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Culper Precision Makes Custom Gun That Looks Like Toy

Time for a Rant. Utah based Culper Precision (a firearms manufacturer) decided to customize what I think is a Glock 19 to look like a toy made of Legos.

Image courtesy of Newsweek and MSN

They called it the “Block 19” and that is a VERY real firearm. They were quite proud of the fact that they glued the Legos onto it, and got the gun to keep them in place for over 1500 rounds fired.

Oddly enough, they also don’t understand the outrage this has generated with people.

Stats on how many children are killed with guns are sadly twisted and politicized. Regardless of the actual numbers, children getting ahold of guns and accidentally shooting themselves, a sibling, or shooting people at school are too common, and IMO one is too many because a responsible gun owner keeps their guns properly secured.

I’ve already called for the gun owners to be tried as co-conspirators in such cases unless they can show that they did have their guns locked up. Kids are tempted by the mystique surrounding guns, and if you make it look like a harmless toy, whatever respect they may have for the weapon is going to be lost. This was just completely irresponsible on Culper’s part.

Before any of the Pro-Second Amendment crowd jumps on me here, I *am* a gun owner. I own a CZ-75 Compact 9mm pistol:

Image courtesy of

Not only do I own it, I practice regularly and I’m pretty damned good with it:

Image courtesy of me; 20 rounds at a distance of 40 feet or 12.19 meters

Point being that I’m not some extremist activist who has never held a gun nor understands how they work. I’m a responsible gun owner who keeps my gun secured, practices to be accurate so I don’t unnecessarily endanger somebody IF I’m ever forced to defend myself, AND I hope to never, ever have to point it at another human being.

Culper made a gun that looks like a child’s toy, and then defended it by saying they were doing it to protect the second amendment (I can’t make this stuff up):

What’s all the more scary is that Instagram post got 2900+ likes.

Then, when they started getting TONS of hate, they doubled down on stupid, saying the reason people didn’t like it was because they gave their children unlimited access to guns or were a bunch of ignorant anti-second amendment nuts. See the story I linked above. I’m paraphrasing but NOT exaggerating.

THIS is the kind of irresponsible idiocy that makes others question the mindset of gun owners.


My OPINION on this; Why does it matter? First of all, as previously stated, it LOOKS like a toy. That’s going to give a child a false sense of safety with it. Ideally, children in a gun owning household are taught to respect guns, that they’re extremely dangerous, and not a toy. Even such children would likely be tempted by this however. It only has to be put down for a moment for a kid to snatch it up too.

Second, and equally important, it shows that the ADULTS are viewing guns in an irresponsible manner.

A gun can be used as sporting equipment; for competitive target shooting or hunting, as well as for lethal self defense. Regardless of use however, it is a DEADLY WEAPON and should ALWAYS be treated with the respect and caution that comes with that.

Things like this, and the stupid gun tricks videos on YouTube reflect poorly on ALL gun owners. It does NOT protect the Second Amendment. It instead shows that it’s followers are too stupid to respect that rights come with equal amounts of responsibility.

As a responsible gun owner who values the ability to defend my home as a LAST resort, I’m extremely offended here, both by the infantalizing of guns, and the gaslighting of people who had the common sense to object to this stupidity.

If you need your gun to look like a toy, or be a pretty color (ie it’s pink);

then, to be blunt, you don’t have the right mindset to own a firearm.


I’m left one again shutting down my social and political commentary posts, for much the same reasons as before. Nobody wants to move past their petty biases, and they only want stuff that feeds their confirmation bias.

In the meantime, the political and economic powers that be are laughing their rears off because they’re leading everyone around by the nose and turning them against each other. Extremism and group think are the new normal, even among people who CLAIM to be individualists and free thinkers. I laugh at the wild, off the wall conspiracy theories like reptilian aliens and devil worshiping cults among the leadership. It’s never taken anywhere near that much for them to keep winning.

All it’s taken is divide and conquer.

Case and point; COVID-19. All I hear is “stupid sheep wearing masks” or “you’re all trying to kill us!”. I’ve had to drop a few followed blogs just because I got sick of the toxic bullshit on the subject. If I were the Illuminatti, however real they may be, this is a dream win-win scenario. Ignore the virus, people die and I get my thinned population and get tighter controls on the survivors to protect them.

Flip the coin, and everybody plays sheep, and I’ve programmed the population to be good little robots. Either way, I win. Nobody wants to look at all the facts and see that this virus IS dangerous, even sometimes to people without pre-existing conditions, BUT it’s nowhere near the black plague nor will it end humanity. All it takes is some common sense and a middle of the road approach to dealing with it. Nah, let’s just call the mask wearers or mask free people jackasses instead.

I’m BEYOND sick and tired of hearing how all of “THAT” group is evil also. Doesn’t matter if it’s blacks, whites, dems, pubs, Christians, Muslims, those EVIL (note dripping sarcasm here) Jews, men, women… whatever!

When I hear that kind of crap, all I hear is a robot programmed by the divide and conquer crowd to help keep people fighting while that same power elite tightens it’s hold and screws us all.

Think I’m making it up? Take a look at the level of contributions to both political parties, and how much Amazon’s market share (and stock price) have jumped since the the COVID outbreak and race riots have started.

Y’all want to kill each other while they laugh at you, knock yourselves out. I’m over it.

Galatians 4:16 – Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?

NO, I’m not entertaining comments either.

How To Fix Capitalism:

(5 minute read)

One of the many things I hear nowadays that frustrates the hell out of me is the rants from the ignorant about the evils of capitalism and how it all needs to be torn down.

Capitalism, by definition, is private ownership and control of business. The proper differences between it, socialism and communism are something that will have to wait for another post. BUT, we have to define what we’re specifically discussing here.

SO, by that definition, there’s nothing inherently evil about capitalism.

The only way that argument can even be made is by someone who blindly believes that government is incorruptible and business is inherently evil. Common sense says that just isn’t true.

HOWEVER… the distorted mess we currently call capitalism definitely has some major issues. I’m going to lay out some ideas on how to set it back on a path that’s better for society in general. I’m NOT saying these ideas are doable without a major fight, OR even a complete solution. They’re simply a start at addressing what I see wrong with the system.

Almost all of these ideas are going against the idea of true “Adam Smith” capitalism also, but then I doubt he ever imagined how the uber rich would be able to exploit the system.

1) Eliminate Commodities Brokers

Most people don’t understand these at all, nor the impact they have on the economy. The Eddie Murphy movie “Trading Places” did a good job of showing what they do though. They’re middle men in the chain between producer and consumer, BUT they serve no purpose other than to create scarcity and drive up the price of a product. They buy up everything from orange juice to gasoline and housing lumber, then horde it just long enough to drive up the price and sell it back to the market.

Plain and simple, my opinion is that the supply chain should not involve anyone that isn’t directly involved in manufacturing the product, selling it, or transporting it to be sold. That means stores (even Amazon), warehouses, manufacturers and shipping companies.

The devil is in the details with this idea. First it would have to be adapted worldwide (as would all these ideas really), and then there would need to be nuances in the laws for collectors and similar people. Never mind the filthy rich will fight like mad to block it.

2) Eliminate Interlocking Corporate Directorships:

This is another HUGE problem that goes unnoticed. Not surprising since the people that control the media are a large part of the problem.

Interlocking corporate directorships are when executives sit on the boards of multiple corporations at the same time. It creates a HUGE conflict of interest, and SHOULD be outlawed by the Stock Exchange and other agencies.

As one fictitious example, mister Jones sits on the board of directors of a corporation that sells cleaning products and a media corporation. The cleaning company makes a defective product that sickens or kills several people, and mister Jones orders the media corporation to bury or white wash the story.

These interlocking directorships are also how competition killing mergers happen so frequently.

Bottom line; if you’re an executive, especially at the board of directors level, you get to work at ONE company only. Anything more is NOT looking out for the best interests of the shareholders or the company since you’re juggling loyalties between multiple companies.

3) Break Up Mega-Corporations:

Amazon is probably the poster child for this movement. They control 1/8 of the U.S. economy and over 50% of all internet sales. They’re hardly the only corporation with their hands in numerous pies however. Even Coca-Cola owns much more than soft drinks and bottled water.

In my opinion, the safest and fairest way to do this is to eliminate the parent company level of corporations. Make the divisions into unique and fully independent companies. In the case of Amazon, for example, break it up into a company for people to list and sell with (ie their affiliate marketing program), a delivery company if they want to retain that aspect, a grocery company and a book seller.

This leaves more room for competition, which encourages growth and innovation.

My own unanswered question here is how to deal with a company like Walmart that is just a giant retailer. With department stores already dying out, it might be time to consider limiting retailers to a single broad category of goods in the hopes that also fosters competition and innovation.

4) Eliminate Government Bail Outs:

Funny and ironic how some of the loudest voices against bail outs are rabid socialists.

Pure capitalism means if a business screws up, it crashes and burns and something smarter and better takes it’s place. That’s the way it should be. Government security blankets only encourage reckless business practices. There should never be any such thing as “too big to fail” or “what’s good for GM is good for the country”.

Bailouts shouldn’t exist beyond unemployment for the workers and perhaps some sort of streamlined process for new owners to take over a failed business. Not sure how that could work without creating a kill and cannibalize mentality within the business community.

5) Eliminate Corporate Raiders:

I’m tired and not sure I’m using ideal terminology. What I mean though is outlawing the practice of buying up a company to just shut it down and sell off all it’s assets. Let’s face it, the only people this benefits are the shareholders, and ONLY in the short term. It eliminates competition, and puts employees out of work.

There is the issue of companies that would have failed anyway, but I didn’t claim to have all the answers to every angle.

6) Make Mergers Harder to Take Place:

I’ll probably get alot of crap on this one from the Far Right, but mergers eliminate competition. They’re bad for innovation and the consumer. Look at the banking industry as an example. After the big five banks pushed the Dodd-Frank reform act through and wiped out almost all their smaller competition via regulation, they jacked up fees on everything and customer service went into the toilet.

How we pull this off and where we draw the line, I’m not sure. Maybe a cap on market share by percentage.

7) Political Term Limits:

What does this have to do with capitalism? Simple. Most politicians go to work for lobbying firms after they leave office. Ergo, aside from limiting political corruption, it limits the ability of former politicians to influence pedal once out of office. I’m on the fence about also suggesting outright banning politicians from being able to work as lobbyists. It seems unfair on one level, but we have laws against people working as other types of thieves, LOL.

8) Outlaw Protectionist Legislation:

This has gotten to be a big but barely covered problem the last decade or so. Did you know for example that Texas car dealers got together and bullied their state legislature to ban Tesla from opening any dealerships in the state? That eventually got overturned, but it never should have happened in the first place.

As I mentioned earlier, the Dodd-Frank Act was largely drawn up by lobbyists from the five major banks in the country, and was deliberately written to make compliance so costly and such a hassle that only those big five could afford it. Ironic since they were the ones most responsible for exploiting the government mandate to loan or else during the housing bubble. Clearly some sort of legislation was needed after that whole disaster, but it should have been done in a way that wasn’t a huge power grab and blatant crony capitalism.

Government regulation should be as minimal as possible, and have the purpose of protecting the public while promoting competition.

9) A Return to Morals:

No political or economic system will ever work without morals in place.

It’s nothing that can be legislated here either. People have to get sick and tired of seeing the world around them treated like some video game where short cuts are cool and there’s no wrong in screwing everyone else. No morals just means more of the same no matter what system we work under.

I will NOT entertain any arguments about religious freedom here either. Morals like not stealing or killing, and treating each other the way you’d want to be treated are universal concepts. They’re just inconvenient to people looking for easy money and power. Forty years ago, people frequently did business based on a handshake and a person’s word of honor. Displaying a lack of integrity was unthinkable.

Now we operate in a world of fifty page contracts full of mice type, gotchas and indemnity clauses. It sucks, and is driven by a business and moral climate that is only focused on how much can be grabbed today. Long term growth? Customer loyalty? Who cares? Gaming the system at the expense of society as a whole should be unthinkable, NOT business as usual.

I’d also add that this need for morals also extends to people who think it’s OK to cheat and steal from businesses, and employees who make a game of seeing how little they can do for their paycheck.

10) Restore Financial Education:

Almost an afterthought on my part, BUT making things work also requires an educated public who understands finances and economics. If we continue to have a public who believes “profit” is just money gobbled up by the elites, and doesn’t understand how profit is reinvested into supporting and growing the business, we’re in trouble. Right now, most people can’t even explain the difference between gross profit and net profit, or even balance a bank account. That’s in DESPERATE need of change.

OK, that’s enough. Is most of it socialism light? Yes, BUT it’s regulation that’s designed to promote competition instead of kill it. Diversity in the marketplace is good for the economy and the public.

ANY human institution is going to require some oversight anyway, because humans aren’t perfect. I’d prefer to see rules like these as opposed to the socialism that really only results in crony capitalism.

Attacks on Religion are Getting Old

No, I’m not going to be advocating for any religion; this one is a rant about having respect for others’ beliefs.

It was prompted by a blog post I saw recently with a little parable about how spiritual people were superior to religious ones because spiritual people have never killed anyone in the name of their god (or gods).

I’ve seen faulty analysis like this for years, along with imagined intellectual superiority by atheists; mocking people for believing in any sort of higher power. The irony here is that I’d consider myself more spiritual than religious. HOWEVER, I do strongly believe in respecting others’ beliefs and opinions, at least in as much as they’re willing to show the same level of tolerance.

Before I really get going, let me first state that I know the people I’m going to complain about are NOT indicative or reflective of the entire groups they represent. They are, however, the most vocal minority within each of these groups.

The Faulty Logic:

Let’s start with the easiest point to dispute. I’ve heard everybody from atheists, to spiritual people, to western wannabe Buddhists and Neo-pagans / Wiccans talk about the evils of organized religion, and how they persecute and kill anyone who disagrees with them.

The most obvious point is one that seems to fly over the heads of everybody nowadays, be it political debate, social issues or this topic: Hypocrisy.

How does one blanket condemn entire groups of people for something and then presume to hold themself up as more enlightened and morally superior? At best, that’s the same sort of tribalism that’s being condemned. If one wants to prove the superiority of their path, the only TRUE way to do is by elevating their own thinking and actions, NOT by tearing down those of others. Yes, that goes for you religious folks too.

Reality is, NO group is perfect. Zero… NONE.

I’ve seen “spiritual” people lie, cheat, steal, use and abuse people, etc… Many of the global elites who have started more recent wars have described themselves as “spiritual” also. They do evil in the name of their own selfish, petty desires, which, ironically can be argued to be their gods in some cases.

Eastern religions are NOT pacifist either. Some of the most brutal, effective and battlefield tested martial arts come from their teachings. Shaolin monks were some of the greatest warriors in China and often conscripted by the Emperor as troops. That’s the past, and they’re evolving you say? True, but the same is true of all belief structures.

Atheists; well communists are the largest block of atheists. “Religion is the opiate of the masses” – Marx. Do I *REALLY* have to get into how many people that Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot massacred in the name of their better world?

I’ve seen “enlightened” Wiccans lecture others about karma and then freely throw literal curses over the slightest offense. Many of the loudest critics of how they’re perceived and treated by religious people, at least that I’ve met, have been pretty blindly prejudiced against religious folks themselves. They also forget the shoe used to be on the other foot with pagans enslaving, murdering and persecuting Christians, Jews and Muslims, and even each other.

It’s In The Past, and Sometimes Distorted:

It’s a bitter irony of modern times that nobody wants to be held accountable for their current actions, yet they’re quick to condemn others for actions in the far past.

Slavery and religious wars are two great examples of this on a macro level.

Politicians are quick to invoke God to try to lend themselves an aura of righteousness where none typically exists, but a true “holy war” probably hasn’t been fought since the crusades.

Speaking of the Crusades… This is a prime example of distorted history. The Crusades were not wars of aggression by Christians. They were wars to take back lands from invading Muslims, who had made it as far as Spain before being driven back to the Middle East.

No, I’m not condemning Muslims either. It was a different time, and I believe the wars were fought just as much over land and limited resources as they were ideology. The “different time” thing is the biggest factor here however. If you want to be judged by your own actions and NOT those of an ancestor, or somebody loosely connected to your past, then extend that same right to others.

Another historical distortion; the Salem Witch Trails. They went on for almost a year. Only 20 actually died directly from trials though. Another 5 died as an indirect result, and five more are questionable. The trials were about greedy people going after neighbor’s lands, other petty revenge schemes, and bratty girls looking for attention, more than they were about religion.

An Ugly Unspoken Truth:

Here’s another reality that just about everyone has seen if they’re willing to be honest:

Many, but not all, of the biggest critics of religion simply just want to be able to run amok as they see fit and not be told there are any consequences to their actions, nor any values they should adhere to.

These same people would freely complain about how corrupt capitalism has become (as an example) while fighting to remove any sort of moral or religious teachings from society.

How many of you know that for ages the Catholic church considered the charging of (financial) interest to be a serious sin for example? If that single idea were in place, would we have mega-corporations and evil giant banks controlling economies? Unfortunately, that idea went out the door about the time of the Protestant reformation.

My points here being that not all change is good, and that organized religion has had good and bad points or moments. ANY organization made up of humans does.

As a final point before wrapping up… Every religion and philosophy this side of satanism and pure hedonism has some form of a “code of conduct” along the lines of the 10 commandments. I really doubt anyone can make a rational argument how guidelines against lying, stealing, murdering, etc… make society worse. One can split hairs like The Pharisees all day about when bending the truth is OK, but as a general rule, any sane person is going to agree that lying is bad.

Likewise, just because people fail to live up to the ideal does NOT make the ideal wrong. It means we need to strive harder, and help each other along towards it, even if we all never fully achieve it. That’s what an ideal is all about.

Instead, we try to tear down each other’s ideals and step on our fellow human being in order to give ourselves an imagined boost up. That’s what inspired this rant in the first place.

Wrapping It Up:

None of the above is to say religion is perfect or has done everything right. As I said earlier, no system run by human beings is going to be. All of the above criticisms can be applied to a small but overly vocal minority of Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc… as well as spiritual people, atheists and such.

If you want people to change, you have to lead them by example though. Beating somebody down physically or verbally doesn’t make you correct, it just makes you a bully. Seek understanding and lead by example instead. Show them by example how your ideas are better instead of insulting and telling them they’re inferior.

Treat others the way you want to be treated. Do unto others as you would have them do to you.

If your ideas truly are better, they’ll naturally catch on without you having to beat down others to promote them.

What the Elites Fear…

I’m going to put a more positive spin on the Tuesday social commentary stuff this time.

On the heels of my “Be the Change” post, I want to talk about what the mega-rich, power elite political and business leaders (and their media puppets) are utterly terrified of… YOU! Not just you actually, but Us… seeing through how we’re being set against each other to the point of needless, senseless violence so that we don’t see how they’re robbing us, keeping us down and and outright working against us.

I’m going to use a couple of short clips from Rise of Skywalker to make the point, since something like this IS their worst nightmare:

Perhaps it’s more appropriate to say it’s HOPE that they’re afraid of. Because when hope rises at a dark moment like today, THIS is what happens:

Note the shock and contempt in the officer’s voice also when he says “It’s not a fleet sir, it’s just… people.”

For the record, I’m NOT talking about violence either. I’m talking about all of us standing up and saying “NO MORE” in one loud, unified voice.

No more corrupt government that thinks we exist to serve it instead of it serving us.

No more divide and conquer, spreading hate.

No more false solutions that only make matters worse.

No more politicians becoming filthy rich at taxpayer expense.

NO MORE putting giant financial institutions and mega-corporations ahead of people, the environment and smaller businesses.

No more pretending too big to fail doesn’t actually mean they MUST be dismantled.

The day we FINALLY stand united and say “ENOUGH!” is when the world changes.

Right now, it feels about like 25 seconds into that clip, where even Poe has given up hope. As that fleet’s arrival shows though, everything can change in an instant. We just have to want it bad enough.

W.H.O. Now Says Asymptomatic Transmission is “Very Rare”

Gee, tell me something I didn’t already know, LOL. Yep, since I’m test driving doing social issues again, I’m doing another “Tuesday Trash”, but trying to keep the tone calmer than a few previous posts.

SO here’s the story:

I really want to be ultra-nice here, but at the same time, I was so completely and utterly disgusted by some bloggers who cursed out anyone outdoors, accused them of attempted murder, etc… Shame on those folks, though I doubt they’ll ever admit they were acting like hysterical school girls.

As I said a hundred times, take the disease seriously but do NOT sink to blind panic and hysteria.

As Laura V pointed out, the timing of the release is pretty convenient too. Cover for the protest crowds and it supports contact tracing as well.

Keep calm, practice your social distancing, and especially if you’re going out to protest, wear a mask. Social distancing goes out the window in those large gatherings.

The Elites Think You’re Idiots

Yes they do, because they’re NOW expecting you to believe that it’s RUSSIA behind all the protests and riots!

Susan Rice suggests Russians behind violent George Floyd demonstrations

That’s Obama administration Susan Rice too. Remember her boss told Mitt Romney that the 80s had called and wanted their foreign policy (ie Russia as a threat) back?

It’s NOT just Democrats though. Take a look at an excerpt from this CNN article:

What we do and don’t know about the extremists taking part in riots across the US

Rubio, who was appointed acting Intelligence Committee chairman earlier this month, tweeted Saturday he was seeing “VERY heavy social media activity on #protests & counter reactions from social media accounts linked to at least 3 foreign adversaries.”

Rubio may have been basing some of his information on analysis from Graphika, a company that helped the committee with its report on Russia’s social media influence during the 2016 elections. Graphika CEO John Kelly sent information to Senate Intelligence Committee leadership on Saturday, which was obtained by CNN.

“Yes, we are seeing very active engagement with the issue from clusters of social accounts in the social media influence networks of Russia, Iran, and China,” Kelly said. “Our team is actively monitoring the situation now, including growing activity around the ‘Boogaloo’ movement, which is pushing for a ‘Second American Civil War.'”

CNN has reached out to Graphika for comment about what is behind their analysis.

Everything is Russia nowadays, from both sides. No doubt Russia, China and Iran are trying to have SOME influence also.

Isn’t it about damned time the government was held accountable and cleaned up it’s act instead of continuing to turn the public against each other? What the hell ever happened to “The buck stops here?” and any form of accountability?

Actually the answer there is simple. The public cares more about holding onto it’s petty fears and hates based on lies and manipulation. American Idol and Survivor became more important than the power brokers ruining society.

COPS Started the Riots in Minneapolis??

There’s an UGLY story going around the internet that it was one or more members of the Minneapolis Police Department that started the riots there. One officer in particular has been singled out as a likely agent provocateur. Jacob Pederson has been accused by several people, including his ex-wife, of being the “umbrella man” responsible for torching an Autozone store in Minneapolis.

Here’s the or A tweet that shows the officer in question and the “umbrella man”

AND a link to the full video via Twitter

Here’s the texts from his ex-wife:

OK, so let’s be clear here… This is NOT absolute evidence. The “umbrella man” was wearing a mask. The cliche about we all have a double (or near double) is true also. It’s easy to fake something like texts also, and “I’m shaking” sounds fake. Exes NEVER have axes to grind either, LOL

Here’s what I notice between the video and the pictures though:

What’s visible of his face does look the same, including a more pronounced eye ridge on his left side.

The perp walks and carries himself like a cop. Watch his posture, and even how he swings the hammer to break the windows is how first responders are trained to break windows.

If whoever this was, wasn’t an agent provocateur, why didn’t he hang around, and why did he react so strongly to be being accused of being a cop?

My opinion:

break down, shake down… YOU’RE BUSTED

Some things make a little more sense also, like the CNN reporter being arrested. The cover up is THAT big.

While I’ve said repeatedly that I’m generally very pro-police and want to believe that most cops are good people, everything about this stinks.

This kind of thing happens more often than we’d like to admit also, such as this one case of police in Canada trying to incite a riot:

I’m leaving it to readers to form their own opinion here.

All of you should be asking why the media is NOT reporting on this. Why they’re actively trying to start a race war by blaming white supremacists (and white people in general) instead of investigating who the instigators actually are. This looting and burning and vandalism also fits the M.O. of Antifa.

Operation Mockingbird is looking very real and still very active at this point. Best wake up folks.

My Disgust With the Media Continues to Skyrocket

Finally having more time to turn my attention back to current events, I’ve become more and more disgusted as I see a constant stream of lies and half truths from the media. Everything from stupid shit there’s no reason to even spin, to lies on major news events.

Let’s lead into this rant with something light: The Wall Street Journal ran a piece saying that truck drivers are feeling isolated with no places to stop to eat, use the restroom, shower, etc… There were some other issues raised that were likely very legitimate, such as falling prices paid by shippers, etc…

I just got done driving the length of California, through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Tennessee though. Damned near coast to coast. I stopped frequently also due to the RV’s carbon monoxide leak and horrific gas mileage. We stopped at truck stops almost exclusively due to better services too. EVERY truck stop had an open restaurant, restrooms and showers. We even used the showers at one facility in Arkansas. There’s NO grey area here. The story is BLATANTLY lying about this situation. The only question is WHY? Just for ratings? In hopes of drumming up more fear about COVID-19?

On a more serious note, I saw another WSJ story that implied Attorney General Barr was dropping the ball on the George Floyd case as he had previously done on the Rodney King case. The only trouble here is that it was the Feds (AKA Barr) that got civil rights convictions on those dirty cops after local prosecutors had failed to get criminal convictions for “assault under color of authority”. As it is, the local and federal investigations and prosecutions in the Floyd case have barely even begun. How about we give justice a chance to start to work before we make STUPID judgments?

I had been operating under the misguided assumption that the WSJ was one of the few remaining unbiased, reputable media sources out there.

Then you have the Minneapolis mayor blaming “white supremacists” for all the damage and looting during protests. Why the hell is not ONE media source calling bullshit on this guy and challenging his city’s unwillingness to follow through on reforms after similar past incidents? Why is nobody doing an in-depth report on Minneapolis using it’s police force largely as a revenue collection tool, and focusing those efforts on the city’s poor of all races?

More importantly why doesn’t the media care about their spreading lies like this contributing to the violence and destruction? The modern media reminds me of the sick kid in school that always used to run around spreading lies to provoke fights and feuds between other students.

Even on the local front, we have the “news media” more intent on stirring up drama to create news instead of reporting on it. Two different stories from two different sources on the EXACT SAME event:

The Murfreesboro Post reported that the protesters gathering at the city square for George Floyd were all “Southern nationalists and white supremacists”, and peaceful counter-protesters would be gathering elsewhere at a park.

U.S.A Today, hardly a right leaning paper by any means, reported that the downtown protest was going to peaceful and FOR George Floyd.

Same story, who’s telling the truth? Better yet, how are we supposed to trust ANY of them when they lie this much? By the way, want to know what the actual truth was here?

There’s your “white supremacist” protestor shaking hands with cops. Damned funny looking Klan robes…

For the record… I FULLY support peaceful protests, and they are certainly called for in this situation. I also fully support stomping a mud hole in ANY protester that turns violent. I don’t care if they’re a white racist trying to stir up trouble, or a just plain punk or any race. The rest of the crowd should turn on them, NOT follow them.

If silence is complicity in the case of the initial crime, it is with the mob following the trouble makers as well.

Luckily things stayed largely peaceful here.

People of all races praying for peace and justice. There’s the truth.

The closest thing we got to a “Klan rally” downtown was a couple of peaceful protestors that showed up in support of law enforcement in general and against looting:

Note EXACTLY what the sign says also.

  1. Rioting is NOT Protesting
  2. Crime is not Justice
  3. Not ALL Cops are Bad.

What the guy is protesting is half of downtown Nashville being burned and vandalized the night before, and Minneapolis practically in ruins. Do I think this is the time or spot to try to make those points? Not really. At the very least he should have had a sign directly and clearly advocating peaceful protest.

Nowhere does he say that George Floyd deserved what he got. I’d be all for a Pinata Party right there if he had. None the less the news had to put their biased spin on it. Here’s the blurb that accompanied that picture:

Hunter Culling of Murfreesboro holds up a sign in front of police officers during demonstrations in Murfreesboro Public Square in Murfreesboro, Tenn., on Sunday, May 31, 2020 in reaction to the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who died after being pinned down by a white Minneapolis police officer on Memorial Day. HELEN COMER / DNJ

In reaction to the death of George Floyd, NOT in reaction to the looting despite the sign saying so.

I’d ask if they were too ignorant to understand the difference, but they know. It’s a deliberate effort to divide people and create conflict. If the news truly cared about change and civil rights, they’d be promoting communication and unified peaceful effort.

After reporters had been stirring them up for hours, the crowd finally did start to get unruly near sundown too. Police ordered them to disperse and had to use tear gas to get some of them to do so. Afterwards a curfew was put into effect to prevent things from turning into what happened in Nashville.

I’m REALLY at the point of thinking we need some sort of regulation or oversight of the media. On the simplest level, such an idea SHOULD be utterly abhorrent. Yet reality is that civil liberties of all types are based on the concept that they will be used responsibly with regard to their impact on others. The oft cited “Freedom of Speech doesn’t give one the right to yell “FIRE” in a crowded theater” for example.

How we do that when we likely can’t trust any oversight group to be unbiased either, I have NO idea.

I used to think lawyers were the great evil in our society. Nowadays, I think it’s the press.

Fact Checking in the Current Reality

Fact checking is getting increasingly difficult in today’s society. The ends justify any means seems to be the rallying cry of people connected with any and every cause out there. Politicians, media, special interest groups… They all play hard and loose with the truth. Even fact checking organizations like Snopes have been caught lying multiple times to suit various agendas.

So what’s the average person to do? Here are a few answers:


I’m talking… writing about maintaining an open mind and healthy skepticism of anything you hear. It doesn’t matter if you agree with it in principle or strongly oppose it.

Extreme? Every DAY we generate 2.5 Quintilian Bytes of new data. 90% of the information in the world has been generated in the last 2 years. That’s astounding if you stop and think about how much science and philosophy existed before that. Let’s break it down to the amount of data per minute:

graph courtesy of

Are you getting the point? There’s a HUGE amount of new data being produced!

NOW, think about it logically and ask yourself; “How much of this is just complete, unsubstantiated crap put together by somebody with an axe to grind?” Is there REALLY that much new being discovered, or are people just rehashing the old AND in many cases, spinning it worse than a merry go round?

If science was advancing THAT fast, we’d have cured global warming and all disease, developed interstellar travel, teleportation and flying cars. We might have even found the mythical cure for stupidity, LOL.

So yes, the vast majority of what you see “new” any given day is going to be fluff or garbage. That is why you MUST question everything.

If There’s No Supporting Evidence, Treat it as Garbage:

Darn near every site from mainstream news to conspiracy sites like Prison Planet LOVE to make claims and “cite facts” with absolutely no physical evidence or credible first hand witnesses to back them up. The Kennedy assassination conspiracy is a great example here. Everybody knows this, everybody knows that… Where’s the proof to back up ANY of the 20 different theories out there? It’s all he said she said.

What IS Proof? Primary Sources:

Primary sources are something anyone who has gone to college has drilled into them. A primary source is a FIRST HAND witness’s or expert’s testimony, OR original documents relating to the specific issue. A history book about the Gettysburg Address is not a primary source (unless written by somebody who was there for it). A copy of the actual speech is.

In short, don’t believe some Coast to Coast AM guest saying Kennedy was killed over wanting to reveal UFOs unless he’s got government documents or Kennedy’s journals saying as much.

Bias and Half Truths:

The most common way to manipulate people is a half truth. All good lies are wrapped around a touch of the truth. It makes them more believable. Using a non-political example; “He ran the truck straight through that crowd without slowing down” sounds much different if “the brakes had failed” was a part of the hypothetical news story.

The news and other groups will play EXACTLY this kind of game with the truth though, just for the sake of ratings and sensationalism, or to push some agenda.

Bias is HUGE problem with half truths, even with primary sources. Facts are overlooked, ignored or outright hidden if it doesn’t suit an agenda. Health care is a great example. The US has the best health care in the world. True, but how good is it if you can’t afford it? Socialized medicine is the answer! Yeah if you want to wait five years and die before you get cancer treatment because you’re older and therefore less likely to benefit long term from treatment than a younger person.

Both sides play loose with the truth there and refuse to acknowledge the flaws of their own side.

The key here is to always ask “what is NOT being said?” and “what’s their agenda?”.


Here’s another important one. Most of the misinformation crowd does a BAD job checking facts on their own lies. Timelines being a prime example.

There’s an FDR quote from 1948 where he says some of his best friends are Communists. The only trouble there is that FDR died in 1945.

Likewise the infamous “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws.” quote attributed to Rothschild didn’t surface until a century after his death. Doesn’t mean I trust him or any other big banker, BUT the quote is questionable.

Great way to manipulate people into N.W.O. conspiracies and antisemitism though.

Multiple Sources:

Sometimes, particularly with current events, it’s damned near impossible to get the whole truth from any source. What you have to do in those cases is research multiple sources with differing points of view. Doing so with an open mind can often help you piece the bigger picture together.

Worry About What’s Relevant:

This is a BIG key to keeping your sanity in the current information apocalypse. Conspiracy fans are BAD here also. They’ll go back hundreds of years looking for the vaguest hint of something to prove a connection in a web of conspiracy. A good recent example with a friend was investigating Walter Cronkite. She found out Cronkite was a big NWO guy.

That’s all good and well, but Cronkite is dead and buried, and nobody out there is regularly quoting him as some paragon of wisdom. With the POSSIBLE exception of journalism schools, the guy is irrelevant nowadays as THIS N.W.O. guy:

Focus instead on the current crop of mainstream journalists who never met a globalist big government idea that they didn’t like and would say ANYTHING to promote. Or if you want to worry about dead people, worry about somebody like John Lennon and his utopian socialist fairy tale ideals that are still being spouted by people.


My honest opinion is that the majority of stuff floating around the internet today was put there either by people too lazy to research and thus find the flaws in their stories, OR outright deliberately put there as misinformation to deliberately lead people astray. It’s infinitely harder to get to the truth of the Kennedy assassination if there are a dozen theories out there with “experts” all swearing this is the only possible explanation.

If you REALLY want the truth nowadays, you have to be willing to work for it. The situation is only going to get worse with the rise of deep fakes also. Soon we’ll have pics and videos everywhere of politicians doing the KFTC. Don’t believe it.

Research and verify! And that’s Tuesday Trash the way it is.