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Blast Off!

FINALLY… I got the new Silk Cords website launched this morning! It still needs some fleshing out and polishing in a few spots. I got several posts transferred over and re-written in some cases though. I even managed to set up an age gate and get a plug-in that allows me to stay compliant with all the Euro cookie rules.

As promised in an earlier post, I’ve kept the adult content completely segregated from the normal content, and intend to make sure any blog posts and notifications stay completely PG rated.

THAT was actually what caused the delay in launching. All these bright new features for WordPress are completely geared around everything on your blog being a post. The only way around that is a pretty solid knowledge of CSS code. The site will evolve as I learn there. Right now, it’s still pretty freaking awesome. How awesome?

It’ll hit you like Mjolnir:

I’m still trying to figure out how much ties into Thus far, it seems awkward at best. All stuff to work out.

No, I didn’t bury the lead either. I’m just building anticipation. 😀

Silk’s Writing Corner: Creative Writing, Erotica and Discussion on How To Write

Until I see that .org sites are tied into sites somehow, I’ll be posting notifications here regarding anything new popping up at the site.

Not Quite A False Alarm…

OK, so I did a little digging into this whole gravatar thing. Turns out the hack happened almost 2 years ago.

F’ing AV pop-up. This is the kind of distortion that’s usually reserved for the media.

I don’t recall hearing anything from Gravatar or WP at the time though. If you haven’t changed your password in the last year, it’s still probably a good idea just to be safe.

Gravitar Got Hacked!

To the tune of 167 Million accounts. This per the warning I just got from my internet security software:

At the very least be wary of new spam and scam emails coming from people claiming to be with Gravitar, or anyone else. Fake blackmail schemes claiming to have more data on you than what was breached, or to have put malware on your PC are also common scams.

Spread the word.


New Site Progress Report & Other Stuff

This is a slightly modified copy of the post I just made at my other blog. I announced there my intention to continue blogging, but that I wanted a different format. I’m switching to self-hosting and using I’m also going to be narrowing my focus on my blog posts. I’ve been hard at work on the new self hosted site. It’s getting close to finished at this point, but there are still some behind the scenes things that need to be polished and tweaked. Things like making sure all my pictures have proper names for searching my media library, and descriptions to help search engines. Soon though…

Thinking over the site, and past experience here, I’ve decided that the new blog is going to focus entirely on writing. Absolutely no more social issues, political talk, personal drama (nobody cares), product reviews or even cooking posts. Just everything writing:

  • Vanilla Creative Writing; nothing over PG-13
  • Reviews of “How To” products on writing (books, videos, websites, etc..)
  • Critiques of movies and TV shows from a writer’s perspective; what works and what doesn’t
  • Erotica

Part of my creative writing is going to be going back and finishing or continuing stories that I left hanging, such as my alternate Star Wars version based on the meme where Luke killed himself with his new lightsaber:

Hell, I *may* even rewrite the prequels and sequels just to show how I believe they SHOULD have been done.

Erotica and anything “Adult” related will be in a separate section of the blog, and will be behind an age verification pop-up. I’m going to do a better job than I did with this blog in terms of keeping anything NSFW behind that age check. That means NO racy pictures or backgrounds in the primary section of the blog.

Creative writing of all flavors will have separate pages, and the blog posts announcing new stories will only have links to those pages with a note regarding whether it’s NSFW or not.


Part of the process with the new blog has been moving some of my more relevant past posts and existing stories from the two old blogs to the new. I want to rewrite damned near everything also, and already have in a couple of cases. I noticed something though as I went back through my lists of pages and posts.

I jumped around WAY too much on the focus of each blog. With the actual creative writing, it was self doubt and too much real life drama killing my mojo. The stuff I tried to do as filler too often took over though. Not only that, I jumped from idea to idea as I tried to keep things fresh and attract new readers. Even when I tried to have a structured theme for daily posts I flopped. I just need to focus on the writing and stay consistent. THAT is my pledge with the new blog.

AND that I’ll also be upping my game across the board. No more holding back on my writing.

In Other News:

This isn’t the new blog, so I can sneak in one or two QUICK personal updates here.

First, the house that we got defrauded on is back on the market, at $50,000 higher than we bought it for. All the mortgage company or listing agents did was the most basic of house flipper cosmetic repairs to hide the defects (patching the cracked mortar, fresh paint, clean the carpets, etc…). It pisses me off that somebody else is going to be put in a likely world of financial trouble as well living in a toxic house. I have precious little idea what I can do to correct the situation though. The laws in Georgia are completely corrupt and promote screwing the buyer. I could get sued for tortious interference with a contract with most options or charged with trespassing if I put up signs, try to talk to people during open houses, etc…

Most people nowadays would sadly be content to sit back and let things unfold, especially if it meant the house would sell for enough money to put them in the clear. This level of injustice literally makes my skin crawl though. Likewise, it’s not right to be made whole at the expense of an innocent party.

And lastly, I *MAY* have a new job; a real one for the first time in a decade. I had the realtor job for a while during that time, but between my health and lack of money, I was never able to really make a run of it. I’m in the final phase of the hiring process. All that remains to be seen is if they will accept the fact that I’m a virtual blank. No social media presence, no credit history now thanks to following the Dave Ramsey plan, and really no recent job history as well.

I’m just glad that the spinal decompression and physical therapy got me to the point I can work again. The prospect of being a contributing member of society has been a huge morale boost.

LAST Post:

Yep, no hyperbole. After seeing that my alternate blog housing more adult content consistently pulled more views and likes by far FOR A YEAR AND A HALF straight with 1/16th the subscribers and ABSOLUTELY NO posting on my part, I’m hanging it up here.

Any time I’m around the blog, I’ve spent 2 or more hours a day, trying to keep up with the numerous blogs I’ve followed (around 200). Look at the total count of deleted emails I have in my Outlook account… One that I use EXCLUSIVELY for notifications for this blog.

And yet people don’t understand why I bitch about the selfish nature of the bloggers here; caring NOTHING for genuine networking, only how many likes their own blogs can get. THAT, up there, that’s TRYING to network.

I’ve already recently unfollowed several people who post 5 or more times a day, but can’t be bothered with anyone else’s blog. ZERO give and take.

At this point, it’s not worth the aggravation anymore. 2+ hours a day trying to network. AT LEAST 1 hour a day for researching and writing a single blog post… For what? Zero views and 1 fake “Like” given via the WordPress Reader without actually opening the post? THAT is what I’m spending 1/8th of my day for?

THIS is what the WordPress “community” has been reduced to?

I’ll doubtless keep the account, so I can follow and comment on Joanne, Sheree and Candice… Avigail as well. Beyond that, I’ll be shutting the blog down completely once I’ve scraped it of content. I’ve done my research the last few days. I know where people have gone to and I know where I’m going.

The End.

What… The… Hell…

I’m tempted to cite this as proof that SOMETHING about WordPress or (more likely) it’s community is VERY broken…

SO, what am I talking about? The fact that when I logged back into my “adult” blog, which I hadn’t done in over a year and a half, I consistently had HIGHER totals for views and likes than this blog, FOR THE PAST 15 MONTHS STRAIGHT.

THAT despite the fact my erotica blog has 54 followers and this one has 779 followers.

Anybody see some inconsistencies here?

Now it COULD be that I’m just that good a story teller, BUT somebody here recently told me I wasn’t a good enough writer to migrate to Regardless of that, I’d say it does prove what I’ve been saying for a long time now: The vast majority of WordPress members don’t give a damned about any content beyond their own. Similarly, Likes and Follows aren’t genuine, just something to trade to give the illusion of popularity. Complete social media mentality.

I can’t remember the last time I asked a question or provided a writing prompt here and got a single reply without bitching later.

Sharing a Simple Trick to Stay Centered

I’ve been getting pulled 10 different directions the last couple of days. That, in turn, hasn’t left me a great deal of time to write here or develop topics. So, I thought I’d share the best trick I recently learned to help keep me focused on the here and now.

This one is about as simple as they come, but the way it can force your conscious and subconscious back to reality is amazing. Ready? Just ask yourself:

Let me explain here and you’ll soon see the genius of it.

As we all have experienced, our minds like to wander all over the place. What needs to be done at work later, how likely are those 13 new doomsday scenarios that I saw online today while surfing, etc… Multiple studies show that digital life has led to shorter attention spans as well.

Typically, the problem with getting past all of that is your subconscious mind will fight you on efforts to stay focused. Anybody who has ever tried to meditate knows exactly what I’m talking about. You try to forget that doomscrolling story and the subconscious only hears doomscrolling scenario, etc…

Long story short, if you ask yourself “Where am I?” and really focus on it as a legitimate question, your conscious and subconscious will be forced to answer that you’re where and likely when you’re physically at.

Suddenly, you’re in the present and not focused on the doomsday scenario that’s supposed to occur a couple years in the future, or mentally visualizing that meeting at work in three days, etc… and those future or past situations suddenly lose all their hold on you. It can be amazingly effective with just a little practice, largely because if you expect an answer from your subconscious as well, it shuts down the usual games your subconscious plays. And boy does it love to play games. Try NOT thinking of something and notice how your subconscious instantly becomes fixated upon what you’re supposed to NOT think about.

“Where Am I?” gets it focused on the here and now instead.

Personal advice: keep calm and keep firing the question even if you have to ask it 5 times a minute at first. You’ll get focused faster than you think, no matter the initial difficulty. For me it’s helped me keep focus and my emotions better under control since it focuses me on what’s happening, not what may happen or what something MAY have meant.

Give it a try, and post in the comments section how well it worked for you.