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International Holocaust Remembrance Day

OK, so Thay Paul made me a liar about my last post. With a rise in antisemitism and holocaust deniers it’s important to remember what happened though. This one is worth reblogging as I figure out what I’m doing next

Thay Paul's Notes

27th January 2023

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LAST Post:

Yep, no hyperbole. After seeing that my alternate blog housing more adult content consistently pulled more views and likes by far FOR A YEAR AND A HALF straight with 1/16th the subscribers and ABSOLUTELY NO posting on my part, I’m hanging it up here.

Any time I’m around the blog, I’ve spent 2 or more hours a day, trying to keep up with the numerous blogs I’ve followed (around 200). Look at the total count of deleted emails I have in my Outlook account… One that I use EXCLUSIVELY for notifications for this blog.

And yet people don’t understand why I bitch about the selfish nature of the bloggers here; caring NOTHING for genuine networking, only how many likes their own blogs can get. THAT, up there, that’s TRYING to network.

I’ve already recently unfollowed several people who post 5 or more times a day, but can’t be bothered with anyone else’s blog. ZERO give and take.

At this point, it’s not worth the aggravation anymore. 2+ hours a day trying to network. AT LEAST 1 hour a day for researching and writing a single blog post… For what? Zero views and 1 fake “Like” given via the WordPress Reader without actually opening the post? THAT is what I’m spending 1/8th of my day for?

THIS is what the WordPress “community” has been reduced to?

I’ll doubtless keep the account, so I can follow and comment on Joanne, Sheree and Candice… Avigail as well. Beyond that, I’ll be shutting the blog down completely once I’ve scraped it of content. I’ve done my research the last few days. I know where people have gone to and I know where I’m going.

The End.