I Return After a Grand Adventure!

Never let it be said that I’ve lost my flair for the dramatic, LOL.

Side Note: Film Symphony Orchestra is AWESOME. Check them out on YouTube

OK, so let’s get down to what’s REALLY been going on.

Much of my free time the last couple of weeks has been spent indirectly on the new WordPress.org site. A bit of behind the scenes tweaks, tuning and editing for starters. Most of my work has been spent storyboarding my planned reboot of my Witchfire story series. I was far from happy with the original attempt and I want to knock it out of the park this time.

To give you an idea the amount of work that’s gone into this, I have a 7 page spreadsheet of data comprised of 8,326 filled cells on character info, mapped out locations, etc… I’m determined to maintain consistency, keep the characters unique and weave an entertaining plot.

A small part of me wonders why I’m bothering using Danger Babe Central’s universe as a backdrop. Recently, I almost gave up on the idea.

I know why I’m doing it though. I have something to prove to myself. I’ve doubted my writing and so many other areas of my life… let others tear me down too easily. If I can take this setting and these characters; turn them into a real story and fix the inconsistencies and barely existing canon… I’ll know I can handle anything the world of writing can throw at me.

In Other News…

Yeah, this will be one of the greatest examples of burying the lead in history…

I FINALLY got a new job!

Only those who have been truly following me for a long time know the story here. I’ve had a bad back and neck that kept me out of action for over a decade. Before leaving California, I had a job as a Realtor, but lack of support from my office / broker and lack of money really made that a job in name only.

After getting treatment for my back and neck almost 2 years ago, I had hoped to be back on my feet sooner. My road of self-rehab was a LONG one though. I hurt my back again a couple of times along the way and had to learn to take it slower.

Truth? I’m scared to death I’m still not ready for this, but we’ve had a brutal couple of years and really need this to work out. I’m determined to make it work no matter what.

Along those lines, I’ve stepped up my training / rehab trying to build back up my endurance and strength. Hard to believe I used to be somebody that trained 3 1/2 hours a day. I’m being careful not to overdue it while still trying to push myself. Beginning the first of next month, we’ll see if I’m up to the task.

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