Welcome to my blog.   This little spot will host a variety of erotica.  Most if it will have a sensual domination flavor to it.  Some of it will be more mainstream, and some of it will be fan fiction from science fiction, fantasy and superhero settings.  Variety is the spice of life after all.  In all cases, my goal is to present reasonably believable characters and intelligent, sexy stories.  Read, enjoy, and tell a friend too.

Actual stories can be found on the Story Directory page in the menu at the top, or right here: Story Directory


CONSTRUCTIVE comments are always welcome and encouraged.  Writers, like performers, thrive on feedback, especially positive feedback.

As an added note on fan fiction; I view it as a way to develop my skills without burning through material I could later publish for sale.  Taking characters that may not have been portrayed very well and making them into three dimensional beings is something else I’m taking as a test of my writing skills.

AS a final note there; if you’re into more hardcore BDSM, I don’t need comments saying that’s the only true or valid form of domination and submission.  It comes in many flavors and all of them are equally valid so long as it’s safe, sane and consensual.