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Junk Science Strikes Again!

I’d wager I’m not the only one to notice and get annoyed by various “studies” about the hazards or benefits of something. In the food world the top shame there used to go to the never ending, always conflicting studies that say coffee or wine are either miracle elixirs or will kill you painfully.

WELL… They’ve been dethroned! And the new King of Shame is:

Yes, our lovely Atlanta GA based mega-corporation was the subject of a recent study that had the balls (pun always intended) to claim that:

Drinking Coca-Cola And Pepsi Can Cause Males To Have Bigger Testicles, More Testosterone: Study (

This per the HIGHLY 🙄 reputable news website “Knewz”

I kid you not! April Fools Day is just over a month away anyway. Per the article, a new study conducted by the Northwest Minzu University in China suggests that drinking Coca-Cola and Pepsi can increase testosterone levels and provide benefits related to fertility and testicle size.

Well, so much for the idea that China’s scientific community was gaining on the West, huh? They’ve certainly learned how to take money to produce questionable studies like Western scientists though.

Need I even say that I’d be willing to bet money that the soft drink industry was behind this study?

This is so absurd that it is beyond description. I enjoy a glass of soft drink from time to time. HOWEVER, the only enlarging of ANYTHING that Coke and Pepsi will do is via inflammation due to the high sugar and caffeine content, caramel coloring and other additives.

Likewise any extra testosterone is likely to come from the mood swings caused by sugar spikes and crashes making the drinker bitter, tired and frustrated. Trying to claim any health or virility benefits from them is so disingenuous that the study scientists should be laughed out of their lab and put to work in a slave labor factory making the new iPhones.

Worse, it’s garbage like this that causes people to distrust scientists and other authority figures on ANY topic.

Gravitar Got Hacked!

To the tune of 167 Million accounts. This per the warning I just got from my internet security software:

At the very least be wary of new spam and scam emails coming from people claiming to be with Gravitar, or anyone else. Fake blackmail schemes claiming to have more data on you than what was breached, or to have put malware on your PC are also common scams.

Spread the word.