Like” button 4, 5, 6+ times in a minute… It’s VERY VERY obvious. Happily, I only have a few people that do this out of my (currently) 352 followers.

So why should it matter? It really doesn’t IF you’re only here to collect Likes. If your blog is only about stroking your ego though, you’re blogging for the wrong reason. I’m here to legitimately connect with people and share ideas. Maybe I’ll disagree with somebody about a particular topic, but the discussion will at least give us both food for thought and help us understand more.

My rather cynical view of people who just hit the like button repeatedly is that they don’t truly care about the author or their blog. It’s just a shallow attempt to solicit reciprocal likes and comments in their own blog. In short, it’s using people, not building even the most superficial relationship. Honestly, these are the followers I’m LEAST likely to look at or follow myself too.

The lesson here is that ANY form of “business” comes down to building relationships with your “customers”. Readers in this case. They will pick up on if you treat them as only a means to an end instead of somebody that you legitimately value.

There’s one photography blog where I am guilty of this myself, BUT they tend to post a TON of pictures (5 to 10 posts a day) and I don’t need all day to recognize a well done photograph or other piece of art.

I’ve been tempted to make a post saying something absolutely absurd like being a Satanist, or that Hitler was right about everything, then calling out all the people who hit “Like” on it. A) that’s getting a bit petty though. B) Some idiot(s) would see the post and believe it’s real, even with disclaimers at the end.

OK, end of rant, LOL

Happy New Year, and Some Thoughts…

First a very Happy New Year to all, and wishes that 2020 is a spectacular year for you as well (despite it being an election year, lol).

Champagne glasses with fireworks on background

Next, you’re probably going to start seeing the typical blog posts and internet articles in a few days about how resolutions don’t work and possibly that you need to set goals instead. I went on the counter-attack on this one last January. See my Resolutions vs Goals post for that.

Bottom line though; goals and resolutions are essentially the same thing. It’s a stated desired outcome, and goals fail just as often as resolutions. If you want to succeed at either, develop a plan to go with it. Include contingencies in the plan also. Healthy, low carb treats around if your resolution is a diet and you’re prone to snacking. Options for cutting expenses further and raising extra cash if you’re working on eliminating debt and something comes up (or blows up), etc…

Mainly just stay focused, allow yourself to enjoy small victories along the way, and if you screw up and have a banana split while on that diet, realize it was just a mis-step, NOT the end of the world. Everybody falters on the way to a goal or resolution. The ones that succeed are the ones that keep trying anyway. 😉 🙂

My own blogging resolutions are to work on writing more, and a higher quality of posts as well. Primarily, I’m going to be more positive in my posts. I still plan to call Shenanigans when I see nonsense out there in the world, but I’m going to try to be more calm about it and offer potential solutions where ever possible as well. God knows we have enough angry voices out there already. I don’t need to be another one of them. I want my readers to be informed AND actually enjoy being here. 🙂