OK Guys, You REALLY Need to Hang It Up…

I debated writing this days ago when I read that 76 year old Harrison Ford trashed his shoulder during the filming of Indiana Jones 5, and that filming will be delayed for 3 months because of it. He was just rehearsing a fight scene also.

Picture via digitaltrends.com

We also have 59 year old Tom Cruise reprising the role of Maverick in Top Gun 2. Never mind that it’s almost unheard of for anyone older than 45 to be flying fighters for the military. In fact, the world record for oldest fighter pilot is an Isreali F-16 pilot at 60 years old.

67 Year old Bruce Willis is still knocking out action movies at a pace to outdo Steven Seagal’s string of late life B movies as well.

And as it turns out, Arnold (who was born in 1947 and is 74 years old) is also doing more action movies also, including Expendables 4 and a new Conan movie.

*Raises walker over head and snarls* “By the bones of Crom, you kids get off my damned lawn… err sand!!!”

OK, being a little more serious, most of these guys, Stallone included (since he keeps doing Rocky and Expendables movies) are in really good shape for their ages. They still look nowhere like they did in the 80s though, and are really stretching the bounds of suspension of disbelief by continuing to try to relive their movie glory days. Poor Bruce Willis looks particularly haggard anymore.

I LOVED these guys in the 80s and 90s. I thought the idea of the original expendables was awesome also; grizzled veterans showing they’ve still got the moves. After a while though it starts to remind me of Ric Flair (the wrestler). This is the guy as I remember first seeing him when I was a YOUNG kid in the 70s:

Nowadays, 40+ years later, he still trying to make himself relevant within the WWE, and it’s just sad to be honest:

Getting old sucks, I get it. I’m getting there far faster than I’d like to admit, and my spinal issue are only highlighting it. I don’t like to be told I can’t do things, and I’m sure these guys don’t either.

At some point you have to set your pride aside and retire with dignity though. Harrison Ford is a great example here. At the end of Indiana Jones, they had probably the best scene in a otherwise horrible movie when the hat blew off Indy’s head and his son picked it up. Perfect symbolic passing of the torch and Indy could still be back in the role of the wise old master, mentoring his son. NOPE, he has to take the spotlight again though.

The Expendables started to go that way with 3; Barney training the new kids. It didn’t last though as the old guard had to come bail them out. They made it clear they were sticking around at the end also.

The 20 somethings can bad mouth the WW2 generation all they want, at least the actors of that generation knew to pass the torch and move on to more mature roles.

12 thoughts on “OK Guys, You REALLY Need to Hang It Up…

  1. rebecca s revels

    While I’m not one who spends any amount of time watching movies, I see your point. Thing is, even right as you may be, as long as people pay to watch these movies, they will keep making them. Even at the risk of injury.


  2. Shawn

    I agree that the thirst for more money seems to outweigh common sense. At only about half of some of these guys’ ages, I wouldn’t be attempting HALF of what they do at this point. And I consider myself to be in reasonable shape and capable of handling myself, if confronted with something. When I think about it and trust to put myself in their shoes, I always felt that I’d live a “normal” life and simply retire once I had enough liquid assets to do so, instead of buying the huge houses and living the more lavish life, which requires a continued and sustained income through some of these action movies, despite their continuing age. Eventually, you need to recognize where you’re at in life and take the opportunity to step down.

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      It gets back to the frequent gripe by myself and others that Hollywood and other “producers” (such as the WWE in the case of Flair) have no imagination and are unwilling to invest in fresh ideas and talent. Even the rebooted Animaniacs spoofed it if you recall my post months back.

      Yes, you can blame the public for supporting it also, BUT given the choice between a big budget rehash with known talent OR a LOW budget thing with unknowns and a bad script, people are going to go with the known quantity.

      The actors themselves; you’re right that at least in some cases it’s just living beyond their means for too long. Flair is a great example there. He made TONS over decades of wrestling, and squandered it faster than it came in. Thus he’s still on camera trying to take a free ride on his daughter’s career.


  3. Re-Farmer

    They’re making another Indiana Jones movie???

    Another one to add to the list of movies I’ll probably never see. Like most of what’s been released on the last … oh… decade or so.

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  4. joanne the geek

    Yes some of those actors are getting way too old for action movies now. The last Indiana Jones movie I saw was Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and that’s how it’s going to stay.

    They don’t need to make any of these movies, they add nothing to the storylines, it’s just a blatant grab for more money from the fanbase.

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  5. Peter Martuneac

    I agree big time and I hate to use the word but, being completely frank, it’s pathetic. Embarrassing even. I’d heard about the new Indiana Jones movie and had hoped Ford would be playing a minor role , the wizened old mentor speaking to the new ‘Indy’. Apparently not.

    I’m sorry, guys. You were bad-ass sex symbols back in the 1980’s, but it’s now the 2020’s. Hang up the hat/sword/whip/title belt/whatever prop it was that made you famous and move on.

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    1. Silk Cords Post author

      I agree. Nobody wants to get old, become forgotten or even just not be able to maintain a standard of living. None the less, there’s ways to carry on that salvage their dignity and the dignity of the genre.

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  6. bigskybuckeye

    I agree with your honest assessment of celebrities, actors, and athletes. One needs to know “when” it’s time to hang it up. Hmm, I wonder if Harrison, Sylvester, Bruce, or Arnold are ready for some serious grandfatherly roles.



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