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Still Drifting…

But the ship is coming under control ever so slowly. 🙂

So what to say here? I try to avoid personal drama here. It’s toxic, and it alienates good readers, and bad readers take pleasure in it.

LONG story short; my baggage goes WAY back. BAD childhood, equally bad first marriage, etc… For ages, I’ve tried the Western, new age BS way to deal with my “shadow”: all the pain, self-doubt and anger over it. That being to make peace with it, or bury it. Let me tell yah; that don’t work.

Shaka Zulu was credited as saying never leave an enemy alive lest they rise again and strike you down (paraphrased). That is exactly what happens with psychological baggage when you try that. You start to feel good, and it comes back attacking from a different angle. Even Seinfeld recognized that:

The only answer is to kill the bitch. How? Detailed instructions would be another, LONG post, and I can’t say as I’ve got all the answers YET. I do know I’ve made huge progress with prayer, meditation, grounding, energy work, and working hard to forgive myself and others. I can also honestly say that it takes some real introspection and self-awareness to hunt your own shadow as well.

Is it truly killable? Yes, but achieving that (IMO) would put somebody at the level of a Buddha or just short of that. Can *I* do it? Saying yes would be arrogant. Saying no would allow doubt and fear to creep into the fight, strengthening the shadow.

I’m already doing better too. I’ve come too far to let myself fall back also.

I will leave all of you with one VERY helpful tool while I continue to work, and compile a complete battle plan.

Ho’oponopono is Hawaiian prayer or meditation technique. It’s name roughly translates as ‘to release’. That’s exactly what it’s goal is also; to help you forgive yourself and others, and release the associated negative emotions and energy connected to people and events. The video above is one of several videos on YouTube covering Ho’oponopono. The process is as powerful as it is deceptively simple; an analogy would be the Israelites being told to gaze at Moses’s staff to be healed. Yes, it’s THAT good, especially with regular use.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by life or just want to grow, give it a try.

Beyond that; I’ll leave you with this post’s theme song; dedicated to getting better and supportive friends:

Feeling Adrift…

Yep, a personal post. I haven’t been posting because I’ve been in sort of a funk the last week or so. I’ve had posts ready to write out, but haven’t been able to “get pen to paper” as it were.

Honestly, it’s felt vaguely like the esoteric definition of a ‘dark night of the soul’, but without most of the negative emotion that accompanies one. None the less, there is the feeling of being without direction and like nothing I want to try (such as writing) is going to move in the right direction.

The simple definition.

Aside from the same worries that everyone else is dealing with nowadays, I suspect there’s something I need to make peace with and release. That, I will have to meditate on.

In the mean time, the prescribed way to deal with a spiritual dark night is to keep pushing through it, so that’s what I’m here starting to do. 🙂

More posts to come… such as my scratch made chili verde.

Destructive Little Peckerhead

A play on words as well as a legitimate statement of annoyance. The target of my wrath?

A woodpecker (maybe more than one). Not just ANY woodpecker though. On NO, we had to attract something special:

A Yellow Bellied Sapsucker. They apparently hang out in this neck of the woods during the winter.

Late yesterday morning, I take a peek out the front door and I see THIS:

For half a second, I thought the tree had been hit by lightning during the storm the night before (although there was no thunder or lightning). Closer inspection turned up these:

A little research ruled out termites and led me to our culprit above. These filthy little beasts drill holes in trees to drink their sap. And this poor tree was just covered with holes! All that black gunk in the picture above was tree sap, running five feet down the trunk.

We were on the way out the door to go to Home Depot and get some pruning sealant spray when it came back too. At that point, I introduced it to Red Ryder.

Red Ryder is my preferred discipline tool for these situations. It stings, but doesn’t have enough power to hurt even a bird that size unless you shot it point blank.

A pop in the arse sent our destructive woodpecker friend on her way. Afterwards, we got a can of Spectracide pruning seal. It took nearly the entire can to seal all the holes too. Given that the seal smells like and has the consistency of road tar, I doubt the bird will be attacking those areas again. 😝

*sigh* I like nature. I’ve been told I have some fae blood in me (hasn’t everyone who is Scottish or Irish? LOL), so it comes natural… pun intended. That’s a nearly 100 year old tree that stupid bird was destroying though. One that also sits far too close to the house and our cars for my comfort.

Between that, squirrels tearing up our lawn and garden back in Sacramento and crows attacking our house and cars regularly…

well, let’s just say I’m liking nature a bit less nowadays. 😕

It’s In The Cards?

Picture borrowed from Flickr –

This one is a repost from my adult blog, originally done yesterday. It’s going to get a bit new-agey, but just hang in there. I promise it’ll be interesting regardless. First, let’s start with a little honesty, both with myself and you all:

Yes, life has been a seemingly never ending series of small train wrecks the last few years (and before that, lol), BUT, even as frustrating as multiple moves, dogs barking and stampeding, etc… have been… The real reason I’ve done so little (creative) writing is self-doubt.

In terms of the adult blog and writing erotica / romance, well… Anything sexual is both complicated and draining for an Empath also.

Only Arrowverse fans will get it, but… LOLOL

Even just creative writing about it tends to pull on or out a great deal of emotional energy. That MAY be something for another post however. It would take time to discuss properly.

LONG story short, I’ve spent a great deal of time the last few weeks reflecting on whether or not writing, erotica in particular, was something that I was truly ready to pursue… or if maybe I should focus on more mundane pursuits. Not coming to any real conclusions on my own, I turned to the tarot card reading software I have to see if I could get a little insight.

As a Side Note, I know what a few of you MAY be thinking; “Get a reading from a piece of software?!?” Well, I actually DO have a real deck, but I’m still learning to read it. More importantly, whether you’re using physical cards or software, it’s just your subconscious mind / higher self trying to communicate with you. With the software, you pick the cards, the software places them, and tell you their base meaning, and how being inverted and or it’s position with other cards effects it’s meaning. Once the cards are all read, the software leaves you to interpret how it all comes together to answer your question. Again, because it’s all really about getting an answer from your subconscious, it’s been surprisingly accurate for me every time I’ve used it.

With that clarification, I’m going to post the “reading” I did on becoming an author. Coincidentally, what you see below is exactly what the program spit out in terms of describing each card.

Cards from the Celtic Dragon Tarot deck; the style of deck I own.

Summary (Career Reading)

QUESTION: How Successful Will I Be as a Writer?

First card: The first card describes the past. It can also signify past factors such as study or work experience.

(1) YOU GOT: The World.
This card is about joy of the senses, the cosmic origin of life, love and happiness. This card is well-dignified (100%), this means that its neighbor cards strengthen it. Meanings: Well-dignified it signifies success, a favorable issue to the circumstances. Sometimes change of place.

Second card: The second card describes the present situation. It’s the current state of the subject’s career.

(2) YOU GOT: Five of Staves.
This card is about persuasion, hot speech, demonstration of love or desire and egotism. Meanings: Power, and pleasure in exercising it; adventure, speculation, and uncertainty; strong attachments. This card is well-dignified (100%), this means: Boldness, command, generosity.

Third card: The third card describes the positives, the ‘pros’.

(3) YOU GOT: Knight of Swords.
This card is about a military man, painful memories, distress in the family and war. Meanings: A youngish man, with some talent for governing, rather materialistic, though with some artistic appreciation, active, clever, fond of travel, dexterous, and skillful in management. This card is well-dignified (100%), this means: Favorable to the enterprises of the Querent.

Fourth card: The fourth card describes the negatives, the ‘cons’.

(4) YOU GOT: Seven of Cups.
This card is about thoughts, ideas, intelligence, plans and imagination. This card is well-dignified (100%), this means that its neighbor cards strengthen it. Meanings: Possible victory, but the person to whom the card applies may be too indolent to take advantage of his opportunities for commanding circumstance; success may be gained, but not followed up; necessity for choosing the highest possible objectives.

Fifth card: The fifth card describes the influence of colleagues, management and others with whom the subject has professional dealings.

(5) YOU GOT: The Lovers.
This card is about sensuality and human love. This card is well-dignified (100%), this means that its neighbor cards strengthen it. Meanings: Attraction, beauty, love, sympathy. Balance of forces, and reciprocal activity. Particularly, agreement in things of the mind, symbolized by the six-pointed star, or hexagram. It is a card of harmony between the inner and outer life.

Sixth card: The sixth card describes the best path to take in order to further the subject’s best interest in the matter.

(6) YOU GOT: Nine of Swords.
This card is about dogmatism, ritual, ecclesiastic spirit and hard judgment. This card is well-dignified (100%), this means that its neighbor cards strengthen it. Meanings: Faithfulness, obedience, unselfishness, patience; fortunate news about legal affairs or partnerships, especially if the outcome has been delayed or in doubt; aid or gain through relatives, short journeys, or writings, but not until the Querent has passed through a period of more or less uncertainty and worry; ultimate good fortune resulting from a series of events which present unfavorable appearances at first.

Seventh card: The seventh card describes the outcome. It indicates the final result if the path shown is followed.

(7) YOU GOT: Two of Swords.
This card is about magnetic attraction, intimacy, affection and sensuality.
This card is well-dignified (100%), this means that its neighbor cards strengthen it. Meanings: Contradictory characters in the same nature: strength through suffering; pleasure after pain. Delay in the realization of objectives. It intimates a period of uncertainty, in which the Querent, through he has a sense of adequate power, does not know just what to do with it. Justice, unselfishness, and the restoration of peace.

MY (Short) Take On It:

The first card; The World meant that my past work, while needing improvement, is better than I’ve given myself credit for, and is an indication that I have ability. The second card; 5 of Staves, is along the same lines. It means I’ve got the ability and need to put it to use. The third card; Knight of Swords, means I have the organizational skills to handle the choice. The fourth card; Seven of Cups, means I’ll have to be dedicated to the work and improving my craft if I want to succeed. The fifth card; The Lovers, I’m *guessing* means I’ll have some support in the effort. As for the sixth card; The 9 of Swords, it means the best path is hard work, serious effort at growth, and releasing the self doubt. The seventh card; the 2 of Swords (interesting that so many of the minor arcana cards were Swords… means it’ll be a struggle at first, but if I keep at it, I’ll be successful.

All in all, I’d say it was a very positive reading.

Erotica and Witchfire Specifically (Link is NSFW):

A few hints in the above reading indicated that erotica was indeed in the cards for me, (pun always intended, lol). None the less, I did separate readings on both of those with similar results. The main difference being that the readings indicated that they would both be tools to help me find increased peace with that part of my nature. They’d both be growth tools in their own unique ways. How long they’d remain a part of my life however, was hard to say.

Wrapping it Up:

I’ve overcome a great deal the last few months. I even got my neck and back returned to a (somewhat) functional state and am continuing to work hard there. I can and will make this work too. It’s long past time I let go of the self doubts.

I have alot of half finished stories and posted story ideas to work on too. 😀

What A Workout!

Yes, I still like my vague titles, lol. Keeps people curious.

OK, so I had hoped to be back here (and at my other blog) writing again sooner, but things have been busy. There’s alot of little chores with a house this old and a fairly sizable yard. We’re also still sorting and tossing things in an effort to trim back and simplify.

On top of that, I’ve been working HARD at one of my New Year’s resolutions… You know, that one that EVERYBODY makes:

I’m Going to Get In Shape!!!

THIS has been my torture device of choice:

It’s a water based rowing machine. LONG story short, we decided months back that when we moved we were going to get one more exercise machine to go with our stationary bike. I thought long and hard about it, and pushed for a rowing machine because it works so many muscle groups at once.

Picture from Amazon’s store page

It also works your back and shoulders. I even feel it in my forearms. Rowing around on a lake (in an inflatable boat) was how I first got in shape in my younger days, and it’s a habit I still enjoy, so this was a natural choice to me.

I still have yet to get a certain lazy spouse on it however. >_<

For those of you who have been slacking on your fitness… Let me tell yah; you don’t realize how badly you can go downhill before you truly feel it. I knew I was out of shape thanks to my back and neck keeping me sedentary for 8 or so years. I walked, I did things around the house, so I assumed I wasn’t THAT bad off.

The first time I got on the rower, I could only do fifty reps. 😶 NOT good, since the rower pretty much provides the same moderate level of resistance as real rowing.

I’ve busted my butt however, and am determined to NEVER go back to that condition I was in before decompression therapy. In roughly three weeks, I’ve gone from 50 reps to 1000 yesterday. Some of my improvement was probably just the exercise working fatigue poisons and other toxins out of my system. I know I’m feeling mentally and physically better, even if pushing hard leaves me wiped out afterwards. 😀

I’ve also lost 10 pounds and am determined to keep that up also.

The Best Diet Advice I Ever Got:

Was something so simple that most people wouldn’t believe it works; just SLOW DOWN and enjoy your food. Take your time, thoroughly chew it, actually make conversation with people while you eat, etc… The ideas being that first, it takes 15 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain it’s had enough, no matter how much food you scarf down. So yes, closely related to that, it’s also better for your digestive system.

The hidden benefit to it though is that you AND your body will quickly figure out what’s truly good food. I was skeptical on this one and actually tested the idea on a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin one day. I used to love the things. Slowing down and chewing it though… truly giving myself time to sample the flavors… The sausage is REALLY disgusting, and the muffin and cheese aren’t much better.

Some of you may have had similar experiences with other foods. Little Ceasar’s pizza for example; it actually tastes good if it’s hot and you don’t truly take your time. Let it cool off even a little though… Yuck! Even if you eat it quickly.

If you want to read more about the whole concept, there’s a book called “The Slow Down Diet” that goes into more details, but I’ve given you most of the highlights here.

Just make that one simple change in your eating routine and see how much changes in your life.

The Ongoing Neck and Back War:

Speaking of the neck and back… Moving REALLY took a toll on both of them, given how rushed everything was. My worthless ProNex therapy tool broke on me also:

The damned thing tore in half at the narrow center section of the top piece, just from normal use. Talk about cheap! I mean I knew it was foam rubber, but still…

Pronex doesn’t stand by their products either, even if brand new. Needless to say, I’m changing my review to zero stars, wouldn’t recommend. After some meticulous research, I came across an alternative:

Only $50 more than the Pronex, but it’s solid construction, not low grade foam rubber.

It worked so well that we bought the lower back unit made by ComfortTrac also:

With my bad back and the auto accident my other half suffered in the Subaru, this unit has been a godsend for both of us. Chiropractic treatment never did anything long term for my back, but this is helping tremendously.

Neither unit is QUITE as good as full blown professional decompression treatment, BUT with common sense and regular use, they come VERY VERY close, for a good deal less. My previous decompression treatments ran almost $4000, and the moving undid a large portion of that. These two units had a combined cost of roughly $1000 on Amazon. That’s still ALOT of money, but we’re both benefiting from them, and it’s cheaper than professional treatment, and FAR FAR cheaper than surgery.

If there’s enough interest, I’ll do a more in-depth review on both. For now, suffice it to say they’re a large part of why I’ve been able to push myself so hard, and will help guarantee I never go back to that broken down state EVER again.

Oh yes… Remember that recurve bow I bought also?

Well, I finally got it out and started shooting also. The weather has provided limited opportunities there, but I finally got out the other day and shot a few flights. This was at about 30 feet of distance BTW. Not too impressive. My first volley was a bit of a mess also, LOL:

I hit the target with all 3 arrows though! I consider that fairly good since it was the first time I’d shot a bow since 1987 or 88. There was no nock point (a little piece of brass wrapped around the string) on the bow string, no sights, and the tab (finger guard) I was using on my drawing hand was incredibly sloppy.

Picture from Amazon’s store page of the exact one I purchased. Somebody sure chews their nails, LOL

I have to replace it with a shooting glove for sure.

BUT, I shot bare bow for the first time in 33 years and out of 50 arrows at between 30 and 35 feet, I only missed the target 3 times. By the last flight of arrows, my accuracy had improved too:

I even put one nearly dead center!

Funny… I was worried that a 40 pound draw weight on the bow might be a hair too much. It’s actually proving to be just about right for me, and is giving my arms a little extra workout also.

I’ve forgotten some of the technique I was taught back in college, but it’s amazing how I could pick up on what I was physically doing wrong with my shots; primarily being too tense, and sometimes not just simply releasing the bow string.

For those who have never shot a bow, the ideal release technique is to just simply let the fingers holding the bow string go limp. It prevents an accidental jerk of the string sideways, which will make your shot go wide. That can happen if you try to force your hand to release the string, or outright jerk your hand away.

ANYWAY… I need some practice for sure, but it wasn’t bad for a first outing. 🙂

I’ve also taken a few preliminary steps towards brushing up on my Kenpo and Wing Chun. That’s a story for another time however. 🙂

Five MAVO Points to anyone who can tell me what that last picture is though… WITHOUT an internet search. 😛

New Years Update & Some Thoughts

Let’s start with a slightly belated Happy New Year to everyone out there. Here’s hoping that 2021 will indeed be a better year.

As for 2020… The WWE had the best answer there:

Personal Updates:

I’ve been away the last few days just taking a break. It’s been a hellish last few months with the move and everything. Pack, unpack, clean a filthy house we moved into, enough yard work to keep a full landscaping crew busy full time, the holidays, and some other things I didn’t get into earlier.

My other half had to go into the hospital to have some heart blockage checked. Long story short, there was some modest amount and it’s treatable with medication. That much is a relief. I am hammering for better eating habits and exercise at this point though.

The situation had two other uncomfortable issues come up as well. A) I’m completely in the dark about most of our finances. B) The life insurance I thought was in place was never taken care of. We’re working on correcting *A* at least.

I was also forced to cut loose my longest running friendship also. We’ve known each other since my first run at college back in 1987. Unfortunately said friend has also drank the FAR right kool-aid, and become pretty classless. I already dragged them away from Stormfront (a neo-nazi forum) once before and thought they had their head on straight. Ever since the George Floyd incident though, they’ve been increasingly negative and using “BLM” as a replacement for the N Word, among other inappropriate talk.

Several attempts at reasoning had no luck, and in the end I got verbally attacked. Enough was enough, and I had to break ties. It’s something I’m not happy about on one level, BUT at the same time, I have to take a stand for what’s right. Yes, elements of BLM have acted very poorly (although more often than not it’s Antifa crashing their protests), and the things A FEW people that claim to represent them have said have been royally offensive. I can’t hold the whole group responsible for a few publicity hounds and loose cannons though.

So yes, my “we all need to shun the crazy extremists” talk **IS** something I back with action. While I wish i could have talked some sense into them, you can’t help anybody who doesn’t want to be helped. I’ve learned that lesson the hard way more than once in the past.

On a more positive note, I started on a couple of my New Year’s resolutions early. We got a rowing machine after moving to the new place, and I’ve been using it to get back into shape and rebuild the lost muscle from my being largely sedentary the last few years. We’ve actually turned the sun room into a fitness center. Our exercise bike is in there along with my old martial arts training equipment, including BOB:

AKA “Body Opponent Bag” – Century Martial Arts named him, not me.

I picked BOB up on clearance at a sporting goods store years back. Time to slowly start putting him to use. Luckily I have videos to refresh my former classroom (dojo) training.

Since we finally have a big back yard, I also picked up something I’ve wanted for ages; a new longbow:

It’s a Southwest Archery “Spyder” takedown recurve bow kit. OK, everybody say it with me:

OK, kidding aside, I used archery as my ‘out’ for a PE class back during that first trip through college. California had made PE a requirement at the college level if you can believe it. It *IS* California after all. Anyway, it turned out to be very Zen and therapeutic for me. I’m not the hunting type, but target shooting is something I find relaxing. I’ll doubtless write more here once the weather clears and I can actually get some shooting in.

There was more I wanted to write about plans with the blog and getting caught up on notifications, but that’ll have to wait until next time.

It’s Official!

Hans Gruber has fallen from Nakatomi Center:

32 years ago – Always remember. 😀

The Teen Titans have saved Christmas and the other Holidays from the evil of Santa:

AND Ralphie has gotten his Red Ryder BB gun twice already:


Greetings from the Haunted Forest

Surreal, isn’t it? That’s the view from our front porch the other night when the fog rolled in though. 🙂 I’m not sure why the neighbor’s lights have that weird steak look though. Maybe I moved the phone while snapping the pic.

Anyway, it’s update time.

First, the Hand:

It’s healing quicker from the burn than I expected. The outer skin already scabbed over, lizarded up and is flaking off. I can tell from the sheen of the pink skin where the shedding has occurred that it’ll happen at least one more time. Only one spot about the size of a quarter is healing slower. That’s where the spill was focused.

The hand has been the main reason that I haven’t been posting here though. It’s been awkward trying to type much of anything during the healing process due to the stiffness and the bandage. It’s healing quickly though for a second degree burn.

One Month:

That’s how long we’ve been renting the “new” place. Really, we didn’t officially move in until two weeks ago. We were just ferrying things down until that point. It seems like an eternity though, and the house is still trashed. Too many boxes left unpacked or half unpacked, cleaning that needs to be done IF we can ever get all the crap up and out of the way, etc…

It’s been a constant fight to get things done too. I finally had to give an ultimatum of clean up and start throwing unneeded crap out OR I’m leaving for good. That seems to have done it. We filled 6 of the Home Depot contractor’s size trash bags (40 gallon capacity) with all kinds of garbage; everything from paperwork to OLD PC parts. Like VGA cables and PC-100 memory old.

240 gallons of trash. More to come also. The F-150’s cargo bed is half full. A shame all of that couldn’t have been tossed BEFORE our move from California. It would have saved a ton in moving expenses.

I’m encouraged by the progress, but really discouraged and disgusted that it had to come to me holding the relationship hostage to get anything to happen. It’s toxic, it’s not the way a relationship should work, and it’s emotionally draining to say the least. I’m wondering more and more if it’s worth it.

Back… Maybe? Ouch.

I’m not sure that I’m completely back yet, but things are FINALLY falling into place enough that I can take a break and let people know I’m still alive… barely, LOL.

We didn’t finish moving everything down until the third, and have been unpacking ever since. Two moves in six months seem to have finally been enough to convince my wayward spouse that we just plain have too much crap too. So, (thank God), we’re getting rid of some of it. One silly example; we have new pillows for both our bed and the guest bedroom bed… and still took 8 more to a Goodwill donation center and tossed 3 more that were too dirty to donate. I’m not even talking throw pillows either.

If that wasn’t enough, between what we bought and inherited from both sides of the family, we must have had 20 casserole dishes. Now, I love to cook, but not THAT much, lol.

LONG rant short, we still have a ways to go yet, but things are falling into place. I’m going to try to be back every day from now on, and should be able to truly kick it into full gear in another week. That should give my hand a chance to heal up too.

The Ouch:

Yes, there’s a story there too. Yesterday, I was making some homemade Chicken Tortilla Soup. Trying a new recipe I found also, which I won’t post. My previously posted one is actually much better; more savory and authentic.

ANYWAY… this other recipe made so much that it wouldn’t fit in the Crock-Pot, even after trying to cook it down some. So, I tried to transfer it to a bigger pot, and it spilled all over my left hand. Worse, if I had dropped the crock, I would have broken it and spilled soup everywhere. I held on to it long enough to safely empty the crock a bit more and drop it into the pot with the soup. Net result though; second degree burns all over the back of my left hand. Somehow it missed my actual fingers past the first knuckles.

Morbid curiosity compelled me to check the temperature of the soup after an initial cold water bath for my hand: 200 degrees.

I’ve remarked, almost half jokingly, in the past about my ability to suppress pain. After years of dealing with pain that turned out to be my neck and back, and being told there wasn’t anything wrong (until I got MRIs), even I was wondering how much of it was real. Well, the burn answered that. Yesterday I was in agony as the entire hand was one big burn blister. Today I’ve got it blocked out and it’s only mildly painful. It’s thoroughly bandaged however, for obvious reasons.

Yet Another Personal Update:

As recently promised, it’ll be relatively drama free however.

Mainly I just wanted to let folks know that we’re pushing HARD to be out of this apartment in the next week and be settled in our new place by Thanksgiving. Will we make it? Hard to say. Technically we have until the 6th of next month, but we want our peace, quiet and sanity back.

Bottom line though, I’m busy as heck, and I’m likely to stay that way for another week or two. I’m doing my best to at least keep up with my followed blogs, but even so, I’m 60 emails behind right now. I really am anxious to get the blogs fully rebooted again too.

Then there’s the new and semi-new followers also. I haven’t forgotten any of you, and you’re all appreciated. I intend to give your blogs closer looks as time allows.

We actually signed the lease on our new place on Wednesday, otherwise I’d have done a Veteran’s Day post or re-blogged my one from last year. The trip was quite an adventure in itself too.

We got caught in heavy rain, and the Subaru hydroplaned and then fishtailed, and I mean royally! We literally got half way to sideways 8 different times before I got it back under control. It swerved one way then the other and seemed to fight me every step of the attempted recovery. STILL, without the all wheel drive and traction control system, we probably would have rolled over. At least there would have been airbags also in that case. Not so much so with the F-150 (only front air bags) or the Mustang (nothing).

So yeah, we got a good scare, and happily there were no cars around us to put in danger, BUT it worked out fine.

Another thing that worked out fine:

Baby Yoda!

I canz has Baby Yoda Tervis Tumbler. 😀 *happy dance* I’m even vaguely less upset about the election now, LOL. As for the rest of you, never fear. Disney is hard at work motivating it’s exploited third world child labor force to make sure you can have goodies also:

Yeah, I know… killjoy, LOL. Not like I haven’t said the Mouse is Sith though.