Not Quite A False Alarm…

OK, so I did a little digging into this whole gravatar thing. Turns out the hack happened almost 2 years ago.

F’ing AV pop-up. This is the kind of distortion that’s usually reserved for the media.

I don’t recall hearing anything from Gravatar or WP at the time though. If you haven’t changed your password in the last year, it’s still probably a good idea just to be safe.

8 thoughts on “Not Quite A False Alarm…

    1. Silk Cords Post author

      That’s all good and well, but not an option for free users. If you use, the only way to get plug-ins is to pay $600 a year for the business plan.

      Ain’t no hosting worth that. 😀 I’m getting the new site set up for roughly a tenth of that. I am definitely looking into the various security plug-ins available as well.

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      That’s the trouble. I don’t think many of us did. WordPress MAY be the biggest user of Gravatar also, so it’s VERY troubling that they apparently didn’t pass the news along to their users.

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