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Honolulu Car Rental Price Gouging

I got an email about this from my friend in Hawaii. It seems with the return of tourism to Oahu (which had been down 90% for almost the entire pandemic), that the demand for rental cars has gone through the roof compared to availability.

No doubt the car rental offices were selling off their fleets to help cover operating costs during the pandemic. Now that it’s ended, their short sighted move has caught them flat footed. In typical predatory capitalism fashion they’ve decided to charge over $700 a DAY for basic rentals and over $1000 if you want a convertible:

$1,000 a day to rent a car? Low supply, surging demand are pushing up prices in Hawaii (

Normally, I’m quite pro-capitalism. I understand that TO A DEGREE, supply and demand are going to factor into cost. Doing so covers the cost of increasing the supply to meet demand.

HOWEVER… Where do we draw the line in this kind of instance? Where does the law of supply and demand become predatory capitalism? I’m not sure I have an EXACT answer there, BUT, 10x the normal going rate would seem to be across that line. We rented a Mustang GT convertible a year and a half ago for our honeymoon and only paid $100 a day, which is still pricey compared to most other locations.

Wouldn’t an ethical business simply go out and buy some cars from local dealerships to increase their fleet size? At $100 a day rental rate, the car loan note can be paid for on 5 days of rental per month.

Just because you CAN do something doesn’t make it right. Look at the price hikes on insulin as another example. Somewhere along the lines the idea of business ethics got flushed and replaced with the SHORT SIGHTED idea that the only duty a business had was to provide as much short term profit as possible to it’s investors. If one has NO ability to ponder consequences, that sounds great also. In the long term though, it destroys a business’s reputation and customer loyalty. Look at Banks and Airlines as two other examples. They’re both hated.

Worse, these greedy businesses are only fueling the call for Socialism or outright Communism by people who don’t understand these are even worse alternatives.

Still Drifting…

But the ship is coming under control ever so slowly. 🙂

So what to say here? I try to avoid personal drama here. It’s toxic, and it alienates good readers, and bad readers take pleasure in it.

LONG story short; my baggage goes WAY back. BAD childhood, equally bad first marriage, etc… For ages, I’ve tried the Western, new age BS way to deal with my “shadow”: all the pain, self-doubt and anger over it. That being to make peace with it, or bury it. Let me tell yah; that don’t work.

Shaka Zulu was credited as saying never leave an enemy alive lest they rise again and strike you down (paraphrased). That is exactly what happens with psychological baggage when you try that. You start to feel good, and it comes back attacking from a different angle. Even Seinfeld recognized that:

The only answer is to kill the bitch. How? Detailed instructions would be another, LONG post, and I can’t say as I’ve got all the answers YET. I do know I’ve made huge progress with prayer, meditation, grounding, energy work, and working hard to forgive myself and others. I can also honestly say that it takes some real introspection and self-awareness to hunt your own shadow as well.

Is it truly killable? Yes, but achieving that (IMO) would put somebody at the level of a Buddha or just short of that. Can *I* do it? Saying yes would be arrogant. Saying no would allow doubt and fear to creep into the fight, strengthening the shadow.

I’m already doing better too. I’ve come too far to let myself fall back also.

I will leave all of you with one VERY helpful tool while I continue to work, and compile a complete battle plan.

Ho’oponopono is Hawaiian prayer or meditation technique. It’s name roughly translates as ‘to release’. That’s exactly what it’s goal is also; to help you forgive yourself and others, and release the associated negative emotions and energy connected to people and events. The video above is one of several videos on YouTube covering Ho’oponopono. The process is as powerful as it is deceptively simple; an analogy would be the Israelites being told to gaze at Moses’s staff to be healed. Yes, it’s THAT good, especially with regular use.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by life or just want to grow, give it a try.

Beyond that; I’ll leave you with this post’s theme song; dedicated to getting better and supportive friends:

Things I’ve Learned About Tennessee – Part 2

AKA The Need for Speed

Speeding is pretty much an issue anywhere nowadays it seems… Except Hawaii! Gawd to they drive SLOW there! Tennessee is no exception. With hours of travel time between the major towns, the Interstate speed limit goes up to 70mph (or 112.6 kph). People will go faster than that too. Half of them will do about 80 to 85.

Unlike California though, most of the drivers are reasonably courteous. The only unwritten rule is that if you’re in the fast lane and somebody is coming up behind you, move over to the right (if you can). Well, technically that’s actually the law in most states also, but see if anyone follows it most places… Most drivers in Tennessee are fairly courteous though, with 2 exceptions:

1: Around Nashville – There’s just too many people from too many states (damned Yankees) moved there, and too many different styles of driving. Generally, it’s not heinous however.

2: Georgia Drivers – MAYBE it’s because (having lived there) I know that the law there gives drivers 15mph over the speed limit before they will ticket them. Whatever the reason, Georgia drivers be all like:

Then again… I didn’t drive like THAT, but when I moved Ginger to the new house, I *may* have gotten her up to 93 mph (150 kph) at one point… Well, because… Mustang!

Magnun P.I. Revisited…

A while back, one of my Hawaii Pics was of the plaque that commemorated part of the Kahala resort being used as a location for the original Magnum P.I. TV show in the 80s.

In the comments section, we got to talking about the reboot of the show. I had mentioned that it just wasn’t grabbing me the way the original did. Jay Hernandez just wasn’t seeming to fill Tom Selleck’s shoes very well. The new Higgins is a woman, which doesn’t bother me. The character is a bit different than the original (other than gender) but is true to the spirit of the original character and show. Rick and T.C. are definitely true to the original characters.

Anyway… It finally hit me during last week’s show what the problem was for me. It’s that the show SHOULD be called the Higgins Show. Magnum looks like a putz every time bad guys jump him because Higgins is the former James Bond MI 6 ass kicker who turns every fight to a win. She’s also the only one of the group that has computer / hacking skills as well as M.I.6 contacts, SO all the breaks in the cases come from her. Everybody else on the “team” is pretty much a third wheel.

Don’t get me wrong… The Tom Selleck version of the show featured a new helpless, clueless damsel in distress every week, who Magnum rushed in to save. That was 80s TV though, for better or worse. Seeing a stronger female character is a nice switch.

HOWEVER… It’s been taken too far to the other extreme here. The title character is made to look like a buffoon constantly for the sake of upselling Higgins and the idea of a powerful female protagonist. In a season and a half, the last episode this Friday was the first one where Magnum even came close to shining.

Is the idea of a little balance really that hard for Hollywood SJW focused writers to figure out? I wouldn’t think so. Hawaii Five 0 is on the same network. They even do crossovers with a few supporting characters. H50 is pretty good about sharing the spotlight among a very diverse team also.

I’m all for letting Higgins shine. She’s proving to be a great character with more depth than the original. Dumbing down the ex SEAL and Marine Force Recon rest of the team is poisoning an otherwise good show however. It’s honestly making Higgins look Mary Sue.

Hawaiian Critter of the Day #16

Yes, it’s that time again! I set aside all the drama and remembered I had a few critters left to share. Nothing terribly glamorous this time, BUT they are everywhere in Hawaii, even at the infamous Sea Life park (where they were probably the best treated things there):

Yep… Wild chickens! Sea Life had three or so roaming around… err lounging:

Just two there, and the hen is camouflaged moderately well.

What chickens are doing at a torture center disguised as an aquatic park, I have NO idea. Then again, they really were everywhere except downtown Honolulu.

Hawaii Pic of the Day

I think I have a few more critter type pics that I can post, but for now, something else I wanted to show off. The hotel we stayed at the last part of our stay (The Kahala) was one of the locations used for the Kamehameha Club in the original Magnum P.I. show:

Now, between you, me and 255 other followers (lol), the Kahala was only used during the fifth season. Filming quickly got in the way of guests too, and they used to have some pretty high end guests too. During most of the show’s run, the Honolulu Elk’s Club was actually used as the setting for the Kamehameha Club.

BTW; Interesting fact. During the pilot, the Kamehameha Club was called Rick’s Bar and Rick dressed in late 1930s attire. The suits at CBS didn’t think viewers would understand or appreciate the Casablanca easter egg though.

Hawaiian Critter of the Day #15

I found another one!

These cute little critters are zebra doves. Like other ‘Critters of the Day’, they’re not native to Hawaii. They were introduced from Asia around 1922.

Random side note: I’m beginning to understand Hawaii’s current borderline fanatic monitoring of imported animals. So many of the things I’ve taken pictures of have turned out to be invasive species that were brought by people who knew better than nature.

For those who have figured out that where these little guys are, yes, they love their goodies from people. Hawaii doesn’t have any seagulls, and I don’t recall seeing any pigeons either, so these guys have moved in and grab crumbs of food anywhere people drop them, lol

In this case, it was at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co at the Ala Muana Mall.

You haven’t lived till you’ve had Mahi Mahi in the Islands. It’s stale as hell by the time it reaches the mainland. That’s another story though.

The doves are underneath a high chair at the table next to the one we were seated at. Most of the dining area is outdoors, so they just wait till somebody drops something and in they swoop. They’ll fly away quick enough if you shoo at them. As it happened, the munchkin in the high chair was fascinated by the birdies at his feet, so he kept throwing french fries down. At the height of this, I counted 11 doves under and around the base of the chair, LOL

And this little gal (I’m presuming it’s female due to the more muted colors) is a spotted dove. They’re rarer, but still around. You can tell the difference because the body doesn’t have the alternating dark and light markings and the neck is white with black spots. 🙂

Oh and the female thing is just nature. Female birds tend to have more muted coloring to blend in better while male birds have brighter colors to stand out and attract mates.

Hawaiian Critter of the Day #13

Yes, lucky number 13… LOL. I thought about doing a few more pics from around the Sea Life park, but the things I saw there just infuriate me, and I don’t want to poison the theme here.

With that in mind, here’s a few more fish from the submarine trip:

Those are Sergeant Fish by the way. Named for their stripes. O_O

Hawaiian Critter of the Day #12

Yes, it’s time (finally) for another one. 😀

I’m running out of critters too, at least ID’ed ones. It’s a shame that a few critters I saw, I wasn’t able to grab pictures of. Right in downtown Hilo for example, we saw a wild pig and a mongoose.

Anyhoo, for today, I have a BIG Hawaiian reef fish:

OK, slight fake out there. THAT is the submarine that we went on to see the fish. 😀

The pics from inside the sub suffer from the lighting at 100 feet underwater. HOWEVER, that said, I was amazed at how much light did reach that deep in the waters off Hawaii.

This is one of the variety of Jackfish that live in the waters around Hawaii. I’m not sure of the specific breed. Again, lighting issues due to depth, so he’s not as clear as I’d like or he looked live. Silver coloring though and just under 2 feet long. That’s a bit under 6 tenths of a meter if your country hasn’t been to the Moon, LOL 😀

This guy I have yet to be able to ID via Google. I’ve seen a few similar fish but they have yellow bellies as well as fins. I’d guess he was about 9 inches long.

That’s all I’ve got today. I have to space out what critters I have left.

Hawaiian Critter of the Day 11

THIS… Is the wild gaseous macadamia mascot.  It’s only native to a small portion of the Big Island, near Hilo.


OK, I know.  Dirty trick and that’s cheating, hehehe.

How about a pic of this cute little guy also seen gallivanting about at the Mauna Loa farm and factory?


NO idea what species of bird it and it’s couple of friends were, but it’s a cutie. 🙂