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A Few More Creations

So since I’m officially post whoring now…  Here’s a few more pictures of characters put together from the Champions character creator:


First…  An OLD character that was actually part of the inspiration for Witchfire.  Her name is Eldrictch, AKA Becky Carsen.  She’s a half elf mage and used to tend bar at Club Caprice in Champions Online.  It was a fun way to get to talk to other players without committing to major projects.


Her costume displays some of my dislike for the costume creator.  Pieces like her magical bracers were sized to fit male characters and never scaled down for women.  The belt and necklace are huge also.


Next up is a failed attempt at recreating Witchfire herself.  I much prefer the Morrigan statue that I have pictured in her story section.  It’s a near perfect representation.  This…  Well I thought people would find it interesting if nothing else:



Next, I actually did get a good representation of my tongue in cheek Dr Strange clone in the Witchfire stories.  I give you the infamous Dr Steven Weird:

Dr Weird Front


Last but hardly least, a special treat.  Jennifer Saunders, AKA Liberty Gold in the game.  She will actually be the star of the first non-erotica book I’m writing.  Probably with a hero name change though.

Liberty Gold


Curse You Red Baron!

4 views away from breaking my daily views record with 10 minutes to go.  Y’all are forcing me to resort to click bait!!!  O_O

So, here’s a picture of the aforementioned Paladin from Champions Online and my Mary Sue post:


Paladin Armor

New Story – Lost Memories

This is a rework of an OLD piece of City of Heroes fan fiction that I wrote.  It stands alone on it’s own now, and I doubt a reader unfamiliar with the game would even recognize it as fan fiction without my confession.

17 year old Nancy Winters, AKA Miss Deadshot was a heroic archer along the lines of Hawkeye or Green Arrow when she was abducted by the sewer dwelling mutates known as The Lost.  In the aftermath of the event, Nancy finds herself developing mental powers, yet is still learning to full control them.  Two weeks after being rescued by her friend and teammate Danger Rose, Nancy finds herself having memory issues along with a strong compulsion to return to the site of her rescue.

Lost Memories

Will she find answers?  Will she regain her badly shaken self-confidence as well?

My Take on Writing a Thinking Villain

I’ve been fairly vocal in my criticism of DC and Marvel comics lately, especially on Twitter.  I dislike the way that their movies and comic book stories only introduce yet another, darker overpowered villain with more special effects.  They seemingly don’t know how to write intelligent villains who can out-maneuver heroes.

Over a decade ago, I had a villain character in the game City of Heroes that could do just that.  On top of being strong, a highly skilled combatant, and able to turn invisible, he was a liar and manipulator par excellance.  I typically brought him in to keep heroes off balance via manipulation of public opinion and politicians.  I have to admit, at the time I thought he was a little Marty Stu with what i let him pull off.  I see the media  and government nowadays though and wonder if I went far enough, LOL

Aftermath: Major Arachnos Steps Up

Most of you won’t be familiar with the game or the characters, but that won’t be a problem.  All the other characters had bit parts in this story.  I also added a modest info dump at the top of the page for those who want more info.

I originally had this on my group’s website.  Major A was hated and begrudgingly respected.  When I posted it on the City of Heroes main forums, the story was very well received as the right way to write villains.  One reply called it a Master Class.  I don’t know if I’d go that far, but I do think I did a good job.