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Mis-Reporting Runs Amok Regarding the South

I’ve been disgusted by the news lately. Not only in how it’s blindly towing the big government fascism line regarding the coronavirus, but also how it’s targeted the South in particular. We’ve been the first to start to open back up and the bias in utterly astounding. Everything from the Texas salon owner to Georgia’s re-opening.


I’ve been seeing various “media” outlets hurl every insult our way imaginable. Everything from scathing commentary to rigged news stories about how Georgia is suffering MASSIVE coronavirus case rebound. It’s all been characterized as a a selfish money grab that’s costing lives.

Lies from people with guaranteed incomes who only care about creating a police state.

The truth: Openings have been fairly gradual, based on people and businesses displaying common sense with social distancing. Some stores and restaurants are still only open to curbside pickup. Some places are still closed, period. Where places have opened, social distancing guidelines are being followed closely. Here’s an example:

Blaze Pizza here in town. Note most folks are still taking out. That table with the painter’s tape X across it though… off limits. Tables were selectively closed so that the dining room occupancy was limited and everyone sat at .least six feet apart from other groups.

COMMON DAMNED SENSE, and without a government mandate. Imagine that!

Maybe “dumb rednecks” are a good bit smarter than the people involved in protests and other large gatherings in New York City, hmm?

I don’t even know who to believe on death totals anymore. Some places are saying 67,000 US deaths, some are saying 70,000 and I’ve seen totals as high as 77,000. What I can say is I haven’t seen any reports on the news of people being to hospitals in record numbers as we re-open. Nope, all is quiet on the Southern front.

The varying death totals are another example of manipulation however. How can we trust any news / government source if they’re going to arbitrarily put out random numbers or pad them with deaths that may have nothing to do with COVID-19?

Yeah, I know… Trust the WHO, right?

That’s the same organization that tells us the virus was nothing in China and is already gone there, BUT is still out of control here and the biggest threat ever to humanity. Never mind their own stats say there are other things that kill vastly more people:

I’ve put that graph up before. 9 million deaths a year from heart disease. Nearly 6 million from stroke. Nearly 3 million from COPD, etc… all the way down to Tuberculosis rounding out the top 10 with 1.6 million deaths per year.

Any way you slice it, the densely populated Northeastern states still have it worse than the South.

Texas Salon Owners Getting Jailed:

Dallas hair salon owner Shelley Luther has been the one getting most of the attention here. The way the mainstream media has portrayed her, you’d think her name was actually Lex Luthor.

Almost half a dozen other salon owners have been dealing with unjust imprisonment also however. Governor Greg Abbott finally had to amend his lockdown order and release the jailed women however. Not before the Lieutenant Governor paid Shelley Luther’s fines and got her released, the Texas attorney general called the governor out of control and said the jailings were political stunts, AND the Texas Supreme Court ruled the governor’s order unconstitutional.

Greg Abbott is NO Texan. REAL Texans value both freedom and personal responsibility.

The accounts I heard from more conservative sources say these women each had only 1 to 4 people in their salon at a time (depending upon the salon owner), and were wearing masks. Contrary to the governor’s fascistic statements, all they wanted was to be able to put food on the table for their children.

Read Shelley Luther’s interview with Fox for yourself and decide


Personally, I hope Abbott is impeached and removed from office.

RANT: Anti-Semites, Bigots and Racists

Those reading my posts know I’ve made a resolution to be more positive in my writing moving forward. Some of my past posts got a little too negative due to being stuck in the dystopian nightmare that is California.

HOWEVER, a reply to one of my posts yesterday really got me irked. The responding person ignored most of what I said that didn’t support their own beliefs. I’m used to willful blind ignorance though. It thrives on Twitter. What I will NOT tolerate under ANY circumstances in my blog however was the anti-semetic tirade that followed that. Or bigots or racists of any type for that matter.

Let me be very clear regarding my views of the Middle East. I’ve met great people who were Arab / Muslim. My college Algebra, Physics and Statistics teacher was the nicest Iranian (he preferred Persian) man you’d ever meet. Incredibly brilliant too. I’ve met great Jewish and Isreali people as well. I will NEVER stereotype either group… ANY group as evil, genocidal, etc… Everybody deserves to be judged as an indivdual, and every group has good and bad in it.

Isreal has a right to exist peacefully, and so do all it’s Arab neighbors. While I may have issues with the Iranian government and it’s decades long sponsorship of terrorism, I know the Iranian people are intelligent, kind people who simply want to live their lives like the rest of us. Trying to paint me as a genocidal pro-Isreal racist sickens and offends me and really shows just how horrible a person that now ex-follower was. Hitler would be proud of her views.

I could spend some time here de-bunking some of the racism directed at both Jews and Arabs, but this would turn into a runaway post. The bigger point here is that I will not tolerate that kind of crap here. It WILL get you banned from my blog.

Same goes for ANY form of racism or bigotry. I do NOT want to hear that Black, Asian, Indian, Native American, White or any other people are all inherently evil, ignorant or out to screw over everyone else. I don’t care how you try to justify any such hatred either. It has NO place here. Hence there is an absolute ZERO TOLERANCE policy in place here. Any such reply will be deleted and you WILL be banned if you come in here spewing hate.

I could and should include political labels here also. I lean a bit conservative myself, primarily because I live in a state that’s completely screwed up due to EXTREME left wing policies. HOWEVER, I dislike extreme right wing policies too. They’d lead to a corporate run police state. Life is about balance. Left balances right and some liberal polices are needed to prevent people from falling through the cracks. There’s room for all but the most extreme views in my opinion, so long as they’re presented politely.

People are all individuals. They deserve to be viewed, treated and respected as such.

Enough Said!