Well, That Bites…

Time for another brief personal update. The post’s tile is partially a pun. I’ve been sidetracked and away from the blog not only due to holiday stuff, but because I also literally got bit by.. something.

My suspicion after doing some internet research is that it’s a spider bite, likely a black widow or brown recluse. I never felt the bite nor saw any spider though. The first day I noticed it, I wasn’t sure what it was and it didn’t look TOO bad all things considered. I decided to wait a day and see how it progressed.

Image via http://billericky.hubpages.com/hub/poisonous-venomous-spiders-brown-recluse-black-widow-most-poisonous-spiders-images

This is a pic from the internet. For new followers, I’m paranoid about personal photos online, hence this pic as a stand-in. My apparent bite is on my calf and looked similar but the center is darker and hard like a scab.

Getting back to the story, by the end of the day, my calf was showing some swelling, and I wasn’t feeling so good. Long story short, we spent almost 3 hours waiting in the local ER, got literally one minute of face time with an actual doctor (who barely looked at the alleged bite), and sent with some antiseptic wash and a prescription for major antibiotics.

Aside from the lousy ER experience though (and they were not that busy BTW), the whole event has been pretty mild for what was likely a bite by a dangerous spider. I felt lousy for a few days, and slept ALOT, but the wound is slowly healing as opposed to the horrific click bait pics out there of widow or recluse bites just rotting away huge areas of flesh.

At this point, the worst of it all is that the Doxycycline antibiotics make me sick to my stomach, even if taken with food. That’s minor in the grand scheme of things however. 🙂

The big trick is going to be catching up on all the Christmas stuff I still have to do. We’re hosting not one, but TWO dinners this year. Christmas day will be five people, and then Sunday will have 11 of us after the out of state in-laws finally make it to town.

I could have just left everything at Sunday only but Christmas is supposed to be celebrated on Christmas, dangit. 😀 😀

11 thoughts on “Well, That Bites…

  1. joanne the geek

    It’s weird you didn’t feel the bite. I’ve been bitten by a spider and it felt like a sharp needle being driven into my skin.

    Anyway I hope you have a great Christmas. I’m cooking a roast, but it’s only going to me there. Still looking forward to it though.

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      I’m sure your readers will be there in spirit with you. 🙂 😉

      As for the bite… I’m still not 100% certain it was a bite. The internet is full of similar things as scare stories. One type of Staph infection can look like that for example. Still, go with the most logical and common answer, right? My spinal issues have made me VERY good at tuning out pain too, so that MAY account for the bite, OR I just discounted it as one of many minor little pains that do pop up when it happened.

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  2. comixfana

    I’m glad you’re gonna be okay, I kinda relate: last Summer I had something similar on my left calf. The GP thought it was a spider bite, but still referred me to a Dermatologist, to make sure it wasn’t another carcinoma. The Dermatologist looked at it, his diagnosis was “Sun Spot” and treated it with liquid Nitrogen…speedy recovery SC!

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      Yeah, sunspots have big red patches around them and turn hard, right? 🙂

      Yeah, not too sure about your doc’s diagnosis either, BUT it seemed to take care of the problem for you. Funny, before this whole drama with our “new” house, I used to be much more “trust the expert”. Most experts are idiots though. I’m still not sure which is worse in terms of health care; the US capitalist model or socialized medicine.


      1. comixfana

        To be fair, the diagnosis was given over the phone, with a picture I took of the red, itchy blot on my leg…while my GP’s clinic was closed during the lockdown, the dermatologist’s wasn’t, thank goodness

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