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Saturday Morning Fun: Christmas Edition

Another blog subject I’ve fallen behind on. I’m bending the rules for it with Christmas falling on a Saturday this year. Today’s edition is the list of shows that are the “must watch” shows for my Christmas to feel complete. Most of them are silly, and truth be known I like most of the old animated Christmas specials. These (again) are the “must watch” ones however.

1 The Original Die Hard

I say it every year; it’s not Christmas till I see Hans Greuber fall off of Nakatomi Plaza. 😀

OK, that’s a little grim I know, BUT I love starting the holiday off seeing the bad guy get theirs. 🙂

2 The Muppet Christmas Carol

OK, let’s be real. There’s several spectacular versions of “A Christmas Carol” out there. The one with Patrick Stewart as Scrooge is one such example. This version is a little lighter and more fun though while still getting the message through.

3 A Charlie Brown Christmas

4 Batman The Animated Series: Christmas with the Joker

Classic Mark Hamill voice acted Joker. I also love seeing Batman going from he’s never watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” because he couldn’t get past the title, to admitting at the end that he liked it, AND that maybe life ain’t so bad after all. 🙂 Note that’s actually Charles Manson that Joker exchanges salutes with before climbing up the Christmas tree.

5 A Christmas Story

Can it REALLY be Christmas without this? TBS sure doesn’t think so, LOL.

And finally, THE classic. No Christmas is complete without:

Honorable Mention: How The Grinch Stole Christmas

The original, not that live action nonsense

Saturday Morning Fun – Round 3

I’m going to go a bit further back this time and introduce you youngsters to the one and only Jonny Quest:

Jonny Quest originally hit Saturday Morning TV back in 1964, and ran through 1965 as a new show. It continued long after in reruns however. It also had two reboots; 1986-1987’s The New Adventures of Jonny Quest:

This one only lasted a season and most fans agreed it was a pale imitation of the original, despite having newer sci-fi gadgets.

And there was also “The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest”, introduced in 1996. This version was (sort of) a sequel and featured a teenage Jonny Quest and Hadji along with Jessie Bannon; Race Bannon’s teenage daughter. This one was well received.

The earlier two series featured Jonny and Hadji tagging along with Dr Quest and Race Bannon as they investigated all manner of things. Dr Quest was one of those 1950s and 60s scientists who knew everything, and Race Bannon was the bodyguard for Dr Quest and Jonny. All that was explained (that I recall) of Hadji’s origin is that they found him on the streets of Calcutta.

During these investigations, the boys were always told to “wait at camp”, but never did and always stumbled upon some clue or the bad guys’ plot and/or location. That in turn helped the adults crack the case.

Being older in the third series, the teens were more apt to do their own thing and crack the case, only sometimes needing to be rescued by Race and Dr Quest. 🙂

This is the first few minutes of the very first episode ever, and gives an idea of the show’s flavor:

Note the show also had a successful parody on the Cartoon Network’s late night “Adult Swim” time block; The Venture Brothers:

The humor was fairly crude on the show, and the premise was that Dr Venture (Rusty) was a character like Jonny Quest with a famous scientist adventurer dad and had his whole childhood televised. Now he’s doing the dad thing with two clueless teenage boys and a semi-psychotic bodyguard name Brock Samson.

Saturday Morning Fun – Week 2

A day late again, lol. Here’s one that always had me laughing my rear off; the original Pink Panther cartoons. Loved them so much I actually have them all on DVD.

These came out between 1964 and 1978.

Almost forgot… Can’t have Saturday Morning Cartoons without the obligatory PSA: