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Mis-Reporting Runs Amok Regarding the South

I’ve been disgusted by the news lately. Not only in how it’s blindly towing the big government fascism line regarding the coronavirus, but also how it’s targeted the South in particular. We’ve been the first to start to open back up and the bias in utterly astounding. Everything from the Texas salon owner to Georgia’s re-opening.


I’ve been seeing various “media” outlets hurl every insult our way imaginable. Everything from scathing commentary to rigged news stories about how Georgia is suffering MASSIVE coronavirus case rebound. It’s all been characterized as a a selfish money grab that’s costing lives.

Lies from people with guaranteed incomes who only care about creating a police state.

The truth: Openings have been fairly gradual, based on people and businesses displaying common sense with social distancing. Some stores and restaurants are still only open to curbside pickup. Some places are still closed, period. Where places have opened, social distancing guidelines are being followed closely. Here’s an example:

Blaze Pizza here in town. Note most folks are still taking out. That table with the painter’s tape X across it though… off limits. Tables were selectively closed so that the dining room occupancy was limited and everyone sat at .least six feet apart from other groups.

COMMON DAMNED SENSE, and without a government mandate. Imagine that!

Maybe “dumb rednecks” are a good bit smarter than the people involved in protests and other large gatherings in New York City, hmm?

I don’t even know who to believe on death totals anymore. Some places are saying 67,000 US deaths, some are saying 70,000 and I’ve seen totals as high as 77,000. What I can say is I haven’t seen any reports on the news of people being to hospitals in record numbers as we re-open. Nope, all is quiet on the Southern front.

The varying death totals are another example of manipulation however. How can we trust any news / government source if they’re going to arbitrarily put out random numbers or pad them with deaths that may have nothing to do with COVID-19?

Yeah, I know… Trust the WHO, right?

That’s the same organization that tells us the virus was nothing in China and is already gone there, BUT is still out of control here and the biggest threat ever to humanity. Never mind their own stats say there are other things that kill vastly more people:

I’ve put that graph up before. 9 million deaths a year from heart disease. Nearly 6 million from stroke. Nearly 3 million from COPD, etc… all the way down to Tuberculosis rounding out the top 10 with 1.6 million deaths per year.

Any way you slice it, the densely populated Northeastern states still have it worse than the South.

Texas Salon Owners Getting Jailed:

Dallas hair salon owner Shelley Luther has been the one getting most of the attention here. The way the mainstream media has portrayed her, you’d think her name was actually Lex Luthor.

Almost half a dozen other salon owners have been dealing with unjust imprisonment also however. Governor Greg Abbott finally had to amend his lockdown order and release the jailed women however. Not before the Lieutenant Governor paid Shelley Luther’s fines and got her released, the Texas attorney general called the governor out of control and said the jailings were political stunts, AND the Texas Supreme Court ruled the governor’s order unconstitutional.

Greg Abbott is NO Texan. REAL Texans value both freedom and personal responsibility.

The accounts I heard from more conservative sources say these women each had only 1 to 4 people in their salon at a time (depending upon the salon owner), and were wearing masks. Contrary to the governor’s fascistic statements, all they wanted was to be able to put food on the table for their children.

Read Shelley Luther’s interview with Fox for yourself and decide


Personally, I hope Abbott is impeached and removed from office.

“Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste”

I’ve thrown that quote from Rahm Emanuel around a few times in this blog. While it would be nice if we could put political BS aside and concentrate on helping each other, some people are just such scum they can’t help themselves.

Case and point: California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Anybody that’s followed this guy for a while knows he’s a sleaze. He’s been making the rounds on social media and the mainstream media promoting the idea of exploiting this crisis though. Newsom answered a recent question by a reporter about the outbreak creating political opportunity for liberals as follows:

“There is opportunity for reimagining a progressive era as it pertains to capitalism,” Newsom said. “Forgive me for being long winded but absolutely we see this as an opportunity to reshape the way we do business and how we govern.”

Yeah, screw the democratic process and the will of the people, let’s just seize dictatorial power

Maybe somebody should remind our extreme socialist governor that it’s the private businesses that he’s planning on screwing with who are the ones stepping up to fight this outbreak.

Government, on the other hand, was warned about this for ages, and sat on their thumbs instead of preparing. Personally, I’ll put my faith in those businesses, their owners and the people that they employ to rise to the occasion.

Setting politics aside, MAYBE Gavin Newsom should treat this crisis as a chance to help the sick and keep the economy afloat instead.

THAT would require MORALS however.

Richard Jewell

I wanted to encourage folks to go see this movie a couple weeks ago when it first came out, BUT, I thought I’d better wait to see it so I could tell my readers if the movie presented things accurately and if not, where it strayed from the truth. I finally got to see it earlier tonight, and if it’s still in theaters near you, I’d highly recommend seeing it.

For those too young to remember, the movie details the events around the bombing of Centinnial Park during the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta Georgia. I happened to live in the suburbs of Atlanta at the time and was at ‘ground zero’ (so to speak) for the nightmare documented in the film.

Richard Jewell was the security guard who discovered the bomb. It was only his pushing to follow protocol that the backpack it was in was even investigated as a suspicious package instead of ignored as a forgotten bag. The bomb went off in the process of the police trying to get people away from it. 111 people were injured in the explosion and 1 died.

For about 48 hours, Richard Jewell was a hero. THEN, the FBI decided he was a suspect, AND the Atlanta Journal Constitution (the local newspaper) got hold of that information as well. What followed was 88 days of the FBI turning Jewell’s life upside down and inside out as the national media crucified the man.

What was the basis you ask? He was a poor white guy who lived at home with his mother, had a history of taking his job too seriously and a small firearms collection. In short, he fit the profile of somebody who would do something like this in order to get attention for himself.

No physical evidence was ever found, The FBI tried to trick him early on into a confession by asking him to help them make a “training video” about suspicious packages during which they tried to weasel him into signing a waiver of his constitutional rights as part of the training.

When they got around to tracing the location of the bomb threat call to 911, they discovered the pay phone was too far away for Jewell to have made the call then have found the bomb a minute later at the park, SO, they created an accomplice in an old friend of Jewell’s and said he (Jewell) did it because he was a frustrated and angry closeted homosexual (he was straight by the way). Talk about a slam against him and gay people in general though…

The media circus was even more deplorable. There was an entire caravan of various news agencies outside his apartment 24/7. They followed him and his mother everywhere. They crucified him with wild speculation and distorting the facts. Politicians from Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell to Bill Clinton all made at least veiled remarks condemning him as well.

Just under 3 months of hell with everybody from Tom Brokaw to the Atlanta Journal trying to whip the public into a frenzy while the FBI ignored the lack of physical evidence and the phone call timing issue and Jewell passing a polygraph test.

Eric Robert Rudolph turned out to be the real culprit, and was eventually caught, but not before bombing an abortion clinic and lesbian nightclub in Atlanta and another abortion clinic in Alabama. He wasn’t arrested until 2003 also.

Clint Eastwood did a remarkable job on this one, and it’s pretty fair in my opinion. The only thing it really leaves out is the personal involvement of then FBI Director Louis Freeh. While on one level that might have taken away from focus on the events directly around Richard Jewell, it could have been a powerful addition in terms of showing abuse of power and just how hard Washington DC was pushing for a fast conviction.

Even the portrayal of Jewell is pretty accurate. The man had his flaws, including getting dismissed from a college campus police job for pushing his authority too far. I think it’s fair to say there was enough in his background to merit an initial look at him as a suspect. He was, none the less a hero though, and probably saved hundreds of lives.

It would be bad enough if this was a lone incident too, but a decade earlier, the FBI and media did the exact same thing to the McMartin family in an alledged sexual abuse scandal at the preschool the family ran. The family was eventually found innocent and the FBI exposed for coaching the children into false testamony. Not before the family was ruined though. They were still getting death threats a decade later also.

Richard Jewell made out a little better… After being cleared as a suspect, he went on to become a deputy sheriff in a small North Georgia town and sucessfully sued several news outlets and Piedmont College. Most of the lawsuits were settled for undisclosed amounts, but it’s known that Jewell got $500,000 from NBC.

There’s a lesson here for those who believe the FBI is beyond reproach, or that the mainstream media is in any way honest or not manipulative. The media has been playing games with the public since at least when the Hearst papers printed stories that helped start the Spanish American War.

As a final note, to show you how unrepentent the media can be; the AJC threatened to sue over the depiction of the reporter that broke the story. The paper claims she never offered sexual favors to an FBI agent in exchange for inside info, AND that she’d gotten the information from her well established local law enforcement contacts. The production company told the AJC to get lost. If you’re wondering which version to believe by the way, in 1997 Janet Reno said that the Dept of Justice owed Jewell an apology for the FBI leak to the press.